Cheerio and coach relationship just got steamier and intense

Cheerio and coach relationship just got steamier and intense
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She woke up to the sound of a lawn mower. Rolling over slowly she glanced at the clock 9:15 AM stared back at her. She groaned lightly and wondered who would be up on a Saturday morning mowing grass at such an early hour. She heard the mower pass closer to her window, which caused her to sit up quickly in realization that someone was mowing HER lawn.

She tossed the sheets back and climbed out of bed…grabbing her robe and pulling it over the nightgown she was wearing. Bitches naked on my boat in tampa bay naked in public and ex girlfriend only went down to about her knees so she thought she had better cover up just a bit before confronting whoever was out in the yard.

She walked out of her room and to the backdoor in the kitchen and opened it…stepping out onto the patio. There she saw her husband's son John mowing the grass in shorts and a t-shirt. She watched him as he made a couple of passes along the lawn before trying to catch his attention. He finally saw her and turned towards her, shutting off the mower and pulling the headphones out of his ears. "Hey there Deb&hellip.I didn't realize you were still sleeping.

Sorry about that." He walked towards her slowly. She noticed his eyes moving over her quickly and remembered that she was still in her nightgown. "No&hellip.its fine…I had not realized your dad asked you to take care of the lawn while he was out of town." She looked away from him and towards the ground. She had only been married to his father for 5 months, and had only been around John one time since the wedding.

He was 10 years younger than her but whenever he was around she always felt he was stealing little glances at her. I'm just imagining it, he wouldn't be interested in me with so many younger women around…besides&hellip.I married his father.

"If you would like&hellip.I could make you something to eat if you were hungry." "Yeah…that would be great. I didn't eat before coming over and the yardwork definitely builds an appetite." He smiled at her.his eyes drifting down and then back up again, making her smile awkwardly.

"Dad asked me to make sure things got taken care of while he was out of town. I guess him going back to work will take some getting used to for you and him." She nodded slowly and looked away.

Her husband had been retired when they met, and even though he was older than she was by almost 22 years, there had been quite an interest from him in her.

She was flattered and came to feel things for him as well. She hadn't really planned on marrying him, but she figured 'why not?' She hadn't been getting any younger and he WAS well off and not bad looking either. So after only 6 months of dating they had a small ceremony where her sister and her mother had come with a few friends as well as John and his two siblings. Shortly after the wedding, however&hellip.her husband had lesbian sluts love to use a dildo an opportunity to go back to work consulting.

It paid EXTREMELY well, but he did travel for a week to two weeks at a time, which made it hard on her as well as left her alone with no real friends to keep her company. "Well it's the least I could do since you did all this work.

Besides…it will be nice to have some company for a change. When you are done, come on inside and I will have something all ready for you." She looked up at him nervously and then turned to go into the house. She got inside and pulled a few things out of the refrigerator and set them on the sink. She had not noticed John's look as she turned to go into the house or how he followed her inside pretty much right away.

As she turned to go back to her room to put something else on she saw him standing there with his shirt off and holding it in his hand. She jumped back "OH&hellip.John& startled me&hellip.sorry…I was just going to change quickly so we could have breakfast." He walked slowly around the island cabinet in the kitchen moving to stand in front of her.

The look in his eyes was something a little strange, and it made her nervous. "you don't have to change on MY account& look just fine." His eyes moved over her body slowly.

She had no illusions about it being accidental. She pulled her robe together. "Don't be silly…make yourself at home and I will be right back&hellip." She moved to walk past him. He stepped to the side, blocking her way, his hand…taking her wrist. She paused briefly…trying to catch her breath…wondering what he was thinking. "You seem so eager to rush off Deb& come??

I LIKE what you have on." His hands moved to the front of her robe&hellip.opening it slowly and moving it off her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. "but THAT…is MUCH better…" He smiled. Her eyes widened in surprise. What did he think he was doing? Taking such liberty to remove her robe and look at her in her nightgown.

She looked up at him puzzledly and crossed her arms in front of her. "wha…wha…what do you think you're doing??" He stepped towards her, causing her to back up until he had moved her so her back was against the sink.

"what's wrong??" He asked smugly. She felt a little anger building, but something else as well that she didn't want to think about. "nothing&hellip.nothing is wrong…but I think you should leave&hellip." She looked up at him with the best firm look that she could manage.

He stepped towards her…placing his hands on her hips…his eyes looking at her as he leaned closer…her eyes widening in surprise as he turned his head to the side…kissing her neck softly.

His hands moving up her sides and cupping her breasts, squeezing lightly…his fingers playing with her nipples. She shuddered involuntarily at the sensation rolling through her. Feeling her nipples harden. She sighed lightly and for the briefest of moments allowed his hands to touch her. Then as she came to her senses, she pushed him back roughly and slapped him.

"Get out of this house&hellip.I won't tell your father, but I don't want you back her unless he is home." His hand went to his cheek, rubbing slowly as he looked at her. A wicked smile coming across his face. He moved quickly, startling her as he grabbed her nightgown and ripped it at the straps, causing it to fall to the floor. She stood naked in front of him.

"now…THAT wasn't nice&hellip." His right hand shot out and grabbed her hair roughly&hellip.pulling her closer and tilting her head up. His mouth pressed against hers as his other hand pushed between her legs&hellip.turning slightly and moving upward to cup her sex.

She felt his fingers sliding over her pussy in a slow, back and forth motion. Parting her lips with his fingers. She groaned into his mouth as his tongue slid into hers.

The sensation of his fingers touching her sending waves rolling through her. Her eyes closed tightly, trying to deny what was happening. Murmuring protests against his mouth. She felt his mature and girl sex ann move to her neck.

Moving down to her shoulder slowly, kissing and biting softly, each one sending a sensation rolling through her she had to remind herself not to give into. His mouth moved from one side of her neck to the other…his one hand in her hair, holding her in place as his other hand rubbed her pussy slowly.

She could feel herself growing wet, closing her eyes tightly, trying to will him to stop. Suddenly his fingers pressed against her clit and rubbed in a slow…small circle. She tried not to, but she groaned in pleasure.

"ooohhhhhh" echoed in the kitchen. His fingers rubbed slow and steady for a moment before sliding back down to rub her lips. "Pl…Pl…Please&hellip.please stop&hellip.John&hellip.please…" she groaned as his mouth moved along her neck and shoulders.

His fingers rubbing her slowly…sending waves of pleasure rolling through her as she shook her head 'no'. She felt him smile against her skin…his mouth moving up towards her ear.

She felt his hand twist between her thighs…forcing her to open them slightly. Then.suddenly, she felt his finger slide into her. She felt it sink into her slowly…opening her. "Oh goddd nooooo&hellip." Her hands went to his hips…thinking to push him away, but all they did was tighten on his sides.

She felt his finger slide into her fully&hellip.roll inside her and pull back slowly…then push in again…he repeated this action over and over. Each time, slow&hellip.letting her feel every bit of her body opening to his touch.

"Oh god…please&hellip.please stop&hellip.John&hellip.please& can't do this&hellip.plea.ea…ea.sseee…" His mouth found hers.

He kissed her passionately and she did nothing to stop him.

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Her tongue pushed back at his as they melded together. He pushed a second finger into her as he kissed her and her mouth opened in a low, deep, LOUD moan of pleasure.

She felt his hands on her body. Felt herself moving…her back against the wall as he continued to work his fingers inside her. Her body growing warmer&hellip.feeling herself getting more and more aroused. Trying to push him off but his strength making her attempts futile.

She felt the wall give way and she fell backward…his fingers sliding out of her…she was able to take a step back…looking around she realized that he had moved her to the bedroom.

She stood there looking at him as he shut the door, then turned to face her. Moving towards her slowly.

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"no&hellip.John…NO&hellip.I'm your fathers WIFE& have to leave&hellip.PLEASE&hellip." He grabbed her and pulled her to stacked redhead cougar has her beaver drilled. She tried to resist but once his mouth found hers, her resistance seemed to be more half hearted. She tried to push him off, but her hands kept sliding along his arms. He pushed her back onto the bed…and she tried to scramble away from him, but he grabbed her ankles…pulling her back towards him…his left hand pushing up and sliding his fingers back into her which brought forth a soft, moaning plea of "no…please no…" her eyes widening as he knelt beside her looking down at her fearful expression.

His right hand sliding into her hair…holding her in place. She felt his fingers moving in and out of her slowly&hellip.her eyes rolling back in pleasure as she moaned. "pleasssee&hellip.oh god please stooooppppp&hellip.ohhhhhhhh" He paid her no mind as his fingers moved in and out at a slow…steady pace. Every few times he would pull them out and slowly slide them up to rub her clit, causing her to moan and her hips to lift&hellip.which made him slide his fingers back down and into her.

Rolling them slowly inside her. Her breath was shallow…her voice a soft plea, "help&hellip.someone…please help me&hellip." As he rolled his fingers into her deeper, she moaned, "ohhhhh gooodddddd&hellip.ohhhhhhh" He turned her head towards him and she opened her eyes and saw that he had removed his shorts&hellip.kneeling next ariella ferrera gets her ass her, his cock rock hard and ready& close to her face.

She looked up at him and knew what he expected. She shook her head… "no&…I won't&hellip.I don't DO that&hellip." He smirked at her and pulled her hair lightly as his fingers lifted up inside her…hitting a soft…sweet spot.

Her mouth opened to moan and he moved his hips forward. She felt his cock slide into her mouth and felt her lips wrap around him instinctively. His warm, soft, hard flesh sliding along her tounge. His scent filling her nostrils and his groan filling her ears. He didn't push in to far, just a enough to let her taste him…to feel him throb against her tongue, growing larger and harder…then he pulled back slowly&hellip.just as she thought he would take it out, his hips moved forward again.

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Her eyes looked up at him, wide…fearful&hellip.his hand in her hair tightened… "go on&hellip.suck it&hellip." She closed her eyes and moved her mouth downward&hellip.sliding him into her mouth slowly…then back up…and down again&hellip.her tongue slowly moving along his shaft, caressing it…eliciting groans of pleasure from him.

Her right hand moved up and took his shaft at the base and she began to move it slowly up and down in time with her mouth. His hand in her hair turning her head slightly as she slid up and down on his cock. Her tongue starting to swirl and caress him as she moved him in and out…taking him deeper into her mouth. She heard herself moan around his cock, feeling it swell against her tongue. Surprising herself. What am I DOING?

She thought…but something primal in her wanted to submit to him. His father had never been a very dominant lover. Their time was sweet and tender…but no raw passion. In fact she had never had a man be as forceful as John was being. His groans of pleasure as she swirled her tongue around him as her mouth moved up and down enticing her to go faster&hellip.take him into her mouth deeper.

I've never&hellip.done this…I SHOULDN'T be doing this&hellip.He's my husband's SON for Christ sakes& husband's son is FORCING his cock into my mouth and having me suck his cock and I am responding to him like some bitch in heat&hellip. Even as the thoughts went through her mind, she kept sucking his cock eagerly…his fingers inside her making her moan in pleasure around his cock.

She would go faster…then slower…savoring every bit of him as he slid into her mouth. After a few moments, she pulled back, her hands pushing on his hips. Looking up at him…she said, "Enough…we HAVE to stop&hellip.we shouldn't be&hellip.I CAN'T&hellip.please…ooohhhhh" her head lulled back as she groaned.

His fingers rolled inside her again…sending waves of sensation through her. She looked up into his eyes pleading with him silently, she could feel the tears forming. "John&hellip.we can't do this&hellip.I promise you I won't&hellip.I won't tell your father…" He smirked again and pushed her back onto the bed roughly…he moved over her, his knees spreading her legs.

"You won't tell him Deb??? Hmmmm???" She shook her head 'no' as he lowered himself closer to her. "You won't tell him WHAT?" As he finished his sentence she felt his hips move forward…his cock slide into her…opening her. Her eyes widening and her mouth opening as she felt every inch of his cock sinking into her. A low, deep groan of pleasure coming from her as cute attractive cutie fondles herself hardcore blowjob felt his hips meet hers.

Her hands moved to his hips. Her eyes rolled back as she felt the sweet sensation of being filled. Try as she might, she could not help her back from arching and her hips from pushing upward towards him.

Tears flowing from her eyes as she cried out. "OHHHHH……oh god NOOOOOO&hellip.NOOOO&hellip." He ground his cock into her deeper and then pulled back slow&hellip.thrusting into her again and again. Long&hellip.slow…steady…DEEP thrusts…grinding into her deeper every few times. "Oh Johhhnnnn& no&hellip.oh god no.don't.don't do this&…you have& have to sttoopppp&hellip." She sobbed as he thrust into her.

Each thrust slow, hard&hellip.deep&hellip.feeling every inch of him sinking into her over and over, taking her. "What won't you tell him Deb??" He rolled his hips against hers and she felt her hips rocking against him. Her eyes closing in a mix of pleasure and shame. "WHAT won't you tell him???" She heard herself grunting and moaning with each thrust of his cock.

Oh GOD she thought. So& deep&…so GOOOOOOODDD. Her hands on his hips gripping tightly. "I&hellip.I…I won't&hellip.I won't tell him& won't tell him you&hellip.that you&hellip. f.fu&hellip.that you fucked me&hellip.oooohhhhhhhh" She felt her body getting warmer&hellip.the sensations building inside her&hellip.she knew what was about to happen and she knew that if it did…she would be lost.

"You won't tell him Deb?" She shook her head "LOOK at me Deb…" She opened her eyes and looked into his… tears falling. "You mean you won't tell him that you LIKED me fucking you&hellip.don't you?? YOU WANT me to keep fucking you&hellip.don't you??" She shook her head from side to side, trying to convince him and herself. She looked down at their crotches and was terrified to see her hips rolling and jutting up and down against him hungrily as his cock thrust into her over and over.

She leaned her head back closing her eyes&hellip.moaning, "you&hellip.oh…oh…oh god…you're raping me&hellip.oh GODDDD your raping me&hellip." Opening her tear filled eyes to look at him. Trying to look at him sternly… "you…you…you are RAPING your father's wife." The words coming from her sending a shudder of pleasure through her that she fought to deny.

He pushed her left leg up onto his arm&hellip.thrusting in deeper&hellip.faster…his shaft sliding along her clit with each plunge into her. She heard herself moaning louder.

"That's right Deb&hellip.I'm RAPING my stepmother&hellip.and you know what??" Rolling his hips against hers…his cock grinding into her…hitting all the soft…sweet spots bringing a deep moan from her.

She looked up at him…tears falling freely as she knew what he was going to say. "You LOVE it&hellip.You are ENJOYING BEING RAPED BY ME&hellip.aren't you?" She shook her head in denial even as her eyes closed tight and she moaned in pleasure. Her hands on his hips gripping tightly. Her nails digging into his skin.

His words along with are you ready to cum twerking and ohmibod movement of their bodies sending her over the edge&hellip.she felt herself explode&hellip.the sensation tearing through her body with such intensity that she started to shake uncontrollably…she felt her pussy spasming, gripping and releasing his cock quickly. "Oh like god no.OHHHHH FFFFFFUUUCCCKKKKKK&hellip." He continued to piston his manhood into her relentlessly.

"Oh&hellip.oh&hellip.oh&hellip.oh god&hellip.Oh god I'm&hellip.I'm &hellip.I'm cumming&hellip.cumming&hellip.I'M CUMMING&hellip.OOOHHHH GOODDDD PLLLLEEEAAAASSSEEEEE&hellip.HELP MEEEEEE&hellip." Her hands moved up and grabbed his ass and pulled him into her deeper. She rolled her hips against his trying to take him into her even more. "Oh…Oh&hellip.OH&hellip.OH&hellip.OHHHHHHHH" she moaned as he continued to drive his cock into her.

"That's it&hellip.cum…cum all over that hard cock. Your STEPSON'S cock." He thrust hard and fast. "You know you want it 'mom'." He teased her. "You love it…don't you?? You LOVE having your own stepson rape you&hellip." Her mouth was on his neck&hellip.her breasts bouncing against his chest as she pushed her body back bigcock loving teen shows her big pussy lips his.

She felt herself cumming again. She leaned her head back…looking up into his eyes, stunned to hear the words coming out of her mouth as her body writhed and gripped at his.

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"Yes&hellip.oh yessss……YESSSSSS&hellip.I LOVE IT&hellip.I LOVE YOUR COCK&hellip.I DO&hellip.OH&hellip.OH YOU BASTARD&hellip.OH GOD YESS&hellip.DO IT…FUCK ME&hellip.OH GOD PLEASE……FUCK MEEEEEEE&hellip." He pushed her right leg up onto his arm…pinning her under him…thrusting hard and fast. Her breasts bouncing&hellip.her body pushing back at him as his cock moved in and out of her like a jackhammer. There was no fight left in her…she wanted it…she wanted him and she didn't care about anything else but having him inside her.

She called out with every thrust. "Yes&hellip.oh yes…fuck…come on…fuck me& feels sooooo good&hellip.fuck me&hellip.pound that sweet young cock deep inside me& it…rape your father's wife&hellip.come on& it…come on you bastard&hellip.DO IT!!!" He smiled down at her a he continued to drill his cock into her throbbing pussy.

Her hands reached up and pulled his face to hers…kissing him hungrily. His arms allowing her legs to fall and she in turn wrapping them around him and pulling him into her as she moved her mouth to his neck…moaning in his ear. "Is that what you want Deb?? You want your stepson to slam his big hard cock into you??? You want me to make you cum over and over???" "Yes&hellip.oh GOD yes&hellip.fuck me&hellip.please fuck me&hellip.make me cum…make me cum again and again&hellip.don't stop John&hellip.please& feels so good& fucking good…" She kissed and bit his shoulders, her hands on his back…pulling him against her as she rutted under him&hellip.groaning as he filled her.

He began to thrust slow and hard……rolling his hips as he thrust down into her. The sensations quickly taking control… "Oh & yes&hellip.fuck…yes…oh god forgive me yes&hellip.oh god&hellip.oh god your cock&hellip.I love your cock." She cried out with each movement into her. "Tell me deb&hellip.let me hear you&hellip.does my father fuck you like this???

Hmmmm?" Grinding his hips against hers…pushing into her deeper. She shook her head, "oh GOOODDDD&hellip.No& like this&hellip.never&hellip.I've never been fucked like this&'s so good&hellip.please…don't stop……please fuck me&hellip." His mouth found hers and his speed quickened…his shaft stroking her clit with each movement&hellip.her body on fire&hellip.clinging to him as she felt another orgasm approaching.

When it hit her, her legs clamped around his waist…her hands dug into his back and she threw her head back and screamed in ecstasy. " OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK YYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS" Crying out with each thrust into her. Each time he thrust into her, she came, the sensations tearing through her body.

Shaking uncontrollably as she cried out, "YES…YES&hellip.YES…OH GOD YESSSSSSSSS&hellip.OH FUCK&hellip.FUCK&hellip.FUCK MEEEEEEE&hellip." "Who's fucking you Deb?? Whose cock is filling your hungry little pussy??" His words arousing as well as filling her with shame.

She tried to remember how wrong this all was…but her body was not cooperating. She couldn't help herself. The words she heard herself crying out seemed to come from someone else. "My husband's son&hellip.oh god& husband's son is fucking me&hellip.he…he…he's raping me&hellip.and I love it&hellip.I want it&hellip.I want you to rape me…oh god help me I want you to rape me…oh god&hellip.fuck me&hellip.fuck luscious stripper madison ivy smashed by massive hard cock fuck me&hellip." She buried her head in his shoulder and let the tears come.

She sobbed and moaned as he continued to thrust into her. "Yesssss&hellip." He hissed into her ear as he began to move slower&hellip.still going so deep. "You WANT it…don't you?? You're pussy is sooooo hungry for your stepson's cock…isn't it?" He taunted her as he ground his hips against her.

She nodded against his shoulder, unable to look at him. "Tell me…look at me and TELL me." He said forcefully, grinding into her again. She groaned as his cock stroked and filled her pussy repeatedly. She moved her hands along his back to his hips. Laying back on the bed that she shared with her husband. Her eyes filled with a combination of anger, shame and lust.

"Yes&hellip.god damn you…YES&hellip.I want it&hellip.I want your cock inside me. Is that what you want to hear?? I WANT you to fuck me…I want you to KEEP fucking me. I WANT my stepson's cock…I NEED my stepson's cock inside me…god forgive me I NEED you to FUCK ME!" Her eyes closed and she moaned in pleasure.

She could feel her pussy spasming around his thrusting member&hellip.gripping and releasing over and over. Cumming yet again. Tears falling along her cheeks as she accepted the shame of what was happening…what she knew she wanted to KEEP happening. He continued thrust into her and rolled his hips against sleeping girl rape by old man, carrying her higher, lengthening and intensifying her orgasm.

She groaned with lust as she felt his cock throbbing inside her…the wave awesome chick rides cock exposing gazoo hardcore and russian warmth shooting into her…knowing that he was cumming inside her. His loud moan causing her to cum again quickly. "Yes&hellip.fill me…cum in me&hellip.cum in your father's wife&hellip.take me&hellip.make me yours&hellip.that's it&hellip.give it to me&hellip." His body collapsed against hers as he groaned in pleasure&hellip.

She felt him still hard inside her&hellip.her hands sliding down his back as he kissed her neck and shoulders. "Oh my GOD that was so good&hellip." He groaned. She nodded softly&hellip.a tear falling down her cheek. She had just let her stepson rape her&hellip.and what was terrifying to her was that she wanted him to do it again. As her orgasm began to fade…and he pulled out of her and rolled next to her…she felt herself drifting off to sleep…her last thought was… just this once& one has to know&hellip.