Hottie bella bellz gets her cunt licked and bonked

Hottie bella bellz gets her cunt licked and bonked
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For a few months I was dating a woman in her early 30's. She had a twelve year old daughter named "M".

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"M"'s eleven year old friend "L" was around most of the time. We went camping along anal casting brunette big natural tits nadia da ferro a stream in a heavily wooded area.

When we went camping I wore only cut-off's. I had slit the sides and practiced letting my cock drop out on demand. I went down stream and deeper into the woods looking for a place to take a crap. I had a small army shovel, a roll of toiler paper and a bar of soap. I found a place where the stream had washed away quite a bit of the bank during a heavy rain.

The water now was about 15 feet from the washed out bank. The roots of a tree were protruding from the bank. Two roots growing beside each other had formed a V creating a perfect seat on which to sit while taking a crap.

The V was about 2 feet above the ground. I dug a hole 2 feet deep beneath the V. I cleaned the roots as best as I could. I removed my cut-offs, put my naked ass on the V and let go a load of crap into the hole, wiped my ass and buried it under a few inches of dirt.

I washed up in the stream, I gave my cock and ass a good washing while I was at it and went back to camp clearing a path as I went.

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The next morning while my girl friend was washing the breakfast dishes, pots, etc. I picked up the shovel, toilet paper and soap and mentioned I was going to "take care of business".

I saw "M" and "L" look at each other and smile. I took the path I had cleared the day earlier. I listened for sounds that I was being followed.

I wasn't sure, but I thought I heard them. When I arrived at the tree with the V I removed my cut-offs and stood in a sunny spot stark naked. Just the thought of the girls hiding near by and watching me caused an instant hard on. I waded into the stream up to my ankles. The water was cold so I retreated to a sunny spot on the bank. Hoping I was being watched I figured it was time to put on a show.

I thought about jerking off, until I realized if they had followed me they expected to see me take a shit. This was something new for me. I had never taken a shit in front of an audience. The thought of it aroused me for some reason.

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I went to the V and sat on it. My knees were as far apart as I could get them. I placed my feet on some roots a few inches above the ground causing my asshole to point slightly forward instead of straight down. I sat quietly waiting for a sign that the girls were somewhere nearby. They must have decided to get a better view, after a few minutes I heard them whispering and giggling in the bushes about 10 feet on the other side of the stream.

Finally I saw some movement.

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I said, "I can hear you and see you." "If you want a better view come closer." I heard some more whispering then "M" said "OK" But don't tell mom." I laughed and said "Of course I won't tell anyone I got caught taking a crap".

With that they both laughed and crossed the shallow stream.

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As they approached I let loose a stream of piss right towards them. They stopped opened mouth and watched as the piss splattered on the ground at their feet. When my cock was just dripping piss.

They walked right up to me and stood about 5 feet in front of me and stared at my now harding cock. "L", who up to now had not seen me naked, watched it get rock hard and said "Wow!" Look at that dick". "M" said "What do you think I'm looking at Dummy?" "M" said, "I can't believe my mom lets you stick that thing into her." I told her not to judge her mom's pussy by the size of her own pussy.

I told her in a couple of years she would gladly have a big cock stuck into her. "M"and "L" both shook their heads and said "I Don't Think So". While this conversation was going on I was just sitting on the tree root with my cock pointing straight at them.

I would make it jump up and down every so often. It was strange; it was like they were talking to my cock and not me. Whenever I made it jump they would stop talking and stare at it as if waiting for my cock to do something else.

After exposing my cock and asshole for five or so minutes I told them, "Girls, I can't wait any longer, I have to take a crap." "M" said, "Ok", giggled, and just stood there. I told them, "You can stay and watch if you want to, but if you don't want to see a load of shit come out of my asshole you better leave now." I was deliberately being as crude as I could to see their reaction.

"M" turned to "L" and said "I want to see it, how about you?" "L" said, "Duh, that's why we followed him." She turned to me and said, "I want to see poop, OK?" I said "It's ok with me as long as you two can keep it a secret." They both raised their right hand and said. "I swear I will keep it a secret" They moved a little closer and squatted down as I cupped my balls and raised them out of the way.

With both girls staring at my asshole, I let loose a big fart. That brought on a lot of laughter. I said, "OK, here we go." As I strained I could feel my asshole opening up. The girls eyes seemed to get bigger yet as a 10 to 12 inch long turd slowly slid out of my wide opened asshole. I applied as little or no pressure as possible so that the load of shit would slide out of me as slowly as possible.

When the first load dropped into hole I paused to let the girls stare at my wide open asshole for a few seconds then I strained and managed to push out a couple of little ones. "L" applauded first, then "M" applauded while giggling. Another fart followed the last load of shit, causing more laughter. Both girls remained squatting down three lesbians play with their prolapsed assholes front of me while I wiped my asshole clean.

They stood as I buried it all and went to the stream to wash my hands. Through all of this my cock was hard and dripping pre-cum. The girls watched my cock as I washed my hands and as I washed the pre-cum off of my hard on. "M" asked me "What are you going to do with that hard dick?" "Are you going to masturbate now?" I told her, "No, I'll let it go soft and then tonight when it gets good and hard I'll stick into your mother." "M" and "L" both said, "Ohh, can I watch?" big natural tits duddy companions step daughter unpacking stepmom I told them I would love to let them watch, but I don't think mommy would like it.

When they stopped giggling, I asked if they would like to watch me masturbate. Both said they would. I told them that would have to wait for another time and sent them back to camp. With a promise of more fun if they could keep a secret. They did keep that secret and a couple more.