Dennis neukt nadia in de gouden kooi

Dennis neukt nadia in de gouden kooi
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I was turning 25 tonight and it just didn't feel like a night I should be out and about, It was a typical rainy April day. The shower seemed to be a heavy slow downpour.

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The water splashed like a grenade exploding on the pavement. My friends and I entered her bar. I wish I would have asked her, her name but I was to first time brsis sex storys up in the moment to. She brushed past me gently caressing my back with my friends orders as they helped me celebrate my golden birthday.

Needless to say they decided I needed a hell of a night even though I don't drink. They drank and partied like crazy animals, but I couldn't take my eyes away from the waitress with the purple streak and perfect eye liner. He lips so perfect so just kissable, her body was perfect.

Her large breast that were being smothered under her tight black tank top, her hips and the way they moved. Everything about her made me stay that night. I know she caught me looking at her and the way her cheeks light up let me know she was into me too. Hour by hour passed, until it came time for close.

She winked at me as I stepped out of the bar and passed her on the way. I was to nervous to say a word to afraid, to jittery like I always was. But that night I brutal anal fuck tube porn a chance as I waited for her. She stepped out of the bar, we made eye contact.

She started walking toward me and I started to panic. But something primal kicked in. As she stopped in front of me I gently put my hand behind the back of her neck and pulled her in for a kiss. Her eyes closed as we began to make out, as the rain cascaded down and began it's down pour on us in the street. The kiss seemed to last forever, time slowed to a stand still and seconds seemed like hours.

The kiss ended and she whisperd 'Hi, I'm.' her voice faded, she was taken aback. She had never been kissed that way. I asked her if she wanted to come dry off at my place a block away.

She just smiled as we jogged back in the rain. The door slammed shut as soon as I turned around she had already spun around jumping at me, latching onto me locking lips togather, her big chest pressed against me her legs wrapped around my waist. My hand grabbing ahold of her perfectly shaped ass.

Her jeans hugged her body well enough for me to feel her curves as I held her up. We kissed in a deep passionate way that only a couple could. I let my hands wander all over her body as I walked her to my bed. We layed on the bed, me inbetween legs as I grinded up against her. My hands slide up and down her sides carressing her, pulling her into me, feeling her soft smooth chest and pulling her in closer into me.

I could feel the heat from between her legs as she tore my shirts of and tried to undo my belt. I sat up, taking my own belt off as she ripped her shirt off.

She wiggled out of her jeans, as she grasped for my pants, tearing them almost literally off me, forcing me onto my back and putting her ontop. In her red silky bra and her matching lace thong I couldn't control myself. I was poking out of my boxers I was so hard. Her eyes caught the raging hard on poking out of my boxers. Her eyes then staired back up at me as her tongue began to swirl around the tip of my cock.

She worked it like you could only imagine. She began doing this amazing thing with her tongue as she bagan to swallow me whole. She took me all in her mouth at the same time, continuing to do something amazing with her tongue. I could help but close my eyes, and moan in pleasure as she somehow was touching every single button I could every want.

I just laid back and took it all in. I felt her hands wander all over my body. Her nails scratched my stomach and up to my scarred chest. She caressed my shaft with her other had, by stroking in tandem with mom sneaks into sons room for anal stuffing mouth.

This was the most amazing thing I had ever gotten. She could sense I was about to cum soon, I had grown extremly warm in her mouth and lots and lots of pre cum had began to flow out. Just before I went over the edge and came she stopped me just short.

Holding me back by biting my shoulder as hard as she could. It was astonishing how this woman knew what buttons did what on me. It was even more amazing when she rolled over and I saw just how toned and beautiful her body really was. After letting go of my shoulder and rolling over she unsnapped her bra, and laid down.

She exposed her large breast and just looked at me as though to say, 'My turn'. My lips started from her's as I kissed her in thanks, I slowly worked my way down to her neck. Kissing and nibbling on her ear, letting my warm breath sweep across her body like a fog. I wanted her to feel everything. So my hands moved from her shoulders to her breasts, carressing each nipple and massaging them as my kisses played catch up. I went down her neck, kissing gently on where i could and however I could.

I kissed to her breasts. Flickering my tongue on her nipples, and nibbling on them as I slowly took of her thong.

As I made my way from right to left I couldn't help but want to kiss down her firm stomach that my hands had been touching and playing with. She seemed so tight and so firm, but her skin was ever so soft. I couldn't beilive my lips as I kissed her stomach. I reached where her landing strip started. I was amazed that she had one. This woman was just a stunning beautiful woman, full of surprises. She had everything I could have ever wanted in her. Before I went to far, I began to tease her by running my tongue around her other lips and teased her by lightly touching her clit with my free hand.

She couldn't take it and grabbed the back of my head and moaned 'Just doit already!' My tongue started licking up and down her lips as my finger slowly circled her clit. her body started to shake and shiver as her moans grew louder and louder. I licked deeper into her pussy and tasted her sweet juices, as my fingers worked her clit even harder and fast.

I could feel her pusle as her orgasm began to grow stronger and stronger as she got closer and closer. Soon my finger was rubbing her clit back and forth just as fast as I could and I was licking and twirling my tongue all over getting her to orgasm. Her back arched and she let out one of the loudest moans I had ever heard.

So moaned and almost purred as she came, her pussy pusled hard and squirted a little bit as she becamedripping wet and her clit got riley evans gets plowed in hardcore fashion as she came down from her orgasm, I could still feel her pussy pulsing as my tongue replaced my finger on her clit to slowly bring her up to a little closer orgasm before I entered her. She was still shaking a bit as I kissed my way up her body. I stopped just short of going inside her.

The tip rested just between her lip, parting the dripping wet lips ever so slightly, she looked at me and smiled. I slowly began to enter her tight wet pussy. She was amazingly tight. Virgin tight, It was a hard fit with my thick cock.

Immediatly her eyes rolled back into her head. She let out a purr of pleasure as the tip entered her. She started grasping for air as I slipped half way into her. She dug her nails deep into my back letting me it was a good pain, as I entered inside her. I was touching her back wall when I was all the way in. A perfect fit, as she later called it. Her breathe was short and gasping for xxxxxxx sex stories story 2019 xxx inbetween her moans.

I started off slow and steady letting her get used to the new thick sensation. Her nails dug deeper into my back as she began to hold me close as I slid deep inside her. Her moans told me she was happy as they grew louder everytime I began to draw out of her. I began to pick up the pace as I thrust a little faster each time.

I could feel her body cling tighter to mine and her moans growing louder and louder. I could feel her walls tighten around me as her pussy began to puslate again. I could feel her body wanting it fast. I did just that, I thurst faster and harder, she began to cum immediatly as I thrust deep and hard into her, moan after moan orgasm after orgasm as I thrust deep and hard. I loved the feeling over wrapped around me like that.

I rolled her over doggy style, into my own modified doggy style. I pulled her up so my chest was to her back, I turned her head to the side. My left arm braced her against her large cheast as my right hand rubbed her clit.

We made out as I did her from behind. Her orgasms were strong and powerful, she was an amazing woman. I felt her cum again and again.

Her pussy was dripping wet and almost begging me to cum. That's when she rolled back over spread her legs and begged me to go cum inside her. I entered deep inside her, as we made eye contact she begged for me to cum.

She whispered it into my ear, she kissed me she even rubbed her own clit, just to help me come. Soon the feeling came. She was close as well. I could feel her pussy pusling again, but this time it platinum blond milf double fisted in her twat stronger it was more powerful, I felt the strong warm urge to cum, I felt her body arching as she moaned 'Cum with me baby!

I'm Cumming!' as soon as she began to orgasm and cum, so did I.

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I thrust deep one last time and let loose deep inside of her. She felt it hit her back wall and it just drove her crazy. She began to loose her mind and got off by me coming deep inside of her. When we had finally calmed down, I was still inside her layed her back down, from her arched position and covered us in my sheets. We couldn't stop stairing at each other.

Her eyes fluttered, and she was amazed. She looked deep into me almost reading me. She kissed me one last time before her eyes faded out and we fell asleep. She pulled herself into my chest and wrapped my arms around her. The next morning I awoke to an empty bed.

I was alone, my shower had been used her clothing was gone and all the was let was a wet towel and a note. "My friends call me, Tinz. It's nice to meet you Jethro. (Sorry I looked through your wallet). I wanted to wish you a Happy Bday, but I didn't know how.

So Happy Bday! I just wanted to let you know that I don't sleep with men, because I'm gay. But something about you just sparked, and that kiss in the rain was like a love scene eveyr woman dreams of. So thank you for the dream night, I hope to see you again, thanks for the 'Perfect Fit' oh if you ever want to call, my number is 555-637-9049" She kissed the note at the bottom of the page. I went back to the bar that night, and there was that beautiful woman in a Red shirt that hugged her every curve and a black pair of pants that showed off her thin bikini underneath.

and she blushed when she looked at me. So I winked back.