Alex grey wishes she was taller but she is perfect

Alex grey wishes she was taller but she is perfect
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Voyeur tape of a lifetime Several years ago when I was in my teens I had a fixation with my best friend's mother. She was about 40 and divorced which helped fuel my lust. She was tall and beautiful with long black hair and fantastic large tits, a bit like Sophia Loren. I used to jerk off to her several times a day. All it took to set me off was to think about her.

On those occasions when I got a peek at her cleavage I would go erect almost immediately. Once when I was over for dinner the boys left the table to do the dishes and we were alone talking. She was mindlessly fingering the top of her dress and my eyes were glued.

My cock was straining against my underwear and jeans and I was squirming and trying to ease the pain without being noticed. Then she asked innocently if had to use the bathroom. When I got up I knew my dick was showing. As I passed her she looked down at me. This only drove my horniness off the scale. In the bathroom just feet away I stood and jerked off into the toilet. It took less than a minute for me to spurt all over the place.

I filled a cup with water and started pouring it noisily into the bowl. I hoped the subterfuge would cover my actions but I was only kidding myself… she knew. At the beach one day with her sister and the 2 boys we all took our street clothes off I got hard in seconds.

I was surrounded by my friend and his brother, their young blonde aunt Dee and their sexy mother Laura. There was no direction I could turn without being noticed. By the age of 15 my virgin dick was quite huge. The embarrassment was going to happen, the only question was whom to let see it. I quickly turned to the object of my lust and let her 'see me'. She took a long look and was obviously stunned. She then suggested we hot slut gets her two holes pleased go into the water.

I was so relieved to be running towards the ocean, I thought I was saved. In the water Nick and his brother started to swim and body surf. But I was still too horny. I looked at the two women in their beach chairs and wondered If Laura was telling Dee about me.

I started rubbing myself and wished the hard-on would subside. I put some distance between myself and the other boys and pulled my dick out the side of my trunks. In that way I could jerk off under the water without being noticed. The water felt cold to my dick but the situation was getting red hot. I stared at Laura and Dee and was jerking of to them in 'real time', looking right at them.

It was overpowering. But I had to turn away before I came. I knew my facial expressions and convulsive jerking would be hard to hide if we were looking at each other. I turned to the open sea and the process slowed a bit.

I faked swimming when the brothers looked busty babe eva johnsons amazing hardcore sex in the taxi me and I waved with one hand. Then I went back to stroking and I closed my eyes and imagined Laura sucking my dick. Finally a big wave came and so did I. I shot several times as the wave past and I grunted aloud. When I turned around there was aunt Dee about ten feet away. The water level dropped and my hard dick was still in my hand.

I dropped into the water and tried to stuff my huge dick back in, but it wasn't going to happen so easily. I had to turn away and use both hands to complete the task which was so obvious to both of us.

Dee said "Its really a beautiful day Jeff … don't you think so"? "Uh yeah" I stammered. She moved closer and as we talked she looked at my bulge several times. Although I had just cum I was still hard and the cool water felt great and was keeping me that way. Dee was talking but her thoughts were getting confused as she kept ogling the rock hard erection in my shorts. But by then I didn't mind. There was an unspoken understanding between us. She loved teenage cock and I was a horny young kid with a huge dick and two pretty women to cum to.

Dee was blonde and pretty with light pink lips that were soooo kissable. Her tits were smaller than Laura's but still nice and perky. I had gained a second object of desire. We were still facing each other and I was making no attempt to hide myself, there was no point really. She had already witnessed me getting off and had seen my cock in the flesh. "Don't be embarrassed" she said warmly and thoughtfully. "You're a young man after all".

I was taken aback by her words. My mouth opened but I couldn't speak. She made me feel comfortable with the dilemma. Then she turned and left me and I noticed her perfect little ass. Her white cheeks strained the elastic of her suit and her crack was awesome and inviting. Then she turned and as she looked me in the eyes she smiled and said "Enjoy". But she took a final long look at my bulge and puckered her lips into a kiss. I couldn't take it any longer and I think we both knew I had to release another load into the sea.

This time I faced the beach and stared at Dee's ass as she walked back to the chairs and at Laura with her big tits. This time I wanted her to see me. I was no longer ashamed. I think Laura was looking me right in the eyes when I came the second time. My mouth was wide open in lust and that cum was one of the most memorable of my life. From that time on the attraction between me and Laura intensified, as did the teasing and innuendo.

Two or three times before going out Laura would ask me to close the clasp on her dress. Then late one night she asked me to help her with her bra. I swear I almost had a heart attack. The back of her dress was open and I undid the triple lock. The straps came loose and I held them for a few tantalizing seconds. She said "Oh you did that so easily you must have a lot of experience Jeff".

"No" was all I said. Soon after that the same thing happened but it was early evening. She wasn't going out, she had just come back from work. Naturally I zipped up her dress but she said "No Jeff I wanted you to help me out of my dress". She started to go upstairs and reached back to undo the clasp again.

But my horniness made me bold enough to make a move. "No" I said. "I want to help you". She stopped at the bottom of the stairs and turned so I could go to work.

After the clasp I slid the zipper down almost to her ass before she turned and gave me a hard stare. I slid the zipped up a little but went to her bra. The clasp took a bit of work and my fingers were vibrating with excitement. When it came loose I didn't let the straps go. I moved them foreword and in one quick motion I pressed ever so gently at the sides of her huge swollen tits. She let out a sigh and moved back to touch 5 star tits in a gangbang ass against me.

It was all too much. By now I was 16 and still a frustrated virgin. I dropped my hands around her waist and pulled her into me. I ground my cock into her. Her hands reached around my ass and held me there. I was breathing heavily and so was she. I kissed her neck. "Oh Laura, oh god Laura" I gasped. I had gone that far and the next thing I knew my right hand was on her tit then both tits were in my hands and I was feeling hot brunette gina devine fucked on stairs squeezing to my delight.

I thought I was going to cum right then and there.

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All this while my pal was upstairs doing his homework. Laura seemed to melt in my arms then she slowly turned to face me. I was petrified as she leaned in and kissed me gently. We looked at each other a second or two then she opened her mouth and we kissed and tongued hungrily for twenty seconds or so. In that time I imagined I was fucking her.

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When I pressed my cock into her she broke the kiss and pulled away slowly. Her eyes were closed. "I'm going upstairs, you can use the bathroom down here" she said in a breathless soft voice.

"What? Why"? I mumbled. "I'm going to use the one in my bedroom Jeffrey". As she said this she was rubbing her cunt right there in front of me.

"Use the bathroom" she repeated. As I was wacking off in the bathroom I realized that the layers between us were melting away one by one. The age difference, the friendship with her boys, all the taboos were fading just that easily.

In the bathroom several bras and panties were drying on the shower curtain rod. I grabbed a nice silky bra and came into it like a wild man. Over the next few months I jerked off to her all the time. I mean like five times a day. I used pillows to rub on, socks, tissues, lubricated pieces of leather with rubber bands like a rudimentary 'fleshlight'.

I still had no real girlfriend and was still a virgin. My frustration was painful and the lust only grew for my best friend's mother. Then one day Nick showed me a catalog his older brother had left in the house. He was a boor chatne wala se story and the catalog had all sorts of neat stuff in it for law enforcement personnel.

This included a wide range of listening devices and 'nanny cams'. I stole the catalog and used it to order a cheap nanny cam. It worked lisa rose gets her holes double stuffed battery and recorded 12 hours of tape.

There was a timer so you could program it to go on at a certain time of day. It took about a week before I could sneak it into his mother's bedroom. I hid the tiny camera in a vase of dried flowers. It gave a full view of the room and Laura's bed. I set the timer for 10 to 12 pm. So for 6 nights I could tape the room without being there.

Then on the 5th day the boys went on a golf outing with their father for the weekend. I went to the house after dinner as usual as if I didn't know they were away. Laura came to the door and looked surprised to see me. But she quickly understood I was there to 'see' her.

She looked around at the street then pulled me in. She held my right wrist and guided me in. The back of my hand brushed against her pelvic bone. Still I was afraid and unsure how to proceed. But in no time at all we were in her bed and the clothes were coming off making a mess on my horny wifes tits if a tornado were in the room. I had completely forgotten about the camera. By about 9:45 I had cum in her three times and made her orgasm twice as far as I could tell.

I had lost my virginity at last and the lustful feelings I had that night cannot be out into words. Laura went to get us a couple of beers from the fridge and it was then that I remembered the camera.

I went and checked it. The recorder was in a shoe box in her closet and everything seemed to be ok. But it wasn't 10 yet. When Laura came back we talked quietly for a while. I was really falling in love with that lady. Sure enough a few minutes before ten we were at it again.

This time she went down on me and so when the camera went on she was between my legs going up and down like there was no tomorrow. Her naked ass was in the air and it kept me hard knowing I was recording the entire thing. When I came in her mouth it was heaven. It wasn't my first blowjob but it was a fantastic cum. Her lips were so full and warm and she was so into it.

An hour later I was rested enough to fuck again and fuck we did. I made sure to put on a good show for the camera. Laura let me fuck her big beautiful tits. Then as I came she lifted her head a licked and sucked my cum like a whore.

I was in heaven and could have stayed there all night. But by 12:30 I had to go home. Before sneaking out the back porch door we shared a long kiss.

Believe it or not I jerked off two more times that night before falling asleep. It took two weeks before I could sneak the camera and mini-recorder out of the delicious teen sluts sara luvv and valentina paradis having fun fingering pornstar. Nick asked me what I had in the bag and I told him it was a book his mother had given me. Fortunately he never checked on it or asked his mother what book it was.phew!

When I viewed the tape I got much more than I ever expected. I was alone in my bed ready to jerk off to Laura undressing with the best part on the fifth segment. The first 2 hours had almost nothing at all, with Laura going in and out and the lights were off most of the time. The second night's 2 hour segment was little better. Nothing till 11:42 when Laura came in and lay on her bed reading in her robe. The third night Nick was in the room at 10pm. He was on his knees by the window and was wiping the wall with a wad of tissues.

When he stood up I saw his cock was out and he wiped it with the tissues. He was peeping on a girl across the street. Her name was Gracie and she was a fucking 11 on a scale of 10. I only wish I could have been looking through her curtains when the lights were on. The next night the same thing happened except I saw the whole process. The camera came on silently at 10:00. Nick was sitting on a padded red footstool by the window.

He was looking at a Penthouse magazine and checking Gracie's room every few minutes. Then he went out for about ten minutes. He must have gone into his room to jerk off on the pillow. I knew he did it that way because I once saw lots of cum stains on it.

Then he came back and waited for Gracie, I waited with him but I had a fast foreword button. Finally at 11:21 he turned out the lights. All I could see in the low light was Nick at the window with his blonde hair and glasses. Then he reacted as Gracie was obviously getting ready for bed. Nick took some tissues from his pocket then dropped his pants and pulled down his underwear. His cock was as long as mine but not nearly as thick.

Still a nice schlong in it's own right. He was facing the camera nicely as he slowly, methodically massaged his dick. Then he started jerking in earnest. He had lust in his eyes and he was talking to himself. Try as I did over the years I never could read his lips but he was talking all the while as he jerked off.

Then he must have gotten a glimpse of something truly hot judging by the almost shocked expression on his face. As he stood at the corner window four feet from the lens I got a great look at my buddy's face as he shot a load into his handful of tissues.

For several more minutes he stood there stroking. Like me, he came back to life easily and soon he was jacking away again. I must admit it made me quite horny watching him and I jerked of to the scene many, many times. Of course the best part was my scene with his mother the following evening. I should have copied the tape but I never did. After I got married I thought it best to get rid of the thing so I mailed it to Laura with the scenes of her son jack finix solo gay ass and jerking off. I sent a long letter describing why I did it and I told her how I felt about her all those years.

I enclosed a small plastic bag which I filled with my cum. At Nick's wedding Laura and I came face to face for the first time in about four years. It was the first time since the letter and tape were sent. I danced with her at one point and was doing everything in my power to act normally. But fucking Laura was trying to pull me in closer to her.

It was a long slow number and the floor was very crowded. My wife was dancing with one of my friends and I was glad for that.

Laura kept whispering to me how handsome I had become and how Eileen was a lucky woman, and would I like to repeat 'the show' sometime. Before long my eight inch erection was rubbing against Laura's pussy and she was pulling me into her.

It was impossible not to want to fuck her right there and then. It was an uncontrollable urge. I knew the song would last a while and if I didn't calm down I was going to cum into my shorts right there on the dance floor with a hundred people around us. That was a situation I couldn't let happen. We're not just talking about massive embarrassment we're talking divorce, ridicule, it was too awful to contemplate. But Laura felt too good in my arms and she kept urging me on, asking me to cum for her.

"I missed you all this time, I love you Jeffery" she whispered in my ear. "Stop or I'm gonna cum in my pants, don't do this" I pleaded. But she wouldn't let go of me. Her hand was at my lower back keeping me pressed to her, and with her fluffy gown nobody could she was grinding onto my cock in rhythm with the music. "I want you to cum for me now, in front of all these people. Show me you love me, look at my tits". And I did look. They were as firm and lovely as I remembered and they were practically falling out of her dress.

"I wish you could suck my tits right…Hi Joan" The interruption had no effect, she kept on with her seduction. "Do it now Jeffery we'll never have solointerviews natural big tits whitney striptease dildo masturba chance again.

Remember how you loved eating me…well I loved sucking you off even more." She felt so good, like warm butter in my arms and then I felt the tremors from her pussy surge trough her hips as her body quaked. Her knees weakened and I had to support her. "Oh Jeffery I want to kiss you" she said.

"I want to kiss you too' I answered. "I love you Jeffery". "God I love you Laura…I want to fuck you" I said so loudly I was shocked when no one seemed to hear. I had to cum. I couldn't really, not there. But my cock had other ideas. I pulled Laura tight to my body and rubbed against her pubic mound, I was out of control. I looked into her eyes, it was like being on top ria sunn intense on anal fucking with dap amp double pussy sz her in bed.

I envisioned her warm wet pussy lips opening to take me into her. I worried that Eileen might be watching. "Fuck me Jeffery, come for me lover, just cum, I know you want to. It's alright to do it, we love each other". As I started to cum the world slowed down.

The music and the voices of people around us were amplified. I sensed every bit of cum as it surged deep from my balls, out the head of my cock and into my jockey shorts. I pressed against Laura and grunted into her ear a few times as I came over and over again. It was the most intense orgasm I've ever had. "I love you Laura" I said as I jerked against her uncontrollably.

My movements were just slight but so powerful. "I love you, I fuckin love you I said". Finally I opened my eyes, I wanted to kiss her so much it pained me not to. Cum was trickling down my leg but I didn't care. The front of my boxers were saturated and all I could think of was putting my dick in the Grooms' mother as soon as could be arranged.

Our dancing returned to normal.

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We were both sweating and looking at each other in a very inappropriate way I'm sure. In the bathroom I had a devil of a time cleaning and drying my tuxedo pants. When I was done there was a hardly noticeable dark patch hidden nicely by the jacket which I kept closed the rest of the evening.

Laura and I got together several times after that. Once I managed to fake a golf outing with Nick and another friend. That weekend I took Laura to Pinehurst but we didn't golf or go swimming, and we left the hotel only for meals.

At 50 Laura was aging like Sophia Loren…older but who cares?