Beautiful cutie gets jizz on her face

Beautiful cutie gets jizz on her face
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BACKGROUNDS This happened 3 years ago. I was 15 at the time, so ,as any other teen that reaches that age, I wanted to hump on anything that moved. I remember I even masturbated like once or twice a day! (to me is much) I have a very large family (like about 30 cousins) and I was younger, in average, than the rest of my cousins. Most of them were dudes, but there was a small jewel in our family. Her name was Oriana and she was turning 19 back then.

She was 1.65m tall and even though once she was chubby, she had worked all her fat of leaving some beautiful 36 D breats and a nice round ass.

She's got black hair and an amazing sense of humor. I started noticing her as a beautiful girl when we went to a beach, and even though it was practicly empty (which was good for me) we had fun. We went there with 2 younger cousins so we all played various contact games.

More than once, Ori's tiny bathing suit would roll a little bit exposing her pink nipples, but i never got a close look. Time had passed and I satrted to worship her beauty, and spent most of the time trying to be around her. THE OPPORTUNITY So there I was.

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A horny teenager with a crush on his cousin. I couldn't be happier when I was around her. Soon I decided that the only way to end this was to fuck her. and opportunity showed up faster than what I thought. Her mom's birthday soon came so when we (all of my family) went there to celebrate I brought my digital camera.

My intentions were to study her way of living, but i soon realized that i hadn't got to do that. Once Ori sat in the middle of the party (she wore a dark blue t-shirt and a pink skirt, she's kinda punk) i could have a clear shot to her panties and those. were see-through. I inmediatly sat my aunt there to take a picture of that, but instead i zoomed in to Ori's pussy and took several shots.

after that I said: "Crap, no more memory" They both booed me for a second and then left. I inmediatly ran to the cake and threw all the candles out of a window and then said to my aunt: "Hey, there are no candles" "Oh they're in the cake" "No they're not" "What??

Well go to the mall and buy some. Ori will drive you" You wouldn't believe how my heart was when I heard all my plans were working. Soon she drove me to the mall and I asked to help me. I saw a emergency ladder (like inside the mall, where none could see us) which door was broken so once we got there i stopped her and said: "Hey look at the photos i took in the party" "I thought you had no memory" she said, with an angelical voice "Just look at them" and I showed her both of the photos of her pussy "What??" she said "how did you get this??" "Zip it, OK?

Now we have here a situation.

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I could just give this picture to everyone in your college and spread it on the internet. or you could give me something I want." I was very nervous but managed to look confident. I knew that practicly half of her last school people had fucked her and she passed an awful time. Me, I was a virgin so I couldn't be more nervous. "What? Give me the camera" "On one condition" She stared at me with her beautiful green eyes and I said "We'll have sex in the fire ladder, take it easy nobody will see us" "Yeah right.

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nice joke" she said, but I wasn't laughing "Oh my god are you serious?" "Dead serious" next to this I standed behind her and carried her to the inside of the ladder. I closed the door carefully so the alarm wouldn't go on and when I turned she was face to face to me.

"Take of your clothes" I said as I got rid of my shirt. "But we can't do this. It's wrong" "Doesn't bothers to me to hand myself with your pussy daily next to 100 other freaks on different computers" As I finished taking my shirt of she her skirt was gone and she was taking of hers, leaving those tits covered by a small bra. Once she could see me half naked she started passing her hand through my chest. I might have a kindoff ugly face (blame my nose) but I had a very muscular body (I went to the gym).

Her hand just turned on even more! I thought my dick was going to blow!. So I broke her bra, and started to suck her tits while I got rid of her thong.

I was ready to stick my dick inside a woman for the first time, but she said: "If this is going to happen, do me in the ass" she said as she started to quietly drop tears "I'm a virgin" bree daniels rilee marks therapy is always best I was shocked, but i couldn't hold myself.

I carefully putted her on the floor, opened her legs and started to stroke inside her pussy. She was saying very lowly "no please. don't" but eventually she started to moan instead of just complain. At the beggining I banged her fastly, but then I slowed down. I didn't want that feeling to finish "Oh. Ah. Ah. AAHH!" she yelled, but i was just desperated to keep doing it.

I watched her tits move by each time I banged her, but suddendly. I was about to finish! I couldn't hold it for longer but her screams were very noisy too (it turned me on even more, but I was worried somebody came in) And suddendly.

without a much of my wishes. I made a final stroke and finished inside her. As some may have noticed, I didn't use a condom. "Ah. Oh. Wait did you finish?" she asked bitting her lip "did you wear." "Sorry I didn't. I was just too." we stared at each other with faces full of fear, but that was inmediatly allinternal anal creampie squirting from hot russian chick by a monstrous sound.

The fire alarm had just gone on. TO BE CONTINUED??????????