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Asian pretty teen cunt to hot to be seen schoolgirl and japanese
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Breaking the Cheerleader Jessica awoke in a daze. She blinked her blue eyes, trying to focus on any shape in the darkness as she struggled to remember where she was. There had been a party last night. She attended with one of the football players from her school. There were drinks and dancing and…nothing. "I must have blacked out…" she thought to herself, the throbbing pain in her head the start of what would surely be a bad hangover.

But then, if she blacked out, why couldn't she move her arms? She tried to raise them, but there was a force keeping them down. She raised her head to investigate before realizing that she could see nothing in the darkness. Jessica rested her head back, beginning to feel some discomfort across her entire body.

"Hello?" She called out. "Can someone help me?" After hearing no response, she yelled out again, "You better let me go!" Jessica took a couple seconds to struggle against her invisible restraints. "Just wait until the police hear about this!" And, as if in response, she heard the unmistakable scrape of metal against metal. At once, the room was flooded with light from a rectangle on the right of her field of vision, causing Jessica to turn her head and cry out. She began to blink her eyes rapidly as they adjusted to the light, turning her head to survey her bound form.

Her heart sank as she saw think leather straps, eight in total, on her ankles, her thighs, her wrists, and her elbows, binding her to a hard metal table, completely naked. Her eyes continued, and she gasped as she noticed a shadowy figure of a man descending down the stairs.

"Hey! You!" She cried out in fear. "You better let me go! Just wait until my dad hears about this!" The man reached the end of the stairs, and began to walk over to Jessica's helpless form.

The light from the doorway did little to illuminate his features, leaving his face shrouded in darkness. He laughed, a low menacing sound at her attempts to break free of the restraints. "Please stop struggling," he said in a deep, but reassuring voice.

"If you follow my instructions and submit to what I will do to you, there is no need to asian blows her hung bf in a motel room you harm." Jessica's eyes widened even further as the man spoke, and her voice began to tremble and her body began to shake. "I'm t-telling you!

W-when someone finds out about this you'll b-b-be arrested. If you j-just let me go now I promise I w-won't say anything!" He smiled, reaching out a hand and running his fingertips from Jessica's hip to her breast. "Jessica, Jessica, Jessica," he said, shaking his head. "I've been waiting for this for a long time. There's no way I will let you escape." "W-what do you mean? A long time?" The man moved around the room, and Jessica struggled to keep her eyes on him. "Yes. I have been watching you for a while." Just then, the man flicked a switch, and a light bulb on the ceiling above the metal table flickered to life.

As he strode back to the table, something about him seemed…familiar. Then Jessica knew. She had seen him at all the Warren High School basketball games that year. He always sat in the back, wearing jeans and a polo shirt, not looking wildly different from the other dads that showed up to watch their sons play. Many of her cheerleading friends had commented on him, mentioning his rugged physique and how they swore he would stare at them lustfully.

She had always dismissed them as wanting to act out their own 'silver fox' fantasies. But here he was. And the man began to smile at naughty teen enjoying a huge hard cock inside her pussy. "Oh, so you did see me at all those games?

I just knew since the first time that I laid eyes on you that I'd have to have you. I can see that you don't understand how alluring you are, with your blue eyes, blond hair, perky breasts, and fantastic ass, jumping around in those skimpy uniforms. You, Jessica, are the embodiment of my every sexual fantasy. And I will make you mine." Jessica stared at the man in shock. Was he abducting her to rape her just because she was a cheerleader?

She began to cry and beg for her release. The man just shook is head, smiling. "We don't need any of that." From behind her the man left and grabbed a small item that he carried back to her helpless form. He raised it up, and asked her forcefully, "Do you know what this is?" She saw a spherical shadow with two straps, though the finer details were cast in shadow by the light above her.

Shaking her head no, Jessica continued, "Please j-just let me go!" "This is a ball gag. It stops me from hearing your incessant whining and pleas for release. Because I guess you didn't believe me the first time when I said that I am not letting you go." The man roughly forced the hard silicone ball between her teeth, tightening it behind her head. Jessica's screams and whines of protest turned into moans and grunts. Pandam 7 wirabuana yg baru smiled and walked around her naked and restrained form again.

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"Much better. Now. I want you to listen to me and listen well." He grabbed Jessica by the chin and forced her to stare into his unyielding brown eyes. "I am going to keep you here, and I am going to train you to be my little slave.

I will have you begging to serve my every whim." He released her chin and began pacing around the room.

"You will live down here in my basement until you learn that your proper place is here with me. I will lock you in every night. And, if you were to get outside, we are twenty minutes from the nearest town. Attempted escape will only bring you punishment." He walked back and leaned over, addressing Jessica directly. "I look forward to our future acquaintance." The man turned and left her restrained there, grunting against the ball gag in her mouth.

Jessica was left in darkness on the cool metal table, tears still running down her cheeks. *** A loud scrape of metal against metal woke Jessica from her uneasy sleep.

She turned, rising from her place on the dirty mattress in the corner to see the silhouette of the man slowly walking down the stairs. Jessica quickly rose to her feet and knelt in front of the stairs, eyes pointed downward.

Anything to avoid another beating. It was hard to keep track of time during her confinement in the basement. It had been…what, five days so far? She took comfort in the thought that people would be looking for her. And this creep would definitely get caught. It was just a matter of time. Jessica saw two small pieces of green and white fabric fall tossed on the ground where she was kneeling. "Get up and dress yourself," the man commanded. Jessica rose, slowly putting on a replica of her old cheerleading uniform.

It was green and white, the color of her old high school, with WHS emblazoned on the front. The outfit was split into two pieces. The top was ordered a size too small, forcing Jess' breasts to nearly pop out of it.

But the man loved seeing her struggle to put it on. The skirt was the same father fuck daughter when sleep japan, but only consisted of the outer fabric. The rest was cut away to give him easier access to her pussy. As she finished dressing, the man smiled. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. She could already see the outline of his semi-erect cock in his pants.

He took her by the hand and led her around the room. There were various pieces of bondage furniture placed all around. There was a small bench with a fucking machine placed behind it, a vertical metal X where Jessica had been restrained and teased for hours on end yesterday, a small metal cage where she had been forced to sleep her first nights here, and this strange looking chair.

The chair had a large number of straps, similar to the metal table in the middle of the room. However, the angles could be changed so that Jessica's legs would be wide open, exposing her pussy. The man pointed at the char and commanded, "Get in." Jessica hesitated for a moment. But, still covered in bruises from her last savage beating, she reluctantly stepped forward and sat down in the chair.

The man walked around her, securing the straps tightly, first to her waist and chest, then tying her hands behind the chair. Jessica could feel the straps tightened on her lusty asian teen kayla shows her skinny body and bangs and knees, leaving her almost completely immobile.

She could struggle, sure, but she was restricted to mere centimeters of movement. The man walked in front of the chair, grabbing a ball gag from the wall and admiring Jessica's helpless form. "You look so pretty there. Helpless." As he spoke, the man moved closer, moving his hands up and down her body.

They stayed a moment, roughly squeezing and pinching at her breasts, but soon the man stopped. He reached up, forcing Jessica's mouth open, and placed the ball gag inside. He tightened the gag behind her head, leaving it firmly in place. Then, for the last piece, he placed the final strap from the bondage chair over her forehead, completely limiting her head movement and making it difficult to see what else was happening with her lower body. The man left her immediate field of view, stepping off to grab some more toys from the side of the room.

He returned, placing them on a side table beside the bondage chair. Jessica heard the click of a metal lock, and suddenly her legs were free to pivot. The man forced her, by pushing and firm stares, to open them as wide as she could, completely exposing her pussy to whatever torments he had in store.

She could feel tears start to run down her cheeks as the man locked her legs in that position, leaving her helpless. Jessica felt a light pressure as something cool and plastic was locked into place under the chair and angled to rest against her pussy. Before she could figure out what it was, the device flicked to life, sending strong vibrations through her clitoris and causing Jessica to close her eyes in sudden pleasure.

The man circled around, leaning over her bound form to whisper in Jessica's ear: "I have restrained you here to teach you one of the most important lessons as my future slave.

It is that the only pleasure you will get is if you please me. I will have complete control over when you get turned on and when you are allowed to orgasm." He stopped talking to roughly grope at her breasts for a minute. Then he continued. "I will take you as close to your orgasm as I can. Then, I will stop. Once I have you begging for release, I will fuck your helpless body. You will soon learn that pleasing me will be your only goal." With that the man turned away and walked back up the stairs.

He returned shortly after carrying a book and a chair. He positioned himself so that he would have a perfect view of Jessica's torment, then cracked open the book and began reading.

Fragmented thoughts began to enter Jessica's mind. Like how she would never let herself orgasm by being fucked by this creep. But, as much as she willed her body otherwise, she could already feel her pussy getting wet from the strong vibrations. Within minutes Jessica could feel her body start to completely betray her mind. She began moving, bucking, trying to get as much additional stimulation as she could to reach her orgasm. And, just as it was in sight, the man rose from his chair, marked his place in the book, and strode over to turn off the vibrator.

As the vibrations ceased, Jessica could feel her body wanting and needing more. She was so close, yet there was nothing she could do to achieve orgasm. She found herself breathing heavily against the gag as her eyes focused on the smiling face of the man towering above her.

He let her sit there to compose herself for a minute before speaking. "That was much faster than I thought it would be.

Maybe you're already starting to enjoy your treatment down here. Let's do it again." With that, he turned the vibrator back on. The pleasure returned much faster this time. Jessica found herself fighting against her restraints as her wet pussy ached for release. The vibrations were much stronger than the cheap vibrator she had at home, and she was helpless to resist the pleasure. Just as she was about to lose control again, the man rose from his chair. Jessica could feel herself moaning against the gag, trying to beg for release and for the opportunity to orgasm.

But her speech was completely unrecognizable. And, like before, the man shut off the vibrator. He reached one of his hands down to lightly stroke her pussy. Not near enough to make Jessica orgasm, but enough to make her shudder with pleasure. The man raised his hands, letting Jessica see the wet fingers. "You," he said, "are a dirty submissive slut. With all your previous talk about 'daddy coming to save you', I'm surprised that you were able to nearly orgasm twice so far.

Maybe being a sex slave is your calling." He stroked Jessica's cheek, leaving the wetness from her pussy streaked across her face.

And, with an evil grin, he turned the vibrator back on and returned to his victoria summers i fucked my best friend s girlfirend. This cycle continued for what must have been ten more near orgasms. By the end, the man barely had time to return to his chair before Jessica was bucking on the bondage chair, struggling and begging to orgasm. He smiled as he turned it off for the last time.

Jessica's mind, once full of revenge and hate, was completely taken over by her primal urges. Her only thought was being allowed to cum. And, as the man slowly removed the gag from her mouth, Jessica began begging. "O-oh please, sir. P-p-please let me orgasm." The man smiled wickedly as he unbuttoned his jeans, letting them fall to the floor. His erect cock sprung forward. He moved to position himself in front of Jessica's helpless pussy. His low voice cut over Jessica's pitiful pleas.

"Now, slut. I want you to call me Master. I want you to beg Master to fill your pussy with his cock. And I want you to beg Master to cum deep in your pussy." Jessica repeated what she had heard. "Oh p-please master! Please fuck your slut in the pussy.

And p-please cum deep in my p-pussy." With that, the man shoved his entire length into Jessica. She cried out sweet gorgeous hottie is nailed homemade hardcore her pussy throbbed in pleasure. As the man started fucking her helpless form, Jessica moaned loudly, feeling her long awaited orgasm approaching. Her pleasure peaked, and, crying out loudly, she felt her pussy and thighs spasm as she pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 25. Her face eyes closed forcefully as she lost control over her body.

Jessica sat there, moaning, as she had the most intense and pleasurable experience of her life. The man waited for her to calm down slightly before resuming his thrusting. The first thrust hurt as her pussy felt extremely sensitive. But Jessica soon began to moan out again as the man continued to fuck her. He began thrusting deeper and harder.

Suddenly he commanded, "Look at me when I'm fucking you, slut!" Jessica's eyes snapped open to see the face of the man, twisted in a cruel smile. He leaned in a whispered in her ear. "Your pussy is so tight. It feels so good on my hard cock." Feeling her pleasure building, Jessica couldn't help herself as a moan escaped her lips.

"Mmmm, that's right," the man continued. "You love it when I fuck your helpless body, don't you, slut? You like being my little slave." And, again, as if her body was betraying her mind, Jessica could feel herself approaching her second orgasm.

Just then the man closed his own eyes and moaned out, "Oh yeah, you're such a fucking beautiful slave. You're such a dirty little cheer slut." Jessica orgasmed again, feeling her body strain against the restraints holding her there.

She closed her eyes again and cried out in pleasure. She also felt the man's hard cock twinge in her pussy, and felt his warm cum shoot deep inside of her. He sighed out in pleasure, gripping the sides of her hips hard, and slowly withdrew his cock from inside of her. Jessica sat there, panting, as the man circled around her and unbound her body. The straps left a red band where they had cut deep into her pale skin.

When her head was freed, Jessica was able to see the short cheer skirt that she was wearing. There was a large wet spot in the middle where it had rested against her pussy during the torment. "Get up," the man commanded as he returned to the center of the room. Jessica obeyed slowly, unsure if her legs would support her weight. She stood, holding onto the bondage chair to remain upright. "Good. Now strip." Jessica slowly took off the tight top and the short skirt. She handed them over to the man, keeping her eyes directed at the floor.

Although she couldn't see, she could tell the man was smiling as he continued talking. "I enjoyed our time today, my dirty little slave.

And I can tell that you did as well. Get some rest. We will continue your training tomorrow." He turned and went back up the stairs, leaving Jessica alone in the cold basement, completely naked and shivering. She walked over to the old mattress in the corner and sat stunning bombshell masturbates on some steps masturbation brunette on it, pulling the blankets over her shoulders.

She could feel her pussy throbbing as she adjusted herself on the bed, trying to get comfortable. Jessica turned over, still chilly and clutching the thin blankets around her. After the first nights left inside the metal cage, Jessica had been allowed to sleep on the dirty stained mattress in the corner of the room. But, as she was constantly reminded by the man upstairs, this was a privilege and not a right she had.

Since, as his slave, she had no rights. She shuddered to herself as she remembered how he had made her beg to orgasm. And how she had made her beg to fill her pussy with his cum. Jessica shuddered and cried herself into an uneasy sleep. *** Months had passed. Jessica had given up any hope of being rescued. Her resistance grew less forceful and less frequent, seeking to please her master to evade punishment. She had begun to accept the frequent sex that they had as arousing, even allowing herself to regularly get carried away enough to have an orgasm as he fucked her, even without foreplay.

But she still did not accept his complete control over her and dreamed of her days back in high school. One day - or what she assumed was the day from the basement - the man unlocked the door and descended down the stairs, carrying a small bag.

He called Jessica to him saying, "Jess get over here and kneel before me." She followed his orders, walking toward him with her eyes directed at the ground and knelt at his feet.

She felt his strong hands encircling her neck, tightening something. "If…if I may ask, sir," she said, timidly. "If I may ask, what did you put around my neck?" The man lowered a small controller for her to look at. "I placed a shock collar around your neck. Let me demonstrate." He pressed a small button on the remote, making the collar to beep loudly.

Jessica let out a scream as the collar shocked her, causing her to fall sideways and grab at her neck.

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She lay there, shaking for a moment, before a nudge from the man's boot returned her to her knees. "Now, I want you to know that was on the lowest setting. If you disappoint me more tonight, you will figure out how the higher ones feel. I bought this for you because I'm having a special party tonight.

Three friends are coming over to play poker and drink. I expect you to be on your best behavior. And, if you're not…" The man left his threat there, dangling the remote in front of Jessica. "And, as such, I expect you to be dressed for the occasion." He reached into the bag and tossed a skimpy french maid outfit and high heels onto the ground in front of Jessica. "Put these on. My friends will be over in thirty minutes." Jessica remained on her knees as the man went back up the stairs and locked the door.

She waited there, partly in shock, partly in embarrassment, and partly out of shame, as she could feel her pussy starting to get wet. Resigned, Jessica rose to her feet and began to put the outfit on. She could tell it was made of a cheap fabric. But, it did its job remarkably well. The skirt of the outfit just barely hid her pussy from view, and the low cut top nearly exposed her nipples.

It came with a headband with frilly lace. The shoes were black with a four inch heel, and as Jessica put them on, she could feel herself nearly lose balance. Jessica steadied herself on the metal bondage table in the center of the room. She was unsure if she'd be able to walk in them the entire night. She sighed, patting down the skirt of her outfit, and waited for the man to come get her. Just then, she heard multiple different footsteps from upstairs.

Two minutes later, she heard the scrape of metal against metal. The door was opened and the man came down the stairs. He looked Jessica up and down and nodded in approval.

Then he got close to her, grabbing her by the back of the neck and nearly throwing her off balance. "You will be on your best behavior for my friends," he growled into her ear. "Anything that they want you will bring to them. When you get upstairs you will find a tray on the counter. Take that into the dining area and ask them if they would like food or drinks." The man released Jessica's neck and stared into her scared blue eyes.

"Do not disappoint me." The man walked back up the stairs and Jessica followed as quickly as she could in her heels. When she reached the top, the man had already disappeared into the dining room.

Jessica stood there, surveying the kitchen briefly before spotting a cheap looking metal tray on the counter. During her imprisonment, Jessica had been allowed upstairs more and more frequently to better please her Master. Some mornings she would be forced to cook breakfast. Others, her Master would require a massage on the couch or a foot rub when he was watching TV. But, each time, she would be constantly reminded that the doors were locked and required a key, even from the inside.

And, if she managed to get outside, he WOULD catch her and the punishment would last for days. The words 'beaten to a pulp' flashed through Jessica's mind and she made the conscious decision to please her Master as much as she could. His punishments were…severe. She grabbed the tray, tucking it under her arm as she continued through the doorway to enter the dining room. There were four men, seated around a round table. Each had a stack of chips in front of them.

And all of them turned to stare at her as she entered. Two of them were rather large and unattractive. They leered at her, making no effort to hide their stares at her legs and cleavage.

The other was built similarly to her Master. He was broad shouldered and wore a t-shirt and jeans. One of the men whistled as she came into view. Another leaned toward her Master and said, "Shit man. I know you mentioned she was a cheerleader but she's fuckin' hot." Jessica's cheeks grew red and she felt tears welling up full hot hip porn storys her eyes. But, she took a deep breath and did her best to compose herself as her Master looked at her expectantly, playing with the small remote in his hands.

"U-um…Excuse m-me sirs," Jessica stammered out. "C-can I get you anything to drink?" One of the men laughed loudly, and patted her Master on the back, complementing his training.

Raven babe with damn sexy tits fucking man told him, with a smile, that it was unfair to play poker now and that they'd be distracted the entire night. Once the men calmed down, they each ordered a beer. Jessica turned to go get the beverages, and her skirt flipped up slightly, revealing that she wasn't wearing panties. One of the men whistled again and Jessica felt her cheeks getting red from embarrassment.

She left the room as fast as she could wearing the high heels, the shoes clicking against the hard floor as she walked. Jessica stood, steading herself against the counter next to the refrigerator. She placed the tray down and used the back of her hand to wipe her eyes, trying to get rid of the tears that were forming.

She inhaled deeply and straightened her back, resolving to not break down in front of the men. She could get through this. She opened the fridge and grabbed four bottles of beer that were inside. It took her a moment to find the bottle opener, and she nearly fell trying to open the first bottle. But, after a lot of struggling, she had the four open bottles placed on the tray with four empty glasses.

She sighed, picking up the tray, holding it rather unprofessionally with two hands in front of her hot busty babe gets a stiff shaft put a forced smile on her face as she went back into the poker room. All the heads turned to look at her as she entered, carrying the tray in front of her.

Jessica felt the redness return to her cheeks, but she made her way to the table, resting one side of the tray on the table and holding the other with her hand, as to not disturb the game. As fast as she could with her free right hand, Jessica placed the four empty glasses in front of the men.

Then, one by one, she began to fill the glasses. The man on her right, the rather well built one, began running his hand up and down her thigh as she poured his glass first. Jessica's hand began to shake as his hand began to near her pussy, but she knew better than to argue.

He slowly began to stroke her pussy as she started filling the other glasses around the table. Although Jessica was completely embarrassed and upset by her appearance and her situation, she couldn't help but get turned on from all the attention, specifically toward her pussy. This fact was not lost on the table. The man who was rubbing her turned to her Master and said, "You didn't lie.

She's a total slut too. She's already starting to get wet." He nodded. "Yeah. She denies enjoying this treatment but it always seems to turn her on. Just wait until she starts sucking us off from under the table." Jessica was doing her best to fill the last glass. However, at that last comment, her hand slipped, and she spilled some beer on the table and on the man's lap.

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Jessica began apologizing profusely. "O-oh sir. I'm so sorry! Please let me-" But she didn't get to finish. Her master cut over her, saying, "Here boys.

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You want to learn how I trained her so well? The first lesson is that whenever she messes up or fails to please me, I will punish her every time without fail." Jessica had barely enough time to grab onto the sides of the table before her collar beeped and a shock was sent through her body. She fell slightly, but managed to stay upright, whimpering out in pain. Her master addressed her.

"Did my slave deserve punishment?" "Y-yes," Jessica replied, keeping her eyes focused on the ground. "Your slave needed to be punished for her mistake." Her master smiled at the table. "See? Now she will be sure not to do it again." He continued, directing his comments at her.

"Slave, now I expect you to get a towel and clean off the table and his pants. Go!" Jessica jumped at the order, and scurried off, nearly forgetting the tray with the empty bottles.

She set it down and grabbed a handful of napkins from the counter. She returned as fast as she could, using half of them to mop up the spill on the table. She used the other half to begin patting down the wet spot on the man's crotch. "Get down on your knees while you do it," her master commanded, and Jessica quickly obeyed. She could feel the man's sister asks tbritish 4some in french pussy hardening as her delicate hands began patting at the wet spot that she caused.

The man let out a sigh of pleasure as she continued, remarking to the table, "She sure as hell is being thorough.

I don't think she can control herself when she feels a cock." Jessica felt her body tense and her cheeks flush again. But she continued trying to dry the spot as much as she could to avoid future punishment. The man began running his fingers through her hair as she started using the last napkin on his crotch.

She could feel his cock completely hard in his pants, knowing it was just a matter of time before she would be choking on it. As she finished up, she tried to rise, but the man pushed her roughly back down to her knees. "I think you missed a spot inside the pants. You better unbutton them to check." There was a pause around the table. Jessica's hands shook nervously as she began to unbutton the man's pants.

As soon as she undid the zipper, he stood abruptly, pulling his pants and underwear down to his knees. His cock sprung forward, and is sit back down, grinning at Jessica. "Well?" He said. "Aren't you going to check if it's wet?" She reached out her hand slowly, and began rubbing his cock.

It felt warm in her hands, and the man sat back and put his hands behind his head. "How the hell can I get my own sex slave? Can I buy her from you?" Her Master laughed and shook his head. "You'll have to abduct your own cheer slut. It's a lot of work, but lemme tell you. It's worth it." "Oh I can see that!" The man looked back down at Jessica. "Well, little slut. Let's see how well you can take a cock." He stood up from the table, forcefully pulling her to the center of the dining room, skinning her knees on the tile.

He grabbed her by the chin, forcing her head back and her eyes upward to gaze into his. "Now, open wide. Let me see how deep I can get this into your throat." Jessica couldn't control herself as a tear began to roll down her cheek. But she opened her mouth. Her master had trained her to take dildos down into her throat. It still made her gag slightly, but she was working on getting past it. But she knew if she didn't do her best to please this man, she would be shocked again and again and locked back downstairs to await more punishment.

So Jessica leaned forward, opening her mouth wide and relaxing her throat, and took the cock deep inside of her. The man moaned out in pleasure as he entered her mouth. As she began to deepthroat, she gagged slightly, but pushed through to get his entire length into her mouth. The man grabbed her by the scarlett knight fucked by big hard cock and began to control the blowjob.

He directed her to remain on his cock until she started pulling away, which he let her do. Jessica gasped for air, tears running down her cheeks and saliva dripping down onto the floor. But the man pulled her close and entered her throat again. He began to fuck her mouth, moaning out about how it was the best blowjob he has ever gotten. The other men at the table were cheering him on, telling him how to further degrade the worthless slut in front of him.

Jessica kneeled there, gagging on the cock and gasping for air when she could. Her only thought was of avoiding future punishment from her master. But she couldn't control the fact that her pussy was starting to get wet. Soon enough, the man pulled Jessica's mouth down onto his cock for the last time, and she felt his warm cum shoot into her throat, causing her to cough and struggle slightly.

The man relaxed his hold, taking two steps back, and allowing Jessica to fall onto her hands and knees gasping and coughing. He returned to the table, saying, "So, who's next with the slut?" Jessica managed to right herself back to her knees when she saw the other fat man get up from the table and walk in front of her. He dropped his pants to the floor, revealing that he was hard from her last performance.

"Take it," was all he said. Jessica obediently opened her mouth and took the cock all the way back into her throat as she had been trained. This blowjob proceeded just like the last one, with perhaps a little less coughing and gagging. Jessica allowed herself to be directed by the strong hands of the man in front of her, bobbing up and down on his hard cock. She obediently allowed him to cum deep into her throat as she was forced down onto his cock for the last time.

Again she fell to her hands and knees coughing. The man looked down at her smugly and complimented her Master on his ability to train such a slut. The last man - the one that looked most like her Master - leaned in and whispered something to him. Her master nodded, saying "Yes, but do it downstairs on the mattress." The man got up, taking Jessica by the arm and helped her to her feet.

One of her knees was bleeding slightly and a bit of saliva dripped from her chin onto the floor. Unfazed, the man tightened his grip on her and led her back down to the basement.

Jessica struggled slightly walking down the stairs with this man pushing her ahead of him, but she made it down without falling. He led her to the dirty mattress in the corner, and he pushed her forward, causing Jessica to lose her balance and fall face first onto the hard mattress. She didn't struggle or even turn around as she heard the man unbuttoning his pants and letting them fall to the ground.

She knew what would happen next. Without warning, the man thrust his cock deep into her pussy.

Jessica squealed out loudly in pain and shock. The man continued to thrust his cock into her, saying in a deep voice, "It's lucky you're such a slut and you're already wet, or else that would have really hurt." He reached around, grabbing the back of her neck with his strong hand. He began to push her face roughly into the hard mattress, making it difficult to breathe and causing Jessica to struggle slightly to gasp for air.

The man placed his other hand on her hips and used it to fuck her forcefully, causing her twgirls lean with big tits skinned knee to burn as it moved with the jerking motion. But, over the course of her training, Jessica had only been able to orgasm through rough treatment. And the way that this man fucked her helpless pussy reminded her of her master.

And, without any control over it, Jessica could feel herself getting more wet and turned on. There was a loud smack as the man slapped Jessica's ass, teen licks cock and gets bonked hardcore blowjob her to yelp in pain. He leaned in, asking, "Did you like that, you dirty slut?" She didn't respond, so the man did it again, slapping her harder.

"I said, DID YOU LIKE THAT YOU DIRTY SLUT?" He roared out at her. "Y-yes! I like it! I'm - oh! - I'm your dirty s-slut!" Jessica stammered back as the man continued fucking her roughly.

He began pulling at her hair, causing Jessica's neck to bend back and allowing him to control the movement of her body. He began pulling her in an even rhythm, causing her to move towards the man with each thrust. Suddenly and without warning, the man pushed Jessica off his cock and down onto the dirty mattress.

He roughly flipped her over so that she was lying on her back, and he began stroking his cock furiously. He moaned out and came, covering Jessica's face and breasts in his warm cum. The man exhaled, enjoying his orgasm. He used his thumb to wipe a streak of his cum off of Jessica's face. He forced his thumb into her mouth and make sure she sucked it clean.

Then, without a word, he got up, put his pants back on, and went back upstairs. She heard the scrape of metal against metal as she was locked back into the basement.

*** Jessica heard the scrape of metal against metal and the door to the basement was thrown open. She heard the stomp of boots coming down the stairs, but she remained facing the wall. She was still dressed in the french maid outfit (or what was left of it after her rough treatment), and she could feel the dried cum sticking to her face and breasts. The shoes were next to the bed, one of the heels broken from the rough fucking a couple of hours ago.

She was sobbing to herself silently when her Master approached the old mattress. Without a word, he picked her up and took her upstairs. They went through the door that she hadn't been allowed in before: the door to her Master's bedroom.

She picked up her head, tears still flowing down her cheeks, as he took her into the bedroom. Here, he stood her up, barefoot on the tile of his private bathroom.

He took off the shock collar and placed it on the counter. He pointed at the shower and commanded, "Get in and clean yourself." Jessica began to wash her body, mentally and emotionally exhausted from her previous treatment. Her pussy still throbbed from the rough fucking, and her throat felt sore. But she dutifully washed her body with soap and her hair with shampoo.

She rinsed it all off, and as she stepped out of the shower, her Master came back into the room. He handed her a warm towel, fresh from the dryer, and commanded that she dry herself off.

Next he led her into his bedroom and told her to get in, under the sheets. She followed his instructions, and he climbed in, also naked, and laid there spooning her. Completely exhausted from her day, Jessica let herself fall to sleep in the arms fetishnetwork alex mae bound teen slave pornstars spanking her Master.

*** The man smiled as his cute little cheerleader pet made his breakfast. It had been, what, over a year since she had been abducted from the party?

She stood at the stove, making scrambled eggs and bacon like she had every other day that week. Jessica - or Jess, as Master liked to call her - was dressed in her tight, form fitting cheer uniform.

She still wore the shock collar on her neck, though it was more symbolic than anything. It had been weeks since she had disappointed Master enough to present herself for punishment. Jess placed the eggs and bacon onto two plates, bringing them to the table. She knelt before her Master, asking, "Would Master like me to suck him off before breakfast." The man nodded, and he began eating as the little cheer slut began bobbing up and down on his erect cock.

After he came into her mouth, she smiled up at him, completely happy, and having forgotten her past life.