Bombshell skyla novea enjoys big cock of landlord

Bombshell skyla novea enjoys big cock of landlord
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Matt had just about enough. He almost failed his Civics test almost got detention and now the school bully was messing with him for the 5th time this week.

When stuff like this happened Matt hated himself. He was barely 5'6" in his junior year of ighschool. He hated getting picked on by this guy he had to be at least 6'5" 280lbs and played football. Trisha had had enough with the picking and stepped in. Hey stop it! she yelled.

The big guy smirked and walked off.

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All Matt did was look at Trisha and smiled. She waved and left. Trisha liked Matt but she wanted him for a different reason. Trisha worked up the courage to ask Matt out a couple days later. After a few months of dating this is what happened.

Matt was used to having Trisha's friends around but over her house for a sleep over was maybe a bit far when she invited him. She tricked him into lesbian luscious babes know a lot about lechery it by saying it was only her and him while her parents went and a 1 year trip to Europe. Well at least she didnt lie about the parants away part. As soon as he walked through the door he was instantly greeted with a kiss from Trisha.

He returned the kiss without waiting for her to say anything. He didnt see any of the girls so he figured he was first. As he sat himself on the couch he heard giigling from around the corner so he sighed knowing he wasnt first. He felt Trisha come up behind him and raise up his arms. He knew it was Trisha so he didnt mind.

He fell into a somewhat hyptnotized until he heard the click. He went to turn around to see what it was and found in wrist in pink fluffy handcuffs. "what the heck" Matt said with a tug at the cuffs. Trisha then slowly moved her hands down his body. She pushed him up from behind and walked around the couch to examine his body. She giggled and said louder than she needed to "It'll work". Trisha pushed him back down on the couch hands behind his back. She sat on his lap rubbing agaist his growing member.

"Mmm" as is all Matt could say. He had forgot where he was who was watching and why he was here. He had only one thing on hid mind.f*ck Trisha. Matt was ready and started to thrust his hips as she coninued her teazing.

Matt felt his raging member making a tent in his shorts had kept thrusting. He couldnt help it he was getting teased and he thought he would make he best of it.

Trisha soon slowed down and started breathing heavily. It turned Matt on so much that he thrust even harder. Matt knew what was next he'd felt it many times. That really good feeling that starts at your balls and flows to you d*ck. He felt himself shoot rope after rope into his own shorts. Matt tenced up after every rope. Matt had masturbated many times but this was as far teen duddys daughter and father sex the treat trade pt sex as he'd ever goten.

Matt was panting by now as some of his cum drolled down his legs. Matt was almost instantly tired as he felt exastion wash over him he heard Trisha say "goodnight my soon to be cum slut" She smiled and waved as he closed his eyes and fell asleep thinking over those last 7 words out of Trisha's mouth. When Matt woke up he found himelf in the same spot he was last night. He went to rub his head and couldnt move his arm.

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He started to remember evryhing from last night. The handcuffs to Trisha's last words before he fell asleep.

He went to stand up and go his ankle in what he thought might have been a loose t-shirt on the ground. As he looked down he noticed yet another pair of pink fluffy handcuffs. He sighed and rolled his eyes. "Trisha!" Matt yelled. Nothing happened. "Trisha!" Still nothing. Matt was hungry and thirsty and was like that for anotheer 2 hours when he heard the front door open and heard Trisha's voice along with 2 other girls. He heard someone else from upstairs come down as they whispered and giggles to themselves.

"Im right here" Matt yelled from inside the living. All he voices went quiet and he heard footsteps coming into the living room. The first person he saw that morning was a blonde headed girl. She was obviosly taller and older.

She came around grabbed him by the throat telling him that if he didnt obey he would be severly punished. Matt got the message and nodded his head because he knew his place in front of this girl. Trisha came into view and smiled. "How was your sleep" she asked. Matt only weased out the words okay out to her. Trisha looked at he blonde and she relized that she was grabbing me tighter. "sorry" is all she said and walked off.

Trisha sat next to me and leaned agaist me. " I see you have met Mandy already" Matt could have sworn she smiled when she said that but if she did it disapeared aas soon as he looked at her. " Matt i love you very much andd i want you and me to be together forever so this is the only thing i could think of even if i do have to share you." "what?" is all Matt could say.

She looked at him and gave him the cutest face he had ever seen from her and he knew she was going to ask him to do something fo her. "Okay" is all he had as Trisha told him his new name around her and the rest of the girl was Tessa Tes for short. Matt had no idea what was going on but he nodded his head in agreement as his throat was sore from Mandys grasp. He heard the door open again and he smeeled something good.

Something like pizza maybe. He guessed right when he heard another voice yell out "come and get your pizza!" matt was about to ask if they were going to share when Mandy came in front of him and put a blindfold on him. what the h*ll he hought he hant eaten all day and now there was a blindfold over his eyes and he was still cuffed to the couch.

He knew Mandy was rough but when he felt softs hands feel him up and down his body he knew it wasnt her. The blindfold was taken off to reveal 5 girls 2 naked to the skin. Matt could only sit there and look. Mandy held up a slice of pizza and held it right at his face. " You she licks the cum from his body some" (Name:Matt switches to Name: Tessa, Tes for short change starts here*) Tes nodded.

Mandy put the plate on the floor as Trisha handed the 2 naked girls a slice of pizza and told them something Tes couldnt quite make out. Mandy put her arms on both sides of Tes and rested them on his shoulders. She pulled herself so her p*ssy was right in front of Tes's face so he thought.

Bunch of kinky women groupsex on a party ripped off her skirt tearing it at the sides. As Tes reopened his eyes he had come face to face to the biggest cock he had ever seen. Mandy had to have had at least a 8inch long cock that to be at least 1.5 inches thick. "suck it" she said in a stern voice. Tes hesitated and got his punishment quickly.

Mandy reach down forcefully opened his mouth and shoved her cock into yuna hirose gets a nice cream pie mouth and then all the way down his throat. Mandy stayed there for a good ten seconds balls deep in Tes's mouth. When she pulled out Tes coughed and weezed for maybe thirty seconds as Tes regained himself.

He looked at Mandy in fear. She looked at him with commanding eyes "when you are asked to suck a cock you do it. If you dont i will gag you for five more seconds everytime you disobey. Do you understand?". Tes nodded as Mandy got back into her position with her now completely hot babe in high heels gets slammed cock.

"suck it" Tes took her cock into her mouth and sucked as she was instructed to do so. He started swirled his tounge around Mandy's shaft and Mandy grabbed the back of his head to keep him there. Tes could feel ever pulse coming from Mandy's cock and it was the best feeling he had ever felt. Tes couldnt believe himself he was actually enjoying suck a 8 inch cock. As Mandy let go he pulled his back a little to suck the tip.

He gave it a light nibble then swirled his tonge over the tip. Tasting the pre-cum Tes started bobbing on her cock. He went faster and faster and time he went faster Mandy's moans got louder and louder until she pushed her cock in one last time pulled out and came all over the pizza. As Tes looked around the room he was shocked. The two naked girls from before were the only girls.

He saw two t-girls for every regular girl. Two normal girls with two t-girls mean there were four t-girls plus mandy which made five. He closed his eyes a fell asleep right there only to be woken up five minutes later. When he opened his eyes Trisha was still shaking him. He looked around Mandy was in the corner still naked like everyone else. Trisha shoved three pizzas in Tes's face. Two were covered in cum and the other one he recognized was the one Mandy came on.

Trisha grabbed Tes's chin for him to focus on him. "You are going to take a bite of all 3 of these pizzas ad tell us whic one was the best got it?" Tes nodded. He picked up the frist cum smuthered pizza. It looked like icing on a cake but is was watery. He took a bite and it tatsted sweet for five seconds then gross. There was something extra added to this cum.

He looked up and in no time he spotted who he was looking for. It was the girl on the left of him getting double penatrated. He saw a trail of cum still dripping drown her leg and onto the carpet. She saw Tes looking and blushed.

Another girl stepped in and raised her hand "Guilty" she said. Tes smiled she seemed nice and she was honest about it. She came in the girls butt and le it drip on the pizza from right out her butt.

It had a nasty tang to it so it was deffinetly 3rd. The second slice he bit into was very sweet. One problem it was watery. Tes didnt really like it watery and it tasted kinda plain. He took a look at the last slice remembering when Mandy came all over it.

It wasnt as much as the others but it looked okay. He took a bite of it and almsot passed out. Her cum was so thick it wwas almost like icing. Hers had to be the sweetest cum ever because it reminded him of honey. He ate ever last bite of that pizzaand he enjoyed every bite. When he looked up and saw everyone looking he blushed and looked down.

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He had just eaten cum pizza and it was great. Mandy came running over to give Tes a big hug. "I won!" she kept saying. There was more there than meaness from Mandy see seemed like everyone else and her she is hugging Tes. Mandy stood up and cleared her throat. " Stand up" she ordered. Tes stood up and Mandy searched all around his body. When she reached his butt she gave it a playfull squeeze.

"I wish mine was like that. Medium sized and firm" she slapped it hard enough to leave a red mark but it didnt bother Tes. Mandy looked excited over something while she was looking Tes up and down. "We are going shopping for you right now". Tes's look must have been a hint to Mandy to explain. "We are going out today to get skirts dresses and clothes for you. Your hair is to short so we are getting skinny teen gina gerson gets dp for christmas and" she started feeling Tes's face maybe some heavy duty make-up" Tes relized what was going on.

He went from boyfriend to toy with Trisha, He went from Matt to Tessa,and now from boy to femboy. Tes thought to himself can the day get anymore hectic? Comment down below to what Matt now Tessa should look like.

I will pick 5 ideas for hair makeup and clothing 3 from clothing 1 for makeup and 1 for hair. Part 2?? This is noher series i might do so stay tuned! Sorry for spelling mishaps if I missed any. Hoping for 50% on my first story. Thanks For Reading that is if anyones reads stories from 16 year old virgin girls :D Are virgin 16 year old girls sill thing?

Am i the last of my kind? :D