Bent over quickie with my husband before work

Bent over quickie with my husband before work
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It was a Friday, and I was working late at the office, when this all started. I was behind on a couple of assignments and wanted to get caught up before my boss came down on me. Not much of anyone else was around, a few bigwigs, no one besides that. They were having some sort of conference and not paying any attention to me. I am, or at least was, Michael, a twenty something analyst, trying to get by in the big city. Standard story, I suppose. I had an MBA from a good school and was fairly smart, not making a bad living, but hardly rolling in it either.

I was no athlete, but in okay shape for a small guy. I was about 5'6" and about 135 pounds, with kind of delicate features. At any rate, I decided to grab a soda from the machines in the break room, which took me by the room where the bigwigs were meeting. As I went by they were arguing, and though I wasn't trying to snoop, it was hard to avoid hearing them. I heard them mention embezzlement, and stopped. It became obvious they were talking about the fact that they had conspired to embezzle big bucks from the company.

They had been found out by another bigwig and had killed him, making it look like an accident. That scared the shit out of me. I backed away from the room, and bumped into a chair, which made a noise as I hit it.

"What was that?" "There's someone out there." I turned and ran from the area. I kept running until I was out of the building. I jumped in my car and sped off. I thought I saw someone come out of the building as I left. I hoped they could not identify my car, then I realized I was in deep shit anyhow. All they had to do was look around a bit. My computer was still on, and my suit coat was hanging in my cube. If they were smart enough to steal that kind of money, and ruthless enough to kill an executive who found them out, they would figure out who asian hardcore pornstar annie cruz will cumshot and facial them and they'd track me down and kill me too.

I was shaking as I drove. I went to my place, just long enough to change into something casual and grab my laptop and as much cash as I could. I decided to leave the car there, went outside and was waiting for a bus when I saw a Mercedes pull up next to my car.

I could recognize two of the execs whose voices I'd heard. I made myself as small as possible and watched them put something on my car, then walk toward my apartment. About that time, the bus pulled up and I quickly got on it and rode away. I sat on the bus asking myself where in hell I could go to hide from these people. Clearly they were resourceful and would not hesitate to kill me, as well. I didn't have any relatives in the area, not that it would help. They would check relatives before anything else.

I had a few friends, but they'd check those quickly too. I remembered that one of my college friends had moved to town recently. I had dated Alexis for a while, but it hadn't really worked out for either of us.

We had separated on good terms and had remained friends, though we hadn't had much contact in a while. When she moved to town, we had talked about getting together, but never gotten around to it.

I changed buses a couple of times and got several blocks from where Alexis lived, walking the last part. I looked at mailboxes to figure out which place was hers, and knocked on the door. She opened the door and looked quite startled to see me, which I guess should be no surprise.

Alexis, or Lexi, is 24 and about my height, but with a pretty face and a nice body. She has b-cup boobs, but with no droop, and nice feel to them and sweet nipples. "Michael, what are you doing here?" "Lexi, I hate to do this to you, but I really need help." She stepped aside, opened the door wider and let me in.

She had a small one bedroom place. It wasn't lavish, but not low rent either. She had already put a little work into decorating it and it clearly was a woman's place, decorated rather feminine. She waved me over to a sofa, and I sat down. "Would you like something to drink?" "Sure.

Anything is fine, but alcohol would be wonderful." She poured two glasses of white wine, Chardonnay. Mom and dughter boy friend fuck com am usually more of a beer drinker, but could hardly refuse. "So, what kind of trouble are you in?" "You always did cut to the chase." "We could sit around a while BSing first, but what's the point?" As we sipped our mom knows best jelena jensen jenna sativa a lesson in responsibility twistys, I told her about what I'd overheard at the office.

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"Are you sure you heard that right?" "Two of them showed up at my place right after I left." "So now you have to hide, and you want me to help you." "Please, Lexi. I swear they'll kill me if they find me." "And what do you think they'd do to me if they knew I hid you?" "Shit. Nothing good, I'm sure. I'm sorry I dragged you into this, but I didn't know where else to go." She sat back and looked off into the distance. She shook her head, which concerned me, then sat up and smiled.

"Michael, did you ever see the movie step bro bangs harley jades pussy doggystyle Like It Hot'?" "No, what about it?" "In the movie, two men witness a crime and dress as women to hide from the mob." "What about it?" "They are looking for Michael a man." "Oh shit. You don't mean…" "That's exactly what I mean. We turn you into a woman." "No fucking way." "You think it's better to die than to dress as a woman?" "Given the way I look, I've struggled to have people not think I was a woman." "And that's exactly why it would work.

Look at you you're about my size, have delicate features, and no beard to speak of, and not that much body hair." "I can't do that." "Sure you can. Come on." Alexis got up, grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet, and led me to the bathroom. "Take off those clothes." "Lexi, please." "You want my help, you do what I tell you.

If not, you know where the door is.

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Leave and keep going and don't tell anyone you were here." I pulled off my hoodie, and the tee shirt I was wearing under it. I pulled off my shoes and socks, then paused. Alexis made an impatient gesture, so I unzipped my jeans and took them off.

Normally I'd have no problem getting naked for a woman, but normally, I'd expect her to be getting naked too. This was very different, and felt a lot worse. "Boxer briefs, too. Come on Michael." I pulled off my underwear and stood there. She pulled a pair of clippers out of a drawer.

"Lift the arms." I lifted my arms and she took the clippers and clipped my underarm hair short, before taking a razor and shaving the rest. She then took the clippers and trimmed most of the hair around my groin. When she grabbed the razor and shaving cream again, I got concerned. "You aren't going to…" "Michael, I'm shaving the hair nothing else." She very carefully shaved the hair around my dick and balls. The thrill of having her holding me, was offset by the fear of her cutting the wrong thing with that razor.

After she finished, she grabbed a tube of depilatory, and began putting it on my sparse chest hair, my legs, my arms, and the few sprigs of hair on my back.

I had to wait a few minutes, then showered it off. I dried off and Alexis told me to shave my face again. I'd shaved this morning, but at this point, wasn't going to argue with her. I was going to put my clothes back on, but she'd taken what I wore there, so I came back out of the bathroom, and she led me into her bedroom. If I hoped for something intimate, that was dashed pretty quickly. She walked me over to a dresser, where she pulled out a pair of panties and handed them to me. "What do you want…?" "Put them on, you idiot.

Tuck your dick back between your legs, as best you can." The panties were a bit of a tight fit and didn't hold my dick all that well, particularly since I was getting a hard-on. Alexis then handed me a bra. I guess I looked pretty appalled. "How the fuck do you think we're going to hide you out as a woman, without dressing you like one?

Put it on you twit." I put my arms through and tried to reach behind my back to fasten it, but with little success. She came around behind me and fastened it, shaking her head and chuckling as she did.

"Before long, putting on a bra will be old hat." "Shit. I don't ever want it to seem normal." "For right now, you've got two choices to be a live girl, or a dead boy. Make up your mind." Alexis filled out the bra with some stockings, adjusting them so they looked pretty normal. She then handed me a pink blouse than didn't quite come to the waist. I put it on as she pulled out a skirt that came down to about six inches above my knees. I felt like a total idiot dressed this way, but it didn't seem to matter to her.

She led me over and sat me down in a chair. She opened her closet and pulled out a blonde wig. "You're lucky I have this for dress up and costume parties. " "Some luck." "Michael, for fuck's sake, I'm trying to help you. Lighten up and don't make this any harder than it has to be." I grimaced and nodded, as she put the wig on me and adjusted it so it looked right. "Now, makeup and yes you need to wear makeup." She first put makeup over much of my face base, as I was to learn, then put on highlighter and blush to accentuate more feminine characteristics.

She put on some eye shadow and some eyeliner, along with a few other things, then had me open my mouth as she put some lipstick on me. As she finished, she had me turn around and look in the mirror. I was shocked. I didn't see Michael. I saw a cute girl well, woman. She had me stand and I could not believe how I looked masked slut has her wet twat plowed european brunette my makeover. I didn't recognize me, in any way.

I just looked like a 20 something woman, dressed nicely.

Alexis put me in a pair of shoes with a one inch heel and no back. They were still a little uncomfortable, since my feet were a little bigger than hers. "You may not know this, Michael, but I had a sister named Andrea. She disappeared last year on a camping trip. No trace of her was ever found. She is listed as missing, but never declared dead." "I'm sorry to hear about your sister. Didn't I meet her one time when we were in school?" "You may have.

Luckily though, the two of you were about the same size, and your faces were similar in shape. So you, Michael, are now Andrea, my sister." "How do we do that?" "I have most of her stuff, including her ID." Alexis went to a box in her closet and pulled out a purse with a wallet. She opened the wallet and showed me the drivers license. I looked at the photo, and walked over to the mirror and looked at myself. There were some subtle differences in the face, and her hair was styled differently, but it would be easy enough for someone to look at it and think I was Andrea.

"Fuck." "We'll do that later, Andrea, darling, after we do some shopping." "Shopping? You mean I'm going out like this?" "Exactly. You are now Andrea, and you need to act like Andrea and do the things she'd do. Besides we married hot babe fucks the horny pawn manager in his office to get some clothes that fit a little better, particularly shoes." "Jesus. What have I gotten myself into?" "Chill, Andrea, baby. And by the way, try to keep the pitch on your voice a bit higher, and use more of a breathy voice.

Makes you sound more like a woman." My voice has always been kind of a high tenor, so it wasn't like trying to sound female with a baritone or bass voice. I realized my bladder was about full, and I needed to take a piss.

Lexi led me to the bathroom. "You need to learn to pee like a lady. Pull up your skirt, pull down your panties and sit. No more standing to pee. And women always take some toilet paper and wipe after. You need to get used to doing that so you don't forget when you're in a public restroom." I finished and we came back into the living room. "We have about an hour or two left for shopping, so we need to get to it." I hesitantly started for the door.

"Don't forget your purse, Andrea dear." This was going to take some getting used to. She first took me to a nail salon, where I got a mani-pedi. They gave me a bright pink polish on my nails and cleaned up some callus on my feet.

Lexi then took me to a shoe store. "My friend is visiting from out of town and the stupid airline lost her luggage. She needs a couple nice pair of low heels for now." The guy at the shoe store measured my feet and Alexis picked out a couple of styles.

The guy brought them out and put them on my feet. It felt weird having some guy put shoes on me like that, and I saw him glance at the hem of my skirt, when Lexi had carefully tucked while he was getting the shoes.

He looked at me and smiled, then helped me to my feet as I walked a bit to see how they felt. He then put another pair on me, and I swear, he was touching my feet, ankles and lower legs a lot more than I thought he really need to, and almost intimately. I wanted to get up and get out of there, but Alexis, gently stroked my arm.

I looked at her, and she leaned over and kissed me. I kissed her back and we kissed sweetly for a short time. The shoe guy was a little less smiley and less inclined to touch after that. Lexi had to again remind me to get my purse, and we paid for the shoes and left. "Thank you for the kiss." "Brought the extracurricular activity to a halt fast enough." We hit another store and bought some bras, skirts, and tops, but she didn't buy any panties.

I wondered if I was getting a reprieve, but found out otherwise. She stopped at another shop which clearly had sex items. Alexis told me to stay in the car, while she went in. She came back out with some special panties and some breast forms. "These panties are made to tuck a guy's junk up and hide it out of the way, while still looking sexy." "Just what I've wanted." "Do you want to have a visible boner when you want people to think you're a woman?" "No, but then I'm not that thrilled about having them think I'm a woman.

I'm still shuddering at the way that shoe guy was touching me. And there were some guys leering at us both when we were in the one store." "Get used to it, Andrea, baby." Lexi took me to another store where we bought a wig that was closer in appearance to Andrea's hair in her license photo.

She took me into a restroom and had me change into the new panties, which had a little pocket to hold my prick and tuck it away firmly. Damned things even were a thong with bows and frills. She then had me open my blouse and bra and she took the breast forms and used glue to attach them to my chest.

Even with my bra off, it was hard to tell they weren't my boobs. I seemed to be getting deeper every minute. We went to a little Thai restaurant for dinner, then Andrea suggested we have a drink or two before going back to her place.

She took us to a club, where the doorman looked at us, and waved us in. It was very busy and noisy and most people were drinking and dancing. We no sooner got to the bar and ordered drinks than a couple of guys zoned in on us. "Well there. A couple of pretty ladies out looking for a good time. Maybe we can help." "Well boys, we just want to have a drink and relax nothing more." "We can hang out and maybe you'll change your minds." "We're both taken, and not looking for any company tonight but each other.

"No harm in thinking about a little outside fun." "We each already have someone expecting us back in their bed tonight. We're flattered, but it ain't happening." "Maybe we could dance a bit." "I just want to relax with my friend, and I don't think she's in a dancing mood." I just shook my head, without speaking. The two guys smiled and leaned in like they were going to try to kiss us. We each pulled back and turned our face to the side.

They laughed and backed off. "We'll be around if you change your minds." They walked away and we got our drinks and found they'd already been paid for. "Shit. I never realized just how pushy and creepy guys could be." "Looks a bit different from this side, doesn't it?" "No shit." We sipped our xxnx hard xxnx fuking cring and had a few other guys ask us to dance or ask to buy us drinks.

Some tried hard to chat us up. After a little while we decided to head elsewhere. Lexi took us to another place, which also had a lot of people, but a whole different vibe.

The boys were with boys and the girls were with girls, for the most part. We each got a drink and danced with each other. A couple of butch looking women came and cut in. We did a fast dance with them and then a slow number came on. The woman I was dancing with pulled me very close for the dance, and began running her hand over my ass as we danced. "You're a little sweetie pie. I haven't seen you here before." "I… I'm new to the scene, but my friend and I…" "Maybe we could do a asian babe sucks on this oldies cock tag-team action." "Thank you.

I'm flattered, but we just want to be with each other tonight." "That's a shame. You are a cute little thing." She then gave me a kiss, and ran her hand over my boobs, and I swear my knees got weak. But there was no way I was going to sleep with her. I suspected she wouldn't care for what I had between my legs. She continued to rub my ass and my boobs as we danced, then gave me another kiss as the dance ended.

"I… need to get back to my friend." "Let me know if you change your mind." She stroked my ass and gave it a playful pat as I walked away.

Alexis was back at the bar and had the biggest grin as I walked up. "Well that was quite a performance." "Any more and I think she'd have raped me right there on the dance floor." Lexi and I shared a long passionate kiss, and she began to stroke my ass, just the way the other woman had.

I returned the favor and we kissed and touched each other for a minute or so before breaking. "Well Andrea. I think it's time we went back to my place and I rewarded you for being such a good girl tonight." "That sounds great to me, Lexi. I can't wait." "Andi baby, that was just the warm up. We've got lots more to come." We put our arms around each other and walked out, giggling and kissing as we went. Lexi drove us back to her place and we almost ran to the door together.

I still wasn't too thrilled about being a woman, but it looked like there were going to be some great side benefits. Alexis was undressing me and I was undressing her as we went together into the bedroom. We had been intimate adorable teens get desirous at the casting hardcore blowjob, but she had never been as passionate then as she was now.

Was there something about me cross dressing that turned her on, or was she always attracted to women? I asked and she gave me an answer. "I've always been bisexual and liked women as much as men. You've kind of hit a sweet spot. I have a girlfriend who's also a boyfriend. If you had both a dick and a pussy as well as real boobs, it would be perfect, but this isn't bad." "So with me strictly as a guy?" "Not the same, but then as long as you're this way, we can have a lot of fun." By then, we were both down to bras and panties and we fell on the bed together giggling, kissing and caressing each other.

I hadn't had a girlfriend in a while, so I was horny as hell. She acted as though I was the best thing she'd been with for a while. I I brought my hand up to her bra and squeezed her tit through the bra. Lexi moaned and squirmed as I did. "Can you unhook my bra, Andi?" I reached behind her and fumbled a bit before managing to unhook it. I brought the straps around to her sides and she julia oppai jav japan reading news onto her back, which let me take her bra all the way off.

Her boobs were even more wonderful than I remembered. She was only a b-cup, but they had a nice shape and beautiful deep red areolae and her nipples stood straight up. I lowered my head and kissed her right nipple, then her left, then returned to the right nipple to kiss it and my hand gently touched her left boob. I took as much of the breast in my mouth as I could, sucking on it and pulling it with me as I drew my head back until it popped out of my mouth, making Lexi gasp and moan.

I continued to kiss and suck her boob while teasing the other one with my hand. She was panting loudly as I switched and began sucking on her left breast while playing with the right. Lexi moaned and squirmed, then panted loudly as she arched her back.

Under me, I could feel her stomach muscles rippling as she gasped and moaned like something from a porn movie. Finally she dropped back to the bed, breathing hard, and stroking my head. "Oh my God, Andi. That was wonderful. Only a few women have ever made me cum just by working my boobs." "No other men?" "No men." "Besides me." "You're my girl with a dick." I wasn't sure I liked that characterization, but still I was here in bed with her, so I couldn't really complain.

"Andi, baby, can you take your bra off? I know you won't get the thrill from your boobs that I do, but I'd still like to touch them." I reached behind me and was struggling to unhook it, then finally managed. Lexi pulled it off me and began playing with my very realistic looking boobs. "God, baby, I wish those were real. I'd like to make you feel just as good as you made me feel." I wasn't quite sure how I felt about that, but she seemed happy, so I just went with it.

Lexi kept playing with my boobs for a while as we kissed and I snuck my hand down between her legs and into her panties. I could tell she was really wet and the crotch of her panties was soaked.

I first ran my finger down her slit, top to bottom, then back up again, pushing very slightly inside her as I slowly stroked her pussy. She spread her legs to give me better access, and began to lose interest in my boobs. I slid down her body and Lexi lifted her hips so I could pull her panties off. She had a completely shaved pussy, fair, I guess, since she'd completely shaved me. I kissed her pussy like it was her mouth, kissing and running my tongue slightly in it. She moaned as her thrust her pussy farther into my face and my mouth.

Her clit began to emerge from its hiding place, and I kissed it and took it between my lips and sucked on it and nibbled at it. Lexi groaned and began moving her hips around and back and forth. I got my tongue as deep into her as I could, while kissing and sucking her clit and labia.

I took my tongue and pulled it out of her and down to the bottom of her pussy. I licked up one side of her, all the way to her sweet clit, then back down the other side. Then I went right up the middle spreading her pussy lips with my tongue, getting to xxxx mom big boobs son top and stopping to suck and nibble on her clit. Her hips were rocking so hard, I had to be careful not to get bucked right off the bed. She grabbed my head, then wrapped her legs around my head holding me tight as I pleasured her.

It was more a matter of her fucking my face and tongue than me tongue fucking her. She ground her pussy into my mouth as she came again, gasping and panting. Lexi unwrapped her legs from around my neck and dropped to the bed, trying to catch her breath.

I gasped a bit myself as I could hardly breathe there for a while. She reached down and grabbed my head and drew me up to her and we kissed. She had to be able to taste herself on my lips, but that didn't seem to bother her.

We kissed for a while before she stopped. "I said I was going to reward you, but you're the one who has made me cum twice." "I enjoyed it too." "Girl, the way you use that tongue, if you had a pussy instead of a prick, before long you could just about have your choice of sleeping girl rape by old man at that last place." "Maybe, Lexi, but I'm happy with the equipment I have." "Let's see if we can't make you happy now.

What would you like first, my pussy, my mouth, or my ass?" "You pick." "Wonderful, because my pussy really wants that dick buried inside it." With that, Alexis rolled me off her, lifted up on my hips and when I raised them off the bed, she pulled down my panties.

So far, the sex had been so great, I didn't care what I was wearing or what she called me. My cock was about as hard as it had ever been in my life as she climbed on me and slowly lowered her body. I could feel the head of my dick right at her pussy lips. I wanted to be in her, but decided to let her set the pace. She reached down and grabbed my prick and rubbed the head back and forth across her pussy lips. I moaned as she teased me and leaned back.

She lowered herself a bit so now the head was barely spreading her labia as she moved it back and forth. I wanted her so bad I could taste it, even as I could still taste her sweet pussy on my lips. She slowly began to pump her hips, taking just a little of my cock in her and back out again, gradually taking more of me each time until I was deep inside her.

"God, Lexi. Do me, please." "Get ready for the ride of your life, girl." Alexis slowly and sensually fucked my cock with her pussy, as she kissed me and played with my fake boobs. Even though I knew they were fake and had no nerve endings, I swear, even my boobs felt great. I had to force myself to think about other things to keep from cumming in her immediately. I grabbed her ass and squeezed it as I ran my other hand over her one boob.

I had never had sex as whole body experience before, but it was now. Every square inch of me was into fucking Lexi and having her fuck me. Finally I couldn't hold back any more and grabbed her hips and held her tight to me as I came deep in her cunt. "Well, Andi, that was a first installment, but there's a lot more to come. You've earned it by being such a good girl." The sex was kind of a blur after that, but I know she sucked me off, I ate her out again, and she let me fuck her ass.

Finally, totally exhausted, we fell asleep in each other's arms. Lexi and I had been lovers a few years ago, but what we did then, didn't come close to what we were doing now.

I had strange dreams that night, and in my dreams I was Andrea, and no longer Michael, and I loved being Andrea. In some of my dreams I had a dick, in some I had a pussy, in some boobs, and in others only fake boobs. In all my dreams Alexis was my lover. I woke up in the morning with Lexi spooning me with her boobs scraping my back and my ass nestled against her wonderful pussy. She had one hand holding one of my boobs and squeezing it. It made no sense, but having Alexis squeeze my fake boob was a real turn on.

I found myself starting to pant, as Lexi rolled me onto my back and climbed on top of me. I could feel my hard cock rubbing her perineum, between her legs, and wishing it was just an inch or so higher so it would be inside her. We kissed and my hands were all over her, her boobs, her ass, her back, anything I could reach, any part of her I could touch. She was swiveling her hips on top of me, teasing my prick mercilessly. About the time I didn't think I could take it any longer, she lifted her hips, reached down and guided my cock into her tight little cunt.

After everything last night, I was able to hold excited luscious chicks fuck with every other longer and we fucked for the longest time, before she came on my dick and I came inside her.

"Lexi, that has to be the greatest wakeup call I've even had." "Well, if you stay with me as Andrea, maybe we can make it a regular occurrence." "It would not have been my first choice, but I don't think I can turn down that offer." "Every good thing in life has a price." "I've just realized you're worth it.

Why did we break up back then anyhow?" "The sex was too ordinary nothing exciting. Besides, I liked girls too much to give them up to be only with a guy." "And now?" "Now the sex is great and YOU are my girl. I get a girl and a cock best of both worlds." "But I still feel like a guy." "That's what you say, but you seemed to fall right into being a woman last night." "I'm torn." "Torn? You aren't sure if you want to live or die?

You aren't sure whether or not you want the best sex of your life?" "For now, at least, I can't be Michael, so I might as well be Andrea and get all that comes with it." Lexi kissed me and rolled off me. We turned on our sides to face each other. "That's my good girl.

Now let's get up and get showered and do a little more shopping." "More shopping?" "We don't have that much to buy, but we need to get you out and getting used to living as a woman." "Maybe we could have some fun in the shower?" "Damn, girl. We fuck our brains out last night, wake up with a fuck this morning and you want to fuck again already?" "I guess I can wait." "Get the cute little ass in there and get cleaned up, and don't forget to shave your face good.

We can't have any stubble not that you have that much facial hair." "Yes, busty milf bridtette lee gobbles youthful cock showered, and shaved twice, once just before showering and once just after. I felt my face and it was about as smooth as I've ever felt it. I came out of the bathroom and Alexis was in the living room. "I set your clothes out on the bed. I'm going to shower and then Pregnant menage a trois tittie milk squirting do your makeup and start to teach you how to do it yourself." "I don't mind having you do my makeup." "A woman needs to know how to do her own makeup, so you can start to learn today." I nodded and turned to go in the bedroom as Lexi went in the bathroom.

She had laid out an outfit with another pair of sexy panties with the special pocket to keep me tucked away. There was a lacy bra, which reminded me that my boobs were still firmly glued to my chest. I wondered how long they would stay that way, but realized Lexi would just reglue them if they started to come free anyhow. In order to get the bra on, I had to take the straps off my shoulders, drop the bra to my waist, and turn it around so the hooks were in front.

Once it was hooked, I turned it back around and pulled it up my body and over my boobs, putting my arms through the straps as I did it. It was really a pain, so if this was going to go on for very long, I'd need to figure out how to put a bra on the right way.

She had set out a top that was a little low cut and showed just a bit of my boobs. I guessed it was good they blended so well with my skin and there was no apparent seam at the edge.

In this top, any time I leaned over some guy might get a good look at my boobs. She set out another skirt, again about six inches above the knee. Low enough to cover everything decently, but high enough to catch some attention. I thought about asking her for some skirts that came below the knees, but realized I was dressing more for her than for anything or anyone else. I had taken off my wig to shower but set it back on and worked to adjust it until it looked right. I masseuse abella fingers and licks her customers pussy at her makeup, but really had no clue as to what to do with it.

I put on the low heels that she set out and knew it was just a matter of time before she put me in high heels. I went out and checked the news feed on my computer, then did a search for my name. Teen nicky huntsman gets doggystyled by hung lover came up was that there were warrants out for my arrest, for embezzlement and suspicion of murder.

Those bastards were now trying to frame me for their crimes. I had given passing thought to going to the authorities and telling them what I knew in exchange for putting me in some sort of witness protection program.

Obviously that wasn't going to fly. I guess I really had better get used to being Andrea. Unless the police caught on to what really happened, I was going to be this way for a while. Lexi did my makeup and took time to show me exactly what she was doing and why.

A few more lessons and I can at least make an attempt at it. I hate to think that way, but this shit is starting to look long term. How the fuck do I go back to being Michael, when Michael is wanted on criminal charges? The whole thing is starting to make my head spin. I had to be careful with my voice still, but as we went through our day, it felt more and more natural being a woman.

I didn't feel like a woman, or think of myself as a woman, but dressing and acting like one began to be comfortable. We had guys checking us out and even trying to chat us up throughout the day. Most guys took the gentle brush off pretty well. One dude got a bit hostile, though Lexi threw it back at him pretty well. "Are you two bitches a couple of dykes?" "What difference is it to you whether we are or not?

And if we're bitches, we sure aren't your bitches." "You two cunts need someone to straighten you out." "We're just as straight as we want to be, and if we need any help, we can find lots of volunteers." "Fucking feminazi dykes." "I've had a lovely conversation, but this wasn't it. Do come back when you can't stay so long." The dude stomped off, muttering and cursing.

"I'm shocked at how hostile that guy was. We were just nicely telling him we weren't interested." "Some guys can't take 'no' for an answer. It's an ego thing, and just something a woman has to live with." "What the fuck do I do?" "Tell them you have a boyfriend, even though it isn't true. That will discourage a lot. For the rest, just watch yourself." We didn't buy that much, but we window shopped a lot, and just had fun. Alexis treated me like I really was her sister, and we were two girls hanging out, and somehow I just fell into that groove.

We had only the one really pushy jerk, and after that when boys started hitting on us, I'd quickly say that my boyfriend would not approve of me doing whatever it was they suggested. Most of them took the hint and moved on. By the end of the day, I was almost beginning to feel comfortable as Andrea. I kept my voice where it needed to be and was even starting to walk in a more feminine way. Shit, I figured when this was over, I'd have to relearn how to act like a man.

Over the years, I'd learned to do enough very basic cooking to feed myself, so Lexi had me make dinner for us that night. Nothing fancy, just a meatloaf and some baked macaroni and cheese. Lexi poured us each a nice glass of Chardonnay, and we relaxed with our food and wine. It was weird as shit, but I was beginning to like this. The next day was Sunday and we spent it much like we spent Saturday.

We met a couple of Lexi's women friends and she introduced me as her sister. They seemed to accept that, so we largely hung out together for a girl's afternoon. Alexis and I were a bit flirty with each other and the way one of the friends looked, she thought it was a bit unusual to see two sisters so 'intimate'.

We kind of shrugged it off, and no one else seemed bothered by it. One actually said seeing us together reminded her of how much she missed her own sister. That night in bed, after the usual fucking, Lexi said she wanted to do something she often did with other women. Between a few glasses of wine and the afterglow of cumming a few times, I was game.

The next thing I knew, Lexi was in bed wearing a strapon.

"I don't know how I feel about that." "You stick your dick in me mouth, pussy, and ass. It's just a little turnabout." "Isn't that kind of gay?" "Nothing that a man and woman do together is gay. Give it a fair try, that's all I'm asking." She had me get on my hands and knees and got some lube.

She lubed up the strapon, then took a finger with lube on it and eased it into my ass. It felt strange, but didn't feel bad. She ran it in and out of my ass a few times loosening it up before adding a second finger. As she went along, I was surprised to find it felt good. I'd never have expected to enjoy having my ass fucked, even by fingers. Lexi added a httyta sc yhivi hard h p tube xvideos anal bru finger and I began to moan and squirm around a little.

Lexi decided I was about ready and pulled her fingers out of my ass and took the strapon and aimed it at my bunghole. She eased the head just inside me and I found I had a hardon. She rocked back and forth, gradually getting it deeper and deeper into my ass, until finally she had it buried in me to the hilt.

"So is that so bad, Andi, baby? The way you're reacting, I don't think so." All I could do was shake my head and moan. She began slowly and gently fucking my ass as I fucked her back. I could feel it it going deep inside me, and even the feeling of it sliding through my asshole was good.

Lexi steadily fucked my ass until I came all over the bed and about collapsed. She held onto my hips and gave me a few more strokes before pulling it out. Lexi rolled me onto my side and lay down beside me and kissed me.

I could feel the strapon against my thigh as we kissed and she played with my boobs. Lexi and I were having the strangest sex I'd ever had in my life, and all I could think was that I was thoroughly enjoying it.

She spooned me and kept wearing the strapon and I could feel it up against my ass cheeks as we drifted off to sleep. The next morning we showered and dressed. It was Monday and Lexi told me there was an opening where she worked and she wanted me to apply for the job.

"Andi, baby, the two of us are not going to survive on my salary alone. Besides, you need to get out of the apartment and be with people in a comparatively safe environment. And you need something to keep you occupied." I really couldn't argue with that. I'd get stir crazy if I spent all day alone in her place, and I still wasn't sure about going around on my own as a woman. Lexi had me do a little sister e force fuk after drink my own makeup, giving me correction as I went along, and touching it up as needed.

I was really starting to get the hang of it. We went to her office and she took me to human resources and told them I was interested in the customer service job they had open. Kind of a come down from the high level analyst work I'd been doing, but it was a job.

I went through three interviews and at the end of the day, they offered me the job. Along the way, Lexi and I had lunch together in a little cafeteria nearby. "You're doing great, Andi. I'd kiss you, but we don't want to give people the wrong impression." "The wrong impression?" "Let's just say we need to keep this on the down low." There was a credit union nearby that many of the employees used.

When my interviews were done, I went there, told them I was starting at the company and wanted to open an account. I showed them Andrea's drivers license, and had a hundred dollars cash that I used to open the account. I'd shown the company Andrea's social security card, during the hiring process. They did ask why I hadn't been employed for the past year, and I explained I'd had an accident during a camping trip and had spent the last year recuperating. Not only was I overqualified for the job, even Andrea was, but I told them I was willing to take an entry level job to get back in the job market.

I met the man who was to be my boss and he seemed quite taken with me. I was pleasant and only slightly flirty, but mentioned my boyfriend several times my imaginary boyfriend, but he didn't need to know that. I got the feeling that he would love nothing more than to fuck little Andrea. This was really going to take some getting used to. I began the job and being around people on the job all day, five days a week, I was beginning to worry about hair and beard and stubble.

I was shaving very thoroughly every morning and using depilatory creams every few days, but I was concerned about hair giving me away. "That doesn't have to be a problem, Andi. I curvy babe pawns her pussy and gets fucked by pawn dude get you some pills that will help inhibit body and facial hair.

There's some other side effects, but we can deal with those." I began taking the pills and sure enough my facial and body hair began to change and thin. I also noticed that the hair on my head started getting thicker, but that was good. It was slowly growing and before too terribly long, I might be able to skip the wig.

Along the way, I noticed my hips getting rounder and losing a little around the waist. What startled me though was when my real breasts started to become tender and even begin to grow. I wasn't sure I wanted to have real boobs, but I was getting them, and Lexi loved it. Lexi would leave my fake boobs off more and play with my real boobs. As weird as it was to have them, it felt good to have Lexi play with them.

I began to understand more why she enjoyed having me play with her boobs. After about six months as Andrea, I had my own b-cup boobs and my own head of hair. I still had a little facial hair and Lexi took me to a place where they used lasers to get rid of that. I kept checking on Michael, and he was still the suspect in the police investigation of theft and murder. The executives who actually did it seemed to have gotten off clear. I was getting used to being Andrea, but wasn't sure I wanted to spend the rest of my life that way.

I got two promotions at work, and while I was still over qualified, I was getting a lot closer and was being appreciated. People at work began to assume I was a lesbian, though Lexi and I were careful not to let anyone know we were lovers. Since Andrea and Alexis were sisters, we wouldn't want folks to think there was lesbian incest going on.

Basically though, it kept most of the guys from hitting up on me, which made me a lot more comfortable. Alexis and I occasionally went to the gay bar, where they generally assumed we were a couple. We'd dance with each other and with some of the other women. Every once in a while we'd have someone ask if we wanted a threesome or two women would want to do some swapping, but we politely declined. Not as often, we'd go to straight clubs, sometimes not with as welcome a reception.

We both dropped mentions of boyfriends, but that only ran off just so many. We got the occasional really pushy guy who didn't want to take 'no' for an answer. That brave young beautiful girl fucked by old shlong us some stressful moments.

The worst was late one night at one particular club. It was real late and there were only a handful of people still around. One guy had been pestering me all night. "Look, I'm not interested in you. I'm not interested in going home with you." "C'mon baby, just one dance." "I'll do one dance with you if you leave me alone." There mom get son see xnxx a fast song playing and we went onto the dance floor and only started dancing when the song ended.

"That wasn't a full dance. That doesn't count." A slow number started and he grabbed me and pulled me tight. I tried to get away, but he was a lot stronger than I was. "Baby, you promised me a dance and I want it." He held me tight with one hand, as his other hand groped my ass.

He continued to hold me tight as he brought his other hand around to fondle my boobs. I squirmed and tried to get away, as he held me tight and sneered. "You know you love it, girlie." "Let me go." "Not a chance, baby." He then lifted my skirt and started to put his hand down my panties. He got down to my prick, then had a shocked expression, let go of me and stepped back. "You fucking tranny faggot." I punched him in the mouth, which cut his lip. He looked at me with total hatred in his eyes.

"You're fucking gonna die now, faggot." He took a step toward me and two of his friends grabbed him and stopped him before he could carry out his threat. I quickly went over to where Alexis was. "Lexi, we're leaving here, NOW." She looked at me with shock, then looked over to where the guy was still struggling with his friends and ranting about the 'faggot'. We grabbed our purses and got the hell out of there quickly. She drove us home in silence and we went in the apartment and I collapsed in dad fucks duddy playfellows daughter while mom is asleep next to them and milf aunt arms, sobbing.

"Lexi, I can't do this. I just can't handle it." "Andi, it was one man, and one night. We will never go back to that place again ever, I swear." "He would have killed me, if they hadn't stopped him." "But they did stop him, so it's okay, Andi." "If I'd actually been a woman, I swear he'd have raped me.

He stuck his hand down my panties." "That was an extreme case, Andi. In all the months we've gone out, that's the first time anything close to that has ever happened." "I can't do this anymore." "Look, baby, we'll stick to the gay clubs for now." "I don't want to be Andi anymore.

I want to be Michael again." "You want to be killed, double fisting and fucking her cavernous teen pussy stretching threesome locked up?" "Would it be any worse?" "Plenty worse. Even before, you were small for a man. You'd have been someone's prison bitch in about two seconds. Now with boobs, you'd be lucky if you were only one person's prison bitch.

They'd pass you around to anyone who wanted some. You want to spend every day and every night being raped? Probably by both prisoners and guards." "I can't even be who I want to be." "You're my lover.

Isn't that worth something? If it isn't, then maybe you should go. Be whoever you want then." "I do love being with you." "While you're with me, you need to be Andrea, for your sake and mine." "I don't know, Lexi." "You came to me. You wanted my help to hide. You agreed to do this in order to keep from being killed or arrested." I cried. I didn't know what else to do. After a while, Lexi led me into the bedroom and we made love sweetly and fell asleep in each other's arms.

I woke the next morning, still feeling like shit, but knowing I didn't have that much of a choice. Lexi was right and I knew it. I was either Andrea, or I was dead, and 99% of the time being Andrea wasn't that bad. After another six months, I realized that even if Michael was cleared of the charges, I didn't know if I could go back to being Michael. I had become Andrea.