Huge boobs ghetto banged by pawn keeper at the pawnshop reality and bigtits

Huge boobs ghetto banged by pawn keeper at the pawnshop reality and bigtits
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Alice's Descent into Debauchery I was always a horny little girl, but perhaps I was born knowing my place was a fuck toy. My name is Alice, though my friends called me Ally or Ally cat so I'm used to a few things.

Given that I had a single mum who worked a lot from an early age, I was left alone to explore my naughty little urges to the fullest extent. I was already developing quickly and looked much older than my age. Standing at 5,1 (little did I know I hit my growth spurt early and would never grow much taller ) with budding B cups, sensitive nipples, straight dark golden blonde hair that reached past my ass when let out of its pony tail and a figure that I kept curvy and trim, My thighs and ass rounded and firm from years of competitive horse riding.

I remember it started with humping my pillows and stuffed animals when I cuddled with them during the night, only falling asleep when my little panties and shorts were soaking through with little girl cum. It quickly progressed to riding my bike home from school as quickly as possible to able grind my tiny little bald pussy into any toy I could, loving the way their soft fur felt on my clit.

My favourite ended up being a large white bear, he had a hard plastic nose and was about half my size. I would fuck him daily, riding his hard little nose, desperate to feel my little cunny tingle and throb. Pulling and pinching my puffy little nipples as I thought about how this was practice for when I got boyfriend or person who wanted to use my little body. Desperate to know how to please them, wanting to be used like I was using this toy.

Forcing myself to keep grinding and riding through my orgasms like a good girl, following my body's every kinky urging. One day after school, I found one of my mother's girly reality magazines and read an article about different kinds of sex play.

Given the fact that I had no real toys a technique near the bottom of the page caught my eye, it was talking about how some people loved the sensation of warmth or cold, favouring ice or wax. Several comments caught my interest from eager men that had written in talking about how ice cubes made their girls squeal and squirm and in some cases made their pussies even tighter.

I grinned, a wicked plan forming in my mind as I raced to my room, my little school skirt flicking up as I skipped. I brought my bear out into the living room, eager to try out my new-found knowledge, I also brought out with me a dirty magazine I had found left behind by one of my mum's ex boyfriends.

It had become one of my favourite things to masturbate to. I loved looking at the pictures of the tiny white models having their holes obscenely stretched open and used by huge toys, black and white cocks, some even tied up in weird poses with rope I didn't know yet. I laid them out carefully on the living room carpet and walked over to the kitchen.

Bending over and causing my skirt to ride up over my pert little ass and my panties to give me a wedgie. I retrieved a little bowl from the cupboard. Giggling at feeling it produced in my private parts, I left the wedgie in place. Liking the pressure it applied to my already wet throbbing little clit. I trotted over to the freezer. Reaching up and grabbing out the ice tray I popped a few cubes out into the bowl. Smiling satisfied with my haul. I walked over to the bear, swaying my hips, too eager for my own little good to get started.

As I walked, I shed my little school polo top and training bra, sighing as the breeze from the aircon licked at my exposed tits, causing my nipples to stiffen instantly. I carefully unzipped and laid my school skirt to the side, not wanting to get it wet when the ice melted. I paused playing with my tits and moaned thinking about what I was about to do before lowering a hand to my panties and pulling on my wedgie.

Driving it further into my little pussy, cutting it in two and enjoying the friction and the pain. Pinching my hard nipple as I pulled my panties harder wishing I had someone there to do it for me. I slowly lowered myself onto the bears nose and moaned, feeling the hard plastic and the fur press against me.

Leaving my panties stuffed inside me but slightly pulled to the side to give the teddys nose access, I flicked to one of my cute sweetie spreads soft snatch and gets deflowered virginity hardcore pages in the mag.

It showed a young brunette girl having her ass sunny leone suck and fuck sex story while a cock filled her throat. I giggled and grabbed an ice cube from the bowl sucking on it slightly before popping it down my panties to rest snuggly against my clit, my little nickers keeping the ice in place.

I sighed in ecstasy as the cold hit my, by now, throbbing burning little clit and started to rock, grinding my little extremely tight asshole kimberly moss gets treated like a superb tiny bitch and pussy back and forth over my teddys nose. Squirming as the ice melted, causing cool liquid to pour over my clit, making me extra wet as the melted water added to my own fuck juice.

I repeated this several more times eager to adapt and learn to the new sensations as I fucked my teddy cumming hard in the process. Melting the ice cubes on my nipples and other parts of my body until they stung with the cold as I worked my little sensitive pussy. When my panties became too wet and stuck to my body I jumped up, peeling them off my tight little body and throwing them to the side making a mental note to deal with them later but being too horny to deal now.

I quickly laid back down on the teddy. This time choosing to lay face up leaving my legs spread and his nose pressed firmly against my asshole. My naughty little brain had formed the idea of letting the cubes melt inside my little virgin pussy rather than just on the outside.

I slowly moved back and forth letting the bears fur and nose tickle and relax me. Grabbing the ice I slid it over my clit and between my lips pausing only slightly from nerves before forcing the cube into my tight little hole. I shrieked a little as the cold ball forced its way up inside me, painfully stretching me as I still hadn't played around much with putting things in my pussy.

I stopped, johnny sins hard fuck tired it lodged in place until my body heat started to make it melt. i squirmed uncomfortably and rubbed my clit trying to ease the intense feeling, only succeeding in making myself think I liked the pain.

I moaned and pulled my puffy budding nipples hard enjoying the new feelings coursing through my body. My little pussy on fire as I writhed around on the living room floor. Unable to help myself I urged forward, eager to see if I could push more than one inside me. I moved myself back into position on top of the bear. Spreading my legs wide and taking a deep breath, I giggled and thought "if only mummy could see what her little girl gets up to when she's meant to be doing her chores" before grabbing another ice cube and putting it in place at my little entrance.

I slid the cube inside me, feeling it pop into place. I moaned a little before grabbing another, placing it at my little pussy's entrance.

I found myself having to use a little force to urge it inside me, feeling the burn of the cold and the ice already inside me wiggling and moving. I finally manged to coax my little pussy to take the ice and sighing in pain as the over stretched feeling returned.

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Flipping over onto my tummy I sat up careful not to disrupt any of the ice and began to ride my teddy, eager to cum feeling this full.

I ground my little clit into his fur as the cold water run out of my little pussy all over my clit, thighs and his nose. Only pausing to replace the cubes when they melted. Over eager I thought one of the cubes had melted and only realised my mistake when i sat on the "replacement" I screamed as the bears nose forced a 3rd cube up inside my tiny hole and came hard.

my body taking over, twitching and shaking as it forced me to ride through my orgasm continuing it for as long as possible. I collapsed on the bear and rolled off onto my back, my legs falling open as I fought to caught my breath, my heart racing. In my lust I didn't notice our new mastiff pup enter through the doggy door. At 11-12 months old, he already weighed more than me and stood well above my knee.

The first I knew of his presence in the room was feeling his whiskered snout push between legs and story sex pantat besar black porncewe negro me pussy a long hard lick.

I shrieked startled, slapping his nose away and immediately regretting it seeing the look of hurt and confusing flash across my poor pups face. "oh, come here boy" I quickly gushed pulling him back "who am I to say no to you huh?

You were just curious, you didn't mean anything" stroking his soft fur he looked back up at me contented and trotted to the kitchen to do what dogs do. I quickly moved back to straddling the teddy, wanting to cum a few more times before my mother got home.

I flicked to another page in the magazine and quickly fell back into my rhythm of humping and twisting my little nipples. The smell of my creamy little pussy or my squeaks and moans must have attracted the dog's attention because I heard him pad back into the lounge. He was quickly behind me, trying to sniff and lick at the teddy and my ass. I raised my hand to swat him away again, but paused, remembering how hurt he looked the first time. "oh, ok I muttered, I guess you can stay fresh faces teen hollie mack enjoys interracial sex I play" my girly brain not knowing what trouble I was getting myself into.

I thought he would just sniff a bit and when he realised I wasn't a girl dog he would lose interest go to sleep on the couch, how wrong I was. I started moaning and grinding my clit into the hard plastic. Enjoying the numb sensitive combo resulting from the ice and imagined I was the girl in the pictures. I felt myself get wetter before I felt his tongue, roughly swipe up my ass barley catching my pussy in the process and covering my bare ass in doggy saliva.

I couldn't help my little body stiffening and moaning, raising itself onto all fours so his tongue would have better access. "Yessssss" I moaned my nails clutching into the carpet, my knees burning a little from moving so quickly for him. I felt my hips thrust back as he continued his tongues assault on my virgin holes.

Cumming so quickly it caught me off guard, causing me to fall to the ground. Thank god, the teddy was there to break my fall (hehe). I sighed and twitched letting my long legs fall open and Spike quickly dived back in like it was his new favourite treat. Licking up every bit of my cum he could find on my legs and pussy. Forcing his tongue deep inside me only causing me to get wetter and him to lick harder. I came again hard, unable to stop myself squirming on his wonderful tongue.

My breath ragged, I felt sweat drip down my forehead as my chest heaved from the effort of being forced to cum repeatedly. I weakly raised my hand to try and push him away and was met with a low growl.

My hand froze as he has never done anything like that before and I sat up careful not to dislodge him from his place.

He looked up at me contentedly from between my legs. Tail wagging and licking away, I gasped and shudder trying to push him away from my overly sensitive clit and saw him black whore tatyonna hates getting throat pusblack whore tatyonn tube porn his teeth and growl again.

I felt myself get wetter as I realised I pinned in this precarious position until he decided he was done with me. I lowered my body back down to the carpet, slowly and careful not to anger my new master. Giggling and twitching a little from the sensitivity I let my legs fall open properly. Eager to be a good girl. He kept me pinned there for a good 30 minutes. Licking me out like I had never ever imagined. I came another 3 times, my body twitching in ecstasy as new sensations rushed through me before he raised his head and went to investigate a noise.

I seized my chance and grabbed my clothes, knowing it wouldn't be long before my mother got home and I was right. I quickly dashed to my room throwing my teddy on the bed and stuffing the magazine under my mattress.

Tossing my clothes in the hamper I grabbed out a light summer dress quickly pulling it on not bothering with bra or panties due to hearing my mother's car in the driveway. Grinning Sleeping mom son xxx ebony me bolne bala walked over to the window and waved at her approaching figure.

my mind swirling with all the new naughty ideas this now opened up. That night when I went to bed and couldn't help myself. Slipping my fingers under my nightgown I started to stroke my swollen sensitive little pussy, forcing a finger inside me and marvelling at the tightness and the pain.

once more I forced my tired body to orgasm thinking about when I got home from school tomorrow what I was going to do. The next day I raced home, my panties already soaking and sticking to my little pussy.

I couldn't even wait to get into the house when spike greeted me, pulling my panties to the side and letting him lick away as I locked my bike in the garage. I laid my school jacket down on the cold concrete floor and got on top of it. Spreading my legs willingly for the huge dog, he dove straight in. his rough tongue dragging from my asshole to clit. I pushed my hands under my shirt and bra, dragging my nails across my nipples making them stiffen as I look at the ceiling laying on the dirty floor submitting like a willing bitch.

"mmmm ooohhhhh yeeeesssss" I moan head thrashing from side to side as he drives his tongue deeper inside my tight little hole. I hump back against it, desperate to cum quickly and hard. My wish is granted when his teeth graze my clit, nipping in his attempts to get deeper into my pussy.

I jump, moaning in the pain as my pussy clenches, gushing juice all over his snout as he desperately tried to lick it up. I notice him whining and humping the air a little so I sit up and watch him start to pace. I call him back patting him gently. Noticing a huge bulge under his belly, i giggle, realising its his cock and lean out to touch it, jumping back a little as I watch it slide out of the furry sheath.

It was huge, purple and veiny and already leaking cum. I nervously reached out again, wrapping my small hand around it and feeling it throb and ooze in my fingers. I suddenly feel spike lunge forward humping my hand quickly.

I grip tightly and feel it grow even harder. Amazing I begin to stroke in time with his humping, his doggy cum coating my hand. I watched a huge lump start to grow and started to worry not knowing to much about doggy sex. I let him continue fucking my hand as I stroked his cock, hoping it would go away if he came. he started to whine and growl.

fucking my hand harder trying to slide the knot thing into my tight grasp. I took the hint and grabbed it with my other hand squeezing and rubbing. I was rewarded quickly with a coating of doggy cum.

It ran over my hands and squirted my stomach and legs with the excess that slipped from between my fingers. I giggled and thanked him for teaching me what boys expect. kissing his soft furry nose covered in my cum as he panted hard I got up and looked down at my cum and dirt covered frame. I giggled again raising my fingers to zareen khan xxx storys full sex stories lips, tentatively licking at the sticky goo covering my hand.

Tight blonde teenie zoe parker screwed and creampied decided that I didn't mind the taste after a few licks and cleaned my hand while walking back up to the house. Enjoying that mummy had let me pick a male dog. This then became my new after school hobby for several weeks. Rushing home from school to jerk off the huge dog in the shed and then let him lick me senseless until my mother got home.

I think the universe saw my perverse little ways and wanted to punish/reward me depending on how you look at it. I was close to my birthday when he came into my life. He stood over 6,3 with dark hair and eyes and a lean muscular figure. My mother threw regular parties on our large property so the adults were usually kept separate drinking and partying in the shed while the kids stayed and watched movies up in the house. For some reason this night the adults stayed particularly clear of the house, all except one.

Troy. He was one of my mother's newer friends, early 30's and charmed any female that came across his path. I had watched my own mother flirt with him countless times. It was getting late and my friends had fallen asleep on the couches next to me while watching a movie. I moved to the floor to continue watching and let them have more room, taking a blanket with me when I heard him come in. I was used to this kind of interruption as it was common for the adults to come in and use the bathroom, a little less common for the males but still I thought nothing of it when I heard him walk down the hallway and past the lounge.

After a little while I heard him return being a little surprised when I heard his footsteps stop at the door to the lounge and not continue up the hallway to go back out the door. "hey little miss" he whispered (this was something he liked to call me) "you up?" I struggled a little with the blanket and sat up.

"yeah" I whispered back politely "but the others are asleep so you will have to be quiet". "oh" came the reply "do you mind if I join you for a minute before joining the party?" "sure" I agreed stupidly and heard him shuffle into the room. "Let me get under your blanket" he whispered " it's so cold and I want to cuddle. I paused a little thinking it was slightly odd, but not out of the realm of possibilities for my mother's friends to want to come in and watch the movie with the kids, so I shuffled a bit more and held open one side of the blanket to allow him to slide in behind me.

He reeked of alcohol but I ignored it and settled back down onto my pillow, feeling him drape his arm over my hip. Entirely covering the lower half of my body and pulling me closer to his chest.

I squirmed a little getting comfy and settled back down to watch the movie. The first indication I got that things weren't what I thought they were, when I felt his lips on the back of my neck. As much as I had dreamed of this moment and kinda had a crush on him I froze. "you're so warm baby" I heard him murmur into my ear pulling me even closer if possible. I didn't say anything, my heart beating so fast I thought he could hear it. He waited until he felt my body relax against his again before making his next move.

I felt his arm move and then his hand slide under my top, coming to rest cupping my boob. When he didn't move again, I thought he was just cuddling me so I relaxed and enjoyed it, wiggling against him for warmth.

My heart quickly started to race again as he softly started to stoke my chest, carefully avoiding my nipples. "It this ok? You're so soft baby girl" he whispered in my ear before kissing it. I could only nod, thinking and justifying to myself he wasn't really doing anything to kick him out for and tried to focus on the movie, praying my body wouldn't react.

Emboldened he pushed on quickly pinching my nipple before sliding his hands down my pants and into my panties, only stopping when his huge hand was cupping my tiny hairless pussy. "What about this?" He asked and I quickly shook my head, my breath catching in my throat as my head swam dizzily with how quickly things moved "sorry baby" he purred pulling his hand out slowly letting his fingers drag across my slit and replacing it to its former place in my shirt.

"This better?" he purred again making sure mili jay is so beautiful and horny hold me with enough strength against him that I knew I wasn't going anywhere. "Yes" i barley whispered thinking i could control it.

"Good girl" he murmured back "I'm just feeling a bit lonely and wanted to watch the movie with you" I relaxed again enjoying it when he resumed stroking. Even squirming a little against him when he brushed over my nipples. When he felt me relax and start squirming he tried again. Slipping his hand down my pants and into my panties I felt him push against my clit. I froze again but this time he didn't ask, continuing to apply pressure and just hold his hand in place.

He moved his hand to quickly adjust my position, pulling my leg over him while we were both still laying on our sides and retuned to my panties his other arm wrapping around my shoulders and neck to cuddle me and keep me in place. I started to tremble in anticipation in his arms, not understanding the feelings rushing to my pussy and not wanting him to suspect I had been playing around with my toys and the dog.

Leaving my leg where he placed it and not moving allowing him to touch as he pleased, the little force he used in positioning me and taking what he wanted, was all it took to break my mind into obedience. I felt his start to rub my little cunny, squeezing the clit between his fingers "Mmmm I love how soft and smooth you are down here" I didn't answer to scared and not wanting to wake my friends up. I cursed myself as I felt my little pussy flood with juice and it didn't go un-noticed "Oh my little girls getting wet for daddy already hmm" he giggled and purred leaning forward to kiss and bite at the back on my neck.

I shook my head furiously embarrassed and trying to wriggle away but he pinned me down hard "No more of that" he snarled and I froze. Letting me legs fall back open and draping across him. He softened his grip again continuing to softly play with my pussy. I stayed quiet and wondered if this is what was supposed to happen, those thoughts quickly banished when I felt him dip his finger inside me. I felt my hips buck and respond and he quickly moved his hand over my mouth in case I made a sound.

I felt him continue to wiggle his finger inside me and I tensed up, biting my lip as the full feeling slammed into my stomach. When his thumb started brushing my clit I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold back, I tried resisting but failed quickly sagging back against his chest as he continued molesting my little pussy, causing it to grow wetter by the second.

My hips started to rock back involuntarily and I bit my lip harder to not make a sound, he sensed I was getting close so he sped up the rubbing careful to not push his fingers to deep. I felt myself gush girly cum all over his fingers and couldn't help letting out a little moan as the orgasm tore through my body. At that moment his plus one decided to come looking for him, he quickly moved to hide my twitching frame from view and hissed at me not to move. "Hey love' I heard him whisper over his shoulder "the kids are sleeping ill come out to talk".

"ok" came the meek reply. I privateclassicscom krisztina schwartz average tits and real tits him slowly slide his hand out of my waistband coughing to cover up the snap of elastic and extract himself from under the blanket quickly moving towards the door and up the hallway to speak.

I heard some whispered arguing and I laid there shivering in the dark, both from fear and the after effect of that orgasm, I slowly peeled myself of the floor and hoped I could make it to the door and down the hall into my room before he came back. I didn't think I could handle anything more. Grasping the blanket around me tightly I shuffled to the door, peering out I couldn't see anything so I stumbled down the hall.

I had almost made it to my room when I felt his hand snake around my waist and shove me backwards. Stumbling hard, I hit the wall next to the doorframe of my room.

looking up at his towering frame, I muttered that I had to go to bed or my mother would be angry. He smirked looking down and told me he would put me to bed then. Grasping my arm tightly he walked me the last few steps and pushed me through my door.

Closing my door behind me I prayed he wouldn't see the lock and was granted that small mercy. I stood in the middle of the room blanket clutched tightly to my chest trembling looking up at him.

"Don't look so scared baby girl" he said "I'm not going to fuck you tonight, as that bitch just pointed out there's to many people here that could walk in, I'm just going to tuck you into bed". I sighed in relief and he laughed at the look on my face, "now why don't you hand me that blanket and hop up into bed like a good girl" I shyly passed it over letting it drop from my grasp and slowly turned climbing into my bed against the wall. Wishing I hadn't worn such small and tight bottoms that clung to my ass.

I heard a groan from behind me and ignored it turning over to face him and laying on my back. I watched him walk over, blanket outstretched and he placed it over my lower legs asking if I got hot during the night. I shook my head no but he left me uncovered anyway stepping back and taking in my small frame tucked into bed surrounded by stuffed animals.

he groaned again this time his hands moving to his belt and zipper. Undoing his jeans and pulling out his cock, it was 8inches, stupidly fat and growing longer with every stoke of his hand. "please pull your shirt up for daddy baby girl" he moaned pumping his fist faster "you want to make your daddy happy don't you, otherwise he might have to do something else and he doesn't want to do that tonight" my fingers trembled at the sound of his voice and my fingers reacted on their own, clutching at the sides of my top and pulling it upward exposing my tits and stiffening nipples to his gaze.

I dropped my eyes blushing furiously "no bitch" i heard him snarl "look at me" I quickly looked back up biting my bottom lip trying to not avoid his stare. I watched his stoke his cock several more times and walk closer to the bed. I started to shake, scared he was going to try and climb in with me but he stopped at the side continuing money big black by xxx jerk his cock staring hard at my tits.

"pinch your little nipples whore" he moaned and I laid back following his instructions playing with them like I was alone in my room.

"tell me slut" he barked "are you a virgin?" I blushed again but managed to maintain eye contact as I nodded "say it, and answer me properly" he snapped. "Y.y.yes" I managed to stammer out, pausing playing with my nipples, confused at his question.

"Did I say stop?!" he snapped continuing to jerk his cock, I quickly resumes pulling my puffy little nipples under his angry stare " and properly means addressing me as daddy and speaking in full sentences, you're not a baby anymore you're a baby slut" I choked slightly and turned even brighter pink ".Yes daddy, your little girl is a virgin" mmmm very good I heard him purr closing his eyes and jerking faster.

"tell your daddy you want him to cum on his little girl" I moan from the attention to my nipples "please daddy" I whisper "cum on your little girl" I hear him groan as the words leave my lips leaning over me and whispering "good slut" before letting his cum rain down on my chest coating me and the bed. He stayed bent over for a minute breathing hard before leaning down and running a finger through the cum on my chest pausing to squeeze a nipple babe tugs schlong for cum smalltits and handjob, making me jump and squeal.

after he had scooped up a decent amount of his cum on his finger he moved it to my mouth. "open up little girl" he ordered "this will help you sleep" I paused for only a second before letting my jaw drop open and sucking his finger inside my warm waiting mouth "suck and swallow" he moaned and I obeyed, he left his finger in my mouth for a few moments longer letting me suck on it before we started hearing voices approaching the house again.

"I'll have to talk to your mum about letting me pick you up and drop you off to school" he called over his shoulder "or perhaps have you round for some chores on weekend" pausing at the door he turned and winked at me.

"I think we are going to have a lot of fun together." as I watched him leave, the cum sticky and drying on my tits I felt my stomach clench, nervous and scared for what the morning held. I fell asleep that night in a puddle of his cum. The next morning, I woke up a little late, the cum having dried and sticking my shirt to me.

The house was quiet again and I needed to get ready for school. I cursed and quickly threw off the covers and hopped up. Peeling the soiled clothes from my sticky body and throwing them in the hamper hoping my mother wouldn't ask questions I ran across the hall naked. My little butt and boobs bouncing with every step. I turned on the water but didn't escape my nipples stiffening from the cold before I manged to slide under the water.

I scrubbed my aching body, removing the last traces of the night before from my skin. Turning off the water I sighed. Disappointed about not having more time to spend in the shower I slipped out, wrapping a white fluffy towel around myself and heading back to my bedroom to dress. I pulled out a fresh school polo and skirt, not bothering with a bra or panties in my rush and headed out the door.

When I got to school I finally had time to catch my breath and reflect during first class which was reading. I didn't realise I was squirming in my seat and soaking wet thinking about his big hands on my body until my teacher asked why I was fidgeting so much.

I blushed furiously, mumbled some excuse and apologised. Cursing myself for not being more careful, I straitened up vowing to stop thinking about it. I knew it was wrong. Dammit get it together girl, you didn't want that.

The rest of the day went by fairly uneventful aside from the occasional prodding thought that caused my pussy to twitch. The next fuck you the universe delivered, came in the form of a note carried by a blonde assistant just before my last lesson for the day.

My teacher called me to the front of the class and told me the women had just informed that my mother had called and asked for me to be informed that I was being picked up by a family friend called troy today. My heart dropped and my stomach filled with butterflies at the same time. No. Surely not. My brain scrambled desperately trying to seek a reason she would be sending someone to pick me up at all let alone him.

She knew I rode my bike, did she know? i quickly stopped myself thinking such a thing and decided she was probably just happy for the help due to my father never being around and her working nonstop. Trying to push the thoughts that's something might happen from my mind. He was just drunk last night I told myself, breathing slowly to calm my racing heart.

He probably doesn't even remember a thing that happened. Just let it go. He's being nice.

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I could barely focus that last lesson, I squirmed nonstop in my seat, my pussy flooding my panties and soaking the seat beneath me.

I kept glancing at the clock and as it hit 3pm I shot up and said my hasty goodbyes. Dashing out to the bike rack, I hurried to unlock my bike. Hoping the note had been a cruel hoax and he wouldn't really be waiting for me. But sure, enough as i wheeled my bike down the bath there he was. Leaning against his Ute, smoke hanging lazily from his mouth in jeans and a button-down shirt looking like any respectable parent coming from work, picking up their child from school. My legs felt like lead with every step I took towards him.

I wanted to run, call out tell somebody. But my inner slut kept me quiet and urged me forward. Telling me I was just overreacting, that he would never hurt me. he probably didn't even like me that way, after all he was drunk. I approached him with my head bowed until he beamed at me and swept me up into his arm in a big bear hug.

i squealed happily and threw my arms back around him, momentarily forgetting i wasn't wearing panties or what this man had done, until I felt his hands close around my bottom and brush my bare pussy trying to keep me from falling. I immediately stiffened and froze, he did to before letting me slide slowly down, "how about I put that bike in the back and you climb in kiddo" he said breezily as if nothing had happened. I took the pass gratefully and quickly scampered to the door and climbed into the passenger seat.

I watched him in the rear-view vision mirror hoist my bike into the tray and walk around to the driver's door. Climbing in he looked over and grinned again. "How was your day baby girl, I'm glad your mum agreed to me helping her out. She agreed it was way too dangerous to have you traveling every day by yourself, someone could snatch you up". I felt my throat tighten realising he had full memory of the night before and I had just gotten into his car.

Swallowing my fears and remembering my manners, I thanked him for picking sanny lonny xxx six story up politely, choosing to ignore the other comments. He smirked and started the car, pulling out and letting me stew in my thoughts. We drove in silence for a few minutes my mind racing with things to ask him or ways to tell him I wasn't sure about what happened last night.

i was so preoccupied with my thoughts that I didn't see him move his hand until it was on my thigh, just resting there. Innocent touching like the night before. I shuddered involuntarily, out of lust of fear I'm not sure and i looked over at him.

"how was your day?" he tried again, staring straight ahead at the road as if he was just trying to make pleasant conversation. "it was ok" I mumbled back hoping this would distract him. "we were working on some rather hard fraction problems but I think I handled it". I felt his hand start to softly stroke my thigh. " oh, clever Baby are we?" he asked "perhaps you can show me what you worked on today when I drop you off, your mum said she wouldn't be home until late tonight and she hates that your left alone.

She thought it would be good for you to have a male influence". I felt my stomach drop again as I looked over finally understanding his smirk, he knew he had time with me. I dropped my gaze to the floor and stammered in reply "oh, well I guess I don't really need much help and I'll be ok alone. I'm kinda use to it at this point" my mind scrambling to think of an excuse to get him to just drop me off and leave but coming up blank. "No, no I told her I would stay and keep your company" came the smooth reply.

I let the conversation drop all sexxy story xx xx that. riding out the last few minutes of the car ride in silence, except of the sound of him stroking my silky skin. We reached my gate quicker than I had hoped and i hopped out in silence unlocking it with my set of keys, feeling sick that I was letting the man into my house.

After all, all I had to do was jump the gate and refuse to open it. but I was to obedient to any kind of adult to cause a fuss so i swung it open, moving to let his car past and shutting and locking it behind him. Feeling like i was locking myself in a cage i sighed. wondering what i had gotten myself into i turned and walked up the driveway. Feeling my pussy get wetter with every step. He met me by the front door with my school bag, telling me he would unload my bike later that he was interested in seeing what I had got up to today.

I reluctantly pulled out my keys again and was forced to duck under his huge arm to unlock the door. I noticed him out of the corner of my eye watching my ass as I wiggled past pushing the heavy door in and stepping through the frame. I walked into the hall asking if he would like a tea or coffee, something cool to drink just like my mother had taught me, wondering if I was just over thinking this situation and if I behaved things would go back to normal.

He replied that he wanted a coffee so I hurried to the kitchen to put on the kettle. He settled himself into the breakfast bar across from the kitchen and watched me work, paying close attention to when I had to bend over to get a mug out of the cabinet.

I moved to hide my skirt riding up the best I could but I'm sure he caught glimpses of my pussy and ass. When I was done he asked me to carry it into the lounge. when we got there he set the steaming hot mug down on the table beside the couch. "come sit in my lap" he asked "we can watch a bit of tv". " I can't" I hurriedly replied "my mums wants me to do chores around the house to clean up from last night".

He laughed, "and what she doesn't know won't hurt her will it? I won't tell her, it will be our little secret". I nodded numbly feeling stuck, the thought of telling someone what was happening never even crossing my mind and walked back over to him. His arm circled my waist, a movement I was beginning to become familiar with and he pulled me onto his lap.

He picked up the remote from the arm rest and switched on the tv. It sprang to life and started blaring some music video show. I watched him drop the remote back on lounge and return his hand to the position on my thigh from earlier. I tried to relax, but put my hands in my lap guarding myself as I watched the dancers on tv move and gyrate their hips in time to the music. I started to get into it and he asked if I liked to dance. I nodded innocently "but mummy says she won't send me to lessons, its horse riding or nothing" I sighed, wishing she was a little less strict.

"oh you poor baby" he sympathized "perhaps we can sneak you into some lessons when you come to my house on weekends" I lit up at his words ignoring the meaning, bouncing up and down excitedly at the big ass ebony fucked from the back of being able to do dance professionally finally "oh please" I gushed "that would be incredible".

He laughed taken back at my sudden outburst and dropping my guard. "but of course, sweetie" he smiled "anything to keep you happy". His hands returning to my thighs and I decided his stroking felt good and relaxed against his chest. Getting into the music and wiggling my hips in time to the beat. I felt his fingers wandered higher but ignored it and enjoyed the feeling.

As I wiggled and danced I felt something hard start to poke my little girl bottom and I suddenly remembered I hadn't put on panties since I got home.

I froze a little but relaxed almost immediately as I realized I was sitting so he shouldn't be able to know. He lifted his hands from my thighs and moved them to my shoulders, he started to massage them and I moaned a little sinking further into his lap and chest.

His fingers stroking over my shoulders and down my chest, rubbing and kneading. I closed my eyes and leaned my hard against his shoulder enjoying his hands. "Does this feel good pet?" I heard him murmur in my ear "mhmm" Is all I could manage back. Slipping lower he began to massage my growing tits, paying close attention to squeezing my nipples through my shirt. I couldn't help letting out a little sigh as he mili jay is so beautiful and horny keeping my eyes closed and deciding to let him rub me.

He accepted my submission gratefully immediately slipping his hands under my top to get to my soft skin underneath. I gasped a little as his rough cool fingers came into contact with my nipples but quickly started squirming again as he started rubbing.

Enjoying the feeling of someone other than me caressing and playing with them. He quickly noticed that I squirmed extra hard when he pulled or pinched my nipples hard between his fingers so he started alternating between the two. All pretence of massaging long stopped.

I could feel his cock throbbing and poking against his pants/me by this point but I was too scared to lower my hand and touch it. I felt him get more aggressive with my nipples and I let out a load moan and pushed my little pussy into his dick, feeling it throb between my legs, sending a wild thrill through my body.

he groaned quietly and shifted removing his hands from my top he asked me to hop down. I quickly complied confused and a little hurt by his sudden withdrawal. I turned around, looking at him with a puzzled expression on my face trying to figure out what did wrong when he opened his voluptuous juvenile hotty plays on web camera. "Do you promise to be a good girl for daddy?

We can't keep playing if you don't make me this promise, it would make daddy very sad but he needs to know he can trust his little girl will do anything to make him happy and not get him into trouble". I looked at the ground suddenly worried to disappoint him.

"I would never want to get you in trouble daddy" I whispered "I'm just a little scared, but I promise to be a good girl and do what you say". He grinned wickedly at me. "Well how about we start by you letting daddy take off that top so he can have better access to what he was doing, look at me while you strip". Letting my nerves guide me, I gaze at him as I hook my school top with my fingers and slowly pull it off.

Revealing my porcelain toned skin and pink little nipples hardening under his hungry stare. I drop my shirt on the floor next to me and look at him awaiting what to do. He pats his lap "come sit back on my lap sweetie" he coaxed "but this time facing me".

I crawled back up on to him feeling shame that I gave in so easily. He pulled me close and went straight for my tits. Groping and manhandling them between his big hands I couldn't help but moan and sag into him. Letting him take full advantage of my vulnerable position. Grasping my nipples between his fingers he tugged sharply. "look at me slut" he barked.

i flinched still not use to being called such names resulting on my poor nipples being tugged even harder. "tell me" he started "have you ever touched yourself pet?

or let anyone else aside from me do it?". Seeing my hesitation at answering he tugged my nipples sharply how to fit in this big black cock in this asian ass. "Answer me whore and do it truthfully or this will get painful". I groaned with the pain and pleasure and started to speak "please daddy it hurts, I'll tell you. I've touched myself a few times, but I prefer humping my teddies" "mmmm good girl" came the reply "what about anyone else huh?

You didn't answer that" I shuddered in his lap not sure how to answer, seeing this troy twisted my nipples hard. I shrieked and squirmed but he and anticipated that and pinned me in place. twisting my nipples again hard he asked "tell me now slut, who has touched you?!" I groaned and fidgeted more with humiliation than the pain. i stared at his chest hard refusing to meet his eyes. "well no-one, I wasn't lying daddy.

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But my doggy like to lick me sometimes and I've touched his thing." My cheeks burned with embarrassment, shame welling up inside me. A look of shock crossed his face quickly replaced by one of hunger.

"well I'm very proud of you for telling me this baby girl" he purred "good little girls always take of boys that way even if they are pets or someone mummy says you're not supposed to see that way". I gazed at him with wonder my little pussy getting wet from the shame, "are you sure it's not wrong daddy?" I asked innocently close to tears. "no little girl" he growled, boys need good little girls like you to take of them and don't let anyone tell you otherwise".

I nodded as he brushed the tears from my eyes. "now enough of that" he said gently his fingers rubbing down my chest softly again. "How about you call your pooch in and you can show me how you take care of him, I can teach you how to make him feel really good".

I giggled, a little bolder and jumped off his lap swinging my hips as I bounced to the door calling for spike. He quickly came bounding in eager knowing this was the time he got to taste my young little cunt and cum all over my hand.

I stood back and let him pass, looking over at troy who was rubbing himself through his pants while staring between me and the dog. "come over and sit in front of me sweetheart" troy called " I want to be able to see everything and guide you so you know how to do this properly".

I trotted back over starting to feel nervous again, not sure how he would react watching. I slowly sank to my knees and laid on my back. Spreading my legs and tapping my little pussy calling to spike " here boy" I called, watching him race over and stuff his head between my legs with no further prompting. All forms of modesty were forgotten when his rough tongue hit my clit.

I threw my head back and moaned, not realising how worked up his touching had got me. "fucking hot little bitch" I heard him hiss under his breath "pull your nipples for daddy" he told me "get yourself soaking for him".

I complied and tugged my puffy little nipples hard, savouring the feeling. I wiggled my hips back against the tongue lashing I was receiving when I looked over and saw troy had pulled his cock out of his pants and was jerking it to the site in front of him. I blushed but moaned watching him, loving that he liked the site. Before I could cum, he lent down grabbing a handful of hair and pulling me back to my knees. "you told me you have touched his thing before? You will call it a cock or dick from now on.

Show me how you do it bitch". I felt my pussy get even wetter each time he called me a name and squirmed. Reaching out I grabbed spikes already stiffening cock and jerked it softly in the sheath, coaxing out and to full hardness. Troy moaned and fell back into the couch, content with watching the depravity unfold. I continued to stroke spike hard. Loving the way his cock grew in my hands as I tugged.

"rub your little pussy while you jerk him baby" I heard troy urge from the couch, I felt him guide my hand under my skirt to my dripping cunt and show me how he wanted me to rub. When he pulled his hand away I needed no further encouragement and continued rubbing and grinding away at my little hand. I jerked spikes throbbing doggy cock harder letting my hand slip over his forming knot and squeezing encouraging him to unload his balls all over me.

He started to whine and hump faster the tell-tale sign he was about to cum. "He's about to cum daddy" I moaned, continuing to play with myself as I jerked the dog. "lay back now" troy quickly snapped, I want to see him cum on your pussy. I paused and looked at him, not liking how long I was taking I saw his hand dart and shove me backwards sending me sprawling onto my back. "Stay he ordered Spike and got off the couch grabbing the doggy cock I had dropped in my fall and pointing it at my tiny pussy, he jerked hard encouraging Spike to huge cock guy bangs teen and her stepmom his little bitch with cum.

I stared at the ceiling and waited. I moaned feeling my first squirt of hot dog cum land on my pussy, i started to squirm "STAY" troy loudly barked "You're not to move until I say, keep your legs spread" I trembled and spread my legs wider, feeling the warm cum rain down and coat my little clit, running all the way down to my asshole.

When I felt it stop I went to move again "Stay fucking still" I heard troy command again moving between my legs stroking his own cock as he did.

I froze, my tummy clenching as he rubbed his dick between my legs coating it in doggy cum and sliding it along my pussy lips, "Such a hot dog fucking bitch" I hear him brazzers breanne benson dressed in leather and ready to play again sliding his thumb inside me.

When he felt my hymen, he moaned, suddenly jerking his thumb away and lining his cock up with my tiny hole again. "Play with your nipples sweetheart" he moaned. I sighed happily as he continued to play with my clit with the tip of his dick, relaxing and grinding against it as I started to play with my nipples.

Without warning i felt him plunge his cock inside me, ripping past my hymen. I screamed as I tore and felt his hand clamp around my throat and pin me to the ground.

"Shhhh princess the pain will go away in a minute; don't you want to make daddy happy?" My tears welled up from the pain and a few tears slid down my cheeks but I nodded. "What was that princess?" he asked again thrusting his cock even deeper and wiggling it to let me know his disappointment. I let out a moan of pain and squirmed "Yes daddy, please it hurts so bad, I want to make you happy but please take it out" "No kitten" he purred "you have to learn to take it, it's what makes daddy the happiest, he's going to teach you to love all your holes stretched and fucked like this".

I shuddered beneath him not understanding what other holes could be fucked. I felt him slowly start to move and the pain flared back up again, this time he didn't stop at my grimace but pushed through my resistance, slowly pulling his cock out and thrusting back in hard.

He picked up the pace, the weight of his body pinning me to the floor as he thrust his entire length inside me. I could feel his cock throb and twitch every time i gasped and wriggled in pain. "mmff" I heard him grunt as he bottomed out in my tiny pussy again. "I told you to play with your nipples little girl" he amu kosaka japanese teen fondles her pussy with a big dildo "it will help you get use to the pain, and daddy loves the site of you stuck on his fat cock while you pull on them".

It was like my body had a mind of its own as I felt my small hands find my tits again, resuming pinching and pulling my nipples between my fingers. "good girl" he hissed from between his teeth, slamming his cock into my battered swollen pussy repeatedly. Enjoying the feeling of my little hole clenching and trying to suck his cock deeper inside me.

I slowly start to relax, the burning pain replaced by that overstuffed feeling as my hips arch against every thrust. I could feel my little cunt getting wetter with every thrust, loving the pain of his big cock stretching my tiny hole, my inner slut purring contentedly. As he felt my little body submit to him, rocking back gentle Troy smirked "See this isn't so bad is it baby?

You were born for this, you little pussy feels so good on daddy's cock". Lifting himself to his knees again he looked down at the site beneath him he moaned, moving his hand to my clit and thumbing my little button. "look at yourself" he ordered reaching out and grabbing me by the throat to make me look.

My eyes flicking and my pussy involuntarily clenched at the site. My poor little pussy obscenely stretched around this adult man's cock, smeared with doggy cum and the bloody remnants of my innocence. I couldn't help but moan, a content sigh leaving my lips as he slowly withdrew and thrust back inside me. I felt him slowly withdraw his cock, feeling it pop out of my pussy painfully making me jump.

I watched him move back to sitting on the couch, never taking his eyes off my body on the floor. "crawl between my legs baby girl" he purred "I want to try out that pretty little mouth and throat of yours". I blush furiously and slowly roll over to all fours, my knees trembling and knocking together as I rose and started to crawl. " I want you to keep your eyes on me slut" he snapped, stroking his cock in anticipation, "make me believe you want it".

My head snaps up, and I turn my big brown eyes toward him, slowly crawling between his legs.

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My little tits swinging beneath me. "such and obedient slut" he moaned reaching out and grabbing me by the back of the head, guiding my lips towards his cock.

"Tell me something princess" he paused leaving my lips centimetres from his dick "have you ever put the doggy's cock in your mouth?" My cheeks burning and a tear of shame rolled down my face as I quickly shook my head no, not trusting myself to speak. "mmm well we will have to fix that baby slut, but for now I'll talk you through it.

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Wrap those soft innocent nympho blows dick in pov and gets tight honey pot banged around the head of daddy's cock. Keep your teeth away baby and relax". I feel him apply slight pressure to the back of my head and push the tip of his cock into my little mouth.

I licked softly instinctively as the tip of his dick came into contact with my tongue, continuing to lick the stuff that leaked from the tip. "fuuuckkk" he hissed "good girl, now start softly sucking each into your mouth, like a big lollypop". I lean forward, causing my ass to raise even further in the air as my head starts to bob. I quickly found myself unable to get more than a few inches in my mouth before I got stuck, I could feel him getting frustrated with my efforts and felt my cheeks burn in shame.

I leaned forward forcing my head down harder, wiggling my little ass in the air and licking the shaft of his cock while it was still stuffed inside my mouth.

Causing drool to run over and past my lips, coating his dick and providing lubrication. He grunted his approval and pushed my head down harder, grasping a handful of long blonde hair and using it for leverage.

"breath through your nose baby" he hissed and when I felt the head of his cock pop into my throat, he moaned loudly "fuck baby move your tongue, lick daddies prick and don't spit anything out ok?" I nodded as much as I could, glancing up at him slightly confused. My little tongue licking the underside of his shaft furiously as he held my mouth in place. I felt his cock swell and struggled to breath, gagging and choking i tried to move.

Quickly pinning my body between his legs, he thrust hard. "stay bitch" he snarled "I'm about to cum" Fucking my throat for several thrust before I felt a thick salty tasting liquid hit the back of my throat. I gagged hard as my mouth filled with his load and it poured down my throat, struggling to breath, trying to pull back and realising that wouldn't work i started to swallow hard.

Gulping down mouthfuls of cum from his twitching cock. My lungs started to burn and my eyes welled up with tears again. Looking up at him pleadingly he laughed. Finally letting go out my head, I pulled back, coughing and sputtering hard. Excess cum and spit dripping from my lips as I struggled to pull air into my lungs. Sitting on my knees between his i tried raising my hand to wipe my lips and his hand darted out grasping my wrist before I could.

"No, no baby" he purred sickly "good kittens clean up their daddy's cream with their tongues" pausing and waiting for his words to sink in. I glanced up confused, sticking out my tongue slightly and giving my lips a little lick, he groaned loudly "such a good little girl". I found that I didn't mind the taste and slowly licked my lips cleaning every last drop from them.

By the time I was finished I glanced down, noticing his was still hard. sticking straight up and twitching, I giggled a little at the site not sure what to make of it. I felt his body go rigid at my giggled and his hand shoot out and grip a handful of hair hard, sharply forcing me to look at his "What do you think you are giggling at slut?" He snapped "something amusing to you?".

Hurt and fear flashed across my face as I quickly stammered out "No, no daddy please why are you angry? I just thought it was cute twitching around in the air like that. it was like it was waving." I felt his grip instantly soften and his face relaxed into a kinder look. "ok baby, but you must learn to never laugh at a man's cock, he may get the wrong idea and you would hurt his feelings".

I quickly nodded hard dropping my gaze, embarrassed at what I had done. "God, you look so cute when your embarrassed, I'm not done with you for tonight pet" he moaned, tugging on my hair and forcing me to my feet and over the couch arm rest next to him. My little legs dangling about the ground once I was in place.

I fidgeted trying to get comfortable, his fingers tracing the curve of my spine all the way down to my little bottom making me shiver. His hands continued to wander over my soft body as he got up, moving into position behind me. His hands begin to massage and kneed my ass, causing my little hips to rise with every push of his hands, spreading my little ass cheeks leaving my holes completely exposed to him.

I moaned and push back against his hands enjoying the way it felt. I felt him drop down to his knees and lean forward behind me. Before I knew what was happening I felt him draw his tongue along the length of my slit ending at my little asshole. "Having fun now pet?" He asked his tongue continuing to probe my ass forcing it open, making it wet and slippery. I could only moan in reply, my little hips bucking wildly as my brain went numb with pleasure from the constant probing from his tongue in my ass.

"Seems like you like this hole being played with baby" he giggled "I'll have to train you really well to be able to take it in whatever hole and man or women chooses, this tight little ass it too much fun to not play with". I squirmed and bucked back hard in response, my little pussy getting wetter with every word he spoke, his tongue sliding deep into my ass.

I felt him groan and dig his nails into my hips, sending vibrations deep into my ass and suddenly withdraw. I heard him stand quickly, I looked back in time to see him lining up his monster against my little pussy again.

"watch me" he hissed, grabbing my hip tightly in one hand and lining his cock up with the other. I kept looking back as he stroked his length along me, pausing only to rub my little clit and coat his cock in my girly juice. Without warning he stuffs his entire length into me from behind, ripping and stretching my pussy open, moaning in satisfaction at my jump and squeal of pain.

"stay still slut" he snapped, starting to fuck me. Drawing his entire cock from me before stuffing it back inside. I squirmed and tried to comply as he sped up his brutal fucking, my legs bouncing on either side of the arm rest, my little clit being ground into the rough fabric.

My body started to react from the rough treatment, my pussy getting wetter only making it easier for him to fuck me faster. I felt his hand slide across my ass, his thumb coming to a rest on my tiny asshole. He continued to fuck me as he started to push his thumb up my ass, causing me to moan no and try and move to stop him.

Troy's hand came down on my ass, spanking me hard. The crack causing me to jump in pain and fright, but unable to move far being impaled on his cock. "Sluts don't say no" he snapped they make a point of showing you freshly waxed perfect pussy hardcore and blowjob that up and I won't be kind. I'll just stuff my cock in your ass and break you in that way" I froze at his words, thinking that thing would rip my tiny ass apart. He spanked me hard again to assert his power before sliding his hand back over to my hole.

His thumb teasingly sliding back into place and continuing its earlier work. I stayed still, my little ass on fire still feeling his hand print burn as his thumb pressed harder against my hole. His pace decreased to a slow fuck, drawing his brianna love doesnt just want to get her ass fucked fully out of me before slowly sliding it back in as he continued to rub my ass, lowering his thumb he coated it in my pussy juice before sliding it back into place.

With the extra lube when he met the resistance it popped through, sending his thumb sliding into my ass. He moaned feeling my pussy clench down even tighter on his cock if that was possible, picking up his pace again as he slammed his prick back inside my sore little cunt.

Driving his thumb deeper into my ass with every thrust. My legs dangled over the side of the couch as he continued to fuck me like a rag doll, my little body numb at this point from all the sensations as I moaned softly taking it. Praying he would cum again soon and give my poor little pussy a rest. As he continued fucking me, my pussy began to quiver. The constant friction on my clit driving my little body wild, I started to buck back against him.

Rubbing my little clit as hard as I could against the couch desperate to cum. He sensed this and continued his rough pace. Lining a second finger up to my ass and starting to push against my tight little hole, my body began to react to my little ass being stuffed. My pussy getting wetter every time he drove his finger deeper. My whole body started to twitch as i came, taking the opportunity, he stuffed the second finger in my ass.

my pussy clamping sensual chick spreads narrow muff and loses virginity shagging and hardcore his thick cock as I jerked, moaning loudly I let my body go, letting him use me like a sex doll, Masturbating his cock with my body.

I heard him sigh as I came, driving himself as deep as he possibly could in my cunt. enjoying the pulsing contractions my little pussy was making. "Good girl" he moaned picking up his pace again as I stopped twitching " Daddy loves feeling you cum on his cock, your even tighter now if that's even possible, I could do this all night".

I shuddered at his words not sure how much more my torn little pussy could take, or my ass for that matter. I felt his fingers tighten their grip on my hips as he plunged his cock deeper. It started to thicken and twitch and I heard him grunt "Ready to become a real woman and my little bitch baby?" I moaned in response and pushed back with my hips, he pulled me back on his cock hard and stopped.

"No baby, ask properly" he purred "tell daddy how much you need his cum in your tight little pussy" his fingers swirling around in my little ass as he spoke. I moaned, my hips arching, giving in I begged "Please cum in your little girl's pussy daddy, I need to be your good little bitch".

I only got a grunt in reply as he stuffed his cock deep inside me, using his weight to drive me into the couch, arm pinning me in place. I felt him lean forward. His lips grazing the back of my neck biting softly.

I felt his cock explode deep inside me, coating my insides with his burning hot creamy load, making me twitch with every shot he pumped into me. He collapsed on top of me twitching from the force of his orgasm, I struggled to extract myself from under his body, trapped between him and the couch. This seemed to make him happier as he made my pussy milk the last few drops from his now softening cock.

Slowly he withdrew, a line of sticky cum following his cock out of my newly deflowered pussy and running over my ass and thighs. As he stepped away the dog jumped into his place, his tongue diving straight into my battered holes, licking at everything he could.

Troy watched for a minute before glancing at his watch and muttering "fuck". Grabbing for the dogs collar he pulled him away, not giving in to the dog's pitiful whine. "go lena paul in cuckhold watches busty babe fuck in the shower and cleaned up baby" troy said "your mother will be home soon and I don't want her to find you covered in my cum just yet".

Helping me to my feet he guided step mom friend playfellow game krissy lynn in the sinful stepmother shaking limbs down the hallway and into the bathroom. Turning on the warm water and gently pushing me under. "When you come back out, put on a nightgown and bring out your stuffed bear, I have some things I want to tell you while I watch you ride him".

With that I watched him turn and walk out of the bathroom leaving me alone for the first time since picking me up from school. I sagged against the wall of the shower, letting the warm water cascade over my worn frame, I started to scrub at the dried cum once again sticking to my body and noticed the red and purple bruises starting to form on my tits and hips from where his fingers had driven themselves into my body.

My pussy still leaking cum looked purple and swollen but I still moaned as I pressed the wash cloth against myself and I washed the cum from my clit.

I smiled weakly imaging my ass looked no better and quickly washed my hair. Removing the last traces of the night from me. I slipped out of the shower and quickly dried myself, walking over to my room and finding my special silk oversized top I sometimes liked to wear to bed I dressed. Grabbing the teddy on auto pilot as my pussy tingled in anticipation. Spraying a little bit of perfume, I paused and looked in the mirror, smiling at the reflection before me.

I still looked like an innocent girl, my damp hair clung to my face and pink silk top falling to just below my knees. my mother would never suspect a thing. Walking down the hall clutching my teddy in one hand I saw him perched in his spot on the couch. Waiting patiently, a hungry look on his face. When he caught site of me carrying the bear his face broke in to a smirk "What a good girl" he crooned "and so pretty. Come sit with daddy, he wants to talk to you about being his good little girl".

I bowed my head and crossed the room. Stopping in front of him. "Now sit on that bear like you do covering her face with his love spunk your alone and ride it for me while you listen baby" he ordered. I placed the bear below me and slid down obediently looking at him while I did. "You're a fast learner" he hissed, pleased.

I smiled and started to grind my sore little pussy into the bear, "so how will I be a good girl?" I ask. "well princess, since you asked so nicely, daddy wants to have you over to his house this weekend. I thought we could go shopping and buy you some proper toys, some that you could wear to school under your uniform and pretty clothes.

What do you think about that?". My face lit up at the thought of shopping and I bounced happily, making my pussy start to get wet again." I would love that daddy" I gushed back. "well that's not all sweetheart" he continued " your daddies very special princess and he thinks you will look so pretty in all your new outfits he would love to take some pictures and videos, perhaps we could put you on webcam and daddy's friends can see how pretty his little girl is, would you like that?".

I nodded a little confused but excited at the thought of all that attention. " yes daddy, I would love for you to show your friends how pretty I am". He grinned down at me. " you have made daddy very happy tonight princess, we are going to have lots of fun together, now let me see you cum at least once more before your mother gets back and spoils the fun". I grinned up at him and humped faster, not stopping him when he reached out his hands to pinch and play with my nipples.

I moaned and he sensed I was close. "Mmm good girl" he moaned "I want you to ask daddy for permission to cum before you do ok sweetie?" I nodded my nose screwed up in concentration as I ground into the bear, working my little clit furiously and leaning back so he would tug my nipples harder.

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I moaned his words pushing me over the edge and i came hard, falling forward into his lap as i twitched. We heard the key in the door just in time. As my mother entered the front door, he quickly pulled me and the teddy into his lap, holding my spasming cumming body like we were just cuddled up watching tv because I was sleepy, we heard her heels clicking across the hall and stopping at the door to the living room pocking her head in she whispered "Is she asleep?" "almost" was Troy's reply, "ill carry her to bed in a sec, but just before I leave and do that I wanted to talk to you, Alice was talking to me earlier tonight about wanting to earn a bit of extra pocket money, would it be ok if she came to my house on the weekend to do so?" I saw him flash my mother a dazzling smile, looking like nothing more than a caring friend.

"Oh. if you're sure it wouldn't put you out I would be grateful for the break" my mother gushed "how does 9am on Saturday sound to you?" "just perfect" Troy purred back sweetly "I better get this little one tucked in" with that he stood, bundling me up in his arms and walking me straight past amateur girlfriend sucks and fucks with cum mother, down the hall and into my room.

Placing me softly in bed, he pulled up the covers tucking me in, with a kiss on the forehead he turned walking from the room. Pausing in the door frame he looked back "See you 9am of Saturday princess. sweet dreams"