Sweet gorgeous hottie is nailed homemade hardcore

Sweet gorgeous hottie is nailed homemade hardcore
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Officer Hunt: First Hunt Lori was at home several days later after her intense evening with Ben. She was sore and tired but at the same time never felt so much alive than right now. It felt good to be home fakeagentuk sweet blonde desperate to get back into the business she longed to be in her new home with Ben already.

He awakened an inner beast within her that she kept trapped and now it is free to prowl for the game she lusted for, to hunt and fulfill her fantasies and his. Lori pulled out the list from her back pocket that she had to get done today. First things first check the answering machine. She went to check it and yes it was flashing. She had one call from the town clerk's office. They seem to be missing the keys to the cruiser and her part time deputy could not find the spare keys either.

She looked around and in the hamper she found her work pants and sure enough they jingled when shook. Well grabbing a pen from top of her dresser she scribbled in take keys to the clerk. Well that is another chore to do she grunted. There were two calls from Jill Belen wondering where I'm at and six calls from Steve the guy that is on number four on my list; Break up with Steve. She listened to the messages from Steve.

They started out asking her when she was leaving for Texas, then they sounded more like concern where she was at. They ended in sounds of panic when she could not be reached at all and with him raising his voice to her. She went for her cell phone to give him a call back sensual girl spreads tight vagina and gets devirginized she remembered Ben tossed it in the incinerator thinking I would never have use of it again as with my clothes.

Well it worked out she giggles to herself he's putting me on his plan and I will be getting a new Android phone in the morning, with cool aps and anytime minutes. She then grabs her old land line cordless off the answering machine. Lori plops on the bed and laid back. She starts punching in his Steve's phone number and lays there waiting oriental doxy strip tease lingerie and japanese it to ring. It rang and rang no answer.

Well he must be out so she hangs up. Well let's see next on my list I need to pack a few things so I can move over to Ben's tonight. She hadn't felt this alive and happy for years and she could not wait to jump into Ben's arms again tonight. She rolled off the bed and landed on her knees to retrieve her suit cases from under the bed. Reaching under she was startled when she grabbed instead her pump twelve gage shot gun.

What the hell is it doing there? It's going to need a good cleaning now as it was covered with dust bunnies and peperoni and cheese? She looked again and pulled out a plate with half eaten pizza.

I was wondering what I did with that. She checked her shot gun giving it a few pumps to make sure it was empty, and two shells ejected themselves from the chamber, "Holy Shit!" She screamed as she knows the only person who has been in her room has been Ben. "Oh My God" She blurted out loud. He could have killed himself playing around with it.

Shaking her head remembering he is afraid of guns. It must have bothered him while he was searching my closet and put it under the bed to hide it from sight. I wonder if he knew it was loaded. She returned it to the closet were it belonged and noticed in the corner as she started to turn her full box of bondage and fetish magazines. She picked out two bondage magazines and a true crime magazine from the box. The latter magazine had a busty girl in a bikini lying in a trunk of a police cruiser, ball gagged and handcuffed.

Lori flipped through them then stretched back out on her bed. The more she looked the more she started to fantasize about the women on the pages were her victims for real and she started rubbed her groin. Soon she was partially striped down with her left hand rubbing her clit and pussy lips with the other she tried to hold a magazine by its worn pages and let her mind and finger run free.

She was soon moist and her pussy was tingling. She groaned and rolled over and opened her night stand taking out her favorite dildo, the DOMINATOR. It was nine inches long and thick with a smaller five inch dildo that was not a thick forking out of it. She turned it on and the two cocks started to vibrate and wiggle slightly from side to side.

She licked the big one and spit on the smaller one then rubbing her hand up and down both lubricating them with her saliva then lowered her monster to her waiting pussy and ass. With little effort the larger sank itself into her pussy but she needed to work the other in place. She moaned "I wish you were here Ben". Soon her shorts and panties were somewhere to the floor and she rolled onto her stomach to help sink the Dominator in deeper.

She leaned off the edge of the bed and dropped the magazine to the floor and with one hand flipping the pages and the other one rubbing her left breast and nipple. Her eyes slightly closed but focused on the pictures and her breath going and coming in short gulps of air as she remembered why it was called the dominator.

It rolled around in her womb and bowels and as it did it would pass near each other rubbing the fleshy membranes that separated the two in a short but deliberate vibrating stroke that would end and seconds later rub into each other again.

Her ass and cunt filled with the device hummed and vibrated sending its rippling affects coursing through her entire body. She started speaking to herself in guttural words day dreaming aloud. "She sees a busty brunette in the driver's seat when she does a routine traffic stop for speeding. It's Jennifer Belen. Please officers give me a break it was only a twenty over the speed limit as she takes a rolled up twenty dollar bill and places it into her deep cleavage with a wink.

You know Jennifer I can't let it go please step out of the car. But Officer, no buts Jennifer out, now! Lori demands. Jennifer steps out looking like she is tearing up. Lori tells her to place her hands flat onto the hood of the car. Jennifer complains and Lori tells her again and in a much firmer tone. Jennifer complies as Lori eyes her up and down with her reflective sun glasses on then pulls her handcuffs.

Lori pushes her further down onto the hood of the car with a firm hand on her back. Then she kicks her legs apart and pushes her forward grinding her groin against Jennifer's round tight jean covered ass forcing her flat onto the hood.

Jen complains she is hurting her. Lori tells Jen to hush then quickly reaches up and grabbing on a wrist she clicks a cuff in place and wrenching her arm behind her then forcing it up to the center of her back.

Lori then gripping the other wrist does the same. Cuffs on her she starts to plead why are you doing this Lori I have known you all my life. Officer Hunt leans into the cuffed beauty and tells her I'm arresting you for being a cock tease and concealing these huge ass tits of yours in tight shirts and making me so Horney I have trouble sleeping at nights.

Oh and an unpaid parking ticket. You force me to have to strip search you to check for concealed weapons as she reaches around and starts groping Jennifer's breasts.

Ah, says Officer Hunt feels like your packing pair of 38 G's or more. Lori then reaches around in front of her then pushes the twenty dollar bill further down her cleavage and grabbing a very large hand full of firm yet pliable tit flesh, she rips it from her shirt. Now let's see these nipples of yours slut I want to prep you for milking!

Officer Hunt flips her over onto the hood of the police cruiser and Beep, beep, beep"! Fuck! Beep, beep, beep Lori whips her hand free from her blouse and grabs the beeping phone from the phone cradle. "WHAT!" She roars. "Lori its Steve where have you been I have been worried to death about you." She pants in slight pain as the quick movement re-adjusted the dominator in an uncomfortable way.

"Steve is that you" she winces as she adjusts the monster in her cunt and ass. "Yes", Steve says "where have you been", "Oh! Ouch! "She says back as the adjustment sends the monster on high. "I've been working on, on arresting speeders." "Speeders!" Steve yells back.

"Why aren't you here in Texas, I took off the week to be with you Lori. "Steve says in a hurt tone. "Oh My God!" was her only response as her pussy wet fingers could not shut the damn thing off.

"IT's DRIVING ME CRAZY" was her next response as her she shouts into the phone the movement the monster in her shivers and rotates her into an unannounced orgasm and she starts to hyperventilate. "Listen" Steve says "I spent a lot of money on our plans for our time off and now you're saying you are chasing speeders in town instead".

"No! I mean yes" as she tries to catch her breath as another orgasm rips through her pussy. "GOT TO GET THIS OUT" she stammers loudly with the berserker running a mock in her cunt and ass. "Well!" says Steve "by all means spit these girls are real pervs threesome and webcam out!" Lori Curls up mia li anal riding black schlong reverse cowgirl interracial japanese a ball with both slippery hands now working the slippery stuck monster in a battle of woman vs.

machine. She cries out in pain and frustration "OH NO! Can't get it out!" As yet another orgasm makes her already shaky and wet hands lose its grip on the monster. "No need to Lori" Steve says "I can see your job comes first in that damn pathetic life of yours. We are over with GOOD BYE" he yells at the top of his longs as he clicks the receiver down with a crashing thud. Ah Ha! I got you, you little fucker and with a sucking plop she triumphantly tosses the buzzing cock to the other side of the bed.

Catching her breath for a few seconds she grabs the phone and all she hears is a dial tone. Damn that shit hung up on me she barks. She rolls over on her side to catch her breath and ponders calling Steve back and let him know that they are through. She calls him back to do what she needs to but when the number went through a message came over instead letting me know my number is unable to connect due to call blocking.

Lori kicked her foot out in disgust he call blocked me that insensitive bastard. That does it I'm not calling him back he can just screw himself she thought. Frustrated tears formed at the corners of her eyes as she felt sore yet oddly exhausted and content at the same time. She settled in for an afternoon nap with the Dominator buzzing and rotating away in the background. Lori found herself awoken by knocking on her door. She jumped out of bed and hurried to big tits blonde sucked dick deep in her throat her shorts and panties back on.

While fastening her shorts she felt exhausted then noticed that the dominator finally ran out of juice itself. As she rushed out she checked herself at her full length mirror and while rushing to wipe her face she poked herself in the eye making her tear up all over again. Damn that hurt she cursed as someone continued to knock on the door. She ran out to see who was there at the front door. At the door she could see two figures standing there.

It was Jill and Jennifer Belen. She checked her hair for a brief second and pulled her shirt down a bit then opened the door. Jill rushed in and Lori found herself in a big hug from her bosom neighbor. Lori where have you been we have been worried senseless about you. Jen thought she saw you come home a while ago. Lori first taken by surprise found it very pleasant and tried to hug her back but found it awkward. Jen looked on with a grin on her face and they asked to come in. Lori apologized for being rude and after stepping aside she asked them if they wanted anything to drink.

Jen said a diet soda if you have one Jill said ice water please. Well Jill started what is going on with you. You never answered you phone or cell and we thought the worse. Lori pulled a soda from the refrigerator then thinking to herself how simple it would be to drug them both right now then drag them to the basement and strip and have my way with them, but shit I have no drugs but aspirin in the house.

Lori turned and smiled at Jen trying not to look down her blouse and handed her the soda. She then poured Jill an Ice water with a few cubes of ice in it. She giggled to herself just like when Ben asked me for an ice water, but without the Taser. They all sat down in the living room to talk. Jen sat across from her in the recliner and Jill sat next to her on the couch setting her water on the coffee table. Jill turned and placed her hand on Lori's knee and again asked what happened.

Damn Lori thought she had a soft touch and it sent goose bumps down her spine. Lori looked up and Jen leaned back into the recliner spreading her shapely tanned legs enough that she could see up her shorts and was certain she was wearing white thongs. These girls are torturing me she thinks to herself.

Jill then places her hand to her cheek and says what happened you have been crying. Oh! No I just put my finger in my eye by accident she responds. Yeah tell me another one ribald masseur cant live without wild sex hardcore and massage Jill says back in turn then wipes the tear away with a soft caress.

Lori found herself leaning into her hand. Pressed Lori tells them that Steve broke up with her just an hour ago and when he hung up his call he call blocked her. Jill and Jen in unison responded "That Bastard". Lori just nodded. Jen scooted up in her chair so she could hear better and leaned in towards the two talking on the couch.

In doing so she expose more cleavage to Lori as it giggled some as Jen crossed her arms making them heave upwards just a little. Lori's eyes got big and she turned to Jill with more streaks of tears running down her face. What happened with you and your ex-boyfriend in Texas Jill asked? He broke up with me while I tried to tell him about a guy I met this week. She could hear Jen leaning even closer and saying this is getting good.

Jill brought her in for a comforting hug and somehow Lori's face ended up on Jill's chest and her head being patted by Jill. Lori busted out in tears trying to hold back her true feelings for the two of them. As her head cradled on Jill's chest she wanted so much to lean her head inward and take a bite of her juicy tit and grope and raked those large melons until she had stripped the clothing of from them and then enjoy her flesh.

Jill's scent was intoxicating and Lori found her arm going around her giving her a lingering hug back. Her hand started on her hip and worked its way up to side of her huge breasts but she stopped there when she felt the presence of more large breasts pressing on her back.

Jen came over for a group hug and Lori found herself emerged in a sandwich of huge breasts and their scents were almost over whelming. Lori was held there for a few minutes that seemed to be an eternity. Her mind wondered off thinking how she and Ben were going to hunt these two and she hoped he would allow her to help milk them when the time comes.

Soon the group hug ended all too soon for Lori and then she heard in unison "What other man?" Lori sat up and wiped the tears of torment from her face and smiled then said. "The other day when we met, you know late Sunday evening." Both nodded in remembrance. Well I met a man taking out his trash, Ben Hancock she said. The girls looked at each other and told her he is handsome, rich and not married. Lori in turn acknowledged those facts with a grin. He also has a beautiful mansion, four cute cats, one though is highly mischievous.

He also is brash but tender, and somewhat of narcissistic at times driven to be all he can be and willing to get out of life what he wants including the things he loves to collect. Jill asked how long she has known him and she responded since Sunday as I told you, but we have spent the last two full days together having the most amazing time.

Jen looked over to her mother "sex" and Jill nodded with a grin in agreement. Oh and did I tell you how good a lover he is and a cock this long as she holds out both hands in measurement. The girls gasped then Jen wanted to know more but Jill thought they should be getting along with a smile. Jill then said Oh, Lori the reason we stopped along with worrying about you was to invite you over Saturday night for a slumber party with horror movies and popcorn and bring a spooky story to tell.

Lori looked at her funny with a big grin and she thought she was going to cum in her panties from the invite. Jen spoke up and said it will just be us and possibly two others that will be in town to check out our women's support group.

Oh Lori said you mean the back support one with a quiet laugh. Jill giggled yeah that's the one. Two college girls are coming over from the city to check out our spa and exercise support program due to their back ailments from being overly endowed. She then let's Lori know that they were just going to check out the spa but we were going to invited them Saturday when they stop and offer them a chance to spend the night.

That is if you do not mind Lori. Lori then let Jen and Jill know she had no problem with it but feared she would have the smallest pair there with a wide grin and holding herself so she did not show too much enthusiasm.

Lori now just stood there as the two talk about the upcoming party. Their voices fade into background noise as she focuses on their bodies and knowing Ben is going to be so happy with the news tonight.

He may even tie me down and fuck me while he gives me my mammary shots. Damn those two she thought are going to look so hot in bondage Sunday. Maybe if we get four that night Ben will let me have my very own slut slave. Lori, are you OK! Remarked Jill I could swear you were purring. Oh I'm OK she smiled just thinking how much fun we will have. Lori now knows she has creamed her shorts and she does the potty dance saying she has to excuse herself to go to the bathroom.

Jill and Jen told her that they will see her later and showed themselves out. Lori waved and said love you both and see you Saturday for sure. Lori thought she was going to burst for sure before racing to the bathroom and fingering herself to a partial calm. Lori then stripped and took a cold shower. It was past 5pm when she was finally ready to take the first load of her belongings over to Ben's place and her new room. She had her hatch back stuffed to the brim and headed out stopping long enough to drop off a set of keys to the clerk's office just as Rita was locking up for the day.

Lori waved at Rita as she turned into the parking lot in front of the town's office and then beeped her horn.

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Rita startled by the horn jumped and dropped her keys and hand full of folders. Lori jumped out of the car and ran over to help her pick up the loose bundles of papers she dropped. Lori stopped long enough to admire for the first time how nice and round Rita's ass was. This has been a grand awakening for Lori as her eyes are catching the beauty of so many females around her. She stepped around telling her she brought the keys to the police cruiser as she crouched down and scooped up a pile of loose papers that spilled from its folder.

She then noticed Rita's top button was unfastened and she could see clearly down her blouse. A good solid C cup she told herself with a smile. Rita stood up and told her she would give them to the deputy in the morning.

Rita asked why she was not in Texas and Lori calmly replied there is nothing there for me now but I found something closer. Rita said Oh really well you have to stop in the office this week and fill me in. Lori told her most defiantly but I got to go I'm running late. Lori waved goodbye and was off again to Ben's. Lori could not believe she was checking out Rita's ass and tits.

It was so sinful but felt so good to openly fantasize that women are morsels to be hunted and used for the sexual desires like her master. She smiles at the thought of Ben as an alpha wolf and she as Ben's alpha she wolf mate hunting the night away for busty pussy to be used and later discarded at our discretion.

Lori drove into the drive but it was partly blocked by a group of construction workers and a moving van. Ben met her at the drive as he was shaking the hands of a man that screamed gay to her. He was bald with gold hoop earrings.

He wore black leather pants with silver studded platform shoes. His white ruffled shirt tucked into a tight black leather vest with a silver watch chain hanging from the right side. His hips swayed to the side as he shook Ben's hand with both of his. Ben nodded to him in agreement and then the man went towards the house. Sunny leone in blue lingrea was smiling when he came walking up to Lori standing there with a wild puzzled look to her face.

Ben cogiendo con su prostituta en un hotel her with a hug and told her to drive your car up into the yard near the back door and meet me in the garage. Sexy babe in red stockings gets slammed still puzzled what was going on did as she was told. She met him in the Carriage house and found the bottom floor was filled with four cars, and he was setting in a deep blue BMV M5 Sports Sedan.

Lori walked up to the passenger door and it rolled down in front of her. Ben smiled and told her to get in we are going for a snack but Master Lori told him it's almost dinner time. Ben gave a clear grunt and commanded her into the car and she did so without hesitation. "Now Officer Cunt where are we going" Ben spoke firmly Lori looked towards him without eye contact and said "For a snack Master".

Ben pleased with her," Yes a snack, dinner will be later after our first hunt together." Lori took a deep breath and sat there with a huge grin and tried to hold in a squeal of delight from her lips. Ben glanced over to her as her eyes stated focused forward and she wiggled her ass into the seat in delight of a hunt.

Ben could not help but feel attracted to his new pet and her unbridled enthusiasm for her new role in life. His plans are to test her tonight and find if she has the metal for being his Mignon.

Ben drove for over an hour taking the interstate for a good portion of it. Lori made no sound just deep in thought as to where this night was going to lead her. She found herself day dreaming of snagging a big breasted street hooker in the city or a pretty co-ed near the campus and taking her for a ride and a party. Ben never gave her a hint where they were going just put into the CD player Meat Loaf's 'Bat Out of Hell' album and turned up the music. A few minutes later Ben pulled into a neon lighted truck stop called the Twilight Café.

There were at least twenty truckers here, a few bikers and locals, a fairly busy place. Ben drove around to the back area and of all places parked under a burned out light pole near the dumpsters. Lori bit her lip as she wanted to tell her master as a police officer this had to be the worst possible place to park for safety and for his car. Ben looked at Lori and told her we are here get out. Ben stepped out then went to the trunk and took out a woman's hand bag then shut the trunk and with a twit his car was locked up.

Ben then put a card on his back window 'Friends of the Outlaws.' He walked up to Lori and told her a gift for your first hunt. Lori instinctively opened it to look inside only it was too dark to glimpse anything much but the shape of a Taser. She squealed with joy and gave Ben a big hug. She looked at it again in the bag and said "Oh I know you real well" then looked at Ben and said "Can't wait to be on the trigger end of this bad boy".

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Ben smiled and they walked through the front doors for a snack. The place was fairly full but Ben spotted a table for four that was open to the back near the restrooms and kitchen.

Ben and Lori sat down and instinctively started checking the place out and getting a feel for the patrons. All the stools at the counter were full as were most of the tables near the counter trying to master a good angle to watch a 52 inch TV over and fucked preggio honey gets a mouthful of cum the counter.

Ben figured about half of the patrons were there watching the Cubs on TV. The other tables were eating and paying little attention but to what they were eating. The rowdy ones were up front with the game. Ben and Lori waited a good fifteen minutes for the waitress to show up. All the while Lori was eyeing all the women in the dinner imagining who Ben was planning to hunt. Was it the short blonde waitress running orders out or maybe the redhead with the halter top that had gotten a few whistles from the sports crowd to the shagrin of her boyfriend?

Lori was scanning the room so well she did not see the waitress coming from the rowdy counter area of the room. The waitress came over and said "Hi my name is Kristine can I start you with some coffee." "Oh hi it's you Mr. Hancock". Ben looked up and a slight smile came over him.

Hi Kristine having a good night. Well kind of she whispers back to them.

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Before them was a girl maybe 20 but more like 18. She had cut off jeans, tight fitting t-shirt with the logo of the dinner on it. Her hair was done in a bun pulling her black hair off her shoulders and face. Her shirt did nothing to hide the fact she had large firm tits that fitted over them leaving little to the imagination. Ben broke eye contact and looked at the menu she placed in front of him.

Lori tried to break a glance pawn shop full storys xxxporn com the menu but kept glancing up at the beautiful teenager in front of her.

Ben spoke only to say coffee please, black and Lori ordered a diet soda. Oh and a two burger and fries please from Ben. He ordered for both since Lori seemed distracted at the moment. She smiled and turned away to place the order. Ben now checked her out as did Lori as she left. Her hips swayed a little when she walked and her ass cheeks almost stuck out from her shorts. Her heart shaped ass caped a well tone set of tanned legs. She looked to be maybe 5'9" athletic in build well-tanned maybe track, her breast had to be 38DDD if not more and had a pleasant sway to them when she walked.

My guess she used the tight t-shirt to keep them bound some for work, but she should have worn a vest if she wanted to make them less noticeable. Lori's guess was that she wore the tight shirt as a major tip maker it would work for her. Lori smiled and quietly said "Target?" and Ben just nodded back to her. He instantly could see in Lori's piercing green eyes approved of the target of the hunt.

She came back quickly with the coffee and diet soda then asked if she could set here for a moment till our food dings. Ben looked at her puzzled then asked why. Well she said all these truckers give me the creeps and with that college girl abducted just less than 10 miles away I'm just a little spooked by those guys. "Why?" Lori asked. Kristine moved in to the table pressing her breasts flat onto the table then telling the two of them "It's the way they look at me always making wolf calls I'm scared and tired of waiting tables here and being treated like a piece of meat.

She then says that she thinks one of them is the one who took the college girl a few months ago. The worst part is when I went out to my car on break someone slit my tires." I may need to be here till 2am due to that is when my busty aya mikami gets hard fucked by two males gets off work and will be here to pick me up.

It was obvious in her face she was scared and then the bell rang from the kitchen and she said "Your food is done I'll get it for you." When she left Ben leaned over to Lori and told her he had been casing her out for the last few month stopping here to eat on the way back from the city.

Lori smiled looking longingly into Ben's eyes knowing why he is the Master and she is his Mignon. When she came back with the food and more drinks for them she sat down again. Ben asked how far away do you live maybe we could get you a cab or something.

Kristine then said well it is only 4 miles away but I won't walk that with the creeps around her, it just isn't safe. Well if it is just only 4 miles away we can give you a lift after we are done eating. "Why don't you tell them you found a ride?" Ben says. "No!" Kristine spats "I'm just going to quit this hole it just isn't safe and I will have my dad pick up my car in the morning when he gets off work." Kristine waited on a few more tables as Ben laid out the plan.

Lori was to set in the back so Kristine could set in front and direct Ben to her home and Ben will drive to a place where Lori can use her little friend and subdue our prey. When Ben laid out the plan he could see Lori was almost panting to start. Kristine came back and cleared their table and asked if they wanted any pie. Lori looked up and asked how about some cherry pie and she said no but we have apple. Lori said that would not due I'm in the mood for a juicy slice of cherry pie tonight.

Ben shook his head with a grin and told Kristine no we are fine just give us the bill and I will tell you where we are parked. Soon she came with the bill and Ben told her we will go and pay for our food and you can slip out the back and meet us in the back parking lot. Ben told her he had the BMW parked near xxx blocked sex stories 8 ench land old light pole that was burned out.

Kristine said abruptly see this place don't care for anyone's safety. Ben smiled and said your right I will see you in just a few. Ben took the bill and paid for their food leaving a large tip, and telling the counter person it's for the girl that waited on us.

The man behind the counter said thanks and come back and Lori said they would. Ben then walked out the front door with Lori in tow and walked slowly to his car thinking that this ride home is going to be very entertaining. Ben approaching the car and saw Kristine sprinting from the rear of the building. Ben placed a capped syringe above the visor on the driver side for easy reach.

It was his favorite paralyzing drug. Lori positioned herself in the back seat right behind where Kristine was preparing to set. Ben looked up and said wow that was quick did you get your things he asked.

Kristine smiled and said Yep my purse and my keys so dad can check the car out. Ben glanced to the back seat jayden jaymes my sisters hot friend saw Lori smiling in wait. He then went around the car and opened the door for Kristine.

Wow Kristine exclaimed a gentleman with a big grin. Ben then got into the driver's side and asked Kristine to buckle up. Ben noticed she was aweing over the car stating she never road in a BMW before. Ben asked her, when he gets out of the drive to let him know which direction to drive she lives. She nodded her head and asked if she could listen to music as Ben put it into gear. Ben reached over and turned the volume way up before switching it teen slut fucks teacher for better grades. The sudden noise muffled outside the care from German Engineering also muffled the sound of the child proof locks clicking into place.

"Wows man you like to jam and to Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell" to boot, Cool She yelled over the music. Ben notice at that moment she had put on a little perfume before leaving, a very intoxicating one at that for an insanely horny man and his slave that may have not been a good idea.

Ben started to pull out then he pulled in between two parked semi-trailers parked in the pack of the lot. Kristine looked puzzled and that turned to shock as she saw a hand reaching around from the back seat and touching her neck with a Taser. Meet my little friend Lori said lustfully. Kristine tried to scream but it sounded like a muffled cry to anyone around and then she could not move as her heart twitched as if it was trying to jump out of her chest and her hands and legs jerked involuntarily for a few moments while her chest heaved outwards forcing her breasts to heave and wobble in her tight t-shirt, she then almost hit the dashboard if it wasn't for her being buckled in.

Ben enjoyed the sight very much and laid his right hand on her shoulder and brought her back into her seat. Ben then ordered Lori to put the Taser away for now. Ben then pulled the syringe from the visor then turned to her and as he gripped her neck inserted the needle into the artery with precision and pressed the plunger down completely. In all it took him less than two minutes to have her g xxx live story 2019 for their evening out.

Ben wanted to take her here but he knew better, and he wanted to show restraint to his Mignon to show her he was in full control. Ben had a delightful idea to show that he was in charge, and a smile came to his face. He did need something though to tie him over so he unzipped his fly and his cock sprang to life and he hardly touched it as it seemed to find its own way out.

It filled his hand as he slightly stroked it making it ready for Kristine. He unbuckled her and brought up the arm rest and then moved his seat back. Ben then gripped the back of her neck and lowered her head onto his monster cock gripping her jaw and parting her lips as he went.

Then he reached over and turned off the music so Officer Cunt could hear the sounds of Kristine mouth on his cock. As he thought he heard displeasure from the back seat turning to whimpers. Master can I have a feel of her tits please let me bob her head for you and make the teen slut gag on your magnificent cock. Ben smiled. "No" he snapped "I get the honor of trying her flesh first Officer Cunt and don't forget that you are my slave not my equal.

Now set back and behave or all you will be able to do is watch. No tasting of her cunt or groping her flesh for you if you don't behave yourself." Lori set back in her seat and bit her lip and looked out the side window. His cock only went in a few inches but it felt good. He then put the car into gear and drove off. Ben drove to the interstate and home stroking the black hair of Kristine's and he got onto the road and headed for his next destination, all the while hearing pouting coming from the back seat.

Ben set his cruise control at 65 and then gripping Kristine's hair he stared forcing his cock into her warm wet mouth but pumping it up and down and with each bob more and more of his cock disappeared into her wet mouth and throat.

He talked to her as they drove knowing she was fully awake and scared shitless, but also knew she could not lift a finger if she had to due to the paralyzing drug he gave her. He told her she was going to be used as a sex slave and a milk slave for the rest of her life as long or as short that he seems fit to allow.

Her body does not belong to her any longer but to him be it her It belongs to me and who I allow to fuck you. He heard a slight groan from the back.

Ben asked in a commanding tone "Did you say something Officer Cunt". All he heard in reply "No Master" Lori listened to the chilling words that her Master was giving to his new slave and it she felt a wet crotch coming on as she remembered those same words being spoken to her less than a week ago.

When he recited the words, "Even in death you will not escape me but make me profit in the selling of your corpse to necro's and cannibals". Lori gripped her crotch and came just listening to his voice.

Ben went on "You see you are my fuck cow just like that girl I took you mentioned at the restaurant". Kristine's only response came from the suction and slurps coming from her mouth and throat, and in back sounds of a muffled orgasm. Ben loved the sensation of her lips and it was satisfying him until the main course came. Ben had not stopped here for a very long time and was hoping there was no gate placed to protect it.

Ben drove most of the way home and then a good ten minutes off the interstate deep into the country side until he came to his destination an old abandoned and over grown cemetery. Ben pulled in and found no one had even bothered to shut the old gate leading in. He drove to the back lots of the cemetery it was surrounded by dense woods and three very old mausoleums; he then drove with his lights shut off. Though over grown Ben navigated though the tall grass and weeds with ease, as if he had driven it a hundred times.

He pulled her head away reluctantly with a slight wet sucking pop and laid her back into the seat. Ben then said to Officer Cunt it's time for our real dinner. Ben steps out and goes and opens the trunk and tells Lori to help him. He retrieved a crowbar, paper bags and a battery operated halogen lamp from his trunk along with a jugs-of-peace tumblr com craigslist stranger fuck tube porn leather doctor bag.

Lori helped him carry it all to a mausoleum he parked in front of. Kristine could not see anything that was going on but could hear the monster and his dike bitch companion and the sound of the trunk opening and closing. Kristine then heard the cracking of and scrapping of metal and a clang. Soon the she heard a beep and then the passenger door opened. She then was being carried into the night her hair and feet brushing the tall weeds.

Next things she knew she was in a brightly lighted room that smelled like her dads fruit cellar. Kristine then was laid out on a linin cloth on a cold stone slab or something. Oh no it's an altar they are going to sacrifice me or something wicked. She wanted to scream and run but could not manage anything but tears.

Ben said nice touch Officer Cunt with the linin top sheet. Well it was folded in the trunk. Ben then said what a dinner would be like without a little mood lighting. Ben went around and lite a dozen or more candles set around the room and then turned down the lantern on dim.

Ben told Officer Cunt that his was the place he took his first date to in high school. Kristine was beyond scared at this point and naughty blonde likes to use her dildo she pissed herself. Ben started stripping and hanging his cloths on a candelabra and Lori quickly did the same. Well! Let's get this party started shall we Kristine. Ben goes to her feet and takes off her shoes and socks and places them into the paper sack that Lori is holding for him.

Ben then undoes her belt and unzips her jean shorts before tugging them off her lovely bronzed toned legs. Ben then slipped his fingers under the band of her green thong panties and was surprised with a fabulous tan line and alabaster skin with a well maintained trimmed pussy. Lori licked her lips as her hands seemed to shake while holding the bag. He tossed them in the sack and felt like a child opening a Christmas gift.

He bent down and smelled her cunt and licked it. Ben then inserted his finger into her cunt and was pleased to find her cherry intact and he looked up I see you have been saving yourself for me Kristine. Lori moaned and in a mocking tone. "Well the holding out bitch was hiding a slit of cherry pie after all." Ben then grabbed her by the hips and slid her to the center of the top of the burial vault he had placed her on. Ben reaches over to his black leather doctor's bag and pulled a knife that was sharp and curved like a sickle and 8 inches long.

A mortician tool he tells Lori to cut easily away the cloths of the dead as he laid it on Kristine's chest. You may have the honor of cutting off her top and bra my pet.

Lori took the instrument and looking at its curve and testing its sharpness walked around to the top of the vault and stroked Kristine's hair then laid the blade across her neck and with a devilish grin started to undue her hair till she had it pulled from the bun completely and fluffed it over the edge of the vault in front of Lori.

Lori then took the blade and as Ben did to her not so long ago gripped her shirt between her breasts and raided the cloth up as high as she could. Taking the tip of the blade under her shirt near her belly button stroked it towards her. The sound of fabric tearing away like the sound of ripping a piece of paper in half took the notice of Ben as he looked up with a smile from Kristine's trimmed cunt.

Lori finished through the shirt in three strokes, and then with two more slices she had one arm free from the shirt and then did the same with the other. Damn I love this tool Master!

Ben just shook his head as he dug his tongue ever further into her teen twat. Lori then grabbed Kristine by the head with both hands and forced her head back. She then opened her mouth and started searching it with her tongue as she ran her hands over her shoulders and the top of her breasts. Lori then took the h blade and lightly caressed Kristine's skin with the non-sharpen side moving it around her chest and up and down her shoulders. When without warning slit her bra straps.

Lori now crawled onto the vault with her knees on either side of Kristine's cheeks. Lori breathed heavy as she raised the blade above her and stretched over her victim. Well Cunt those tits are now going to be revealed as he blade came down then hooked under the front clasp cutting it like warm butter and sending the cups popping off the side.

Her tit's were also alabaster in color no freckles or blemishes to be seen. Her areoles were a beautiful fleshy pink and the size of silver dollars. They rolled to the side as Lori bent down and scooped them up in her greedy hands. Lori squeezed them and squeezed all the time admiring their softness and fullness. This one will feed the cats well Master. Lori then bent down and taking one tit with both hands started to suck greedily from its hardening nipples.

Soon both nipples were involuntarily hard as rocks. Lori was so wet she rolled up the edge of the sheet and placing it under head like a pillow arched her neck in the pillow. Lori then forced her mouth open and then adjusted her cunt lips and sat them on Kristine's waiting lips. Her cunt lips sealed her open mouth shut hot young couple enjoying a wild swinger party she gripped Kristine's nose and worked her ass hole over it as well.

The snorting hot breaths from her cunt proved to be what she needed for release and she started humping her face. All the while caressing her large breasts and pinching her nipples.

Ben then lifted her legs over his shoulder and started eating her pussy and nibbling on her love button on the tip of her cunt entrance for a good five minutes enjoying her taste. He then went to his doctor bag and pulled out some lubricant cream to pop her cherry wide open with. He generously applied the cream then pushed her knees to her chest and tipped himself into a position where he then could be the first to enter her woman hood.

If she was not paralyzed she would have been screaming the terror in her eyes buried under Lories ass cheeks would have confessed to it if they were seen. He felt it tear under his weight and his cock head slid in about two inches. He only had about 8 or so more to go with the hard on he has packing it could have been more. He then started humping her cunt slowly at first enjoying the tightness on his cock. Then he felt some blood flow from her cunt and he pushed harder sliding a full 5 inches into her cunt.

He then worked to get more of his cock into her cunt but the whore receives banged doggystyle hardcore and creampie was enormous even with her cunt muscles paralyzed.

This bitch has one tight cunt he thought to himself. He noticed tremors and contractions from deep in her cunt. He realized it was death spasms and he looked up past the tits, cunts and Lori's blank stare of ecstasy that he was cutting off all flow to air to their new fuck toy. Ben pushed Lori almost forcing her to fall backwards. It was then she noticed Kristine's red face and blue colored swollen lips.

Being also a first class CPR trainer for the Fire Dept. she started working to revive her. Beauties play with sex toys masturbation and smalltits that problem being worked on Ben went back to what he was doing without missing so much as a stroke.

It took over ten minutes to get 8 inches into her and then he went with a rhythm to his fucking and trying to direct his cock blows to her inter cunt. It seemed to be working as he has his normal ten inches into her cunt and his cock head seems to find back the womb entrance. Ben started to batter at it until all of a sudden his cock broke through and with a grunt he lunged again pushing himself all the way in reliving the pressure of the tight fit and hitting the back wall of the womb.

Ben then took a few seconds and rested finding Kristine was gaining color and Lori had saved her life for now. Ben gripped at it and used it as a pillow for a moment of rest and Lori stroked his head. She is a very good ride is she not Master. Lori then lifted Kristine's head up so she could witness her first fuck through the valley of her huge tits. Ben rested somewhat turned his head and bit down on her tit flesh as he sucked it in giving her a powerful hickey.

Ben start thrusting even harder than before into her womb. Lori grabbed her ankles and spreading her legs back just past her head. Damn she is flexible she thought. Ben took the time and shoved his cock to the deepest of depts. He could from that angle. Digging his cock deeper until all eleven plus drug induced inches were buried in her cunt and his balls banged at her ass hole. With Lori's help keeping her in place he brutally pounded away until he felt his first blast of relief from his cock.

Wave after wave of cum filled her womb and cunt, as he hunched his face into her big tits and lounged in her fleshy firmness. Ben slides off her hips and wiping his cock off with her tattered shirt he rips from under her body and then walks around to her head and climbs up and straddles her face and gripping her tits he rubs his cock over her lips and then places his hand down on her mouth and helps his now hardening cock past her lips.

Lori takes her turn on Kristine's juicy sperm filled cunt. The taste of his cum and her juice and ruined cherry becomes intoxicating to her as if she can't seem to get enough.

She laughs out loud into her cunt "I got my Cherry Pie tonight!" Lori slurped away at Kristine's cunt lifting her legs over her shoulders as she laid there on her stomach enjoying her seconds. Ben lies down on top of her and pushes his cock in but it would not go far enough to please his madding lust.

So he slips off the crypt lid sunny lane hardcore scene butt cum cum swallowing pulls her head off to the edge of it. Lori stops long enough to assist him then she goes back to eating pussy. Ben then again inserts his cock into the mouth of his fuck toy and using her large round firm tits he starts pushing her back and forth into his cock until he had 6 inches into her mouth and he was well on his way past her tonsils, there he was stuck and then gripping her head firmly he brutally thrusted forward holding her head sill and used the stone burial crypt crushing her between it and his ragging hard on.

Soon he heard the pop of her esophagus giving way and he slid another four inches into her virgin throat. Blood formed at her lips and he knew she well need time to heal from the damage.

Milf in black lingerie fingering slippery pussy

He gripped her throat massaging his cock in the warm fleshy cock sheath that was her throat. Ben used his thumbs to work his cock in further until his balls were tight against her eyes and his pubic hair clogging her nostrils. Now Ben started to rock his hip back and forth and removing several inches and ramming his cock back in. This lasted for over fifteen minutes until he felt the tail tell feeling of an eruption from his cock.

His thumbs still felt a pulse so he knew she was still good for a few minutes of his pleasures. He wanted to savor the feeling but the slight tingling breaths of life girls with big tits please a horny guy from her nostrils sent him over the edge and he grabbed both nipples and started pulling them towards him and lifting her off the stone vault lid. He felt flow after flow of cum hosing her esophagus spraying strait to her belly, He kept up humping her throat for a good five minutes then legs shaking he tried to step back but the suction from her throat held him in place so he tried to release the pressure from his engorged cock and stared pissing into her stepsis interrupts masturbation and rides on top doggystyle and pornstar. The release of the cock pressure started to release him from the grip of her mouth and piss and semen sprayed from her mouth and nose.

Ben gripped her head and pulled himself free with a sucking pop it sounded like a champagne battle being uncorked. Ben flipped her over onto her tits and belly letting her head dangle there releasing what could flow out. Lori did now care she then had the chance to explore Kristine's fleshy ass and fingering her asshole and exploring its depths with one then two then three fingers. Soon she was licking her ass and kissing it with her hand buried to the wrist in her precious ass.

Meanwhile Ben gripped her hair and cleaned off his cock. Standing there fully satisfied with this fuck slaves he hoped he did not snuff her by accident. He hated to check but he checked for a pulse and again the paralyzing drug slowed her heart rate to slow down enough to keep her from suffocating from our fun and games and saved her life. However she will need a good week of bed rest so he can start the shots to get her milking but should not fuck her anymore until she is healed.

Lori finished fisting her and watched with amusement how her asshole closed up around her wrist and when she pulled it out it slowly worked its way back to a smaller size. Lori asked her Master if he had it in him to fuck her on top of your new cow. He smiled and flipped Kristine over and said "Officer Cunt lay down face first on my new cow" he ordered. Ben then mounted Officer Cunt from the back and fucked her for a while until he moved up and worked on sliding into her ass.

Ben moaned into her ear that she is good and tight. Lori sucked and groped Kristine's tits with wild abandonment while her ass was reamed over and over again by Ben. Lori lost count of the orgasms she encountered this evening.

She thought back of all that she had done today as she fucked back to Ben. German women xxxmax sex lot of money got rid of her boyfriend, started moving in with a new boyfriend, got accosted by two busty neighbors and had my first hunt with my master and mentor. Oh and I had not told my master about the Slumber Party on Saturday with four cows to nab.

Lori's eyes squinted partly shut as another orgasm started coming from her bowels, as blast after blast sprayed into her. She in tern bit down on Kristine's breast and as she felt Ben's chin nuzzling into her neck. Oh, well I will tell him later when he comes too she smiles. Part Four coming Soon 'Slumber Party at the Belen's'