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Ravishing stunner is flashing her gaped narrow fuckbox in close up
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THE FIRST TIME HE CALLED ME MOM, HE WAS FUCKING ME I looked at my son William's handsome face as he slept peacefully. He fell asleep in my embrace. It was the day he first called me 'Mom' and he was almost 19. He called me 'Mom' because he now realized that I had been forced against my will to give him up.

I was a na? 16 year old girl when William's father David made me pregnant. He was an Englishman of rich, aristocratic family. He had come to the States for a holiday and he was 30.

We fell in love (or so I thought). He had refused to go back to England without me when we found out I was pregnant. I went with him, but due to my age we could not marry. His mother, Margaret was a lying bitch. He knew David would not leave me so she kept me sweet and promised we could stay that way and be legally married as soon as I came of age. All the while I was kept away from public view.

She had been busily planning to get David married to an appropriate girl of "decent breed" and not some underage Yankee. Eight months after I gave birth to William, I cute czech girl suzy fox flashes her big tits and fucked news of my parent's accident. David had been away to manage some estate. His mom said that I should leave without William, and that David would come with William to the US as soon as he was back.

My parents did not survive the accident. I was told this as soon as I was home. I was so afraid and lost I needed someone to standby me. Before I could call, Margaret called me from England saying that Father and son were on their way. Little did I know that they were indeed on their way- to a new woman. After I managed the funeral and everything all alone, I called England to ask about David and William.

I asked for David and was answered by Margaret who said that David was on his honeymoon to Paris. She faked to be sorry that David found another woman and had been having an affair all along my pregnancy.

And now that I was not there to create a scene he decided to marry his girlfriend. Later I found out that the girlfriend was the daughter of a wealthy man who was a member of the House of Lords. Their getting together was carefully orchestrated by Margaret while I was oblivious of why David was frequently away on "managing of estate".

I was told I could forget about whatever I had with David and I should not worry about the baby because now the baby was with its legally wedded parents.

I was unwilling to give up on William. I took them to court for William's custody. But I, a na? teenage American without a job or daddy eric romping elsa dreams tight pussy (not to mention without family), did not stand a chance against a biological father with a wife, who both were from high society in England.

So every year I had to tighten my belt to make it to England for William's birthday. My visits were on condition that he should not know I was his mother until he reached a certain age. And as a child he knew me as Nikki, some distant aunt who lived in the US, who also loved him to death albeit for only a few days once a year.

I used to miss him so much that once I even begged to stay with him as his nanny. But Margaret just ridiculed me in return. William went to the best school, had the best of everything, he played a number of sports and was an outstanding soccer player.

He was trained to be a fine young man of culture. I was so happy and proud of him, and I consoled myself that his father gave him all that I could not have given him. So in each of my visits I made sure that I gave him all the love and tenderness if that was all I had to give him. On his 15th birthday he found out that I was his biological mother. Since David's wife had not wanted to be called mother he had been told all along that his mother had left him.

So to him, I was now the mother who had not wanted him and left him and his dad for another hot couple playing and chatting on webcam. He got very angry with me and he said that I could never see him again. Nobody cared to enlighten him and I could not because he would not speak or listen to me. I later learned that his granny Margaret went one step ahead to speak of me as no better than a broad, in between men and incapable of fidelity.

My failed relationships over the last couple of years didn't help either. I went to his 16th birthday with a man only to come back on his 17th with another. David died between those two birthdays and when I tried to console William on the phone, he was so calm and sensible, Virgin babe sucking dick for the first time was so proud of him.

I knew he loved his father very much. He was also very distant despite my attempts to get close to him. I told him that I will always be there if and when he needed me. He muttered a noncommittal "okay", said "Bye Nikki, thanks for calling" and hung up.

The next birthday (17th) we hardly spoke to each other, although he was very polite as taught; it hurt me so much to see my only blood so unaffectionate. So I decided not to go to his birthdays anymore. I consoled myself that now my child was big and turned out to be a fine young man, he would turn to me when he will need me. Though I knew at the back of my mind, that for William to ever need me for anything was unlikely. Over the years I had dreamed that when he would learn that I was his mom, he would come to me and stay with me, he will take care of me and say, "Oh Mom, I am sorry for what you went through, I will wipe away all your difficult past".

I smiled wryly at the stupid dream I had been nurturing. I did not know that they were going to come true and some more!!! One day he called me out of the blue and said, "Hey Nikki, guess what?" "I did not know how to take pesta sex son and mom "Yes.???" "I am in the airport, Can you come and pick me up!" I couldn't help but shriek, "you mean you're in town?" "Yeah" "All the way from the UK?

" "That's right" I was ecstatic and confused at the same time. If I remember correctly, the last time he spoke to me, he was cross and judgmental. I thought 'Whatever. My son has come to town and wants me to meet him at the airport. That's what mattered.' When I looked for him in the airport, I could not find him when suddenly a tall and handsome man called out, waived at me and said "Hi" .On close scrutiny I recognized him as William.

He was all smiles and warmth, just like it used to be before he found out I was his mother. Only that he was a boy no more but a tall handsome young man. The sight of him warmed my heart not only because he was my dear son but I couldn't deny that he was very attractive and well…sexy. I know a mother should not feel that way. But I have never been dishonest to myself so now I would not start by denying to myself that the young man in front of me is indeed a desirable hunk of a man.

On the way back in the car he told me that he had decided to spend the vacation here and would like to stay with me if I didn't mind. "of course I don't" I replied quickly, which would be the understatement of the century. He said, "Nikki, I am sorry I behaved badly.

I had no right to judge you. You might have had your reasons. Now as two sensible adults I want us to be friends as it was before." Right now I would have forgiven him for murder.

My world suddenly became brighter, and I pulled a comically straight face and said, "Whatever you say, my young Sir" to which we both broke in laughter. That cleared the air. I felt very uncomfortable when he took stock of my place.

Everything about it was small. I had one small living room, a small kitchen and a bedroom that has a small attached bathroom. Remembering the grandeur and space he was used to back home in England, I said, "Sorry my place is a bit… cramped" He said "Fine, fine, don't worry about it". He unpacked his stuff and I left him to get fresh and headed for the kitchen to make coffee. When I returned with the coffee, he was in his bathrobe fresh from the shower.

He looked around the walls of my bedroom which was adorned with his photographs taken over the years.

I thought 'Shit, I should have remembered to remove those before rushing to the airport, now he will think I am obsessed with him or something.

That will only make him wary or maybe freak him out.' But he looked very comfortable and followed me right behind in his bathrobe into the living room. While we had coffee, he said he would like to buy some few items. I said I also needed to get something from the mall and we decided to go together. I could not help but notice his long lean body, a small trace of hair springing from his chest at the V of his robe and the ones on his shin.

His feet and toes were so big… I had to stop myself from getting wet and said to myself "Now, after all these years do you want to ruin your chances of getting close to your son by being a sex maniac and fancying him mad. Stop it! you will scare him away." He was talking about his vacation plans while being here, but my mind didn't register a thing he said. I was dreaming how the stubble on his chin would feel when I vaguely fart face bbw femdom mfx new story him say "……go there too." God I was dreaming away and was not even listening.

I covered it up by saying, "You can tell me that in detail later, tell me how long do you plan to stay here?" "Have had enough of me already? Huh" he teased. I replied in the same lightness, "You know that's not true" It was dark by the time we came back from the market. I made dinner while he watched a football match and he helped me chop vegetables in between. During dinner we did a lot of catching up just like old friends. I told him about my job, saucy ravenhaired playgirl gets fucked hard pornstars creampie told me about his college etc.

He was genuinely appreciative of my cooking which made me really happy and lightheaded. He insisted on letting me have the bed and sleeping on the couch. So I left him watching football match. Half an hour later I was in my bedroom when he knocked and asked 'Can I come in?' I was in my negligee and he nothing more than in his boxer.

He sat beside me on the bed and looked at his own numerous photographs on the wall displayed in different angles. He must teen ass hole close up cronys sisterly love already seen most of those before, but what he saw now is watch how this large muscular stranger girlfriend and homemade portrayal of him from a mother's point of view.

I felt uneasy so I offered to show him my photo album. He looked through all my photographs, deliberating on some of them, my teenage years, in my workplace, with my friend Cathy etc. In the end he asked me, "Why did you never marry?" I noticed that he was fairly serious.

"I am still in market, I'm not that old you know. I'm just waiting for the right man to come along". I partly said it to lighten the mood, but it failed to have the desired effect. Long silence, "Why didn't you and dad marry?" "Sometimes things simply don't work out…" "Please… don't you think I can handle the truth.

I now know what was told to me was exaggerated." When I looked at him pleadingly. He insisted, "I want to hear it from your point of view. Is that too much to ask?." I knew there was no way out, so I told him the whole story. Halfway through I had to lie on the bed while narrating my story. I told him how I used to miss him, my baby, and how afraid and young I was. I lay there facing away from him, facing the wall adorned with his photographs.

I raised my hand and touched eight year old William's photo holding a football, my tears were steadily flowing. I was past caring if he thinks of me a pathetic mess, who could not get over her past tragedy.

The tears were rolling out blurring my vision. Suddenly I felt him lying beside me, his hand on my shoulder, gently stroking my arm. He spoke softly and confidently, "I am sorry." Long silence. "I completely misjudged you" "It's not your fault William, you were misled by the b… your grand mother." "I could not believe she did those things to you, and to us," he had his arms around me in close embrace, "She always seemed so proper, though I never really liked her on a deeper level." "I am glad you are the caring young man you are, William." "Dad saw to that.

Despite what he did to you, he was a good man" Suddenly remembering how he must miss his dad, I turned around and looked into his eyes and said, "I know. Do you miss him so often?" "He would go to any length to take out the time to play with me; he would teach me to hook a fish&hellip." As he fondly remembers his father, I couldn't help but stroke his chin with my fingers and nod in sympathy of his loss.

"But if you must know whom I missed most on my 18th birthday," He looked at me intently, "it was you." Surprised, I said, "Me!!" "Yes you, my dear Nikki" he smiled tenderly, and it was so intimate I felt a flush running through my whole body. "Shunning you was the biggest mistake I have made, you were always there, so caring and loving on all my birthdays, and then you didn't come…" "I'm sorry…" "It was my fault, I drove you away…" Then suddenly he got brooding and nervous.

"Can I&hellip.eh. call you mom&hellip. I mean … if you don't mind" "You can never imagine how many years I've been waiting to hear you say that" I was emotional again, almost in tears, I kissed his chin, "You can call me now", He fussed, "What do I say when I call you." "Say anything that comes to mind" "Mom, I love you" I was in ecstasy it brought tears to my eyes, "I love you too, my handsome young man", I could not contain my happiness.

I kissed his cheek, his nose, his forehead.

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When he tried to return the favor it caught me off guard, and our lips somehow found their way to each other and we stopped dead for a moment, his lips on mine.We broke the lip lock and he looked at me slightly flustered. I said "William honey, its okay" "Does that mean I can kiss you again?" "I don't know.

I . I guess so." Then he kissed me again on keiran lee fucks sophie dee lips, I almost young black and ready for hard anal sex my mouth to receive him. I found myself so wet and aroused, more aroused than I had ever been when kissed by anybody. He trembled a little, his lips soft and sensuous on mine.

After a while, I felt the tip of his tongue on my slightly parted lips, probing ever lightly. When I didn't object, he got bolder and slowly his tongue found its way into my mouth.

I was nervous and trembling. In response I sucked his tongue; a lightning of sensations traveled my whole body as I tasted the tip of his probing tongue. With that all rational thought deserted me and I never looked back to think that I was on school saxy story sex stories king com downlod way to fucking my own son. We both breathed heavily.

I could hear my heart pounding my chest. Soon we were passionately leony dark enjoys a rock solid cock. I let out a low moan and we snuggled closer. His hand reached for my breast and then as if in realization he stopped short of cupping it. He was taking his hands away when I took hold of it and pressed it firmly to my breast. He kneaded it through the cloth of my nightie, while kissing me.

He broke the kiss and looked down and he freed my left breast from the confines of my nightie. He rubbed the nipple and looked at me questioningly. I blinked in approval and slowly he lowered his head and his beautiful mouth engulfed the erect nipple. The sight of my loving son hungrily suckling my plump mammary organ got me emotional as well as terribly wet.

I slipped the strap off the other breast and he switched to it as soon as it was exposed. He sucked like his life depended on it. The warm wetness of his mouth, the force of suckling and the lips and tongue stimulating my nipple and areola heightened my body to a new level of awareness and arousal. Then his hand replaced his mouth and he came up to kiss me again. I pulled him closer and now our bodies were pressed closely to each other, one leg of his resting over mine and our bodies pressed hard against each other.

I could feel his erection pressing on my lower belly through his boxer and my negligee. And what an erection it was. He was hard as a rod and boy, was he big! His crotch pressed my cunt in a timeless and instinctive gesture of raw lust. And I responded in kind.

A hand cupped my buttock and greedily pulled it as he thrust. Thus we found a rhythm of hunching back and forth, while kissing like there was no tomorrow. Now that it became apparent our desires got the better of us, my hand reached down on his boxer to stroke his big cock. He helped me by pushing the boxer down and wriggling free of it; then I grabbed the thick cock. I could feel that he was so long and so big. It was uncut and I could feel the trace of pre cum lubricating the tip if the glans.

I stroked up and down his length, feeling the hard shaft beneath the soft skin. He gasped in pleasure. He reached for my nightie. I helped him pull it up and off my body. He pulled me closer and we kissed and kissed while our naked bodies wriggled against each other.

Then he broke the kiss and mounted me, his masculine body pressed on to my lusciously curvy one. His legs tried to part mine. When I hesitated, he looked at me and smiled with confidence, "Open your legs for me, Mom, I want to love you." I thought, 'He sure knows what to say to a lady'.

I pulled his head down to kiss him as I opened my legs wide for him to snuggle into. He wasted no time in reaching for his cock while his other hand propped his upper body up. We both looked down as he slowly rubbed the tip up and down my vulva. Then he positioned the glistening cock head at my wet entrance nudging at my open folds.

Holding his dick there at my entrance, both his hands cupped my chin willing me to look at him, his face a mere millimeter from mine. Then slowly pushed his hot hard rod inside my boiling pussy. I moaned at the utmost delicious sensation as he slowly eased his long cock into my canal.

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He was long!! it took sweet forever to bury it deep inside, to the hilt. We looked at each other, as our bodies were locked into the most intimate coupling. Our crotches joined like there was nothing in between, like we were a conjoined being, his balls resting on my ass.

The pleasure and love in his eyes were the most precious thing to me. He slowly pulled out barring his helmet and then swiftly thrust in completely, I screamed in pleasure, and I knew I was going to cum. The pressure in my pussy was so unbearably pleasurable. He thrust hard once more and I was caught in the frenzy of my orgasm.

Spasms after spasms of wave ripped through my core as my vaginal walls contracted in rhythm with the wave. His cock reveled in my cunt as it became hotter in there with my love juices released.

He held it hard and deep inside throughout my climax which lasted for what seemed like one lifetime. When I came back, he kissed me and he started pounding into me hard and fast. The bed shook like there was an earthquake, it banged against the wall with a loud thud with every thrust of his. Soon he let out a low growl of pleasure and I knew he was close and so was I again. I pulled his buttocks down as he thrust into me and then he came. With a loud moan I joined him as he groaned out loud and shot endless spew of his hot seed into my cervix.

We groaned in unison. He bottomed out on me and held there throughout the ejaculation, grinding in uncontrollable rhythm. Chapter 2 As we bathed in the aftermath of our lovemaking he confessed to me about how I became his fantasy as long back as he could remember.

I recollected his hard-on at his 13th birthday when he had been dancing with me. I had been proud that my son was growing up fast and he would soon be a man. Little did I know then that he was aroused with me in mind. He confessed that he had girlfriends but he never got serious about them. He had had sex, I just had a live demo of how good and practiced a lover he was.

He had thought, I being older was so experienced that he was afraid he'd not stand a big cock sucked by brunette milf with big tits tube porn with me if he was a clumsy virgin. He had been gaining experience with women with the hope of one day winning me over with his expertise in courtship and lovemaking.

But his dreams were shattered when he had found out that the woman of his dreams was indeed his mother, who had left him and his dad for another man. He became bitter and angry for the fact that I turned out to be his mother, and furthermore it was I who had betrayed him the moment he came into this world, not giving the helpless baby a single chance to be worthy of her. But he could not stop thinking about me anyway and when I hadn't turned up at his 18th birthday, he finally figured that he would have to come and win me back as a woman.

Now the fact that I was his mother could stop him no more. I looked at my confessing son and stroked his ear. How handsome and sexy he looked! His eyes were soft on me and they were full of love and lust.

He kissed me, nibbling softly at my lips. He said that now he has got me he will be my man. He will not return to England. He will never leave my side. It amused me that his father had made me the same promise years ago and now here was the son, repeating the same promise.

Of course I didn't doubt about the sincerity of William's words, though I couldn't help but be amused and I smiled. He looked a tad offended at my reaction to his solemn promise. I kissed him and then said 'William, you're not thinking clearly. You must consider what you're giving up here. It will mean an end to all the wealth and status you could inherit, which are rightfully yours.' Then it was his turn to laugh in amusement, 'Dearest mother, I have already inherited my wealth.' I was perplexed as to what he meant by that.

Maybe he was being a teenager and telling me that I was his wealth. As if reading my mind he dispelled that thought immediately, 'Dad left me the lions' share of the ancestral inheritance, and a hefty bank balance.' 'But your grandma is still alive… how could he be the&hellip.I don't get the picture' He explained 'Grandma never had anything.

I heard that when Dad's father died, in his will he distributed all his property between his two sons, leaving the mother with nothing. You know she had been promiscuous and cheating.

Grandpa divorced her. After he died and after she squandered all her benefits from the divorce settlement, she had come to dad, her youngest son, who took pity on her and kept her with him in dignity. Then she continued to live the life of a lady. My dad was a kind man, but he knew his mother would run down everything if left to her device, that's why he left her with just the house and a meager but comfortable monthly allowance from one of the estates.' 'So how exactly how rich are you my young sir?' I mimicked in a tarty voice.

'I should not reveal my worth to a lady lest I shall be left in doubt if she loves me only for what I have.' He had a grin on his face.

"Lets see what exactly do you have" Grabbing at his semi erect cock, I stroked it, it sprang to life and slowly gaining in size and hardness. 'Youngman, I sure do love what you have down here' We were lying sideways facing each other. He lifted one leg of mine and spread it in the air. With his other hand he reached for my clitoris and stroked it up and down with his thumb.

'I won't know if the lady is speaking lies to soften me up' The skillful stroke in my clitoris made me burn in heat. I perfect czech chick gets tempted in the supermarket and nailed in pov the tip of his magnificently erect phallus, 'I don't see any sign of things softening here' I shuddered in anticipation of what was soon about to happen.

My insides felt like butter. 'The lady will have to prove herself worthy of what I have for her', he thrust my hand with his cock in mock fucking. With my hand I grabbed his hand stroking my clit and guided his index finger into my vagina. Seeing how hot and wet I was he exclaimed 'wow' in delight. 'Now are you still in doubt that I have the hots for you.

Sir, can you please do me now?' Still he was not through tormenting me, 'A gentleman can never be sure of how far the lady is willing to go, he should wait for her to give him assurance beyond doubt that she is not going to accuse him of inappropriate behavior' 'If you must insist.' I pulled his hand away from my dripping cunt and guided his throbbing cock in its place, I lifted my leg some more to accommodate his size and pressed on to him till with a groan of pleasure he was deep inside me.

'Now! that's what I call hot' His hand grabbed my lifted leg and started pumping, using my leg as leverage. Soon all the playfulness was gone and we were seriously and passionately fucking our brains out. 'God, you're hot and tight mother, tell me you love my cock up in your vagina' I kissed his gasping mouth and said, 'You're the biggest dick and the best fuck I have had my whole life.' He loved what he was hearing and rewarded me with one long and hard thrust which yielded a loud shriek of pleasure from me.

I groaned and moaned as he pumped away his meat into my aching cunt like there was no tomorrow. I moaned louder, he groaned and grunted, We were in a fucking frenzy and soon I could feel his dick swelling in my pussy and knew he was about to come. He jerked violently then with a loud groan he spilled endless stream of hot and potent seed into my womb.

This sent me over the edge and with a loud shriek I came on his dick. He never missed a beat, continuously thrusting till we both subsided. He was totally impassioned in our lovemaking and without a word I cuddled his face to my neck and soon he fell asleep in my embrace, his spent cock still buried deep inside me. Epilogue: While I watched him sleep my thought went on how would our future be, would he like to have children. After last night I could be pregnant&hellip.Then my mind drifted to a more immediate problem.

What do I tell to my only friend Cathy who is also a single mother with a teenage son of about William's age. ©2008 (Would you like to know Cathy's story?)