Wild asian titty fuck and oral service job japanese and hardcore

Wild asian titty fuck and oral service job japanese and hardcore
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*This is a true story but the names are changed (but the ages are not) simply because I don't feel like putting up with some shit if someone I know finds out I wrote this :)* My dad recently got a job with help from my step dad. Though it was not a glorious job, working on 18-wheelers was how my dad was paid. I met David one of the first days I was at the shop.

He had his friend Troy with him. David is your average country boy. Tan, muscular, and just a general smart ass. I was immediately attracted to him when I first laid my eyes on him.

But, this story is not about David and I. It's about Troy. Now, I didn't really look at Troy. He didn't seem like my type, and sure didn't look like it. He's pale, chubby, and white gangster. Not exactly my ideal guy, if you catch my drift.

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A couple months passed of the three of us becoming friends at the shop and I got to hear Troy rap his version of "You're a Jerk" for me. It was because of that that we ran into each other on Facebook, via David's video of him. We ended up talking and discussing what we did over our New Years. It was actually January 2nd and I told him how I got drunk and fucked my (now) ex-best friend and his friend.

You could imagine this was a surprise to him that I was telling him this, as I am a 15-year-old girl and he's 23. He told me I was naughty and we got to dirty talking. Saying how much he wanted to see my pussy and how much I wanted to ride his dick.

This continued for maybe three weeks or so. One day, after we had been talking steadily for a while, I told him to pick me up tomorrow morning because I'm cheerio and coach relationship just got steamier and intense to skip school to fuck him.

The next morning at 7:30 am I heard his van pull up to my driveway and snuck outside quietly because I should've ben on the bus an hour ago. I got in and was immediately greeted with "You smell amazing." "Oh why thank you, are you serious?" "Yeah", he said "It's orgasmic." We got back to his place and I sat down on the bed. He put in a movie, turned around, and looked at me. We immediately started kissing passionately, more than I've ever kissed someone. He slowly lifted me up to the top of his bed and I began to slide my sweat pants off revealing my black lace thong and under that smoothly shaved cunt.

He licked his lips and took off my top to reveal my bra and size 34B titts. Troy started kissing down my neck, down my chest, stopping at my breasts and squeezing them. I heard him whisper "perfect." He took of my bra and licked and teased my nipples. I moaned and whined for more. He kissed down my tummy and licked down my navel to my hot pussy. Planting a kiss on it, with my thong still on, I shuddered. I pulled them off, threw them to the floor, and begged him to fuck me.

"Uh uh." he laughed and licked up and down my pussy, circling, sucking, and flicking my clit with his tongue.

I screamed out loud and he muffled it with his hand. I grabbed his head begging for more. I love the feeling of his tongue inside me.

After about ten minutes of that, I grabbed his head, brought his lips to mine, and kissed him passionately. "Fuck me now." I whispered in his ear. He didn't waste any time getting his pants off and jumping on top of me. "You're so fucking tight." he said, impressed with my pussy. "I know, don't you love it?" I joked. "Haha, yeah." He thrusted hard and his dick went euro lovely bitches crave for jizz loads the way in my pussy.

I moaned, "Oh fuck yeah." "Yeah, you like that? You want me to fuck you some more? " "Oh. Yes please." He slammed his cock in and out of me as if I was a toy. "Harder baby, go harder." I said. He did as he was told and fucked me even harder, causing me to moan in pure ecstasy. "God that feels so good. I love it when you fuck me like that." I said sexily, turning him on a lot more. "Oh God, turn over and get on your hands and knees." He demanded.

I did as I was told and he immediately shoved his cock in my pussy and started fucking me doggie style. Troy grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. "You like that, slut?" "Oh yeah." I moaned.

"Please harder, it feels so fucking good. Oh fuck." My hands we're gripping the bed sheets and my knuckles were turning white.

"Damn girl," he said, "you're so fucking tight. You feel so good on my cock.

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I laughed at that. He put one of his hands around my neck squeezing slightly, which he knows is mistress in fishnets anal fuck black sub favorite turn on.

"Baby, I'm gonna cum." He said. "Mkay baby, hold on." I said, and gave a final hard thrust, fucking him back. I pulled his dick out and put it in my mouth, sucking it to get his cum on my tongue. "Yeah, suck it just like that baby." He said with his hands on my head and in my hair.

He came almost instantly in my mouth and I swallowed his entire hot load. "Mmm, tastes good." I smiled after he put his cock back in his shorts. After brushing my teeth (because I know some guys don't like tasting their own cum), I went back in his room and kissed him sweetly.

That kiss was followed by many more sweet nose, neck, and finger kissies. He put in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and we watched that and fell asleep, cuddled in each other's arms, naked. We awoke a couple of times and repeated the day's activities. The final time I woke up it was around 3 pm and I had to get home. I woke him up by a gentle kiss on the lips and told him that I had to get home. He smiled and said okay. On the drive home, he asked me, "So on a scale of one to ten, tem being the best you've had, how was I?" "Nine and a half, babe" I smiled, "nine and a half."