Stiff black cock for a lusty hussy interracial brunette

Stiff black cock for a lusty hussy interracial brunette
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Well this is my first time soo please be gentle with me.

New english medium sexy story sex stories

I am not a grammar god so if that kinda of stuff can fuck up a story for u I'm sorry. Well let do this then!!

P.S. I'm doing this on my phone sooo yeah So were to start? My name is.well let just go with Eric reaper.

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Well let me tell you about my self. I'm 18 6'1 green eyes brown hair I keep it short cause I try to grow it out and it doesn't fall it just kinda goes in all directions. Well I use to be a lil big not to big just a stomach.

But now I got a job were I am cut grass all day in the sun ( in fucking Texas so yeah) so now I'm in good shape not rip but hey I don't work out and a eat fast food all day so I don't complain umm well I got a 6' inch cock when soft when hard its about 8'2 inch so I'm happy with it now to the story.

'Hey mom I going over to lil joe house'.(we call him that cause there use to be two joes were we lived and he was younger so it kinda stuck) 'ok see u later be back by Tuesday u got some yard to do'. I am outside and I pull out my phoe and text lil joe 'yo I am on my way ur bitch sister not there right' ( I will get to her in a min) i send the story klip film ngentot amerika. On my way there I get a reply 'yeah she here but so far she not that bad' I way the pros and the cons if I want to go hang with him with her there.

I end just saying fuck and go hang out with him. I pull in to lil joes drive way text him I am out side to unlock the door. When I get to the door it fucking lock.

It took me like five min to get to the door cause I had to grab my bag and xbox 360 how had he not done this yet that lazy ass. I being the dick I am I start puching the door bell as fast as I can.( years of game got me pretty fucking fast if I don't say so myself) then I girl riding a hard cock close up her.' Jesus fucking Christ who the fuck is ringing the door bell no stop' I hear the lock turning and the door open up to see Courtney aka court.' Ok let me tell u what court look like.

She is 20 about 5'6 5'7 I'm not sure she has brown eyes and she has redhair and attractive face. A pair of c cup tits she is skinny but not like I can see ribs skinny just skinny. A nice ass long legs. Let me give u a lil back story on why she is a bitch to me. When we were kid like 12 and she was 14 she had a crush on me and try to fool around with lesbian menage a trois landing strip pussy medium boobs I said no to her.

1 part I was to chicken shit to do anything 1 part I was a kid so I new I was to young for that shit. Now don't get me wrong I knew about sex heck I probably knew befor her growing up with three big bro will do that.So yeah ever since then she been a bitch to me back to the story.

'Hey court what took u so long' I.said with a shit eater grin. 'Go fuck your self eric' 'Only if u help out ' I see her blush for a sec then right back to being a bitch. 'You wish eric joe in his room so get out of my face' I walk pass her up the stairs and to joe room. Open the door and see him on his bed with a pair of turtle beaches on play black opps 2.

Now I know why he didn't here my text. I walk up to him and say sup he says sup a fist bump later and we are play blk opp. Three hours later I start to want to take a break.'hey joe u want to go swim to take a break. 'Yeah sure hold up let me change u change in here' I shut his door and start to change right when I am stark naked court walks in.

Being me I look at here and say ' either help me get dressed or get out' I never stop getting dressed she get embarrassed and leaves. I chuckle to my self. Now I'm down stairs waiting on joe. finally he done we head In the back yard were there is a big inground pool that's 8' feet deep on the deep end and 4 on the shallow end.

We swim shooten shit for a hour or two then I see court come out in a bikini. I try my hardest to keep a straight face and not stare at her. She has a black top that cover up her girls while leaving enough out to look sexy and just a pair of black bottoms that make her ass look divine.

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she dive in. And we goof around for awhile this is one of those rare times were she a cool chick to hang out with.but joe gets tired and says he heading In to permeating hot honey from behind hardcore cumshot a shower and eat.

So now it just me and her I'm trying to not get a hard on cause in the trunks it would be damn clear I had one. Then she says 'I'm sorry for walking in on you' I give embarrassed grin and say' no it was my fault I should have lock the door' she smiles and it goes silent for a bit then she's say ' last time I saw your cock it was.kinda small when did it get so.big' that was a big one up to my ego.' Haha last time u saw my junk I was what 13 cause I got pants it's been a while but thanks for the compliment your not so bad your self' she bushes ' and say thanks you' then my dom " domination" side take over over I swim to her and say' u seen me now I get to see you' she looks scared for a sec the a coy smile splits her lips and she look around to see if any on can see her she pick up her top and lets her boobs fall down.

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They don't sag or any thing they just got lifted up by the way she took off her top. The Areolas are about the size of a half dollar coin and her nip come out about half a inch and they arehard. With out warning pinch one and lock my mouth on to the other one she let's out a little surprise yeld then moans. Then she get mad at me and puch me away and I'm my mouth come off with a pop.'what the fuck are you doing eric' I look at her a smile' come on court don't be like that I know u want it' she put her top back on and get out of the pool 'you had your chance with me along time ago' and walk in side.

I wait five min then go in side. Rest of the day was pretty boring my chubby mum masturbating on bed and cumming twice and joe play some games watch so tv and that was about it. Around 8:00 his dad got home with dinner witch was pizza. And some movies we decide to eat then watch the movies. His dad take the big chair joe lays on the couch and court sit on the love seat I'm cold so I whent to get a blanket and when I came back I see I have to sit by court at first I curse in my head then a idea hit me.

I sit by her she looks cold so I offer some covers she says thanks then we start the movie. I made the blanket tight so it tinted up and u could not see are hand move even if u look for it. I let 10 min go by then I made my move I put my had right on her crotch she jumps a bit and looks at me and try to pry my hand off but I'm stronger then her. I lean in to her ear and whisper 'try and keep it down I'm trying to watch a movie' I lick her ear then lean back she look at me with a angry look but I start to move my finger so they are tracing her lips new prons sex stories new prons dashi her pussy she.

The look of anger turn to shock then pleading she know if she says something it would be embarrassing. I push my finger In to her but her pj stop me and I take my hand off of her she look relieved for a sec or two then I push my hand under her pj and panties.

The relieved look get replaced with terror. I stick one finger in her and leave it there for about 10 sec then I slowly pull it out and puch it back in. Then I go a lil faster but from the out side you couldn't tell anything was happening. I start to push another finger In it a lil tight but I manage. Her face is flush and her pussy is soaked.

I do this for most of the movie not give to much making come close to Cummings then backing off then I seen the movie is about to rap it self up self I use my palm to rub up against her clit. She jumps at the new pleasure I let out a chuckle.

I start to move my fingers in out faster and faster till I am moving as fast as I can with out it being able for joe or her dad to see. She look at me and lean in and half whispers half moans ' oh my god eric please stop I am about to cum and idk if I can keep myself from screaming in pleasure' for my answer I use my thumb to rub her clit more she let out a throat moan but stops her slef from leting it out of her throat I keep it up wondering when she going to cum cause I'm not superman and my hands starting to cramp.

Then it happens I feel her pussy convulse and try to suck my finger farther in to her and she push her back against the love seat bites her lip to keep from moaning. I keep up my assault on her pussy and clit. I slow down after 30 sec to let her come down. When she's done I lean and whisper 'good luck getting to your room with ur panties in PJs crotch soaked' I lean back she look at me with a look of desperation.

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Cause right at the moment I lean back the movie ends and the credits start to roll. Her dad get up and says she has the kitchen tonight my smile get bigger. She lean in and whispers ' please eric help I will do anything' I smile and whisper back 'be my personal sex slave and I will' she get mad but then realizes she's doesn't have a choice so she nods.

I say 'don't worry mr.d I will do the kitchen' he say ok then g'night and leaves us. I get up walk in the kitchen thinking this is going to be a fun weekend.

Tell me if I should keep going or just give up all together. an I know it short I did it in like a hour but if it get got feedback I will make a longer chapter