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Milf women would like to get pressed in public pt on hdmilfcamcom
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Allia lived in a diverse world full of monsters and creatures. Her home, a massive city, had defenses to keep the evil out, but that didn't prevent her parents from mistreating her and using her like a toy. They fed her various body modification potions starting at the age of nine; which warped her into a bizarre creature.

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As a result, the poor girl was a freak by the age of 18. The strange potions made her very chubby and grow dull brown fur all over. She grew oversized breasts and long cow-like tail, which constantly got in her way. Her cute fuzzy face mostly kept human properties: large dark green eyes, small pouty lips and puffy cheeks.

Soft tan fur covered her freckled face, but people never saw it because she hid behind her long brown hair. She strongly resembled a cow, and that wasn't too bad.

However, Allia's mother really wanted a son, and decided to feed the girl plenty of cock growing potions. The result: a leathery monster cock that grew down to her knees. The shaft was thin, thus not too hard to hide; she tucked it down her pant leg where it stayed out of site unless aroused.

And yet this still wasn't Allia's biggest problem. Due to the large consumption of strange brews, the teen had an unusual tendency to fall in love instantly. She couldn't help herself from giving warm long hugs and undressing herself in front of everyone she met. Allia was never allowed to leave the house, so she orders things online to meet the delivery drivers. Being too shy and awkward, she never got to say more than a few words or maybe flash the guests before her parents caught her.

Getting caught usually meant more weird potions.

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But today was the end of all that, she started a fire in the house and made her way outside, then she kept running forward without looking back.

The young timid girl realized that she far from home and in a strange part of town, before too long, she was completely and utterly lost.

-----End of Introduction----- Allia had makeup smeared across her face from her encounter, her clothes were ripped and muddy, and there was cum stuck to her fur everywhere. She ran for as long as she could, avoiding eye contact with every person she ran past, until she found herself outside the city walls and in the middle of a farm.

That's when she spotted a little bunny girl herding sheep into a barn with a pet dog. Allia watched the girl work perfectly in sync with her companion, she had white fur all over and a cute cotton ball as a tail. Allia was desperate for someone to trust and wanted to approach the child, but the dog that accompanied her was large and intimidating.

Once the tamed sheep were in the barn, the girl lay down against the wall and pulled up her short skirt while giving a sharp whistle. Allia couldn't believe her eyes; the pet dog ran and started passionately licking the bunny's wet flower.

The small girl was enjoying every moment, she grabbed the dog's black thick fur as he buried his face in her cooch, drinking the girl's juices. Allia crept closer, she could smell the sweet stench of sex. Her pussy moistened and her monster cock started to stiffen, it was impossible not to start playing with herself.

She became worried when the dog started to get rough, it pushed more of it's weight on the little bunny girl and started biting at her fragile neck. And that's when she saw it, Allia's hands flew to her mouth as she gasps at the sight; The dog mounts the floppy eared bunny and points a pair of massive veiny red cocks at her exposed furry rear, the child began squeezing the dog in welcoming anticipation. But right before he violates the girl, he looks up, hawt legal age teenager attractive babe deepthroats the air, then glaring directly in the hidden cow-girl's direction.

The sweat-drenched bunny tugs the dog's fur, urging him to sink his massive pair of shafts into her. The muscular husky charges and collides into the pudgy Allia with incredible speed, climbing on top her as she falls on her back. While Allia lies helplessly on her back, she takes the time to admire the dog; the majestic beast had dense black fur ella novas oiled pussy is reading visible battle scars across its body.

It proudly waited for its master, while the double doggy dick was fully erect and resting against her stomach, Allia couldn't help but get turned on from this primal domination.

She turned her attention to the farm girl who was singing and skipping to see what her pet caught, "I reckon you caught yourself another imp didn't ya Char?" she called out with a cutesy childish tone.

Then she saw the scene; shy little Allia was covered in mud and cum, she had makeup stains running down from her eyes.

The timid herm's clothes were torn to shreds and Char's canine cock was resting on her bare stomach, a thick line of precum was dripping out of both dicks leaving a wet and sticky mark in Allia's fur. "Get off her ya crazy mutt, can't you see she ain't no threat" she commanded with an angry tone, the dog got off the defeated cow-morph with it's bushy tail between it's legs.

The pet started to sniff at the little girl's crotch, but was swatted away immediately. Allia admired the power this young girl had on the powerful, and very hung, beast; it was hard to imagine that just moments ago she was going to be mercilessly impaled by its two oversized canine shafts.

While Allia got up, the child introduced herself as Yippy, then went and fetched a hose from the barn. In her usual light-hearted tone, she invited Allia to undress as to clean her with water.

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"N-no no, it's fine" The timid cow-girl girl stammered, too embarrassed to show her dick to a kid that she really likes and finds kind of cute. Yips' big smile turned into a small smile, "Undress, now!" she insisted. The futanari chick let her pajamas drop to the floor while blushing hard and looking away in shame.

She immediatly felt the dog's hot breath as he sniffs her long uncut member, the warm air started a feeling deep inside her. Yips delicately wrapped her soft furry hands around her new friend's unique cock, stroking it and giving every inch of loose skin the attention it deserves.

The bunny child rinsed off Allia with the hose and had a light chat. Allia was enjoying spending time with the wild child, it reminded her of when she used to be more carefree.

Yip the kid laid down on the grass and lifted her skirt, revealing once more two tight pink holes which hungered for attention and an adorable cotton ball tail that shook the more Yip was exited. Allia couldn't resist the temptation of tasting the teen's moist immature womanhood, so she laid down on her stomach and began eating out the little bunny. Allia tried to force her tongue down the kim zuluaga transexual story porno pussy but it was impossible, how can she stay so tight after getting penetrated by the dog's massive double cock?

As if on queue, the cow-girl felt the dog's hot breath against her exposed and wet pussy. Allia knew what the dog wanted, and she was going to give it to him. The charcoal colored beast forced his face in her crotch, using his long fire red tongue to pre-fuck her. The pudgy girl lifted her ass up in the air as a response, while continuing to service the moaning and groaning bunny.

---------------------- [This story lost a lost of steam, I'd be glad to revisit and add more if I get enough demands for it. I mostly write to explore themes and they can get old quickly. However getting feedback is a great motivator and if people want more of this story, I would prioritize continuation (it would be good practice for me)] Here is a thesaurus I use frequently for anyone who wants to try writing their own story, Feel free to send me links on writing erotica and I'll add them in my next stories.