Capri cock milking a cock to a happy ending

Capri cock milking a cock to a happy ending
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I put on my hat and grabbed my pellet gun as I get ready to go outside. I was at my grandparent's house for a week and I wanted to make the best of it, which meant staying away from my grandma.

She was a sweet lady and all, but she would always make me do work when I looked like I wasn't doing enough. I opened the door on the patio and was greeted by the pleasant scent of the garden my grandmother had crafted. It was sunny out, like always, and I took my first step outside excitedly. I first walked toward the field that was behind their yard and started looking for gophers. It was my pass-time because it led me away from my grandma, and I felt tough and powerful shooting and killing another living being.

About 2 hours and 5 gophers later, I xxx sex vidos hot 2019 to head back towards the house. I stepped into the patio and put my gun away to be greeted by my cousin. She was younger than me but only by about 6 months. I had always noticed that she was very attractive and had had a crush on her for a long time. Now that I was 16 I could fully realize just how beautiful she was.

I had watched many a porno in my youth, but never had anything close to a girlfriend. I knew what the two sexy bumps were under her t-shirt and what the thing between her legs was for. She had just ridden her bike over and the light of the sun bounced off of the perspiration on her face making it glow. She smiles with the cute almost shy smile she has and greeted me with a "Hi!" and gave me one of those awkward cousin hugs.

She asked me how my summer was going and we chatted for a while before walking inside and have dinner with everyone else. After dinner I helped with the dishes and went downstairs because it was cooler and my cousin was down there. She was watching TV, but when she saw me coming she turned it off and said "Wanna play a card game?" I said sure and she grabbed a deck and we started playing cards and talking. Soon the conversation landed on if I have a girlfriend. I was slightly embarrassed because I had never had one and she was so pretty so I assumed she has had many boyfriends.

"No I have never had a girlfriend before, I haven't even kissed another girl" I stated, going quieter at the end. "Ya me either, I mean like with a boy though." she casually pointed out, quite to my surprise. "But you're so pretty!" I said without even thinking. "Do you think I'm pretty?" she almost whispered, "No other guys seem to think so." Well they would be stupid to think other-wise." I said with more step bro bangs harley jades pussy doggystyle, as I was trying to cheer her up.

I guess she felt more awkward and changed the subject. Later that night I had found out that she was staying over for the night. It was weird, because she almost never did, and that was only if my sister was over.

I got into my pajamas I got into bed and started imagining her coming into my bedroom and doing terrible unspeakable things to me, and I was loving it. I heard her then open the door to the bathroom and walk right up to my door and say "Good night" and then into the bedroom right across the hall from me.

I stifled my breath to hear her getting into bed and turning off the light. The fact that she was right across the hall from me sent my imagination to places it has never been before thinking of ideas of how to get in her pants or how I wished that she would want to get into mine.

I soon fell asleep to be joined by her in my dreams. Slowly I woke up to find that I had had a wet dream. My boxers were soaked with my cum and I cursed because my grandma is the one that deals with my laundry and I didn't want her to see this. I took them off and rolled them into a ball and put them at the bottom of my dirty clothes, hoping that it wouldn't be too obvious.

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I then put some new clothes on and headed out for breakfast. Out at the table I saw my cousin already sitting and eating, dressed in a loose t-shirt and pyjama pants. If I looked close enough I could see her nipples poking through the t-shirt, and would sneak a glance every chance I got. My grandma and grandpa were in the kitchen and my cousin small talked about the weather and what we were going to do after school and just regular stuff. Then my grandpa said that it looked like a good day for a swim, and in case I didn't mention my grandparents have an in-ground pool that all the kids loved.

My cousin then looked at me and asked if I wanted to go swimming with lovely ass bounces hard on a big stick, and of course I accepted. Anyway I could get a better look at her body I would take. When we got out to the pool I started imagining walking inside the girls change room with her and helping her take off her clothes, but I went into the boys instead.

I opened the door and got a whiff of chlorine and saw the sparkling water. I jumped in and was rudely greeted by the coldness that took over me. I started moving around to help the circulation of warmth through my body. I heard the other door open and was then treated to the gorgeous body of my cousin step out of the change room. The top of her bikini clutched and caressed her chest and I became envious of it.

I followed my eyes down her stomach to the mound between her legs that was also unfortunately covered by the soft cloth of her bathing suit. She must have noticed me staring because she said "Like my new bathing suit? I just got it yesterday." It left me dumbfounded because how could I not love the little fabric exposing most of her beautiful body to me?

"It looks very good on you" I said, not to raise any suspicion. She smiled and jumped into the water next to me. I got out and grabbed some goggles so I could see through the distorted images that the water created. I went under the water and swam around staring at the beautiful display I had before me.

I then playfully grabbed at her leg and she kicked away with a smile on her face and we started chasing each other around and having fun with each other. That's when solo amateur teen toying her pussy outdoors toys amazing happened. As she got out of the pool one of petite teen whore smalltits and group sex strings tying keeping the bikini together got caught on the siding and pulled it completely off.

I watched in slow motion as her boobs were freed from there prison and bounced as she hopped up. The moment that it took her to realize what had happened was the greatest moment of my life. The water made light dance off of her and the cold of the water had made her nipples stand at attention. I was speechless. As quick as it had happened it was taken away by her hand. It covered them back up and I quickly looked at her face to see what reaction she had.

There was obvious embarrassment and shyness and she reached down and grabbed her top and ran into the change room. I could hear crying follow out from behind the door and I jumped out of the pool. I walked up to the door to listen closely and she was defiantly upset. I didn't know what I could say. "I'm sorry" was all I could think of. She then yelled "GET OUT OF HERE!" and I quickly went inside without even thinking. As soon as I was inside I realized that I was still soaking wet and only had my bathing suit on.

I didn't want to go back out to get my clothes, but I didn't want to get in trouble with my grandma either. I thought about what I should do and quietly went back outside to get my clothes I could hear that my cousin had stopped crying and as soon as I had grabbed my clothes she walked out of the change room.

She saw me and looked down at the ground with tears in her eyes and softly said "I'm sorry for yelling at you, but that was the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me." "Its ok," I replied, "I would have yelled at you too if that had happened to me." She relaxed a little and then got a worried look on her face and said "Please don't tell anyone." She was just to upset and worried and I wanted to make her feel better so I said "of course not it will be our secret.

When we went back inside lunch was being prepared and I could smell the food my grandma was making and it smelled good. It almost got my mind off of the beautiful pair of boobs that I had just seen exposed in the sunlight.

Things were defiantly more awkward between me and my cousin and we ate in silence. After lunch I watch as she got up and scraped her dished and walked down the hall, and then listened as I heard the door to her room close.

I sighed to myself and went downstairs to watch television. Cum drenched gloryhole euro toyed with dildo threesome cumshot found myself not even wanting to pay attention to whatever sit-com was on, but instead daydreaming about the events in the morning.

I replayed the top coming off in my head hundreds of times. I was enjoying myself, but I heard soft footsteps hitting the carpet as they descended toward the room I was in. I quickly straitened up and heard the pure voice of my cousin call my name out. I turned around to see my ears were correct as my cousin stood at the foot of the steps looking strait at me.

"Yes?" I commented trying to sound as if I was just dreaming about her. She looked at the ground in front of her and said "We need to talk." It wasn't in the tone of voice I was expecting.

It sounded embarrassed, but yet curious. "What would you like to talk about?" I replied. "I don't like the way things have gotten between us now." She calmly stated "Everything is to awkward now I want it to be like before." What was she talking about?

I thought to myself. "And how would it get back to being like before?" I asked. She then looked at me in the eyes, took a deep breath and said, "I think I should have to see your penis." Now this was quite surprising as I always thought of her as very innocent.

She stood there looking more and more unsure of herself as I thought about my answer. "You're right it is a stupid idea I should have never said anything." She stammered looking on the verge of tears again.

I quickly regained my senses and said the first thing that came into my head "Okay." "No, no its ok I don't want to force you" her lip was trembling now. I just wanted her to be ok so I got up off the couch and grabbed her hand. "Come on." I didn't know were I was getting all this courage from, but it sure felt good. I led her into the bathroom and closed the door behind us.

We didn't have much room in there and I looked at her and said "You can't tell anyone either." She looked up at my and nodded and her eyes then immediately focused on my crotch. All of a sudden I was very nervous and started shaking a little.

I reached for the top button of my pants and opened it up. I then slowly unzipped my fly, with my cousin watching every move.

I hooked my thumbs under my boxers and slowly pulled them down. I could feel the cold air hitting two stunning blondes and one big rod cumshot and boobs parts and they disagreed with it and started to contract into my body, like a turtle into its shell.

She gasped the moment she saw it and I felt my face get bright red. "It looks so different from the pictures at school" she gasped eyes never breaking contact with it, or even blinking. "Does it hot girlfriend tries out anal sex with horny guy on cam smalltits pornstars weird to have something dangling in between your legs?" she asked with child-like curiosity in her voice.

"I guess I'm pretty used to it." Was all I could think of. Still her eyes did not leave what she was gazing at. With wonder in her voice she said, "Can I touch it?" I had not been expecting this and the thought started getting me excited.

I could feel blood starting to rush downwards towards the focus of my cousin's eyes. I didn't want to miss this perfect chance, but my mouth didn't seem to work like I wanted.

I just nodded and watched at her arm started to move and her hand open up to accept my manhood. She grabbed on and immediately I could feel the coldness of her hands and gasped and pulled away. She looked up with a concerned face and said "I'm sorry did I hurt you?" "No your hands are just really cold I replied, and a nervous "heh" escaped my lips.

She reached out again and cradled it softly in her hands being as gentle as she could. The reaction from my dick was as it probably would have been if any hot girl was holding it, it started getting harder. "Oh!" she exclaimed, "is it doing that because of me?" I guess when I assumed that she was innocent, I was correct. "Well what else is black anacondas vs nadia ali to happen when a hot girl holds it?" I teasingly asked.

"I'm not hot," she said. "Well my dick seems to think otherwise." I said, with a grin on my face. Then an idea popped into my head. "Can I touch yours?" She looked up at me and saw I was serious. Her face then started to get a little red, "Sure." That was all I needed. I had never touched a girl there before and started getting nervous again. I reached up and felt the cloth that was her t-shirt and pressed a little harder and felt her bra, and finally some heat from her candy katarina eye i know that girl. Even thought I couldn't really feel anything.

That fact that my hand was on it excited me over the top and I felt an orgasm coming. It shot onto her hand and she jerked it away. I immediately took my hand off her boobs and apologized. I didn't know what she thought of me and I didn't want to look up and see. "It's ok," she said "I've never seen that happen before and just didn't expect it.

She then grabbed my hand and put it back on her boob. Then she did something I couldn't even imagine. She brought her hand up to her face and licked all the cum right off of it! I almost came again right there as I realized what she was doing. "Salty" she simply stated but all of a sudden I heard my grandma call us up for supper. I quickly pulled up my pants and unlocked the door behind me. I walked up the stairs with my cousin right behind me.

"What were you kids doing down there?" asked my grandpa. My cousin reacted quicker and said "Nothing!" She was right thought about it being less awkward. We actually had a pleasant conversation over supper and it felt normal again between us. Then she looked up and said "I was thinking that I could stay over again tonight. Would that be ok?" My grandparents couldn't find anything wrong with it and she phoned her mom and informed her.

We then played cards and nothing was mentioned about what had happened in the bathroom. That night I could hear her in the washroom, and she went into her room again that same as last night. Many, many times I thought about getting up and going over there even just to check on how she was doing. I convinced myself out of it as I thought that if she would have wanted to do anything she would have come into my room.

The next day was uneventful; she actually had to be somewhere with her mom and that left me alone to think about our time in the bathroom all day. When she got back it was after supper and she came up to me and asked if I would like to sleep outside in a tent with her tonight.

Of course I said yes, and so did our grandparents so we spent the evening getting ready by setting up the tent and such By about 11 it was ready and we both got changed inside and climbed into the tent. We played card games until our grandparents went to bed and she looked at me and said "Wanna finish what we started?" I sort of knew what she was talking about but to be safe I said "Okay, but you start." She responded by taking off her shirt.

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"Now you take off something." At first I could hardly move at the sight of her bra, but did as she said and also took of my shirt. Then she took off her pants and look at me expectantly so I followed suit. She then took a deep breath and unhooked her bra. I could feel the tension and excitement rising in my and my pants and she slowly took both her arms out, looked at me, and let her bra drop to the floor.

Even though I had already seen her boobs once by the pool before, the sight of them still astounded me.

They were perfect in everyway. Before that I had studied them in porn, but this was something else. She broke me out of my trance by saying "You can touch them if you want." My hand floated through the air and came in contact with them. Without the bra on was completely different. They felt so smooth and nothing like I had imagined them. My other hand joined its brother on the other breast.

She giggled and I then felt self-conscious about what I was doing and if I was doing it right. I then realized she was staring at my crotch again and I pitching a different tent then sunny leone 3xx sex stories 2019 one we were sitting in. She then reached down and grabbed it and said "Wow it's so big." I was kind of thrown back by that, I never considered myself to be big.

I also realized that it was the first one she had ever seen as well. She began stroking it outside the cloth and I took one hand off of her for a moment and removed my boxers for her. She grabbed on again and started stroking. "This is was you're supposed to do right?" she asked.

I was in pure ecstasy and the best I could do was nod my head. Her jacking me off and me fondling her chest was too much for me I came again right all over her hands but she was expecting it this time. "Did that feel good?" She asked. "That felt better then anything I have ever felt." I replied. She smiled at me and said thanks. Then I got another idea. "Can I make you feel good?" She looked at me for a second and the realized what I was asking.

She brought her hands up to her panties and grabbed them pulling down. Immediately there was a scent that was different then I was used to. It was sweet and pungent and absolutely intoxicating. A primal feeling started rising up in me as I stared at my first pussy. She had shaved it, and I guess that means she was planning this from the start. I had seen in many porno's that the guy would use his tongue down there, and the girls would go crazy for it. I slowly lowered my head, as if not to scare her, down between her legs she opened up her legs and the scent that was driving my crazy kept getting stronger.

I opened my mouth and my tongue stuck out reaching as far forward as it could begging to touch the magnificent display I had in front of me. As soon as my hot breath and tongue hit her, her legs closed onto my head. Not milf in black lingerie fingering slippery pussy, but enough to keep me from going anywhere. I started feeling around with my tongue and her breath started getting heavier. Then I went over what I guessed was her clit, because she jerked and told me not to stop.

I started licking where she told me and her body reacted by pushing her towards my mouth she started moaning under her breath, and her body was humping my face. I then felt her tense up, and juices started oozing out.

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I licked up all of it I could and looked up at her. Her face was flushed red and her breathing was still pretty heavy. "Did that feel good?" I asked out of genuine curiosity.

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"That felt amazing!" she wheezed, still recovering from her orgasm. She then hugged me and crawled in her sleeping bag. "Why don't you come join me?" she asked.

I couldn't say no and crawled right in next to her. We were both naked still but she didn't make anymore moves so I assumed our fun was over for now.

End Part 1