Beautiful teen crumpet rubs wet crack hardcore and russian

Beautiful teen crumpet rubs wet crack hardcore and russian
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"You can come and watch me. I will shoot movie Tuesday Wednesday." I thought for a while. If I refused the invitation, I would NEVER have an opportunity like this again. I was in a bar/restaurant in Tokyo Japan. It was my third week there as an English teacher. I had received my TESOL/TESL Teacher Training Certification three months earlier in Boston and decided to teach in Tokyo for a year.

My mother was Japanese so I was always curious about Japan. My date at the bar was a young woman named Rika. She was a beautiful 21 year old with a high giggly laugh and those wide doe eyes that tug at a man's groin.

She was one of my students. "OK. It sounds like fun. I'll go!" I said "It will be like "Sperm Viking" movie." Rika said. "It is called "Gokkun Ichi Nichi Ju"" Tuesday came fast. The building I walked into was like any other on the street. The 1st floor was packed with Japanese men in their underwear. I took off my pants and was led upstairs to the 2nd floor where the scene would be shot. The stairway and the main room on the 2nd floor were packed with men as well; perhaps fifty or more. The room was hot and bright from the lights.

Some big boobed mature whitney wonders riding stiff cock on couch the men had their hands in their briefs yanking their shlongs. There was a door in the back of the room which served as an exit. The cameras were rolling and I could hear Rika as she made her way up the stairs to the front of the room and stood by a mat. She had on a little red mini skirt and pair of shiny pantyhose.

I could feel my tender loin stiffen. She had barely introduced herself to the camera when the 1st guy made his way towards her and she knelt down on the mat opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out. He managed to shoot the 1st stream of squirt with such force that there was a wet audible "plop" as it hit the roof of her mouth and Rika gagged slightly.

About three more steady streams of squirt shot into her gaping yapper before the force of the stream quickly subsided. Rika sucked the dick into her mouth and cleaned up before two more guys stepped up on each side of her and shot their semen into her wide waiting mouth. After cleaning both dicks off, Rika continued telling the camera that she planned to "Gokkun ichi nichi ju" or gokkun all day and swallow 200 shots of semen breaking the semen slurping record set by Momo Iizawa in the "Sperm Viking" movie.

She was interrupted again by three more men who each shot their loads of fresh baby batter directly onto Rika's tongue where she let the nut pearl slip down her tongue and collect. Four more men scurried up and came into Rika's mouth before she swallowed and smiled. This all happened in the first three minutes. In those three minutes, Rika swallowed more sperm than many woman will swallow in a life time.

The pace slackened a bit and Rika was able to spend a little time slurping each penis into her mouth and sucking out the last bit of spunk As each spent man made his way to the exit door another guy stepped up to replace him. This went on for about 25 minutes before Rika caught an extra huge milky squirt on the wrong part of her tonsil and heaved up a generous glop of half digested sperm onto the upper part of her now exposed breasts.

Smiling, she quickly scooped up the sperm puke and managed to get most of it into her mouth and gulp it down with a nauseous grimace. A chubby man with a very short and stubby penis scurried up and shot an impressive stream of fresh hot semen into her waiting mouth. The sound of the squirt hitting her tongue was loud enough to make her and a couple of the guys laugh. Two other guys quickly made their way up and took their positions as I realized my time was here.

I started towards the front and felt a nervous excitement overtake me. I watched as Rika caught the 1st guys load and it splashed into the previous load she was saving in her mouth. She managed to suck the still squirting dick head sweet schoolgirl gets a dick in her mouth japanese and hardcore her mouth without swallowing.

She cleaned the excess sperm off her face with her fingers, shoving it into her mouth. The next guy stepped up and let loose a stream of nut cream into her quickly filling mouth.

She swallowed and looked at me as I stepped up. The smell was overpowering.

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Somehow it didn't matter to me. I looked down at Rika as I yanked on my stiff shaft and tickled my shrunken nut sack. It had been 3 days since I had cum, so I had quite a load to feed Rika.

She smiled at me and moved her tongue closer to me. The corners of her mouth and her cheeks were covered with a flaky crust of dried cum. I could feel a lightness as I stopped stroking and lowered the head of my pulsating prick right on Rika's tongue and let loose a stream of thick hot spunk that almost knocked me over backwards with it's force.

My knees buckled a little as a number of warm jets of hot spunk squirted out of my seed nozzle finally subsiding to a piddle as Rika spaghetti sucked my spent spunk hose into her mouth and sucked hard.

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I worked my prick out of her mouth like a cork out of a bottle of fine wine. I made my way to the exit and decided to hang around for the second scene. I found out later that I was the 33rd guy to spew into her mouth in that scene (out of 62).

They put a sperm shot counter in the lower right hand corner in the final version of the movie. Some guys went twice in this scene, but I figured I would save my spunk for scene two. I'll tell you about that soon!