Brazzers com sex sex stories story porn star sexy full sex stories movies

Brazzers com sex sex stories story porn star sexy full sex stories movies
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Jodi's Story Part 3 Settling into Married Life After our honeymoon in Hawaii we arrived back home and settled into work. Jodi's fabric store was doing OK and my work was busy all the time. After a week home Jodi showed me an e-mail from Phillip. It turns out he was travelling down our way in a couple weeks.

He worked for an advertising agency that had the contracts with the parent corporation of Jodi's fabric store. He said he would love to get together with her and talk "Marketing strategies and ad campaigns". Nice thing his visits would all be legit business.

We joked that his companies expense account was paying for him to come down and get some. She wrote back that we would love to see him. since he's on company dime he's paying for dinner with a big smiley face attached. They wrote back and forth a couple times the next few days. I think we had a pretty good idea of what the agenda would be (business at her store, dinner, drinks, Jodi getting laid, etc) and the locations.

He would be staying at the Sheraton so we agreed to meet him there in the evening and go for dinner at one of our favorite restraunts. It looked like everything was coming together (bad pun???). That next night Jodi was wired. She was anxious and horney as hell. We fucked like rabbits. We were both exhausted when we cuddled up together when I asked "What do you have in mind for Phillip?

I know you have been thinking about it. if this evening was any indication." She could just smile and shrugged. She hummed into my chest and then said "I don't know how much and how fast I want to include him in OUR lives and OUR love life. I guess it is a matter of trust at this point. I definitely don't trust Jason and G, and Phillip even confirmed those fears." She sighed and said "At least Phillip has some points on the positive side of the board by verifying what I suspected about them.

I think they wanted to blackmail me into being their full time whore. I could but I'd hate what I'd become." She patted my chest then hummed a little tune then said "Besides I have a loving husband who understands me and gives me freedom to indulge. I don't ever need to go down that gutter again with the likes of Jason and G." She kissed me and let out a contented sigh. After a little while she asked "What do you think we should do? I'm not sure. I was thinking of bringing him back here one time." I thought for a minute and said "Spare room?" She shook her head yes.

I thought for a little while more then let out a hmmm. "Do we just wanna use the bed and film things or do we want to partake of some of our fun goodies? Like the stuff in the dressers and closet?" Jodi stopped for a minute and thought. After a little bit she said "One night in his hotel and see how it goes. the next night in the spare room. a bit of leather and hints of bondage and see what his reaction is. If he seems interested in tying me up and you two having your way with me we can hint that his next rip could be along those lines." I shook my head in agreement.

"Sounds like a reasonable plan. Not just walking him into a dungeon right off the bat." I chuckled at that then stated "Besides we hint at it and then say thats for next time. and see how soon he schedules his next trip." We both chuckled at that. A few days later on a Friday afternoon Jodi got home from work cogiendo con su prostituta en un hotel seemed very agitated.

She had two glasses of wine in fairly rapid succession then went in and took a shower. I got some dinner ready and met her out on the deck. She was sitting in a lounge chair staring off into space. I leaned over and kissed her then indicated dinner was on the table. She looked at me for a long time then pulled me down to her and kissed me long and hard. I said "Wow. I sure like that." She kissed me again then patted the lounge chair next to her. I sat and looked at her and asked "Whats up?" she sighed then looked off in the distance for a minute.

She started slowly "I had a visit today. Jason showed up with his side kick sales manager (Ray). of course he tried to play it off as all business." She stopped for a couple minutes then began again " We were in my office and he leaned in close and whispered they would be in town tonight and tomorrow night.

He was right behind me looking at my computer monitor and ran his fingers up and down my neck. He kissed my neck as his partner Ray got up and closed the door. Oh god I heard that lock click and knew I was in trouble. Jason was so smooth and had my top open in no time. I couldn't resist" She stopped for a blonde in lingerie posing on casting see more at minutes. I touched her then kissed her.

Once I'd wrapped my arms around her she seemed to relax. I asked "Are you OK?" She smiled and said "I am now. He. he tried to seduce me. They both wanted to fuck me right there in my office and it would have happened. but. " She shook her head for a minute then looked at me and said "Please don't hate me." I smiled and said "Never" she seemed to relax. After a couple minutes of silence she whispered "Good. See they had my dress all undone, my bra was up around my throat and my panties.

well they are gone, I still don't know if they took them. Well. one of them was working on these." She opened her robe and her tits were red and had a couple hickies on them. I looked and tried not to react. She then said "Jason had my legs apart and was using fingers in me and I mean lots of them. I was just about to cum when my phone rang. I somehow managed to stop things. It was a cashier up front with a problem.

The computer system had gone down. I straightened my dress and had to get back to business. I was a wreck. I told Jason I had to take care of business. He understood. I got up to go and he kissed me again. I backed away. He told me they euro sex party with naughty euro amateurs 15 tube porn staying at a hotel downtown and that they wanted me there this evening. I told them I would call them later." I kissed Jodi then helped her up.

I lead her to the table and gave her another glass of wine then we had some dinner. She kind of picked at things so I gave her a glass of wine and we sat on the couch. I Looked at her and kissed her some more. We cuddled up on the couch and she snuggled into me. I knew all she had on was that nice thin robe and a pair of thong panties. She felt great. I kissed her forehead then said "So what do you want to do?" She looked up at me kind of incredulously then blurted "What do YOU want me to do?" I sat there for a minute and slowly said "You're the love of my life and I want you happy all the time.

One side of me says I should help get you dolled up and take you to their hotel. The other side of me is screaming alarms. Jason is going to try something, probably somethng on film and try and blackmail you into being his on call whore whenever he or his friends are in town." I stopped and let that simmer. Jodi kind of cuddled in closer and whispered "He did say if I came by that him and his buddy could have a little party and maybe call some friends of theirs." I kind of said "Um hmm.

So anotherwords they'd probably gang bang the hell out of you and film it all to try and use for later. Kind of like what Phillip eluded to. So what do you want to do?" She looked up at me then snuzzled into my neck. She spoke so very quietly "I was going to let them fuck me.both of them right there in my office. I was that close. my pussy was so wet and I was so close to cumming. When I got home I had omg perfect ass teen gaping her used pussy wide open shower cause I was still wet.

I couldn't decide what to do. I haven't even got dressed. I put on this thong then threw on a robe and came out here. Everything is screaming let them fuck me silly like the whore I am yet. God I have no will power." She was silent for a while. I finally broke the silence by saying "Your warning bells are going off too.

You don't want to go down that path and be converted to complete whore for every black friend of Jason's yet in a way you do. right?" Jodi kind of whimpered it sounded almost like crying "I want that kind of sex so bad and they could all have me except for the fact I'm married, I love you, we have our flings but on OUR terms." I smiled and raised her head and kissed her deeply.

"I love you too. We have a great thing going. We'll get together with Phillip next weekend and we got an e-mail from Bob today and he is coming up in a couple weeks and wants to get together. can get your fill, you might say, on your terms and NOT Jason's. Sound OK?" She kind of purred and snuggled into me "Bob wrote? Really.? He wants to get together?" I shook my head and said "yep". She visibly relaxed then I said "You need to call Jason and let him know In your condition WE decided to not do anything ambitious until after the baby is born " chuckle chuckle "In fact you really don't want to be seeing him until well after the baby is born.

It's a tough decision but you've already had one miscarriage and don't want to risk anything. That should shut his ass up and he'll leave you alone for sure." She looked at me like I had two heads then laughed "My condition.?

ha ha Oh so I'm knocked up and can't fuck him and his pals?" I shook my head and said "Yep. OK by you?" She smiled a shit eating grin and said "Yep." She picked up the phone and put it on speaker when she called Jason.

He was obviously annoyed and said a few choice things. His plan was obviously blown. I think he lined up some friends for some prime ass so he looked like the big man with all the action and he got stood up.

Ha poor baby. I was so proud of Jodi. When she hung up she pulled off her robe and straddled me there on the couche. She looked in my eyes and said "What are we going to do to make up for me not getting my first asian fuck client doggystyle deepthroat trouble this evening?" I smiled a shit eating grin and said "I've been working on something.

Have another glass of wine then I'll get you your outfit. You game?" She wiggled her pussy right on my cock and said "Oh hell gives sloppy blowjob cory chase in revenge on your father.

I went to the spare (play) room and got one bag for her and took it in and set it on our bed. I leaned into the hall and told her that the bag on the bed was for her and to try things on. She kind of giggled and ran down the hall. Her tits jiggled and her robe was open. I almost just took her on into the bed and fucked her then but. I went into the spare room to prepare and told her I'd call for her when I was ready. I fired up a couple heating pads on high to warm things up and got all my new goodies warming for her.

I got into my black leather bikers chaps and leather vest and was ready (she likes that outfit). I asked if she was ready and she giggled "Yes". When she crossed the hall she looked great.

She had on a black garter with straps kinky aurora has her tight anus destroyed were hooked to her black hose, on her feet were a set of black spiked heels that put her in just the right position.

She had a black blindfold in her hand. The rest of her was naked and the time spent on the deck in her bikini had helped keep her tan lines very intact. She had her hair undone and flowing down to her waist. What a vision. When she got to the playroom door I attached her blindfold then lead her to the bed. I had her sit on the footboard area then I layed her back onto the bed.

I ran my hands down her body and squeezed in a few great places. When I got to her ankles I attached the leather restraint cuffs and raised her legs. I spread her legs very very wide and attached each ankle to rings on each post of the 4 poster bed.

Her legs were way up and nicely spread with her butt right on the edge at the foot of the bed. Yummy. I worked my way around to her head and kissed her then I cuffed her wrists together and raised them over her head and attached them to a short chain from the headboard. I licked on her nipples for a minute til I felt her breathing begin to quicken then I stopped. I grabbed a jar of a special lotion I had purchased and rubbed some on each nipple and aereola.

Then I got a new toy and got ready. I whispered in her ear "DId someone get to play with these beautiful tits today?" She whimpered and shook her head "Yes". I grabbed both in my hands and gave them both a huge hard squeeze and she groaned.

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"Did that get you hot." she hissed "yesss." So I blew on her nipples and activated the lotion with warm breath. Jodi squirmed and exclaimed "Oh holy shit thats getting hot. wow". So I whispered "Did they suck on these sweet nipples?" She shook her head yes. I whispered "Like this?" and I attached a cone shaped cup doggy style pussy fucking for danica dillan the aereola of each tit and turned on the little battery powerred vacum pump attached to both cups by a small vacum line.

It purred a little bit then I could see her nipples pulling into each cup and filling them. Jodi let out a groan and hissed "Sooo hot. What are you doing to them.?

Holy shit. Holy shit". The pump was set up to suck a vacum for 5 seconds then lighten up for 5 more seconds kind of like a repeat sucking action but never completely releasing suction.

I kissed my way down her belly to her gorgeous pussy and licked her for a couple minutes. She was breathing in a very excited pace. I stopped for a minute and rubbed some more lotion around the outside of her pussy. I asked "Did they get to touch your gorgeous little pussy?" She shook her head and groaned out "Yes." I blew on the lotion and asked "Did that get you hot too?" She moved her hips and groaned "Oh fuck yes.

so hot. what the hell. thats getting hot too. oh shit". I licked her pussy a bit more then worked a finger or two into her and asked "Did they get some fingers into this cute little pussy?" She hissed "Oh fuck yes". I stopped and grabbed the first warm dildo with a clear tube and a bulb attached. I whispered "Did you want to be fucked?" she groaned "Yes. so bad" I slipped the warm dildo into her and hissed "oh like this?" She squirmed then said "Kind of but a lot more" I pushed into her and she squirmed "Oh god it's almost hot.

Oh god it feels good" I sank it deep then started squeezing the bulb as I said "They might have cum in you like this" Jodi bucked her hips sister full time sxi story sex stories bit and hissed "Oh yes.

so hot. so deep. Yes they'd have cum in me." I had squirted lots of warm lube deep in her and began working it in and out so every inch of her pussy would be so so slick. I pulled out that toy and replaced it with a very warm larger dildo and she groaned a bit as I worked that big boy into her. I whispered "They would probably be big and fill your poor little pussy." She whimpered "Oh yesss." So I kept working it in and out getting deeper all the time.

When It was good and deep I fired up a small vibe and ran it around her pussy lips then over her clit. She began bucking and groaning and in no time she came. I exclaimed "So the firist one would get you to cum? Oh my. What about the other would he get you of?" She whimpered "Don't know" between quick orgasmic breaths. I pulled out the second toy and grabbed the third that was even bigger soft jelly type dildo and began working it into her.

She groaned as I said "I'm sure he'd want his turn. He'd work into you like this and try and fill you up. like this" She groaned and grunted and worked her hips to accept this monster and exclaimed "Oh fuck.

so damned big. Oh fuck".

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I could see her hands grasping her bonds very tightly and her thighs quivering. I worked the toy in and out of her badly stretched pussy yet I could see how strained her lips were around it. She was groaning and making some very passionate noises. Once I'd reached bottom I started working it deeper very very slowly as she Grunted out "Oh fuck oh fuck.

deep" I whispered "He's trying to fuck you deep and get you knocked up. " She groaned.I pulled out the small vibe and started working over the outside of her pussy then clit again. Her whimpers got higher and higher and she began rocking her hips to rub the toy against her clit better. After a couple minutes I saw the signs and soon she was cumming.

Her legs quivered and she tried to squeeze her knees and thighs together but the restraints prevented that. She howled "Oh holy fuckkkk." I let her come down a couple minutes while I wiggled the suction cups working on her nipples.

She groaned at that and whimpered "Fuck fuck. oh god".

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I got up next to her ear then whispered "If you'd gone to there hotel this evening maybe some of their very bad friends would have had you. could you have handled that?" She whimpered "I'm affraid so." I chuckled and got another bigger soft jelly dildo and said "Oh I don't know. you never know who they'd bring in to film you with. maybe this guy" I began working in a very very large soft jelly type maya has anal sex to stay pure that was very well lubed.

Jodi stretches busty arab teen gets a hot cum filling good bit each time she comes with something big in her so I was working up each time she came. It was a different experiment I would call sweet torture. Each time she came I'd step up in size and see what she could handle. I didn't think this one would work but I slowly got it inside her. Jodi squealed "Oh fuck. not him not him" as she rocked her head back and forth.

I worked it in and out a bit making slow progress. Jodi was squealing and when I held the toy still she would rock her hips to accomodate it then almost encourage more. I had as much into her as I thought was possible without hurting her bad then held it still. Jodi whimpered "Oh fuck oh fuck meee. fuck me." I began working it in/out with longer strokes and I thought she was going to lose her mind.

I couldn't resist so on one of the deep inward strokes I put the vibe on her clit and kept fucking her with the toy. She rocked her hips and screamed obscenities and finally came. I left it deep in her then ran the vibe all the way around her pussy lips. She just whimpered and flung her head side to side. I worked the small vibrator around to her asshole and slowly worked it in.

She began to buck a bit yet I kept pressure on both toys as the vibe actually slowly made entrance into her ass. I said "I think they want your ass too. Babe I think your gonna get double stuffed." She groaned and squealed at the same time.

I leaned forward and kissed her belly and felt the nice sheen of sweat from all her exertions. I said "Since you went to the hotel and they are taking advantage of your poor little body. Are you going to be their whore? Are they going to be able to fuck you any time or anyplace?" She whimperd and said "Oh god.

oh my fucking god. I'm a whore. I can't stop. I can't stop. fuck me" I began giving her a rough fucking with both toys. The vibe in her ass was screaming away and the foamy froth coming out around the huge dildo in her badly stretched pussy was incredible. I wiggled the vibe around a good bit but made sure it wasn't too deep. Jodi held very still. I was concerned for a second then a bunch of liquid oozed around the big dildo and she threw her head back and let out a growl.

I saw her legs squeeze and shake. She finally began breathing in huge gasps then finally said "Holy fuck.that was incredible".

She was barely consciouus as I removed the toys. I undid her restraints and kissed her. I whispered in her ear " This was more fun and besides we can do this anytime. and if you want Phillip or Bob can play along. We can have some fun without Jason's shit. I hope you liked it." She kissed me back and quietly said "Oh hell yessss. I'm gonna be sore tomorrow." The next morning we were lounging in bed and discussing what outfits she should wear next Friday when Phillip arrived.

We finally agreed to go shopping and get her something new. She agreed to go to the tanning booth a couple times that week to make sure her tan was really standing out. I teased her by telling her to wear her nice white bikini when she tanned. She was curious so I told her I love the tan lines. Kind of weird Busty mamacita gets fucked outdoors by horny hubby know but it's my little twist.

Her gorgeous little C cups looked so great with a lighter triangle of white skin against her tan bod along with her white triangle around her bush and ass in contrast to her brown legs and belly.

Aargh gets my blood going. I think it is because the contrast kind of makes her tits and bush look like they are highlighted in neon. not quite but highlighted. She got a kick out of this but was cool. As we kissed I brushed her nipples and Jodi let out a hiss and said "Holy shit those are tender this morning." I reached down and licked one then the other and she giggled when I said "I'll kiss it and make it all better". She told me that the heat and sucking had really got her excited.

She'd never experienced anything like that. Her nipples were very sensitive now but not real sore. She had to wear a very thin lacey bra so they would not be irritated. She gave me a bad time about trying to stretch her pussy to huge proportions too. I laughed and said "No I'm not. I'm just trying to keep her good and full. Besides I noticed that each time you cum your pussy seems to stretch and relax to a bit bigger size as you come down from your climax.

Each time you cum I switch to a bit bigger size as you come down and she accomodates it much easier. " Jodi kind of purred and said "Between what you had in me and what you were doing with that vibrator I was in heaven. It hurt due to size but when I came. Holy hell it was good." I chuckled and said "Oh you seemed to love it. I'm affraid you'd be happy you were blindfolded though." She looked at me curiously and asked why.

I told her "If you saw the size I started with to apply all that lube inside you you'd be OK but if you saw the size of what I worked you up to you'd freak." She kind of smirked and said "That bad huh? I guess the size of those kind of made me the slutty whore last night instead of a group of bad guys huh? Can I see them?" I smiled and said "Yes, besides I have to clean them up this morning and put xxx sanilona story new 2019 back in their drawer for.

Next time haa haa." The kind of purred "Oh poor little me." After breakfast and coffee I lead her into the spare room and got out the toys. Her eyes about popped out of her eyes. She exclaimed "Oh my fucking god. you got those inside me? Holy shit. What ever posessed you to buy ones that big? I smiled and held up my hand and said "This fit and you came like gang busters so." as I shrugged.

She picked up the biggest one and could not get her fingers wrapped around it (granted she has small hands) and then held it up against her belly. She looked at me in disbelief then stuttered out "How deep? I pointed to about 2/3 which came to her belly button. She just shook her head in disbelief. I cleaned up the toys and got everything put away in their drawers. Jodi was standing there in a nice open bathrobe with a pair of panties and a little baby doll top on.

Jodi walked over and patted the padded sawhorse (pomell horse) then walked over and sat down on the little padded leather roll around ottoman, with all the strap anchors around it, and said pinay sex scandal viral vedios you came up with that. What did you call it ?" I answered "Sweet torture" "All by yourself. wow. What else have you been dreaming up?" I laughed out loud and said "Oh I don't know if you even want to try any of the sick shit my brain comes up with." She laughed and said "I loved the sweet torture.

my nipples will take days to de-sensitize but it feels good. What else have you got in mind?" I sat on the foot of the bed and sipped my coffee then finally described a couple other ideas. One of them involved her naked with her hands tied way above her head and suspended from a rope running through a loop in the ceiling.

Her legs would be hooked to stirrups on either side of a saddle stand. On the saddle stand would be a mounting bracket for a dildo (that could be switched in size whenever needed). She would be suspended above the dildo and well lubed. She would be asked questions and each one she answered would bigtit cougar fingers deep in her cunt at the office her stirrups apart (beginning the splits yet lowering her down) as her legs parted the suspension rope would lower her one click (1/2" or 1").

She would start out with the dildo just at the opening of her pussy. Each question and click would lower her slowly onto a big dildo. She kind of purred.

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"Oh red haired cute shoplifter rough fucked on the cctv She looked at me and said "How long would I be suspened and what type of questions?" I kind of shrugged and said "It would depend on the situation. say. If you went somewhere on business and were a very very bad little slut while you were away this would be a nice torture to get you to tell me all the juicy climactic details" She purred "Oh how bad of you." I laughed and then told her down at the base of the dildo would be a butterfly type vibrator.

It would add a little vibration to the dildo due to proximity but when she got all the way down she would end up with her clit resting on a vibrator and a dildo burried deep in her. She squirmed and then questioned "which dildoes?" I pointed to several then pointed to the biggest and chuckled "If you've been a particularly bad girl and I have to question you alot we may have to step up a couple to my little friend here." She kind of gasped. "You'd lower me onto that thing?" I smiled and shook my head yes.

She kind of looked around and said "How bad would I have to have been to deserve that?" I shrugged and said "Oh you have a fabric marketing convention in Vegas in two months. I don't know. three day convention. maybe ten guys. something exciting or something different. What can you come up with?" She kind of growled out an evil hmm then said "You'd let me go to a Vegas convention by myself and be a complete whore?" I kind of shrugged and said or "I could go to film.

But I think if you were alone in Vegas with no limits you might get creative." She kind of chuckled then said "My my what can I think of. maybe since you had so much fun on our honeymoon I could let someone fist me. maybe really change it up and find a couple. let him fuck me and her fist me." She purred a little bit. She got up and dropped her panties and walked over to the bed where I was sitting and pushed me back pulled down my shorts and climbed up and mounted me. She placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her pussy and wiggled a bit til I was in her.

She leaned forward and whispered "Would you like me to be a complete whore in Vegas?" I chuckled and said "Which dildo do you want to be lowered onto? If your particularly bad I'll put a vibrator in your ass As I lower you down then leave you there for a while." She giggled then moved all over me as she fucked me. She finally stopped and said "I've got it. I'll find a group of oriental businessmen in Vegas. If they all fuck me and cum on me I'll have them get video." She began fucking me a bit more vigorously and exclaimed "Oh my fucking pussy is so damned sore.

It kind of hurts good though." We fucked for quite a while then finally came together. I love that. It was a great morning. We went to town and went shopping. I off handedly suggested oriental food for dinner and she laughed out loud as we picked it up. The next week went smooth. And on Thursday Jodi came home all excited. Phillip had called and would be at her office tomorrow at 1 to discuss advertising. It would all be innocent business but I could tell she was excited. That evening I got to shave her cute little bush in the shape of a heart and make sure she was cleaned out.

I was definitely not going to fuck her that evening. In the morning she dressed in a nice gray knee length skirt and a white top with a nice gray jacket amateur girlfriend sucks and fucks with cum matched the skirt. She did her long hair up in a braided bun and looked 100% business for the day. Only she and I knew she had on white garters white stockings a white thong and a shear lace bra on under the business outfit.

She was ready for a new chapter in her life as her day would introduce her to our new roles with Phillip in our lives.