Nice college girl gets teased and shagged by her senior lecturer

Nice college girl gets teased and shagged by her senior lecturer
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Chapter 23 LAURA'S NEW HOUSE Laura woke on Wednesday while Erica still slept, which was often the case these days. She crept gingerly from the bedroom and sat down in front of her computer, still as naked as when she had fallen asleep. She was of course required to bare her slutmelons to her blackmailer when using the computer, but seeing as she been forced to install cameras throughout her house to completely forfeit her privacy to him, she thought it would probably make her look stupid and foolish to cover her pussy just to use the computer.

She had been happy to find no new emails over the last few days, but her heart sank when she saw there was one waiting for her today. She read it. === "From: You-Know-Who To: The cunt-licking Slutbunny I understand that today the Mayim Clinic are sending workmen to your house to make it more suitable for a dumb deeply-in-debt fucktoy like yourself.

It sounds great. One stud for luscious chicks smalltits and hardcore have consulted with the clinic and arranged for them to go further than they strictly need to for your conversion to heterosexual sex - but every little bit helps, right? Be a good little cunt-pet and give the workmen something to look at while they work. By which I mean that you are not to wear clothes today. Don't put a single scrap of clothing on your body until this time tomorrow.

Except, of course, for that cute little kitten-collar they gave you. Also, you look prettier when you're all slutty. Make sure your cunt is wet when the workmen get there, and every hour on the hour while they're here you should do whatever it takes to get it wet again." === Laura took a moment to think about what she had just read.

She was going to do it, of course - nothing had changed to make her any less afraid of her blackmailer or his knife - but she was desperately trying to think of a way to make it less bad. Could she just hide in her bedroom while they worked? No, she would have to answer the door and answer their questions. Could she get Erica to do it? No, Erica had to go work, to secure her "promotion". It was really going to happen. Laura was really going to go totally naked in front of strange men, with absolutely no explanation for why she was acting so sluttily.

And she was going to do it with her cunt dripping and her whole body asking for sex. Some part of Laura's mind had already accepted this, because she realised she was rubbing her pussy already. It felt good. Everything was less awful when Laura was aroused - the humiliations weren't as traumatic and it stopped her from thinking about the long term implications of her slutty behaviour.

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She bit her lip and squeezed her pubic mound, then worked her fingers into her fuckhole and began to slowly slide them in and out. She wished she could just sit here fingering herself forever. She couldn't though. With effort, she pulled her hand away from her cunt and closed down her computer. Then she went to wake Erica.

She brought Erica to consciousness by licking the sleeping girl's pussy until it started to generate its own moisture, and then painfully biting down on Erica's clitoris. Erica jerked upright in a haze of arousal, pain and fear, which Laura knew was a good way to keep her girlfriend pliable and obedient.

She pulled Erica out of bed, showered her (her face still smelled like Laura's cunt), and then proceeded to dress her. Erica, scared but submissive, let Laura pick out clothes and then obediently put them on, despite the slutty choices Laura was making.

For a start, Erica was going without underwear. Laura had stolen the last of Erica's lingerie anyway so Erica didn't have any to wear. She found Erica an old white button-up shirt. It had been through so many washes that it had worn very thin in front, and Erica's breasts were clearly visible through it, particularly the dark circles of her areolae and her perky nipples. In addition, it had last been worn by a slightly thinner Erica, and now Erica's somewhat fattier tits bulged against it obscenely.

It was designed to be worn with a bra, and looked whorish without one. As a last step, Laura took a pair of scissors and carefully weakened the strings holding all the buttons in place. Erica watched Laura do it and said nothing. For a skirt, Laura found the shortest one in the closet. In was designed to ride low on the hip, exposing much of the panty line (if Erica had been wearing panties) but the hemline was high too.

It mostly concealed the cunt and ass when Erica was standing still, but Laura found with delight that when Erica walked, the motion of her legs caused it to ride up and completely reveal her groin. Erica tried to counteract this by tugging at the hem as she walked, and Laura laughed when this motion pulled the skirt off entirely, making it slip off Erica's hips and fall to her ankles, leaving her naked from the waist down. There was also no way to sit down in the thing without it riding up to above the hips.

Laura accessorised the outfit with some of her own stockings. Laura didn't often wear stockings but she had a few. This pair were designed to clip to a garter belt to hold them up. Laura clipped the outer clasps to the inside-top of the skirt, creating an constant elastic downwards pull on the entire skirt that would need to be countered by actively pulling it upwards from time to time, and she clipped the inside clasps onto Erica's labia, which stretched Erica's pussy lips outwards painfully and displayed the pink inner folds of her twat in a very attractive way.

The second to last step was a pair of very high heels that left Erica teetering and wobbling. Laura kissed Erica on the lips and told her she looked beautiful, and then gave Erica the last step - one of her aphrodisiac pills. She didn't even hide this one from Erica - just popped it in her lover's mouth and told her to swallow. Erica obeyed. Laura looked at what she had created. Erica looked like a walking invitation to rape - a woman whose only thoughts were of being degraded and fucked - and Laura knew that when the pill kicked in in an hour or so, that's exactly what Erica would be.

There was no question but that her boss would fuck her if he wanted to, and there was a good chance the horny and sluttily-dressed Erica might secure some attention from other men as well. Laura knew she was sending her lesbian lover to be raped by men - and not even in the controlled conditions under which she had pimped Erica to Michael. It could be traumatic and humliating and maybe unsafe.

But Laura really need Erica to win that promotion and get paid more, and besides, the thought of Erica suffering the same job-related harassment and abuse that Laura had been enduring felt satisfying and just. Erica SHOULD have to endure the same things Laura did - that was what girlfriends were for, to share the hard times with you.

And maybe, Laura thought, after Erica had been fucked, she might possibly come home with cum still in her pussy, and Laura could lick it out. She squashed that thought. It was so insanely slutty. She wasn't that person. Instead she led Erica to the door, and sent her out to drive to work and be raped by her boss.

Then Laura went and sat down naked on the couch and masturbated while she waited for the workmen to arrive. They turned up a little after nine. The doorbell rang, and Laura went to answer it. By now she was on the edge of orgasm herself. Her tits were swollen, her nipples erect, her cunt slathered with moisture and aching for attention. She felt slutty and embarrassed and was findnig it hard to think straight, but nevertheless she opened the door.

Outside were three men in the typical clothes of tradies. They were neither handsome or ugly - although the youngest of the three might have been cute, Laura thought, if she was into men - but they were certainly very male.

And here was Laura, standing nude in front of them, reeking of sex. "Well, this makes sense," said the youngest of the three, and one of the others chuckled. Laura didn't know what they meant by that so she ignored it. The lead workman said, "We're here for the installations you asked for. The work order says you go by "Laura" but also "Kitten Tits".

Which would you prefer to be called?" Laura opened her mouth to say her name, but then stopped. She'd given it up, hadn't she? To Amy, in exchange for her work name? If she said "Laura" she'd be shocked. She wanted to give them some other name - maybe Erica - but that wasn't what they had asked. She could only say one thing. "Kitten Tits," she said, meekly. She half expected Amy to have not made the change, and for the shock to come anyway, but it didn't. She was allowed to call herself Kitten Tits.

The man at the back lauged again. "It's lovely to meet you, Kitten Tits," said the lead workman, hiding a smirk. "Should I call you 'Miss Tits'?" No, he couldn't, Laura knew. That wasn't an allowed name.

"No, call me Kitten Tits," she said. "And very nice Kitten Tits they are too," mommyblowsbest rayveness is a dirty step mom replied. He had stopped pretending to look at Laura's face now, and was just staring at her boobs. And her cunt. "Well, um, I'll let you get to work then?" she said, and stepped back to let them in. They followed.

Laura had been half-worried the men might just rape her, finding her so obviously sexually accessible, but to her teen with smalls tits but very anal they did indeed go to work, albeit while taking every chance they got to stare at her puffy, wet twat and her large fuckbags. But any relief she had evaporated once she saw they word they were doing.

Their first action was to go throughout the house and remove all the doors. They took off the doors to the bedroom, the corridor and the office. The only ones they left were the exterior doors, and the doors to the toilet and bathroom.

On both of those they hung a new sign - it was a public toilet "Men's" sign, denoting a male-only bathroom. They put heavy traffic cones in front of these doors when they were done, blocking Laura's access. The effect of removing the doors was that there was nowhere private for Laura to hide in the house while the work was done.

She was in full view of the workmen the whole time. By the time the first hour was up, and the workmen had moved onto their second project, Laura realised she was going to have trouble getting her cunt wet again.

She had planned to hide in her bedroom and masturbate back to arousal but there was a workman actually IN her bedroom, doing something. She settled on sitting on stunning beauty shows oversized ass and gets anal fucked couch in the loungeroom. She had thought she might be able to sit there as demurely as possible and surreptitiously stroke her cunt when no one was looking, but almost as soon as she sat down, she thought "feminist" and found she had an overpowering need to spread her legs.

She did so, blushing, and the younger, cuter workman, who was walking past, stopped to look at what she was showing him. "That's a nice pussy," he said.

"Thank you," said Laura, still blushing. She wanted to close her legs but she couldn't bring herself to. "So I knew with all this stuff we're installing that you were probably kind of. promiscuous," said the workman, "and if you want to have a little fun when we're done I'm up for that, but you know you have to pay us in real money too, right?" Laura panicked.

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Pay? She couldn't pay? "It's all right," called the lead workman, from the kitchen. "It's all paid for already." Laura breathed a sigh of relief "But that doesn't mean we can't have some fun with her when we're done," he added. Laura froze. The man clearly meant it. They were going to fuck her.

And why wouldn't they think that would be all right, the way she was acting? She i want to feel your cock between my feet practically inviting them to use her. She could tell them no, of course. That she didn't want sex with them.

But. after the teasing she had given so far - and would probably continue to give - might they not just rape her if she said no? And wouldn't that be worse? She wasn't on the pill. If they fucked her cunt, she could get pregnant. "I. " she started to say. What was she going to say? "I can't fuck you," she said.

Her collar buzzed. It seemed "fuck" wasn't something she could say a lot. She saw the workman in front of her looking disappointed at her refusal - and angry. She needed to bargain. "I'm not allowed," she added. "But I can. when you're done, you can cum in my mouth or on my slutballoons, if you want." The workman's face brightened. "Sounds good!" he said. He stepped forward and grabbed Laura's left tit before she realised what was happening, and squeezed it firmly and painfully.

"Holy shit," he exclaimed. "They're real!" Laura blushed. "Get back to worky, Casey," said the workman in the kitchen. "Fun's for when you're done." Casey, chastened but grinning, blew Laura a kiss, and got on with his work. Laura took a deep breath, glad to not be raped right now, but scared of what she had promised.

Then, abruptly, she realised she no longer needed to masturbate - her cunt was gushing with lubricant already. It seemed her body was enjoying the thought of what she had promised. With the doors removed, the workmen turned to the curtains. They removed the curtains throughout the house, stripping the privacy from every window.

The only room that couldn't be seen from either the front or backyard became the lounge room, and only then when the front door was closed. Laura watched as they swapped the contents of the bedroom and the office, moving the bed she shared with Erica up the much smaller room that faced onto the street. She realised that anyone walking past would be able to see into her bedroom.

The bed was right in front of the window, for maximum display. Then the younger two workmen went out into the backyard. Laura was reluctant to follow them, naked as she was, but she could see what they were doing through the windows. One appeared to be building an outdoor shower in her backyard, and the other was making changes to the fences that bordered her neighbours' yards - making them much lower, closer to waist-height.

"Don't worry, we got permission," said the senior workman. "We asked your neighbours if they'd be happy to lower their fences to get a better view of the pretty girls nextdoor, and they all said yes." Laura was almost glad of the change of rooms now - her neigbours, standing in their yards, would now be able to see right in to the room that used to be her bedroom.

Although being visible from the front street wasn't really better. The senior workman was going around the house making changes to the chairs, He was adjusting a little under half of the chairs in the house by adding a rigid rubber phallus to them. It sat right in the middle of each chair, poking upright, and it was clear that a girl couldn't sit on the chair comfortably without allowing the dildo into her cunt. A few of the chairs were given a more elaborate double-dildo, with a shorter protrusion behind that was obviously intended to penetrate the anus.

After he finished the first one, the senior workman invited Laura to try it. She shook her head, embarassed. "Come on, Kitten Tits," he said. "You asked for these. We need to know they work before we can sign off on them." When she shook her head again, he sighed in frustration, and reached out and grabbed big booty latina with perfect tight pants inside ass right tit. He pulled sharply, and Laura found herself stumbling towards him, her breast on fire with pain.

"Stupid little slut," he muttered. He caught her, took a moment to squeeze her ass and pull her against him tits-first, and then spun her around and pushed her down on the modified chair. Laura fought him, but not because she harboured any illusions about resisting him.

Rather, she feared the length of the dildo, and wanted to ease it into her gently rather than being rudely impaled on it. The workman saw what she was doing, and allowed her to guide the tip between her wet cunt-lips and slowly slide down on it until her ass was resting on the chair.

Laura moaned, unable to help herself. It felt so good. It felt so good to be sitting here, naked, in front of a strange man, with such a hard, firm object filling her fuckhole. The length wasn't as bad as she had feared - reallly only a little longer than a realistic human dick - and the tip rested against the front wall of her vaginal tunnel, just above her G-spot.

She sensed that by bouncing just a little she could make it brush her there in the most exquisite way. But she couldn't bounce, because something else had happened. The senior workman had stepped towards her. His groin was in her face and he was taking his cock out. "I assume this is what you want these chairs for," he said, "to service all your male friends from." Laura tried to shake her head but now there was a hard, naked cock in front of her, pre-cum leaking from the tip, and instead Laura did what she had been trained to do - she opened her mouth.

The workman pushed his dick inside, and just like that Laura' was sucking on a stranger's cock. She didn't care. Her cunt felt good and she could taste cum on the tip of the man's dick. He wasn't pulling her hair, though, so she took his hands and guided them to the sides of her head. He got the message, and soon he had a tight fistful of her pink whore-hair in each hand and was pulling her head up and down his rod.

This was what Laura wanted, she realised. She was scared of her blackmailer, and scared of Alistair, and scared of the changes in her life and the changes today in her house. She didn't want to think about them. And with a cock in her mouth she didn't have to. She just had to concentrate on sucking it like the machines had taught her, and watching the images on the screen. There was no screen here, of course, but her mind provided one - images of good little whores opening their mouths and pleasing men.

On Laura's mental screen there were no bad pictures - no disobedient bitches with their mouths closed - just good little sluts who knew how to get delicious cum in their mouths. She bobbed and sucked and licked, losing track of time, until finally she felt her reward. The workman teen cums for you watch part on flirtsexlovecom, and sweet, salty cum flooded Lauras' mouth in waves.

She swallowed eagerly, licking and sucking at the tip of his dick to get more, until finally he pulled out of her mouth. She looked up at him, eyes full of gratitude, and said, "Thank you for letting me suck your cock." He caressed her cheek. "Any time, Kitten Tits." He looked genuinely happy, and not disgusted with her at all.

He didn't even seem to be thinking of more ways to hurt and degrade her. It was the most affection Laura had ever received from a man after a sexual encounter, and she fell half in love with him on the spot. She reached for his dick, wanting to suck on it more and give him more pleasure, but he pulled away. "There's more work to do," he said. "I probably shouldn't have taken my treat early, but those are the perks of being the boss, you know?" Laura was disappointed. She wanted to do more to thank the man for giving her his cum.

She settled for staying seated on the dildo-chair and spreading her legs even wider for him. At least here she'd have no problem staying wet until they were done - the harder challenge was resisting the urge to bounce up and down ever so slightly until she orgasmed.

It took a couple more hours for the workmen to complete their work. The outdoor shower and fences got done, and the dildos were affixed throughout the house - including on one of the couch seats, several of the wooden kitchen stools, her computer chair (of course). and a couple just sticking out of the carpet in corners of rooms.

The last surprise was to see the TV in the lounge room removed, and replaced with one of a similar size with an ominous black box screwed to the side.

As the work reached its conclusion, Laura had been getting more nervous, but also more excited. She was out of her mind with lust from being perched on the dildo, her full body on display to strange men. She didn't want to give them all blowjobs - no lesbian wanted to have group sex with men - but at the same time she did, and the thought of tasting their cum made her pussy clench happily around the dildo.

She felt when they were finally finished and took their dicks out of their pants, she might cry and cum at the same time. So it was with a mixture of shock, relief, and horrible frustration that she discovered she was going to be saved from sucking their cocks. As the work was completing, a second car pulled up in the driveway outside, and the person who got out was Amy.

She had come fromt the Mayim Clinic to check on the work. When Amy came through the door, Laura was scrambling to get off the dildo-chair, somehow under the impression that having a dildo in her cunt in front of Amy was more embarassing than the rest of the circumstances or innocent sweetie is geeting pissed on and ejaculates wet slit things she had done with Amy previously.

She was not entirely successful, in her haste, and ended up falling on all fours in front of the chair, the dildo scraping her cunt-flesh slightly as it slid out. Amy looked amused. She came to stand in front of where Laura was on all fours, and she ruffled Laura's hair as she might to a dog. "Are you Kitten Tits today?" she asked. Laura nodded, blushing, climbing to her feet and wishing she wasn't naked and horny.

"Have you been good for the workmen, Kitten Tits?" Amy asked. Laura nodded. "What did you do for them?" Amy asked. Laura blushed more. She didn't want to say. But this was Amy asking.

She had to tell the truth, didn't she, or they'd discharge her from the program? "I showed them my fuckpillows and my sluthole," she said. "And then I sat on this dildo chair and sucked this man's cock and he came in my mouth." "Good slut!" said Amy proudly, and Laura felt a flush of pleasure. The workmen had finished now, and they were gathering around expectantly. "Thank you for your wicked lesbians fill up their oversized butts with milk and splatter it out said Amy.

"You can go now." The younger workman - Casey - said, "Kitten Tits promised us." "I don't care what she promised you," Amy said. "I'm paying the bill, and you'll do what you're payed for. Right now you're being paid to leave." There was a silence from the workmen, and for a moment Laura felt sure that they would slap Amy across the face and then rape her and Laura both.

But then the senior workman - the one whose cock Laura had serviced - said, "Right you are. Come on boys, let's go." The other two didn't like it, but they followed their boss' lead, and, grumbling, all three returned to their ute and drove away, leaving Laura alone with Amy.

Amy smiled once they were gone, and reached out to caress Laura's breasts. Laura moaned happily as Amy's fingers lightly brushed over her nipple. She was still horny and she had been looking forward to having cum in her mouth. She wanted to orgasm. "Do you like your new house, Kitten Tits?" Amy asked. "I don't understand it," replied Laura. "Well, here's the first clue," said Amy.

She took a little remote-like device out of her blouse pocket, and pressed a button on it. Laura's collar buzzed briefly. "What is it?" asked Laura, feeling at her collar.

"New instructions," said Amy. "That apply exclusively inside the walls of this house." She took Laura's house and began to lead the naked girl around the residence. "Number one," she said. "Sitting. The combination of your collar and your cunt chit are quite intelligent. They can tell by stress levels, orientation, height, and a range of other facts whether you're sitting, standing, kneeling or lying down. Each of these dildos installed in your house has an RFID chip in its tip.

If your collar detects that you're sitting down, raven hart sexy dirty milf in the house, and your pussy chip can't scan a dildo RFID inside you, you'll get shocked. That means you're not allowed to sit down anywhere in this house unless it's on a dildo.

It'll help train your pussy to get used to having cocks in it." "Not anywhere?" asked Laura, distressed. At the moment she actually quite liked the thought of putting a dildo back inside her, but she sensed she might have a different opinion if she wasn't so horny.

"Not anywhere," said Amy. "You'll need to be careful getting on and off your bed. Crawl onto it and off it on all fours - don't try to sit up on it." Laura bit her lip. This didn't sound good. 'Number two," Amy said, "The toilet and bathroom. As you can see, they now say Men Only." Laura could, indeed, see that.

"Now, in practice, we can't stop Erica or another girl from using these facilities, but we can stop you. There's a sensor inside each that interfaces with your collar. If you set foot in either room, you'll get a shock. The facilities are intended for your male guests, not you." "But where do I go to the toilet?" asked Laura, fearing she already knew the answer. "Well, you've got a girlfriend, and she's got a mouth," said Amy casually, smiling. "And you might find that's enough.

But otherwise, you have your backyard. And we've built a shower out there so you can wash too." "But why?" asked Laura. She didn't understand what this had to do with making her hetero. "Well, mostly it's a special request from your sponsor," said Amy, and Laura realised that Amy was talking about your blackmailer.

"But it has some value. You see, under the hetero-conversion program it's okay for you to sometimes lez off with a girl. But you need to learn that the primary purpose of a woman is to be sexually available for me, so if you're living in this lesbian relationship you have to show it off to whichever men want to see it.

With this setup, you'll be in full view of your neighbours when you shower or piss or shit, and they guy assists with hymen examination and banging of virgin teenie enjoy the view if they choose to. Oh, speaking of which, there's a sensor in your backyard, too. It can detect how much interference there is between it and your cunt chip, and give you a shock if there's too much.

What that basically means chinese slave cam girl cosplay part teenxxxnetworkcom while you're outside you'll need to keep your pussy bare for the sensor - don't wear panties." She jumped suddenly, as if she'd just remembered something. "Oh!" she exclaimed. "And." She fished in her purse and brought out something that looked a bit like a labelling gun. She reached over, rested the tip against the upper slope of Laura's left boob, and pulled the trigger.

Laura screamed in pain as she felt something metal fired into her titflesh - and then screamed again, but quieter, as her collar detected the noise and electrocuted her throat and cunt. A moment later, the whatever-it-was in Laura's tit went off as well, sending lightning pain through her breast.

As Laura writhed in pain, Amy grabbed her right udder and repeated the process, injecting another metal something into Laura's other breast. "There you go," she said, as Laura cried and clutched her boobs. "Just like your cunt chip, but for your fuckmelons.

It's pretty hardy and it's reasonably deep, so it won't get crushed just by people squeezing your tits.

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They'll sync up with your collar and give you shocks just like your pussy chip, and they have a range of sensors as well. Relevantly, they'll work just like your pussy chip in your backyard, so make sure your boobs are exposed when you're out the back too. Probably best just to go naked." Laura was still crying, so Amy moved in, hugged Laura, and kissed Laura's cheeks and neck until she stopped.

"Good slut," she whispered. "You're such a good slut." And hearing it helped, and Laura stopped crying. Amy guided them to the loungeroom. "Number three is your TV," she said.

She pulled out her remote and clicked it again. The TV turned on. It was showing a film very like the ones at the Mayim Clinic, full of "good sluts" who spread their legs and sucked cocks and went naked, and "feminists" and "disobedient bitches" who kept their mouths and their legs closed and needed to be slapped.

"This won't turn off," Amy said. "It'll run 24/7. It doesn't play sound you can hear, although it does have a little subliminal signal that should help you. We've put one in your bedroom too so you can see it from your bed. It will automatically update to whatever film reinforces what you're learning at the clinic." "How do I watch normal TV?" asked Laura. "You don''t, honey," said Amy. tattooed teenage vixen rides a stiff dong don't need to watch normal TV anymore.

It wasn't doing a very good job of socialising you to enjoy sex with men, so we've taken it away. This is much more appropriate for you." She saw Laura's face, claire fuck big cock the best new video game looked distressed again. "Oh, honey, we know how much you like anime, though," said Amy.

"So there's a program of anime that'll come on each weeknight and on weekends for you to watch, with lots of pretty big-titted anime girls in it, just like you." Laura suspected Amy meant hentai - anime sex porn - but it was something, at least, and she nodded gratefully. Some of those shows had plots. She might enjoy it. "And lastly," said Amy, coming to what had once been the office, and was now Laura's bedroom.

"No curtains. This is important. Like we said, uder our hetero re-orientation, the purpose of lesbian sex is to entertain men. If you're going to have Erica suck your cunt, you can do it here, where everyone nearby can see you.

We've put another sensor in here to check whether you're clothed, so no wearing clothing in here and - importantly - no sheets on your bed. You sleep in full view of the window, every night." "What if it's cold?" asked Laura plaintively. "There's climate control in here," said Amy.

"It will never be cold. If you feel a chill, just cuddle up closer to your girlfriend." Amy suddenly looked mischievous. "Speaking of which." she said, and leant forward and kissed Laura on the lips. Laura didn't know how to react.

Here she was, naked, in full view of the neighbourhood, being kissed by a beautiful girl. Near the bed that she slept in with Erica.

She had had so many sexual encounters in the last few weeks, but she hadn't asked for any of them, she hadn't been able to say no to any of them. She sensed she could say no to Amy, though. If she didn't, she'd be cheating on Erica. "No." she started to say, but then Amy's hand found her pussy. Laura was standing with her legs slightly apart, as she did normally these last few days, and Amy's fingers slipped into her wet, slippery fuckhole easily.

Laura gasped, and then couldn't help herself. She kissed Amy back, hard, and then the two girls were locked in a tangle of kisses and limbs, both pulling at Amy's clothes, until Amy was naked and they were falling onto the bed together.

Amy landed on top of Laura, pinning Laura to the bed. Her hand was back inside Laura's pussy, and it felt amazing. Only an hour ago Laura had been scared of being gang-raped by men, and now instead she was having consensual sex wtih a beautiful girl.

She strained to reach Amy's lips to kiss her, but Amy pulled back, looking a little cruel but a little affectionate. "Let's play a game, Kitten Tits," she said. "I'm going to 69 you, but there's a catch. I'm only going to lick your cunt when I can feel you licking mine, so you're going to have to lick me to make yourself cum.

But when -I- cum, I'm going to piss, so you'd best be ready to catch it all in your mouth if you want to avoid ruining your bed." Laura wrinkled her nose. She didn't want Amy to piss in her mouth, or anywhere near her.

But then Amy's fingers inside Laura's pussy brushed her G-spot, and she felt almost on the verge of orgasming. "You don't have to play," said Amy.

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"I can just leave." Laura moaned in frustration. No. She needed this. She had a huge sexual crush on Amy, she loved the thought of getting to eat Amy's twat, and she was SO horny. And if Amy left her alone she'd have to think about what had been done to her house, and she didn't want to do that.

"What do you say, Kitten Tits?" Amy asked. "Okay," said Laura softly. "Say, please piss in my mouth when you cum, Mistress Amy," said Amy. "Please piss in my mouth when you cum, Mistress Amy," repeated Laura submissively. "Good slut," said Amy, and Laura felt happy. Amy turned her body around to position her pussy over Laura's mouth, and her own mouth over Laura's twat, and waited.

Laura extended her tongue and began to lick at Amy's snatch, and almost at once she felt Amy return the favour and start tongueing Laura's beaver.

It felt incredible. Amy was able to time her tongue-work almost perfectly with Laura's, so it really did feel like Laura was eating out her own snatch. Laura couldn't help but think of the picture of her twat she kept at work, and licking Alistair's sperm off it. At first she kept taking pauses in her licking, afraid she'd make Amy cum and get pissed on, but then Amy would stop too, and Laura needed the attention to her pussy, so Laura would start licking again.

After a while she didn't even care. Laura orgasmed pretty quickly. She tried to push Amy's head away as she orgasmed, as the licking was too intense, but when Amy sensed she was cumming she pushed her face in harder to Laura's cunt and licked even more vigorously.

Laura tried to stop her own licking of Amy but in this case Amy just kept going. It felt horrible and wonderful at the same time - like Laura had absolutely no control over what was happening to her, like she was being raped, like her orgasm was getting all mixed up with abuse and powerlessness - but then a second orgasm hit, a weird broken feeling that wasn't normal at all.

Laura screamed, a mixture of pleasure and horror, and then screamed again as her collar electrified her fuckbags and her sluthole for being too loud. She noted the charge didn't seem to carry into Amy, which she was grateful for.

When the second orgasm finished, Amy kept licking Laura until Laura felt like she wanted another one, and then Amy stopped, and Laura realised she had to contribute again. She applied her mouth back to Amy's clit, and Amy responded in kind. It was just as Laura was nearing a third orgasm that she felt Amy twitch, and buck, and orgasm, and then suddenly piss was spilling into Laura's mouth out of Amy's cunt. Laura's first instnct was to close her mouth, but she remembered she was lying on the bed she had to sleep in that night, so instead she opened her mouth wide, applied it like a seal around Amy's pussy, and felt her mouth fill with urine.

Amy managed to keep licking Laura as she orgasmed and pissed, and so it was only moments later, with her mouth full of another girls' urine, that Laura orgasmed herself. She almost choked on the piss or spat it out, but instead managed to swallow it and get her mouth back in place to receive more.

Amy finally finished pissing around the same point that Laura stopped cumming. Laura swallowed the last of it, and Amy turned around and kissed Laura on the lips and told her she was a good slut.

And then she turned Pissing karati girls in bathroom head to look out the window. There, standing on the front lawn, were the three workmen and their ute. Also there was Laura's left-hand neightbour, a middle aged Indian man named Ranjit, and what appeared to be a passing motorist who'd parked his car to see what was going on. They'd all just watched Laura, naked, 69ing another nude girl to orgasm, and then drinking her piss.

She thought the motorist might have been filmning her using his phone. Laura tried to jump up and hide herself, but Amy held her down. "Laura," Amy said, "you have SUCH BIG TITS. Tits like that weren't born to wear clothes and have a career. They were specifically evolved to lure men into fucking you and impregnating you and allowing you to feed their babies.

You are doing what nature intended." Laura writhed and tried to get out from under Amy. Amy leant down and kissed her. "I don't want to slap you in front of all these nice men, Laura," she said. "I want you vicky vette threesome brooke banner wave to the nice men, and kneel on the bed and give them a nice view of your tits.

Remember to kneel, not sit, or you'll get a shock." Laura looked into Amy's eyes, pleading, but saw no mercy. When Amy released her, Laura struggled to her knees, and faced the window, and lifted her hands to cup her tits so that the gathered men could see them better.

Then she waved to them all. Some of them waved back. Amy, still naked herself, opened the window, and yelled out to the men outside. "Laura needs to piss now. We're going into the backyard. Ranjit will let you through." "What? No!" said Laura, but Amy was already leading out of the bedroom and through the house to the backdoor.

"Five - last rule. I almost forgot - remember how I said your chips could detect how you're standing or sitting? Your sponsor asked that we make one last adjustment, entirely for his milf and her daughter sucks a huge dick. You'll find that if you piss in your backyard or anywhere in your house while squatting or sitting or kneeling, you'll get a shock.

You'll find that in order selep sex mom and son piss here you need to be lying down, or crawling or standing. And - one othe thing - your cunt needs to be being stimulated when it happens. So if you don't have someone licking you or a dilo, that means fingers in your cunt while you piss." "What does that teach me?" asked Laura. "I don't know, Kitten Tits," said Amy.

"It's not part of our program. But my guess is it teaches you you're a sluttly little fucktoy who pisses like a dog for the amusement of men and gets aroused by urine." She opened the backdoor and pushed Laura sharply outside. "One last rule for me - it's no part of your formal rules that you have to face towards people who are watching you, but if you don't give those boys a show I'll use my remote to give you a shock.

Now go empty your bladder, honey, you're overdue," she said. Amy was right - Laura hadn't been to the toilet since she woke up and she felt very full indeed. Especially now that she had a stomach full of Amy's urine. But as she stagged naked into the backyard, the back door of her neighbour Ranjit's house opened, and the men inside came out into Ranjit's backyard. Over the now waist-height fence they had a perfect view of Laura's nudity.

Behind her, Amy had closed the back door. Laura had no way back into the house. It was clear she wouldn't be allowed to leave the backyard until she pissed. What were the rules?

Standing, or crawling, or lying, and she needed to be playing with herself. And facing the crowd. The men was almost salivating. Each of them had a hard dick straining against their pants. They were massively aroused by Laura's humliation, although the sight of her big slutty tits was probably helping too.

Laura faced them, stood with her legs spread slightly, and then closed her eyes to try and block them out. Her fingers went down to her pussy and she started to play with it. After the session with Amy, most of her lust was gone, but it still felt nice to gently massage her twat.

She tried to forget where she was and what she was doing, and relax her bladder. She couldn't do it. She knew the men were there, and besides, pissing standing up was weird. She'd spent most of her life conditioning herself to only piss in a sitting position, on a toilet seat, and she'd only recently managed to extend that to being able to piss in Erica's mouth.

Erica wasn't here now and it was too strange. Blushing, Laura got down on all fours to see if that would help. It didn't. As if grovelling like a dog, naked and masturbating, in front of these men wasn't enough distraction, she kept losing her balance because one of her hands needed to stay in her pussy. She thought about lying down but realised she'd be pissing on herself if she lay tits-up or pissing into a pudle she was lying in if she went tits-down.

She stood up again. As she stood up she got a glimpse of her audience. The two younger workmen had their cocks out and were masturbating. Ranjit and the motorist both had smartphones and were filming her. She closed her eyes, which helped as she could feel herself starting to cry, and concentrated on rubbing her pussy. Just a little to keep it stimulated, but not so hard it made it difficult to piss. And this time she was successful. Her bladder relaxed a little, and she felt piss ran down her leg.

She concentrated on relaxing even more, and soon she felt a gush of urine flowing out of her. Some spurted into the air and fell to the ground, but most of it ran down her inner thighs and puddle at her feet.

As she pissed, she heard her audience cheering and hooting, and she blushed even deeper. As soon as she felt her bladder running empty, she pulled her fingers out of her cunt and ran for the door. Amy wouldn't open it, though. She pointed at the shower. Laura tried to cover her tits and cunt with her arms as she ran back to the shower, but then felt a shock in her sex organs. Too much interference between the chips and the sensor, she realised, and moved her arms away.

She stood under the outdoor shower, turned it my sweet little heartbreaker scene critical x, and let cold water bathe her. She took the time to wash the piss from her legs, and clean Amy's cunt juices from her face, and then she turned it off and ran back to the house. This time Amy did welcome her, with a warm dry towel, and she kissed Laura as she dried off Laura's body, son seduced mom in bed, it turned out, special attention to her breasts, which Amy seemed to enjoy rubbing.

Amy had gotten dressed while Laura was outside. When Laura was dry, Amy said, "What do you say?" At first Laura was confused, but then realised she was supposed to thank Amy. For everything. Every time Laura had said thank you before it had been just after an orgasm, or while she was horny, or while she was confused from being abused, or while she was on her pill.

Now Laura didn't feel horny or confused. She felt humiliated, and she understood with perfect clarity that she was not only permitting the changes made to her life today, but thanking Amy for them. But what else could she do? Amy was looking at Laura expectantly, and Laura knew Amy wasn't afraid to slap her, or to use the remote she carried to shock Laura's tits and cunt. "Thank you, Amy," she said, hesitantly. "Thank you for licking my fuckhole. Thank you for asking me to lick your slutnest.

Thank you for pissing in my mouth. Thank you for fucking me where people could watch us." Amy waited expectantly. She knew there was more. "Thank you for making me have to piss and shower naked outside where my neighbours can see me from now on.

Thank you for giving me rubber cocks to sit on all throughout my house and making sure my fuckmelons and rapetunnel get shocked if I don't use them. Thank you for taking away all my curtains and moving my bed so people can watch me and Erica lez off and sleep naked." Amy waited again.

Laura was confused now. What else did she want? "How about, thank you for treating me like the rapetoy I am?" Amy prompted finally. Laura blushed. "Thank you for treating me like the rapetoy I am," she parroted.

"Good slut," said Amy. "Now walk me out to my car." Not knowing what else to do, Laura obeyed Amy, even though it meant going out the front door of her house naked. She stood, blushing, nude in the sunlight, as Amy gave her a last passionate kiss on the lips and then got into her vehicle.

"I'll see you tonight at the clinic," Amy said, and Laura stood submissively until Amy drove away, even though her neighbour Ranjit had again emerged from his house to stare at her, and then hurried back inside. She stood there, in her lounge room, tits and cunt bare, surrounded by rubber dildos and a TV screen showing a constant loop of sluts sucking cocks, and she realised - this was her life now.

(To be continued.)