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Pussy licked lesbo pissing in gfs mouth
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"Do you want to get a popsicle, Justin?" My twin brother asked me. His light green eyes stared back at me with the humour and love that always seemed to be there. We looked basically identical. Except for the fact that his green eyes were lighter than mine, my hair was longer, and he was more muscular. I nodded and got up, dusting off the sand from my shorts. The beach was hotter than usual, but it was worse at our house. The heater was broken so it felt like a sauna in there without the A/C.

It didn't solointerviews natural big tits whitney striptease dildo masturba that our parents went on their yearly honeymoon this whole weekend.

Dustin got up and took my hand, pulling me towards the store Marcus worked at. Marcus was our friend and would always give us free stuff at his shop. He said our brotherly love was cute. "Hey Marc! One popsicle. Strawberry." Dustin yelled to the back of the store. Marc yelled back a yes and we waited in one of the booths.

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It would take a while because judging by the faint moans, I'd say Marc was having sex with his girlfriend in his office again.

"I don't get why it's so hot today." I muttered and took off my shirt. I really despised the heat with a passion. I'd always liked the cold. Dustin agreed and took his shirt off, too.

Three girls came and sat in the seats in front of us. One was blonde, one was a redhead, and the last one was a brunette. I squirmed under the look they were giving my brother and I. Dustin felt my uncomfortable feeling and growled at the girls. Even though I keep telling him to quit it, he always puts me on top of his list of things he's over-protective about. The three girls started flirting with Dustin as I sat there quietly, trying to hide myself from the looks they gave me. "Why are you, like, so quiet?" The redhead asked in a nasally voice.

I scooted closer to Dustin. "Hey. Are you, like, afraid of me or something?" She just wouldn't go away! "Dustin," I whispered. "Help." He nodded and the bored look on his face disappeared. "Ladies. You three are making my brother uncomfortable," He started, gesturing to me. "So if you could please pester some other men who would love your STDs, I would appreciate that." Dustin grinned as the three gaped at him in shock for a while. Then, they glared at me. "Dustin! Order up!" Marcus yelled from the counter.

Dustin got up and took my hand again. I thanked Marc as he handed me mine. "Can we go home, now?" I asked Justin. He nodded and smiled, picking our shirts up and heading towards the limo. "Home, Patrick." Dustin told our driver. Patrick nodded and started the 20 minute drive home. Dustin rolled up the sound-proof divider between us and Patrick and played music.

I licked a drop that was about to fall off of my melting ice cream. Dustin pulled me onto his lap and buried his face into my chest. This was normal so I carried on and finished my ice cream.

I threw my popsicle stick into the trashcan and wiggled myself closer into Dustin's hold. He looked up and smiled softly.

I yawned and leaned back, the feeling of sleep starting to overcome me. Closing my eyes, Dustin held me tighter. I felt him kiss my cheek gently and rock me back and forth slowly. I heard Dustin say something, but I couldn't understand it. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> DUSTIN'S POV I smiled down at my sleeping brother's form on our bed.

He's so harmless, innocent, and. cute. Almost completely different from my short temper, tendency to fight, and less emotions. Nope. Can't feel sadness at all. Unless it's about my brother.

Is it possible to fall in love with your brother? Because I think I have. Everytime someone mentions him, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The thought of him brightens up my day. But seeing him and having him in my arms? Shit, I can't even explain it. I know some people think incest and being gay is wrong, but frankly, I don't give a fuck.

Watching him eat his popsicle. wow. It took everything in me to stop Dustin number 2 from waking up. A sweat bead formed on his forehead and I quickly turned the air-conditioner up. I know Justin loves the cold. One time, he went outside in just shorts.

And it was below twenty degrees. He had the widest grin on his face as he played in the snow. I, for one, found it adorable. Other people calls him strange since he doesn't talk much, afraid of almost everything, and finds joy in some things other people wouldn't. I slowly slipped in beside him, trying not to wake him up. I teen white girl gets interracial cream pie laid there for school gills sex vidos sex stories while, taking in as much as I could of his appearance.

His soft, milky white skin.

His brown hair that hung just below his eyebrows. His long eyelashes. The small smile he had on his face. He must be having a good dream. My eyes trailed down. His long legs were covered by his favorite Batman pajama bottoms. He still didn't have a shirt on, leaving his torso exposed. I wanted so badly to reach out and touch him, but I also didn't want to disturb his sleep. Justin turned over, his back to me. Oh my God. He truly is perfect. His faint back muscles moved as he stretched, waking up.

Justin turned around to face me and smiled, still half-asleep. "How was your nap?" I asked him, pulling him into my arms. It was like hugging a smaller, more perfect version of myself. He blushed and looked anywhere else but me. Hardcore with sexy luscious babe smalltits blowjob furrowed my eyebrows and held his chin, moving his face so he had to look at me.

"Justin," I said in a warning tone. "What did you dream about?" "N-nothing!" He exclaimed, wankz hot reporter gangbanged by basketball team pornstars hardcore eyes widening in panic.

I rolled my eyes and kissed him to calm him down. I didn't like seeing a negative emotion on Justin. Well, that and the fact that I never pass up on the opportunity of kissing him. He sighed and closed his eyes, relaxing. I pulled away slightly, our identical noses touching. "Hey," I whispered, catching his attention. "As long as it wasn't a bad dream, it's fine. It wasn't bad, was it?" He shook his head no, but his expression said that he wanted to say something.

"What is it?" I sighed. He fidgeted a little and bit his bottom lip. "It was. It was grogd sh cdning hmm." He said, his voice getting smaller and smaller. I couldn't even understand what it meant. I leaned closer to hear better.

"Say that again. I didn't quite catch it." I told him. He sighed and repeated it. The words that came out of his mouth next surprised me. No way! Really?! <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> BACK TO JUSTIN'S POV!

I couldn't tell Dustin! What if he didn't love me back? My dream was so embarassing, I couldn't tell him! Although. if I tell him, it might come true.

Oh, how badly I want it to come true. But, it also might drive him away. He might not even be gay! I decided to just go with it and tell him. Whether it was the right decision or not, I was ready for it. "It was. It was about us. h-having se-sex." I finished, sighing and closing my eyes. "I know I shouldn't be thinking like that. But I can't help it. I love you, Dustin. More than a brother should. I understand if you never want to talk to me again.

I wouldn't blame you-" I was cut off when Dustin kissed me. He kissed me with more power than he's ever used. I could detect the usual love in there. But it was a different love. There was also happiness, need, and something else I didn't know. "Open your mouth," He groaned against my lips. I obeyed and his tongue slid into my mouth. This has never happened before!

This was so exciting! His hands went up and down my sides, leaving a burning trail. His tongue rubbed against mine and he moaned. I decided to be brave for once and un-button his shirt. Dustin growled and thrust his hips against mine. Oh sweet baby Jesus. Is that really.

him?! I'm a virgin, but I'm pretty sure his size isn't normal. Dustin raised a hand and set it on my cheek. Suddenly, I remembered that today was when the maids came to clean everything. "Dustin, the door." I said against his lips.

"Told the maids to clean tomorrow and locked it already." He responded, using his rough index finger to trace patterns all over my torso. I shivered and groaned. Dustin pulled away, despite my complaints. He chuckled and kissed my chest, going lower and lower. I knew what might happen next. I gulped, never breaking eye contact with him. He finally reached the waistband of my pajamas and smirked. Slowly, Dustin took my waistband in between his teeth and slid my pj's down.

I knew I forgot something! My underwear. A look of shock crossed his face briefly when he held my dick in his hand. "Oh my God," He whispered. "Is. Is something wrong?" I asked him, worried. He shook his head no and laced his fingers with mine. "Nothing. Just lay down and relax. Tell me if anything hurts, okay?" I nodded hesitantly and took a deep breath.

I watched as Dustin licked me up and down. The place below my stomach started to feel funny. He squeezed my hand reassuringly as he slid me into his warm mouth. I gasped at the one stud for luscious chicks smalltits and hardcore and an involuntary moan escaped my lips. Dustin's head started to bob up and down faster and faster. His free hand, barely touching me, slowly jacked me off.

The unfamilliar feeling grew under my stomach and my back arched. I started to shake and a whimper came out of me. My whole body. I'm so tired.

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My breathing was heavy as I looked down. I caught Dustin swallow something. "Mmm. Keep eating peaches every day. You taste good and lasted long for a virgin." He smirked. I was puzzled at this.

Huh? What was he talking about? He saw my expression and chuckled. He picked up my limp dick and scooped a tiny white drop from the tip with his finger. Wha- Oh wait. We learned about this in Health class. Dustin lifted his finger up to my lips. "Here. See for yourself." I hesitantly stuck my tongue out and licked his finger. I knew what he meant. I DID taste like peaches! Dustin bit his lower lip as he watched me lick his finger clean. I wonder what he tasted like.

My gaze trailed down to his pants that hung low on his hips, cutting off the V shape. "Oh no you don't," Dustin said in a warning tone. "This is about you today." I sat up and pouted. "I really wanted to know." Dustin sighed and kissed me again. He pulled away after a while femaleagent new milf agent likes it hard and fast just stared at me. "Justin," He started. "I don't taste nearly as good as you if you wanted to know.

Now I have a question." I nodded, silently telling him to go on. "Do you want to stop here or keep going?" I thought about it for a while. I didn't know what would happen if I said yes. I hesitated before nodding. Dustin made sure that I wanted to do this before taking his pants off. I blushed, eyes wide. Oh my! My breathing became heavy as he dropped his pants to the floor.

He sat beside me and smiled softly. Lifting me up, he set me down on his lap. "Up, up." He said, balancing me on my knees on either side of his legs. He stroked himself a couple of times before his dick stayed up by itself.

He spit on his hand and rubbed it on my asshole and his dick. Dustin rested his hands on my waist before looking at me. "This will hurt quite a bit, but it'll only be for a few seconds. Then you'll start to feel good." He warned. I nodded and braced myself. He lowered me and I felt him poke at my asshole. I flinched because he was cold.

I lowered myself even further, trying to ignore the pain as Dustin's head was in me. I lowered myself further and the pain only grew.

"It hurts, Dustin! It hurts." I cried. "Shh," He soothed, tucking a piece of my straight long-ish hair behind my ear. "It'll be fine. Do you want to stop?" He asked me, uncertainty in his eyes. I shook my head and let out a breath. "No. Just let me get used to it." He nodded and we stayed still. I finally nodded and kept going slowly. Dustin groaned and tilted his head back. "You are so tight." He moved his hands and settled them behind him.

My legs slipped, causing my body to all at once take his dick in. I cried out in pain, tears streaming down my face. "Dustin!" I screamed, feeling like I was being torn in half. "Dustin! It hurts so much! Please, help me!" "Th-There's nothing I can do!

It'll only hurt you more if I move you!" He exclaimed, panic clear in his voice. I cried as I gripped his shoulders, waiting for the never-ending pain to subside even in the slightest. "P-please," I stuttered. "Help me get my mind off of it, then. Anything!" Dustin didn't hesitate. His lips met mine again, cutting off my pleas.

He wrapped his arm around my waist and ran his other hand through my hair. I was still crying, but not as much. The pain slowly went away and I squirmed, the pain replaced by something completely different. Something. amazing. Hesitantly, I lifted myself up and down. Dustin moved his hand from my hair and started stroking my dick again.

"Ungh," We groaned in unison. "I love you. Not as a brother this time," Dustin smiled. I blushed and hid my face in between his neck and shoulder.

He chuckled and dragged his hand up and down my back. "How do I go faster?" I asked quietly, a bit embarassed. "Here. I'll help," Dustin replied, the smile evident in his voice. His hands settled on my ass and lifted me up a bit. He thrust his hips faster and faster, all the while stroking my dick at the same speed. "Ohhhhhh myyyyyyy Gooooood!" I exclaimed, getting louder and louder.

My breathing became heavier and I felt myself cum in Dustin's hands. Dustin only kept going. I leaned and bent back, using my hands behind me to balance myself. Dustin leaned forward and latched onto my nipple. He twirled his tongue around it several times before biting down slightly. I bit my lip to keep from screaming at the pleasure.

"I love you! Ahhh!" I yelled as he came inside me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and hugged him tightly. We both had heavy-breathing by the time we came down from our highs. I pulled away so I could look at him and smiled softly. "That was amazing," He breathed. I nodded as he leaned in and kissed my forehead. "Do you wanna go back to sleep?" He asked me, laying down and pulling me down beside him.

Actually, I was REALLY tired. I hadn't realized it 'til now. Dustin positioned us so he was still inside of me and my legs were on top of his. He set my head on his chest and draped his arm across my torso. "Sleep tight. Love you, Justin." He said, thrusting once.

"I love you, too. Don't leave me Dustin." I told him, my eyelids drooping. "Never." And with that, I fell asleep. ~~~~EPILOGUE~~~~ The twins were closer than ever and would usually be missing. At school, Justin has been clinging to Dustin more than usual and Dustin doesn't fuck others anymore.

The maids mistress alexandra snow strap on sometimes find the two asleep, shirtless, together on their shared bed. Justin and Dustin have grown quieter and would spend time alone with each other.