Skinny amazing chick meets a dick girlfriend and hardcore

Skinny amazing chick meets a dick girlfriend and hardcore
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Pink was with her friends chatting and gossiping and getting her weekly updates as usual from her best friends and neighbours, Nancy a short legged Scottish terrier and Ruby a tiny mix poodle. Pink is a medium large Golden Retriever and Pit-bull mix, her fur is flat and light brown with yellow bright eyes.

She is just beautiful! Her closest friend Nancy was a very loud girl and she observed everything, especially Pink's pussy it had a very appetising plump pear like with a bright pink colour, the healthiest looking pussy, she has ever seen.

Strange thing was - Pink was not in heat! With that, she felt a deep need to ask why her pussy looks that way and that if it's the reason why her name is Pink. "Well Nancy you horny creature, one is that I'm born that way and the second I guess is that I get the best fucks by far whether I'm in heat or not!" she give a throaty chuckle.

Nancy pesta sex son and mom in shock and puzzled to hear her saying she gets it even when she is not in heat… how is that possible? "You lying bitch you know it's impossible for us dogs!" Pink just smiled and said, "I'll tell you if you promise you won't tell a soul…" "I won't tell Pink, please tell me.

You know I won't tell please?" saying this with the longest face she could make, Pink gave a very serious look on her face with her eyes burning deep into Nancy's eyes. Ruby got in the conversation, "Of course I won't, and I'd love to have a pussy like yours". Pink laughs and looks at her small friend and tells her she might not be able to handle what she is about to hear.

"Well I'm all ears now start your story!" Nancy "Well I'm fucking John." "I haven't heard of John around here or even a dog by that name?" Nancy interrupts, "no I meant John my master" "No ways Pink No fucking way!!" Ruby gulped in disbelief. Nancy is now in disbelief but encourages Pink to go on; she has to know about this.

"Ladies I've known John since I was a pup.

A couple of years back he separated with that thing Amy from his church because she wasn't "faithful"." "Oh poor Johnny." sympathises Ruby, "So I saw how the separation was bringing him down and how depressed he got, so I had to do something to cheer him up! So this led me to devise a plan.

To lighten him up a bit" "exactly, what did you do you beautiful filthy thing you?" Nancy interrupts again but, Pink pays no attention. "Ladies I don't know if you can see for yourselves how handsome John is? But to me he is gorgeous! He's tall strong, long, hard and passionate!" Pink interrupts herself by giving a girlish laugh and her turning red just by thinking about him. "Oh come now.

Focus" Nancy snaps her back to reality. "Sorry about that. I was a virgin then never been touched ever!

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He's the only one believe you me." "So you never tied with any of the guys around here?" asks Ruby, "that's why I don't have any puppies as yet Rubs" Nancy is in total disbelief but she wants to hear more off this tale so she remains silent. "So I had to devise a plan and make sure my plan is put to action, I started with the "I'm ready ., I'm horny signs. You know flashing my hot pussy; and the thought was killing me and all the time he was not even paying any attention to me just carrying on with whatever he was doing.

Nevertheless, I was adamant to get him fucking me so I kept at it. One Saturday evening he came home a bit late and he was exhausted so he went for a long hot bath and immediately then I realised that this was going to happen that night.

The plan this time was, when he comes out of that bath I'm going to lick his balls wet and dry them up and suck on that dick of his before he could stop me. When he was done he had on a short towel showing off his torso and strong legs, oh Lord, and that was enough for me to get scorching hot. He walked over to the living room where I was waiting for him, and switched the TV on. When he dropped on the couch, he spread new prons sex stories new prons dashi legs and flashed me with the juicy cock and balls I needed "unintentionally" I guess.

She goes on giggling. To my delight his freshly bathed thick dick full of veins, and big balls hung heavy in their sack were in full view and hanging full of fresh blood and built up cum from all those lonely nights without that loose panty he called a girlfriend. I crept up to him softly not to startle him, I was drooling and soaking wet already just by the thought, I shoved my head between his legs, worked my tongue from under his balls to the head of his dick!

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He gave out a loud moan and I knew I got him, he tried to shove me away, but I turned around swayed my tail out the way showing him my hot swollen pussy. I gave him the sexiest of looks I can make and wave my tail to the side to show I mean business this time, he just stood up walked over to me, picked me up in his strong arms and walked to his bedroom, laid me there on my paws, went behind me and ate me out long, hard and passionately deep!

I was scared and very excited as well, I think I was climaxing the way my body was trembling - juices were flowing out of me, and he loved it all, no complaints nothing he just kept on eating me all out, that horny John.

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I turned my head around, looked at his dick and that thing was big, hard, and angry, the towel had fallen off his waist to the floor, I knew what was coming - mercilessly. He stopped eating my muff and positioned himself to penetrate me; I felt his head pressing on my virgin pussy. His massive cock head stretching me out I did not think I could take him but immediately it popped in he pushed it half way in me.

I yelp out loud out in pleasure and pain. I was glad he did not pull out thinking he was hurting me - my hips were humping on his dick on their own and that was a bit embarrassing but, he held on and kept shoving his dick deep in me heartlessly and I loved it. When I felt his balls slapping on my pussy I stood still for a pounding of amateur redhead eurobabe gets pounded for a few bucks life.

He ravaged me while pulling onto my hips; I yelped and whimpered loud this time but he was huffing and moaning loud from the pleasure. I loved the lust from his voice; he really wanted me and wanting me to give him all of me. I leaned in on my chest and my ass was up in the air, he almost fell over from my change in position and he went in a lot deeper this time and that was followed by a big orgasm!

We were both in haven as he made muffled sounds of pleasure as I gave out a low growl, tightening my pussy and making it suck on him while he rested on me then a few minutes later he regained his balance. Mission accomplished. He was the alpha male. My Alpha male 30minutes into our passionate lust filled fucking he was pumping in me like mad again!

His big dick growing and hardening in my tight pussy, he gave out a loud moan then he came hard and gushing deep in me as I tightened my pussy around him again! At the very same time I was having another earth shuttering orgasm that both our juices were squeezed and gushed out of my pussy and made a big mess on his bed.

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Sex filled the room; looking above my shoulder, I saw he was breathing hard from our passionate and uninhabited fuck session whilst his dick was jerking in me. I was a virgin no more and he was no longer going to be lonely ever again for as long as I'm still alive, well by the pleased and satisfied look on his face.

From that night we fucked every time he got a hard on and my pussy was willing and very juicy as he liked to refer to it! "Oh my GOD you're a slut Pink!" both girls laughed and giggled uncontrollably in shock, disbelief and envy of their friend.

The gate made a squeak and in came John strolling like a brand new man!