Amateur real daddy and gets caught xxx girls behaving badly

Amateur real daddy and gets caught xxx girls behaving badly
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After I had calmed down from the realization of having such a mind blowing orgasm, I stood from my bed and retreated the stairs very quietly. I got to the bottom three when I had a full view of the living room and couch.

I peered around the banister, careful not to fall and peeked at the couch. I froze when I heard Uncle Mike grunt and moan. I knew something was happening! I watched in awe at the sight in front of me. I felt my lower walls clinching for another release, I pressed my thigh together tightly hoping for some pleasure. I just couldn't contain my arousal for what was happening. On the couch, my mom had Uncle Mike's pants unbuckled and pulled back and his ginormous cock was standing at full attention in her hand.

It was a glorious sight. His dick was a light pink at the bottom but the head was a deep red and purple. At first I was confused because his face made it look like he was in pain but he kept moaning as mom steadily beat his wood. He looked up and I froze, he was staring right into my eyes, and I swear I saw a smile play on his lips.

He pulled mom up from her sitting position and placed her in his lap. He pulled her old women fuck porn in nigeria up to his face and he started licking as he stared at me.

I reached my hand around and started fighting myself. Hoping he would show me more. I got my wish. He started finger fucking mom and teasing her puffy clit. He pulled back and smiled and winked at me. I felt my cheeks grow bright red. I knew I should run back to my room and hide away forever, but something in his gaze locked me in place. I reached up and pulled my shirt up over my 34 C breasts and started pulling the nipple. I moaned lightly at the cold air on xxx blocked sex stories 8 ench land sensitive flesh, Uncle Mike groaned at the sight.

He flipped mom back over and pulled her roughly down on the hard rod and he started fucking her. Right there in front of me. I felt my release building as I watched them and I felt a moqn rip from my chest and I immediately slamed my mouth shut, and tore for my room. I heard mom say 'shit' and then I heard some fumbling. But by then I was back in my room with my clothes back in check. I turned my light off and laid down under my covers and pretended to be asleep.

I heard a light knock on the door but I stayed in my position, controlling my breathing. I heard my door open and peeked a bit. "Mickey?" I heard my mom whisper I remained silent. "Mickey are you awake?" "I told you she was asleep. That was my moan. Besides, she wouldn't be watching us have sex now would she? That's crazy. Not sweet little innocent Mickey." I almost blew my cover at Uncle Mike's words because I grinned at the fact that he did indeed know that Cute brunette dillion harper shows off her new shorts before sex was watching them fuck.

I did a little moan and told over, and in the process my night gown rode up a little bit over my black lace thongs and my comforter pulled back just enough for you to see them. I internet grinned in victory at the cough that Uncle Mike did to cover his groan.

"Alright, I guess." And then they backed out of my room and shut the door behind them.

Although I had fun doing that I was tired now so I quickly dozed off. But woke up when I felt someone lightly brush my face. I smiled and opened my eyes to see the one man that I wanted to see.

"It was not very nice of you to just give me a little peek at your sexy body. And on top of that I went to sleep with blue balls. All because you interrupted mynfuck session with your mother.

So I think you should apologize and repay the favor." I gapped at him. He wanted to fuck me? I smiled knowing I wanted his huge cock buries in my tight cunt. "Okay. What do you want me to do?" I quickly sat up and touched his chest lightly.

"Well first we need to get you out of these clothes so I can see you sexy pussy and tits." I pulled the nighty over my head and my tits were freed. He groaned and sucked a nipple in his mouth. It was then that I noticed that he was completely naked. And I had a clear view of his pulsing cock. I locked my eyes on it and erged my hand to touch it. Finally I had it gripped in NY hand and it felt amazing. Uncle Mike moaned in ecstacy.

He released mg tit and pulled me from my covers. "I have been wanting to taste you all night. And now I get to." He smiled like he just mexicano se coge a vieja desesperada axxxteca a prize and scooted towards the end of the bed.

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He spread my legs and even I could smell my aroma. I felt the cold airbhit my drenched panties and felt more release. He light ran his nose along my thighs and cunt, smelling. "You smell like heaven." He pulled my underwear off and dove in.

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I felt my whole body tense up and start to shake. I was already having an orgasm. I felt his experienced tongue dance its way through my pussy, making me feel completely on air and horny. After I released my breath I felt like I needed him in me.

Immediately. I pulled him up and started kissing him, I tasted the sweet falvor of what I assumed to be me and I felt my arousal thicken. I moaned lightly when I felt his rock hard cock at my entrance. I reached between us and lined it up the right way and he lightly pushed forward, entering me. Then he pushed with what seemed like everything he had in him.

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A strangled moan tore from my lips and I felt my pussy clinch and pulse around the now comfortable cock in me. "If you're not quiet princess momma will find out." I laughed as he began pulling out of my pussy. "You'd like that wouldn't youuuu" he slammed back info me. He reached between us and started rubbing my clit. "Very much darling." I looked in his eyes and saw the lust and ecstacy and then I I moaned in pleasure.

He was fucking me. Actually fucking me. He was plowing into my cunt kinky couple seduces a smoking hot teenager a force so raw that I knew I would be in pain tomorrow. And that was the whole fuck. Raw rage. He fucked me so roughly my pussy was literally hurting.

I felt it pulsing and throbbing. I was almost at my release when I felt him smack my ass. Hard. That was enough to send me over the edge. "What was that for?" "Punishment for interrupting earlier." I grinned but fell back as he continued to pound NY sore pussy.

"Uncle Mike that hurts." He gripped my hips harder and went faster and rougher if that was even possible. I immediately found my release building back up again and I heard him chuckle. "Is it? Because it seems like you're enjoying it. You are aren't you? You wanted me to fuck you. You little slut." I felt my eyes roll to the back of my head and I nodded lightly to answer him as I found my second release he found his too. He gripped my hips and fucked me so hard I knew I would have bruses tomorrow.

He shot his load up into my cunt and then pulled out. He pulled me down on top of his alwaste and started smacking my ass raw. I had to keep myself from screaming in pain. "Stop please this hurts." "Hurts? Well then you're in for a world of pain. I told your mom the truth earlier. She told me that I should teach you a lesson.

So she gave me permission to fuck that sweet cunt if yours and then tomorrow were leaving. Together. Youre going back to my house to be my slave. I have a basement set up for you and everything. Get ready to be a useless little doll because that pussy is mine. Forever." He pushed me off of him and left tmy room.

Then I heard my mom speaking on the other side. "She like it?" russian mom jerking hard fuck course she did. I just hope she still lives me. She's still my niece.

But I can't keep my hands off of her. Or my cock out of her" "She will when you show her the wonders of fucking like you did me. She'll ravish it.

And you. It just takes time, and cock."