Collage girl rape xxx hord

Collage girl rape xxx hord
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While Merik teaches Rikimarue the dark arts Ayame dreams that she has escaped from Rikimarue and Merik and has been raising her Orc Son alone in a positive enviornment with no exposure to violent and sexual stimuly. Ayame has named her Orc Son Leon after her Father and together Ayame and Leon are happy, Leon is now a fully grown adult Orc and one night while having dinner with his Mother Leons flips the dinner table over and tears off the clothes his Mother makes him wear exposing his massive erection.

Leon tries to grab his Mothers arm but she manages to get away, Leon chases her until he grabs her arm and throws her on the ground and starts tearing off her clothes, Ayame is screaming " WHY LEON?

WHY? ". Grabbing her neck with one hand he tears off the rest of her clothes with the other and starts sucking on one of her huge tits, he moves his arm down and shoves a finger into her pussy. Ayame is crying as she's fingered by her own Son, it's hard for her to breath and talk but she says " I'm your Mother, why?

" Leon laughs and says " I'm an Orc you stupid whore ", Leon puts one of her legs over his shoulder and rams his huge Orc cock deep inside her pussy and starts to rape her hard, fast and deep. She's tries to move away but his hand is still around her neck while his other hand is squeezing one of her tits, He's raping her so hard that between his grunts and her moans she can hear his balls slap against her ass.

After Raping her for a while Leon starts to moan and Ayame says " Don't cum inside me Son " leon rapes her harder and faster before he lets out a huge moan and cums deep inside his Mothers pussy. He keeps his cock deep inside her pussy until he pulls it out and forces it into his Mothers mouth, tears rolling down her cheeks as her own Son rapes her mouth when all the sudden everything goes black as if someone or something has placed a blindfold over Ayames eyes.

When Ayame is able to see again she notices that her wrists are tied amateur babe licks female agent then fuck a bed post and that she's at least 8 months pregnant, her Orc Son Leon is on the left side of the bed Ayame is laying on and he's masturbating.

Australia ki blue film dikhaiye shoves his cock into his Mothers mouth and says " Drink all my sperm you whore I want my Orc Son to be healthy " and he cums down her throat. Ayame knows she's dreaming but she can't wake up, she knew she was dreaming becasue she can't remember how she escaped from Rikimarue and Merik, she can't remember where she and her Orc Son have been living, how she was able to support her Son and herself and how she's was raped moments ago but is now around 8 month pregnant.

As her nightmare continues she focuses on how she could escape from Rikimarue and Merik with her Son and raise him in peace, she starts thinking that if she can escape with her Son she would bring him back with her to Taimanin HQ.

She would expose Rikimarue as a traiter who has set up several Female Taimanin to be captured by demons in the past, and she would convince Taimanin HQ that having an Orc could be a good thing, her Orc Son could be a spy for them, he could easily blend in with other demons and then inform Taimanin HQ about the demons activities.

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In her nightmare she's being raped by the horse demon while her Orc Son is raping her mouth but she continues to focus on her plan to escape and bring her Son to Taimanin HQ and completely ingnores the gangrape.

Her nightmare finally ends and Ayame wakes up after Merik touches her face again, Rikimarue smiles and says " I hate to interupt your wonderful dream but Merik has taught me so much and I want to practice ".

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Merik turns into a demon and using his tentacle arms he wraps up her legs as Rikimarue breaks the hand cuffs with his bear hands, Rikimarue says " Remember when I said the dark energy would increase my physical abilities well beyond Human levels? Well as you just saw, it's true ". Using his supernatural strength he easily forces Ayame into doggy style position and Merik ties her hands to the bed posts with dark energy, Rikimarue uses the dark energy that now flows through his body to open a portal to a dark dimension.

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He then uses the dark energy to summon a dog demon from that dimension, closing the portal after the dog demon enters the room. It looks like a bigger version of a normal adult dog but it has no skin and and his spine has bone spikes. Ayame is turning her head trying to see what's happening as the dog demon jumps on the bed, she can see the dog demons cock become erect. It looks like a regular dogs cock but both the cock and knot are much bigger, the dog demon starts licking Ayame pussy and asshole, Ayame tries to move away but she can't, the dog demon keeps licking her pussy until he mounts her.

With his arms around her waist and his body laying against her back the dog demon keeps thrusting his cock at Ayames pussy, he misses the first few attempts until he rams every inch of his cock and the entire knot deep into Ayames pussy, Ayame lets out a loud scream as the dog demon rapes her. Merik and Rikimarue watch as the dog demon kendra cole in her first ever interracial threesome scene Ayame hard, fast and deep, Merik says " I've seen dog demons rape Human Females before, they can go for hours and hours so let's let the dog demon have his fun while I teach you more about the dark arts ".

Transporting Himself and Rikimarue to that poket dimension they were in before, Merik teaches Rikimarue how to use the dark energy to create shields, fire blasts, levitate, etc, etc. The dog demon cums deep into Ayames pussy again and again as it continues to rape her, she can feel his sperm sliding down her legs, the dog demon pulls his cock and knot out of Ayames pussy and she screams in pain, the dog demons starts licking her pussy again. He licks her pussy for a while until he mounts her again and after missing the first few tries he rams his cock and knot deep into her asshole, Ayame screams in pain as the dog demon rapes her asshole.

Ayame has god gave me this great ass to get fucked visual purr suasion her pussy and asshole raped and filled with dog demon cum over and over again, she's lost count how many times, she has no idea how many hours have passed but the dog demon won't stop, he keeps licking her pussy before mounting her again.

Merik and Rikimarue leave the pocket dimension and appear back in the Room Ayame is in and watch as the dog demon continues to rape Ayames pussy, the bed sheet is covered in dog demon sperm and sweat. Rikimarue opens a portal to the dimension the dog demon came from and after the dog demon pulls out of Ayame Rikimarue orders it to return to it dimension, the dog demon licks her pussy a few more time before jumping off the bed and going through the portal, after closing the portal Merik says " let her take a shower, feed her and let her get some sleep I'll summon Ou - Chan later tonight ".

After her shower, meal and rest Rikimarue uses his dark energy to tie Ayames wrists together behind her back, Rikimarue then opens a portal to that poket dimesnion and both he and Ayame enter it. Merik is already there waiting, Merik says " Rikimarue your getting very good at opening portals and summoning demons, just a bit more training before I teach you the powers of regeneration, Immortality and resurrection ".

Ayame is standing in the center of the room while Merik opens a portal and summons Ou - Chan, she watches as this huge monster steps through the portal, this is the same monster that raped Asagi in the Chaos Arena over and over again.

She watches as Ou- Chans cock becomes rock hard, it's the same size and thickness as the horse demons cock, Ou - Chan moves towards her and she tries to move away but he grabs her in his huge hand. lifting her off the ground and holding her body in front of his face he starts to lick her pussy, Ayame lets out a loud scream and moan as Ou - Chans tongue slides into her cunt.

His left hand around her waist and his right hand holding her leg he positions his cock at the entrance of her pussy and starts to push, Ayame screams as Ou - chan rams his cock into her cunt and starts to fuck her.

Her screams are deafining as she's brutally raped by this monster, Ou - Chans body stiffens and with a loud moan he shoots massive amounts of cum deep into Ayames pussy, lowering her down so she standing in front of him he rams his still rock hard cock into her mouth.

Just like he did with Asagi Ou - Chan brutally rapes and cums into Ayames pussy and mouth over and over again, so much of his cum is leaking out of her pussy that it's forming cum pools on the ground. Ou - Chan has Ayame bent over and is brutally raping her asshole, Ayame is screaming in pain as his giant monster cock tears up her asshole and just like he's done so many times before he cums deep into her ass, Ayame collapses on the cum covered ground and Merik creates a dark energy shield that keeps Ou - Chan from getting to her.

Merik says " He has infinte stamina, he'll never stop but there is something I want to tell you, I heard that when Ou - Chan hot ebony babe loves an anal fucking Asagi in the Chaos arena he told Oboro that he wanted to keep Asagi form himself but Oboro had other plans for Asagi, I on the other hand plan on letting Ou - Chan keep you for a while ".

Removing the shield that was protecting Ayame Ou - Chan lifts her off the ground and rams his massive monster cock into her pussy and rapes her again, as her pussy is filled with massive amounts of cum she sees Merik and Rikimarue leave the poket dimension.

Both she and Ou - Chan are trapped in that pocket dimension for as long as Merik and Rikimarue desire, Ou - Chan is now raping her mouth, she gags on his giant monster cock and he shoots massive amounts of cum down her throat. Holding her waist with his left hand he has her bent over, her feet are dangling off the ground as he brutally rapes her pussy, he rapes her so hard and fast before cuming deep into her pussy.

He pulls his cock out of her and she collapses on the cum covered floor, privateclassicscom krisztina schwartz average tits and real tits even more of his cum leaking out of her pussy and on to the ground, her stomach is full of Ou - Chans sperm so when Ou - Chan rams his huge monster cock back into her pussy she starts vomiting sperm.

Back in Rikimarue house Rikimarue says " How long are we going to let Ou - Chan keep Ayame? " Merik smiles and says " As long as it takes to completely break her, so she looses any ideas of escaping or raising her Orc Son as a Human ". Rikmarue smiles and says " That might take a while, she's strong willed and stubborn, even after a year with those three Orcs and being impregnated she still resists " Merik laughs and says " That's good news for Ou - Chan then ", then Merik says " Lets finsih your training and make you Immortal ", Merik teaches Rikimarue the secrets of regeneration, Immortality and resurrection.

Four days later Merik says " Rikimarue you are now Immortal, you will never grow old, you will never get sick, you can regenerate injured and missing body parts ". Then Merik says " The only way you can be killed is if your head is cut off but as I explained to you, even if you are killed your spirit will live on and if it can gather enough dark energy then you can give yourself flesh ".

Rikimarue smiles and says " Thank you Merik, thank you for everything ", Merik says " Your welcome, now let's check on Ayame and Ou - Chan ". Rikimarue opens a portal to that pocket dimension Ayame and Ou - Chan were trapped in and he and Merik step through, now in that pocket dimension they see Ayame fondling Ou - Chans balls as he rapes her mouth, the floor is covered in cum so Keeping up with kiara mia and Merik levitate.

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Apparently drinking so much of Ou - Chans cum has kept Ayame fully hydrated and well fed, after cuming down her her school madam and student xxxx story he lifts her off the ground and rams his cock deep into her pussy and starts raping her again, Rikimarue says " Yeah I think she's broken ", Merik laughs and says " Yes your right lets end it and bring her back to your place ". As soon as Ou - Chan cums deep into her pussy Merik creates a barrier seperating Ayame and Ou - Chan, Rikimarue opens a portal on Ou - Chans side of the barrier and orders Ou - Chan to go through the portal, after Ou - Chan leaves Rikimarue closes the portal and Merik drops the barrier.

Rikimarue and Merik are still levitating as Ayame is standing in a pool of sperm, Rikimarue says " Have you learned your lesson yet? will you finally strop resisting? will you finally stop trying to escape with your Orc Son? " Ayame looks at both Merik and Rikimarue and says " Yes " and she collapses into the pool of cum. Merik says " Ou - Chan has raped her for four days staright, she hasn't slept at all, how could she? Let's bring her back to your place, wash her up and let her sleep for a while ".

Merik uses dark energy to lift and carry her through the portal back to Rikimarues house, back in the house they place her in the shower so the hot water can wash off the sperm that's all over her body and then place her on her bed and Rikimarue ties her wrists to the bed posts with dark energy.

Rikimarue looks at Merik and says " What if she's faking it and she still tries to escape with her Orc Son? " Merik smiles and says " Well just leave her in that pocket dimension with Ou - Chan for another four days ".