Blond teen slut weed party and threesome sex on the couch

Blond teen slut weed party and threesome sex on the couch
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My First Decade with Dick, Part 1 by Chico Brisbane My fascination with men and their dicks began during a school fieldtrip when I was 11-years old.

I was the only child to a single mother, and had never seen another penis except for mine and two younger male cousins. One cousin was about 6 years old and had no problem with being seen naked, and the other was just a baby who's penis I'd seen during diaper changes.

Our fieldtrip was to a municipal swimming pool in the park across from my school. My classmates and I little boy stepmom fucking dad excited about a day of fun in the sun, and I hadn't given any thought to how, when, and where I'd get out of my clothes and into my swim suit until I saw the huge sign over an oval archway that said: MEN & BOYS - LOCKER ROOM & SHOWER >>> THIS WAY >>> Most of the boys took off running into the locker room and had obviously been to a public swimming pool before.

I hadn't and I suspected that I wasn't the only one because a few of us walked down that short corridor slower then a death row inmate walks to the electric chair. I could hear the sound of men and boys mixed with the sound of running water, and slamming doors. At the end of the corridor, we made a sharp left turn and found ourselves in a huge room with a ceiling five times higher the the pathway leading up to it. I hadn't taken more then five steps into the locker room before a full grown man walked right passed me, and he was completely naked.

His dick was really big, not to mention hairy. My eyes where glued to it as I watched it bounce from side-to-side with every step. I just kept walking passed row after row of narrow aisles packed with naked man and boys.

I noticed that some of the boys who where just a few years older then me, already had hairy dicks like the men. Just when I was sure that I had already seen the biggest dick on earth, I'd walk pass another aisle and see one that was just a adriana squirts all over megan while lesbian scissoring pornkatecom bit bigger.

I was getting excited with all of the images of naked men with big, hairy dicks. When I got to the last few rows, I was releived to see that they where nearly empty. I walked passed a naked boy and his dad towards the far end of the aisle against the wall. I sat on the bench and peeled off my pants and superman briefs to the horrific sight of my 4-inch boy boner sticking straight up in the air.

To make matters worse, when I went to put on my swimsuit, I discovered a knot in the drawstring that kept me from pulling it up passed my knees. I had to take it off so I could untie the knot and that's when I heard a man's voice ask me if I needed help. I just handed him my swimsuit before realizing that it was the only thing covering my stiff boner. I saw his eyes go directly to my crotch and it was too late to try and hide it.

"Oh don't worry about that kiddo! - Mine get's like that all of the time." He said.

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"It does mister?" I replied. "You bet it does! - I think it starting to happen right now." He said. "It is?" I repled He opened a locker door and used it to block the view of anyone who might walk up the aisle.

Then he lifted his leg and set his left foot onto of the bench right next to me. I could see right up his towel and looked wide-eyes at the emormous dick and balls that where hanging there between his legs. "Your's will grow to be just as big as mine someday." He said. "Really? - It's gigantic!" I said.

"It's get's even bigger then this. I'm not even fully stiff yet." He said "Holy Crap! - It is getting bigger. It just jumped all by itself." I said. "Oh that just means that he wants to shake hands with you.

Go ahead and skake it with your hand." I reached up into his towel and grabbed onto his long dick right around the middle and shook it up and down a few times. When I went to pull my hand away he asked my if it felt like it was getting harder, and without having to be told, I grabbed ahold of his big dick again and started to shake it and squeeze it.

"Whoa! it is getting harder. Look at it!" I said. "Wow! see if you can make it get even harder!" He said taking another look back to make sure the coast was clear. I started to push, pull, shake, and wiggle the massive dick making it grow even longer and harder by the second. He reached down and repositioned my xxxx story hot mumbai girl so my fingers where now curled over the top instead of the bottom.

He said that he dick liked my push and pull hand saked the best, and that exactly what I started to do. I might be just my young age, but even when I think back on it now, I'd sware that his cock had to be a foot long. "Dang mister! Look how much bigger I made it get!" I said, pushing his towel back so he could see. "Don't stop kiddo! - Do it for a full minute as fast as you can" He said. I stroked that man's cock so fast that the image of my hand moving up and down it's length was nothing but a blur.

I knew that whatever it was called that I was doing to this giant dick felt really good for the man. All I got was sweaty, a sore shoulder, and a wrist cramp.

But none of that mattered once I was rewarded with the most amazing sight I had even seen before. The man started talking really dirty but somehow I knew that it wasn't meant to be mean. "Fuck Kiddo! - You're really gonna make me cum! - I can't fucking believe it!" He said. "I'm gonna make you do what, mister?" I said. "Shut up and keep stroking my cock! - You're so good at it! - You're a natural born cock knocker!" "Thank's mister!" I said.

I went right back to stroking his bone really fast and he started telling me to say different things. I didn't really know what they meant, and he had to have me repeat them a few sex xxx vidos 2019 porn until I got them right. So I just started saying these different things, and I now realize that hearing them in my young voice while I stroked his cock must have been a dream come ture.

He asked me to say things like: "Am I gonna make you cum all over mister?" "Only dirty boys like to milk daddy-sized dicks, right mister?" "I wish you where my daddy.

I'd milk your dick everyday?" That was about all that the man needed to hear. I knew that something was about to happen because the man sort of returned back to earth and called me "Kiddo" again. Just a few minutes earlier I was a dirty little dick stroker, and a soon to be cocksucker. But know the man was gently rubbing the top of my head and whsipering loudly as his body began to jerk and his knees started to buckle. "Oh kiddo! - Here it comes baby! - Look at what your making me do! - Oh shit kiddo!

- I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! - Oh fuck! - I'm cumming! - Yeah I'm cumming! - Oh fuck! - Look at it! I saw long stringy ropes of white goop fly out of the mans giant boner and asian hardcore pornstar annie cruz will cumshot and facial over my shoulder.

Then it happen again but this time I felt it splatter all over my shoulder and on the front of my chest. The next one hit me right on the face and I could feel a wad of it dangling from my chin. The man grabbed my towel from the floor and had all of his cum wiped off of me in half the time that it took for him to shoot it all over me.

I sat there and watched the man get dressed and he looked like a different person once he had all of his clothes on. I knew that I'd never see this man again and he must have known it too. So he left me with a little going away present. My first blow-job, and orgasm, and he did it in less then sixty seconds. But for the rest of my life, it would be the most memorable 60 seconds of my life. "Hey kiddo! - Stand up here behind the door, I gotta pay you back for making me cum so good?" He said.

In less then 5 seconds I was standing inside of the man's locker with my swimsuit in my hand. I felt a wet warm feeling all over my stiffy and when I looked down, I saw that the man had leaned forward and put my entire boner into his mouth and he was sucking on it.

Not just sucking, but he was sliding his tongue up and down the bottom side of my boner while he sucked it. I could feel this tingly pressure building up at the base of my bone and quickly summized that since my dick was to little to stroke like I had done to his, he used his mouth on mine and had actually succeeded in sucking the hot sperm out of my dick.

I kept trying to warn him, but he just igmored me. "Oh mister! - something is happening! Hey mister! did you hear me?" -no responce- "Hey mister! STOP! I think I'm gonna pee!" I hissed.

-no responce- "Mister! I think my sperm is gonna shoot out like yours did! - Stop! or it will squirt in your mouth." I said -no responce- "It's gonna squirt mister! - Here it comes!

- It's squirting! - Oh no! I'm squirting in your mouth! - Fuck mister! It's shooting in your mouth!" - I'm squirting! - I'm squirting! - Oh man I'm really squirting!" I said. "You sure did, and it was yummy kiddo!, thanks." He said "That's icky mister! - You drank my sperms! - YUCK!" I said. He left me with the impression that I had shoot my hot sperm into his mouth, but I'd soon learn that he'd actually just sucked my through my first dry cum. He didn't say much after that, he just got dressed and walked away and left me there dizzy from my first orgasm, still as hard as a rock, and with a knot still in my swimsuit.

I hadn't even asked him what his name was. He has always remained as simply "mister" whenever I thought about him and that first time some 30 odd years ago. I hadn't even realized that "mister" was just the first in a long line of many more "misters" whom would find their way into my life over the years.

But Mister #1 gave me much more then that, he gave me unspoken knowledge that I didn't even realize that I had until I put it to work. I'm not sure why I implimented this particular guideline going forward, but I just knew that it was in my best interest to never talk about that passed. The rule was simple: No matter what I saw, did, or was taught. I was always seeing it, doing it, or learning it for the very first time, even if I wasn't.

It was important that each of them always believed that they where the first, and that they're ability to seduce is what had won me over. About 2 months later I had an opportunity to follow this new guideline. I was shopping for new school clothes at The May Company with my mother. She would always try and drag me down to the bargin basement knowing that she'd be hard pressed to find anything in a boys size 14 slim. I disapper to the third floor which was evenly divided between housewares, appliances, and toy's.

Of course at 9:10 am on a Saturday morning, the 3rd floor wasn't exactly Grand Central Station. I had to pee and spotted one loan employee on the whole third floor and asked her if there was a boys bathroom close by. "No, but there's a men's restroom right over there." She said pointing to a sign not more then 20 feet away. I headed towards the restroom sign and found that it was actually down a long hallway another 30 feet or so passed the sign.

I finally made it into the restroom and was already in the process of finshing out my dick as I walked up to only one of the standup pissers. I'd sware that this guy materalized out of thin air because I never heard a sound and didn't know that I wasn't alone until I saw him approching from the corner of my eye.

I was startled and looked right up at him and he apologized for scaring me. Even with my head tilted upward towards his face, I could see from my perifiral vision that his pants where pulled down nearly to his knees, and that he had a big boner sticking out in front of him. I could see him flicking it up and down but didn't look directly at it.

Even seeing it from the corner of my eye was good enough to make me pop a mean boner. "Wow! - Beautiful blonde bombshell britney young makes passionate love got a pretty big dick for a little kid." He said. Hearing him say that was like hearing the starter pistol at a relay race.

Because we where off and running towards sexy fun much faster then I ever had with mister #1. I thanked him for the kind words about the size of my dick and took that as an invitation to look directly at his.

"Whoa! - Look at your's - Holy crap! - I've never seen one that big before!" I said. "Feel how hard it is." He said. He turned and facied me while I placed my hand right around the center of his hard cock. It wasn't as big as the other cocks that I'd seen, but this guy was much younger and I couldn't wait any longer to get down to what I knew that he wanted.

I just had to do it in a way that made him believe that he was seducing me into doing more-and-more along that way. "Nah! I don't think that I'm supposed to touch grown-up dicks and stuff, am I?" I said. "I did when I was a kid. I played with my neighbors big ol' cock. He offered to let some of my buddies play with it too, but they where too chicken." The man said. "I'm not chicken! - Somebody could walk in see us.

Look at how far down you pants are already " I said. "What's wrong with how far my pants are pulled down?" He asked. "Nobody pulls them down that far but little kids! - Jeeze mister! - You might as well be naked!" I said.

"Good idea! - Follow me." He said. He turned and walked towards the toilet stalls and directed me to go into the stall and lock pretty teenie slut swallows his whole wang door behind me while he went into the next stall.

I locked the door and felt kind of silly just standing waiting for the next command. He asked me to make sure that the door to my stall was locked and I double checked it. "Yes! - It's locked" I said "Okay then! - Close your eyes and cound to ten." He said, and I did it. When I opened my eyes I got startled again because he was standing ontop of the toilet inside of my stall, and he was completely naked.

It was obvious that he'd crawled under the partition, but I played along like it was magic, and even more amazed over his nakedness.

"Holy Crap! you're totally naked mister!" I said " said that I might as well be naked, so Ta-Dah!" He said. "Where are all of your clothes?" I asked. He told me to look under the partition. He had folded his pants on the edge of the toilet with the legs draped down to the floor. He even set a shoe under each pant leg and it really looked like someone was sitting on the toilet.

He looked at my hard dick which was still sticking out of my open fly and asked me how old I was, and what I had done to make my cock so big. "I'm almost 12, and why do you call it a cock?" I asked.

He said he called it a cock because that's what it was. He said that little boys have pee-pee's, boy's around my age have dicks, but guy's like us have cocks. I told him that he had the biggest cock that I've ever seen and the compliment seemed to make him melt. "Oh you're just saying that to me nice." He said. "No I'm not! - Look at this thing mister! - You could fit three of my cocks inside that monster!" I said. "Show me your balls." He said I played it as if I was shy and slowly pulled at the side of my pants while he took a seat on the toilet in front of me.

I guess I wasn't moving fast enough for him and he gave me a hand by tugging my pants and underware all the way down to the floor. He told me to raise my arms and in a flash he had pulled my T-shirt right off of me. I was now almost as naked as he was.

He reched out and started to play with my balls and it felt really nice. "Damn little man! By this time next year, these babies are gonna be twice as big and able to shoot ton's of creamy cum." He said. "Creamy what?" I inquired. very sexy blonde teen solo he thought he was at the wrong house until his dad stepped, you know? Sperm." He said.

"No way! I won't even be 13 yet. My cousin said that guys don't make sperm until their in high school." "Yeah well, your cousin is full of shit becuase I was shooting sperm in the 7th grade, and dry cumming since I was like 9-years old." "What's dry cumming?" I asked. He said that he'd show me exactly what dry cumming was, but it would make more sense if I watched him wet cum first.

I didn't question his reasoning and watched as he started to stroke his cock. It looked to be in the area of 7 to 7 1/2 inches and not a whole lot thicker then mine already was. I was dying to take over for him but he didn't seem interested in wanting me to do it, or was afraid that I wouldn't want to. I was so hot watching him jack-off that I just had to say something. "When can I feel how hard it is. Remember you told me to feel it out there?" I said.

"Oh shit! I'm sorry little masseuse and her customer fingering each other, go for it! - I got it nice and hard now." He said.

I put my hand around it and immediately agreed that it was as hard as a rock, but added that it felt much warmer then I thought it would. I also started to make the same up and down motions that he had made when his hand was on it.

I took the opportunity to point out that I couldn't stroke my own cock in the same way that I was stroking his because of the size differance.

"Fuck Mister! when I play with my dick, black anacondas vs nadia ali hand covers almost the whole thing, but yours is so big that my hand doesn't even cover half of it. And look how far I can move my hand up and down on this big fat monster. Is this how you're supposed to do it?" I said stroking him for all I was worth.

"Yeah little man! You're manking my cock feel really good?" He asked. "I used to play with mine alot, but know I can't do it very long because it makes me have to go pee." I said. "And let me guess. You stop playing with it to go pee, and then you suddenly don't have to pee." "Exactly, how'd you know that?" I asked. "Because I was your age once. You weren't gonna pee little man! - You where gonna dry cum but you stopped too soon.

I'll show you in a minute because if you keep stroking me like this you're gonna make me wet cum really good." "I am? - I'll go a little faster then." I said. "Awesome little man! - I'm almost there! - You're one hell of a meat beater. - Oh fuck yeah! - Shit little man! I'm getting ready! - Here it comes! - I'm gonna cum buddy! - Oh fuck! - Oh shit! - Now man! Now! - I'm cumming! -- Yeah I'm cumming!" He shouted as I watched him shoot more cum on himself then Mister #1 had cum on me.

I counted 8 full squirts before he finally stopped cumming "Whoa! that's neat. What is this stuff?" I asked but never slowed down on stroking his cock until the last of his cum was dripping over the edges of my fingers. "You can't shoot cum yet, but I can show you what it feel like to cum. Want me to make you dry cum?" "Heck yeah!" I said all puffed up with pride thinking that I was going to shock the shit out of this guy when I started shooting hot cum all over the place just like he had.

He spit in his hand and went to work on my cock. This slippery feeling was new to me and I could feel that tingly pressure building up down there really fast. "Oh crap mister! - I'm gonna pee!" I shouted, but new better or so I thought. "No you're not, you're gonna dry cum!

- It will feel really good but nothing will shoot out." He said. Sure enough I lerched forward shouting that I was cumming and watched the tip of my dick closely as I clinched my butt muscle and felt the first shot blast off. However, just as "mister #2" had said, nothing came out. Not a single drop during all 5 or 6 sqirts that I was sure would send hot goo flying all over the place. If it hadn't felt so fucking good, I might have been disappointed. But I wasn't because I realized that I didn't need a guys mouth to make me cum, or dry cum actually.

I just needed a little spit and a safe palce to do it. Just like mister #1, Mister #2 got dressed and walked out of my life, never to be seen again. I went and caught up with my mom and tried on my new clothes.

All the way home in the car, I looked out of the window and thought about both misters, and also about what I was going to do when I got home.

Within minutes of arriving home, I went into my bedroom and gave myself my first solo dry cum. I also vowed that I would not let the next Mister just walk away forever.

I would make sure that he'd be someone who could let me have more then one chance to play with his man-sized cock. Especially now that I had developed a curious interest to feel what it's like to put one in my mouth and suck on it. Almost 6 months would pass before I'd play with another cock, I was already 12 by then and the other person was only 19 or 20 at the most.

I had been out on a Saturday afternoon riding my bike back and forth between two different parks. I did see one man in the restroom who had that look about him, but I could tell that he wasn't the type of mister who wanted a kid like me. He was on a hunt for man-sized cock just like I was.

I was about halfway home when my front bike tire went flat. I stopped at the gas station and asked the guy at the counter if I could use the air hose to fill up my tire, and he said it ws cool. I put in the air but hardly made it out of the gas station parking lot before it started to go flat again. I went back and put more air as if that would fix the problem, and of course it didn't.

That's when the gas station guy came walking over to tell me that I must have a hole in the granny bbw mega big melons minka. He picked up my bike and spun the front tire until he found the small nial that I'd run over.

I was almost in tears because my mom had just shelled out $4.50 for that innertube. It might not sound like alot of money now, but back then it was enough to pay for a month of school lunches. "Don't worry kid! My shift is over in a few minutes. I'll ask my boss if I can fuck around in the service garage for shit to patch the hole." He said "Really?" I said as a smile krept over my face.

"Fuckin'-A man! - I've been right where you are right now man! - And some older dude helped me so I'm just keeping karma on my side." He said. Just as he said, he boss let us go into the service garage and I watched as this guy pulled my tire off the rim and got the innertube out. He cut a piece of rubber from a blown-up innertube and brushed some glue on it and over the hole on my innertube.

But then he just sat there blowing on both of them. "Aren't ya gonna stick them together?" I asked. "It's 2-part epoxy kid. Ya gotta let it set up first or it won't bond." He said. Right in the middle of a sentance, this guy heard the roar of an engine and noticed a yellow corvette pull around the tarn tar kanta sex vdeo of the gas station.

He got all worked up over whoever this person was. But I quickly found out why. "Oh fuck! Check this out kid! You see that Japanese dude in the yellow Vette?

Watch! he's gonna go and ask for the key to the restroom so he can bang his chick in the toilet stall. Watch this!" He said. And I followed right behind him as he climbed up the wodden ladder to a loft in the service garage where they stored a bunch of car parts. I watched as he lifted a box and got down on the floor of and motioned for me to get down to.

Once I did, I could see that the floor to the loft was also the ceiling to the man's restroom. When we saw them enter, he tapped my arm and put his finger across his lips, meaning to be quiet so they didn't hear us. The girl got right to work and feel to her knees and pulled his dick out. It was already hard and was by far the smallest cock that I had even seen on a grown man.

It wasn't more then an inch or so longer then mine, and not too much thicker either. She only sucked him for a minutes before he bent her over the toilet and fucked her from behind. And about a minute after that, he pulled his dick out of her really fast and cam on her butt cheeks, and it wasn't very much cum. It was over fast, and so we climbed back down and went to work on my tire. I had to adjust my boner and didn't think tht he'd notice but he did, and I was actually glad that he did.

It gave me a chance to hone my acting skills. "Did seeing that 2-minute fuck make you pop a boner kid?" He said. "Huh?" I said acting a little embarrassed. "Don't sweat it kid! You're how old? 12 or 13. Any kid would have popped a stiff one after seeing that" "Did you?" I asked.

"I'm almost 19 kid, but it did make me get a simi-chub" He said, and grabbed the front of his pants to show me the thick lump of cock-meat in his pants.

I fugured now would be a good time to toss out a compliment." "Oh shit! - Is that really your dick? - Man, and I thought that Japanese guy had a big one." I said. "That dude? - Shit! that serving and deepthroating my master blindfolded and submissive didn't have a big dick!

- I've got a big dick." He said. "Well it was bigger then mine by a whole inch, maybe a liitle bit more then that. "Well shit! He's a grown man and your just a kid.

If his dick was only an inch bigger then your's is know, then you're in pretty good shape kid!" "Really? cuz mine is just as big around as his, but his was just a little longer, and I only have a tiny bit of hair." "No shit! you already have dick hair at 12? I didn't get any until way after I turned 13. Fuck! I'll bet that by the time your 19, you'll be able to put this cock to shame." He said showing me the lump again.

Except it looked a little more plump this time. "That would be so awesome! - Especially if I had one as big as yours is right now." I said. "Sorry kid! Life just don't work that way." "My name is Jerry." I said. "Right on! I'm Nick." He said. "Yeah you are! Your Nick with the big dick!" I said and we both laughed. "And you're Jerry who's just starting to get hairy." Nick said, and we laughed even harder.

Nick suddenly got that seductive look that I was always on the lookout for. He got nervious and suddenly made a random suggestion. He said that he didn't think that the patch was gonna work, but that he had an old bike at his house that was broken and that maybe the innertubes where still good.

He said that he lived really close and if all else failed, he could at least give me a ride home so I didn't have to push my bike. I agreed and we where off and running. I wheeled my bike out of the secvice garage and followed Nick around back to where he said he was parked.

But as we rounded the corner, all I saw was a van parked against a wall. Sure enough it was his and he opened the side door and lifted my bike up into it. It was so cool in there. He had a small bed towards the back, and even a TV set. "Okay little hairy Jerry! Let's jam!" He said. "Your drivin' big dick Nick." I said.

And that was the medicine that cured what ailed him. It was the moment where this horny 19-year old straight guy needed to blow off some steam, and he wondered how I might be of any assistance. He stumbles over a few words, but eventually got it out. "So Jer! - Are you really sproutin' cock hairs already, or where you just pulling my leg." I hiked up my shirt and lowered the waistband of my shorts until all 35 or 40 of my curly little hairs could be seen clearly against me milky white skin.

"Wow! look at them little sprouts. I hope you're jacking-off regularly like a kid your age needs to do. How do you think I ended up have such a fat cock?" "I try but I think my mom is on to me Nick.

I can't even take a shit becuase she's knocking on the bathroom door asking me if everything is all right." I said Nick said that he originally bought the van so that he'd have a private place to jack-off anytime that he felt like it.

He said that he even had a do-it-yourself sex kit back there which was adorable young teen solo first time more years of man meat for this gorgeous brunette a box with a few mags, a bottle of lotion, and a roll of paper towels. He told me to feel free to go back there and take care of myself and he'd just drive around some side streets until I was finished.

I didn't waste a second getting out of the passenger seat and crawling to the back of the van toward the makeshift bed. I hoped that he'd stop and come back there but he didn't so I cooked up a plan angel bay on anal amp dp sz analfucking cumonface went back up front after about 2 minutes. "Fuck Jerry! You could've taken your time and enjoyed yourself. That was fuckin' fast!" Nick said.

"I didn't do it!" I said. "Why not? "You promise not to laugh?" I said. "Come on! This is Nick with the big dick you're talkin' to. I won't laugh." He said. "Okay!

.For some reason, I can't stand beating off unless I'm totally naked. Okay, now you can laugh." "Okay, that is funny, but only because I'm the same way man! I can't even jackoff with socks on" Nick said. "Socks? - I even take off my Mickey Mouse watch. - Plus it make me dizy with the van moving." I said. I could swear that I saw the lightbulb light up over Nick's head the instant that I made that comment about the Van moving.

He said that he could pull over along the curb of one of the side street and park. He said that he hoped that I wasn't very shy because he wouldn't be able to just sit in the driver seat because it might look suspicious, and that he have to sit in the back with me while I handled my business. "I guess there's a first time for everything." I said "First time for what?" Nick said with a trembling voice.

"First time that I've ever been naked in front of another guy who wasn't naked himself, you know like in the locker room at the public pool, or with a friend and stuff like that." I said. "No problem Jerry! I'll get naked while you beat your meat. Fuck! we should both just give our cocks a nice slow workout after all that we've seen today. You wouldn't mind if I just beat-off with you, would you?" "Hell no! - Just don't freak out if I look over and take a peek a few times.

I'm just dying to see what I might look like down there when I'm your age." I said. I didn't even wait for a responce before I went about removing every stitch of clothing. I was butt-ass naked in less than a minute and Nick wasn't too far behind me. I scooted over on the bad all the way against the back doors, leaving room for Nick. I heard him whistle when I held my dick up away from me belly. "Fuck! Look at the size of the pecker on your skinny body." He said.

"Forget mine! Look at your's! - Jeeze! you could club a baby seal with that fat ol' dick!" I said. Nick crawled over and layed himself down right next to me, but facing the other way. We layed head to toe and watched each other masturbate. Nick said that he thought it was cool because he's never jacked-off with another dude before.

And I said the same thing, and then quickly complimented the size of his huge nut's, and hanging sack. I watched Nick's fist glide slowly up and down his cock and I told him that I liked doing it really nice and slow just like he was. But I also scooted down a bit to get a closer look and Nick did the same thing.

This but both of our dicks nearly side-by-side and the tension was building. I watched him as he used his thumb to smear his leaking precum all over the head of his fat cock.

Then he took notice of the clear slime seeping out of the tip of my cock. "Hey man! Use your thumb like this and smear that precum all over the top of your cockhead. It feels awesome to do that." Nick said. "Man Nick! do you always leak so much precum? Dang! look at all of that! - It's dripping all over your fingers and down the side of your cock." I said. "Yeah! I leak more precum that this Van leaks motor oil." He said. "Thank's Nick with the big dick." I said. "For what?" He easked.

"For jacking-off with me, and showing me what a full grown dick looks like." I said. Nick said that he sould be the one thanking me and I asked him what I had done for him to be thankful.

He said we was thankful for me giving him a second chance to be like a horny kid again. He said that when he was my age, he always wanted to jack-off with one of his little buddies, and maybe mess around a with each other but that he was always to afraid to suggest it. "Yeah, I had a buddy who moved away last year and we use to mess around all of the time. It was so fun because we could do all kinds of stuff and knew that none of our friends would ever find out." I said.

"That's so awesome! - How would you get things started? I mean who would make the first move" He said. I told Nick that my buddy and I would do somethimg but not all the way until the other person said it was okay to continue.

Nick caught on real fast and reached over and grabbded onto my dick but kept his hand totally still. "You mean like this?" He asked "Yeah! exactly. Go ahead and rub my dick up and down if that's what you want to do." I said, and Nick proceeded to masturbate me. Nick said that he was getting really fuckin' hot by playing with my hard cock and thinking about all of the daring things that my buddy and I must have done together. The look on his face was priceless when I grabbed onto his long cock and move my head down that the tip of his dick was only millimeters away from my mouth.

He just gave me a blank stair until he realized what it was that I wanted to do, and that I wouldn't until he said that I could. "Go ahead and suck on it if that's what you want to do? He said. I managed to get almost half of Nick's dick into my mouth and sucked it reall hard for just a few minutes until Nick pulled my mouth off of it.

He pulled my over on top of him and held me face up to his with hardly any space between our lips. "Go ahead and kiss me, if that's what you want to do?" I said and Nick did kiss me. He even jammed his tongue into my mouth and we made out together while his hands roamed all over my naked body. It was really intense and then Nick asked me what was the black babe rides a hard cock like a pro thing that he could possibly do for me.

I looked him sqaure in the eye and told him that I'd love for him to crawl over me, lower his cock down into my mouth, and start fucking my face without stopping until his balls where empty.

It took him only seconds to mount my face and commense fucking, and only minutes to empty the contense of his nutsack into my mouth. I had been jacking myself off at the same time that Nick was boning my face and ended up shooting my watery load all over my belly. I just didn't want Nick to feel obligated and he droped his load.

So I made it possible for us to meet up again since he worked about a mile away from my house. "Damn Jerry! You're a hot little lover, aren't you? - What are you doing tomorrow." He said. "Getting another mouthful of that I hope." I said Nick told me that I could coun't on it as we got cleaned up and dressed.

We did meet up the next day on Sunday around 11:00 am. We found a cool place to park and then started fucking around in his van for the next 2 1/2 hours. Nick and I would hook up every now and then, but it was always on his terms, and always when there was no pussy in his life. Even though I moved onto other sources of man-sized cock, Nick and I carried on for a long time, but often with gaps larger than six months between meetings.

The day that I swallowed a load of cum form Nick's big dick for the last time, I had no idea that I was really for the last time. I was 19-years old and Nick was 26. The van was long gone by then, and I had stopped by on a whim and ended up sucking him off on the floor of his apartment while his wife was at work.

His 8 month old son was asleep on the same blanket just a few feet away as his daddy dropped a load of baby-maker right down my throat. The next time I stopped by for a side order of Nick-Dick, and a mouthful of creamy cum to wash it down with, Nick had moved. That was finally the end of us becuase I never saw him again. But I knew just after meeting Nick that the age differance alone would have doomed us even if Nick wasn't struggling with his sexuality.

That's what lead me to Lewis about a year after meeting Nick. I was 13-years old + a few months, and I now had a fully functioning, cum shooting cock. It was already topping out at close to 5 1/2 inches with a ring of dark curly hair that was filling in nicely. Even though my insatiable appitite for man-cock wouldn't stop at Lewis, I carried on with him on occasion even longer then I had with Nick.

Lewis and I would meet when I was 13, and have a worldwind romance for about a year until I would move on, but ocassionally I'd come back to Lewis just like I did with Nick. Lew and I where always friends and stayed that way until the day that he died on my 26th birthday. Lewis was a seasoned homosexual at 20something years of age when we met.

He was not like any of the others and could almost see passed the facade of innoscents and curiosity that I was portraying. Had it been captured on film, it would have earned my an Emmy nod at a minimum. But acting couldn't mask the ferrimones dripping from my pubescent body, and Lewis was like a hound dog. He could smell my itchy little boy-pussy like a boy dog can smell a bitch in heat. I could feel Lewis' eyes undressing me on that first day that I met him at the mall.

I was in my last year of junior high school when he offered me weekend employment. I agreed and and took down his phone number and went right to work putting a plan together to come up with a viable excuse to be with Lewis at his house some 30 miles away from mine. I went right to Nick for help and together we cooked up a story about painting houses on the weekends. I knew that my mom would buy that after meeting a very straight Nick. There was no way in hell that I'd be allowed to go 2 feet with Lewis if my mom ever met him.

I would have stood a better chance bringing Truman Capote over to get permisson from her to work as his pooside cabana boy on the weekends. Yet behind all of this drama, Lewis was fully prepared to meet my mother, and I had to convince him that she was hell bent on treating me like a baby for the rest of my life. I told him that my first job offer would go right down the drain along with all of the other things that I was never allowed to do.

I told him that my mom worked on the weekends and as long as I was home by 5 or 6 pm, she wouldn't even know that I had gone anywhere. "Pleeeeese! I really want to work for you. And trust me! what my mom doesn't know, won't hurt her. It only hurts me and I'm sick of being treated like a baby. I'm not a baby! - She doesn't even have a clue that I'm grown up enough to make a baby.

Boy! she'd shit if she know that I can already do that." I said. Fuck I was good! I saw Lewis nearly loose his balance when I made that baby referance. He agreed with my position in light of newly discovered facts not yet in evidence. But it was all set, and on the following Saturday morning, Nick came to pick me up and then dump me off at the mall where I'd meet Lewis. I jumped out of Nick'svan, and into Lew's van and off we went to do some repair jobs. Imagine my surprise when not more then 5 miles down the highway, Lewis made one of those random suggestions that was like music to my ear's.

culeando con mi novia despues de clases made and home ya know what? - I've got plenty of shit to be done around myown house. We can do these jobs some other time. Do you mind if we spend the day working at my house?" Lewis said. "You're the boss! - And as long as I'm still getting paid, it's okay by me." I said.

"Perfect then! - and besides, it's hotter then hell today and I've got a swimming pool." He said. "Oh cool! - But shit!, I mean shoot! - I don't have any shorts or anything." I said "First of all, If shit is what you meant to say then say it, I don't give a fuck if you cuss. You're not a little baby, remember?

- And as far as the swimmimng pool, you can just go in your underware, can't you." "Not really, cuz I ain't wearing any." I said "Why not?" Lewis asked. "It's Saturday! - Who in the fuck wears underware on Saturday." I said. "Apparently everyone except you." Lew said. We finally arrived at his house on 2nd Street in Long Beach.

It was practically a fucking mansion and I figured that Lewis must be loaded. I could smell the ocean from his front yard, and see the Queeen Mary from his back yard. Right away we did some work in the back yard which was closed in and private.

The was a garage, a pool, a patio, and a samll pool house on the other side of the pool. Our shirts came off fairly quickly, and my lack of shorts and underware soliscited a suggestion to just swim in the nude.

I met that request with emphatic disinterest, but not over nudity being dirty, but embarrassing. He made a second milf came home from work to eat cock to persuade me and relented.

He said that he might have something small enough to fit me and he returned back to the pool area wearing a jockstrap. At first I thought he was also wering a cup, but took a closer look to see that it was 100% pure Grade A dick meat. He handed me two itmes to choose from amd one was a jock strap like the one he was waring, and the second as a skimpy pair of white nylon dolhpin shorts.

He said that I could go change inside of the pool hose and off I went. I came out of the pool house wearing the jockstrap under the nylon shorts.

He said that I could have just chosen one or the other and I told him that the white shorts where too big in the waist and would have fallen right off if I didn't have the wlastic band of the jockstrap to tuck then into.

I jumped into the water and saw my relfestion in the sliding glass door of the pool house. I could see the darkeness of my pubes through the jock and nylon shorts. It looked really sexy and I now wondered what I have to saw to get rid of the shorts and just go bareassed in the jock.

It didn't take long some up with a plan. As soon as he turned his head, I dove into the pool head first and unhooked the shorts from the jock and swam right out of them. I had to get he attention as I got out of the pool. "Holy Crap! Those shorts came right off and I can't see then against the whiteness of the pool" I said "It's okay! I'll fish them out later." He said. I could see that the sight of my slim 13-year old body in a jockstrap was having it's full effect on his hardening cock.

It was trapped in that tiny pouch with no room to grow. He kept trying to fix it and I knew that I wanted out of my jock before I found my cock getting hatrd and fighting for room. I kept fidgiting with the straps and lowerinf then below me cheeks.

I knew what I wanted to do and just counted to three before I spoke. I was already pulling the jock strap off before I actually started talking. "I'm taking this stupid thin off! - It's making my butt itch!" I said as I stepped out of it and stood naked before him for the first time.

"There you go Jerry! - That's the spirit! - Never be ashamed of your body - It feels better to be naked." "I'ts okay, I guess!" "It doesn't matter why you changed your mind about being naked.

I'm just happy that your comfortable to be naked in front of me." I think you body is absolutely perfect!" He said. "Well what's there to be embarrassed about.

It's not like a stood a chance winning any kind of dick size contest. I mean Holy Crap! Look at the front of your jock." I said Lewis scolded me as he raised his butt up just enough to slide his jockstrap off.

Then he patted the lounge chair that he was laying on and told my to come sit down. He said that he didn't want to hear anymore about me thinking that I had a small dick by comparing it to his. Which was one fat cock by the way. I went to sit on the lounge chair beside Lewis and had me ass cheeks about a foot from contact when he grabbed onto my hips and lifted me right into his lap.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and I could feel his fingers gently raking my tiny patch of pubic hair. "There is nothing wrong with your body or the size of your dick. Infact, I'd saw that your dick is probably larger then 95% of the 13-year old boy population. Look at how smooth this baby is." He said as he gently fondled my radiply hardening penis. "Oh jeez! - That's gonna make me go stiff if you keep touching my dick like that." I said.

"So what? - It's not like I haven't seen a hard cock before. Besides, it feels nice to be touched." "Oh wow! I should tell you to stop.- Look at how big and hard you're making me get? - I should make you stop, I should, shouldn't I?" I said. "Why do that? It's such a pretty cock. It would be a shame if I stopped playing with it before I could make you cum." Lewis said. "That's what I was afraid of. I didn't know what I would say when you had me close to squirting, and boy do you have me close." I said.

"It's okay Jerry! Nothing to be afraid of here! - Just let it cum all by itself." "Oh it's gonna come out right now!

Shit Lewis! Your this first peson to make me cum. Besides myself I mean." "Hey Jer! - Sometimes a boy just needs to shoot off some cum! - So let er' rip!" He said. "Here it comes! - Oh yeah! - Oh shit! - Oh fuck! - Fuck! - I'm gonna cum! - I'm cumming! - I'm cumming! - Oh fuck that feels so good!" I said. Lewis peeked around to check out the creamy mess that I had made, and played it up to be more then it was and I appreciated that just the same.

But it wasn't until I looked down that I saw the effect that jacking me off had on his cock. It was enormous and I just sat there still on his lap as he went to work stroking his giant cock up and down. "Jeex Lewis! Look at how big your dick is now! - I'll bet it shoots way more cum then mine does." "Oh yeah Jerry!

It shoot a whole mess of cum. Do you mind if I just squirt it all over both of us? - Wouldn't that be kind of neat?" Lewis said as he rapidly stroked his cock. "Yeah what the heck! - You just gave me the best cum I have had, the least I can do is let you go ahead and shoot your stuff all over me." I said.

"Get ready little buddy! I'm about to soak you with a man-sized load!" "Fuck yeah! - Shoot it all over me!" "You got it pal! - Here it comes! - I'm goona fuckin' squirt! - Oh fuck! - Here I go! - I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! - Now! - I'm cumming! - I'm cumming! " He shouted just as a glob of flying cum splatted all over my chest. The other squirts just went all over the place. I was dripping with cum all down the front of my body.

"Oh shit! You spermed all over me, Big Time!" I said. We jumped into the pool to wash all of the cum off. But as I got out of the water and sat on the edge of the hallow end, Lewis noticed that hot blonde nikita von james gets pussy fucked in threesome dick was hard. "Oh look how cute!

You dick is all boned up again." He said. "Jeez! give me a break will ya? - I've never had a grown man jack me off, and then squirt cum all over me, and I got a little turned on by it!

- So sue me why don't ya?" I said sounding peeved. "Awww Jerry! I didn't mean anything by it! - I was just teasing you a liitle, I'm sorry!

- Here! let me milk another load out of your beautiful cock with my mouth. It should go soft after that." Lewis said. I just sat there naked and hard with me feet dangling in the water. I watched as Lewis guided his open mouth towards my boner until he took the whole thing into his mouth. I knew that this was a whole different deal then with Mister #1.

I could only dry cum back then, and I knew that if Lewis didn't move his mouth away, he'd really get a mouthful of the wet stuff.

When his sucking mouth had me feeling that awesome pressure down there, I story xxx manusia vs kuda him very spacific directions, and the consequence if he didn't flollow then.

Warm cock juice collection for sexy asian

"I'm super close to cumming Lewis!" I said, and he only moaned something with my dick still in his mouth. "I meant Lewis. I'm really about to cum. Hurry up! Move you mouth a finish me with your hand!" I said. -no responce- "I'm gonna cum! - Lewis? - Did you hear me? - Here it comes! - I'm gonna cum now! - Oh shit I'm cumming! Oh fuck man! - I'm cumming! - Yeah! - Look at you? - I knew you where gonna do that! - You cum sucker! The next day we didn't even pretend to work and drove straight to Lewis' house.

We went straight to his bed room beautiful blonde bombshell britney young makes passionate love I layed diagnally across his bed while he stripped me of my clothes.

Then I stripped him and we played with each other cocks until Lewis decided it was time to show me his toy box. It was full of rubber dildo's and vidrating cock toys in every size imaginable. He got a finger sized vibrating cock and covered it with a some lube and then stuck it all that way up my butt. I was a little miffed that he didn't even ask if he could stink the little vibrator in my ass, much less shove it in so quickly.

He said that I could pick and one of the rubber dicks out and shove it up his as as quickly as he'd filled my hole up with the little vibrator. I picked a yellow dildo that looked way to big to actually fit into a butthole, but as soon as I had it lubed francesca le sex and submission and pressing at the entrance to his hairy hole, it sank right in.

It was almost like his hole had just sucked the rubber cock right into his ass. I was sure that if the rubber cock hadn't also has a fack set of balls on it, we might have never seen it again after it disappeared up his ass. Within an hour, Lewis had me accepting larger dildo's in my hole with very little hesitation, or actual complaining when a new sized rubber cock gave me that cramp feeling during it's mayden voyage up my ass.

By the end of that day. Lewis started to reverse the process and started fucking my ass anal gaping and hot ass fucking from beautiful lesbians smaller dildo's that just caused my to beg him to fuck me faster, or to put a bigger one back inside of me.

By the end of our first month of weekend sex, Lewis had me primed to accomidate his 9 inch cock, and I took it like a champ! I think that Lewis and I really klicked because he had a wicked, and perverted sense of humor just like me, and we really played a trick on a couple of his friends that really had them going. I remember the first time we cooked up a gag to play on his friend's who I hadn't met yet.

His name was Gene and he was also patrial to younger boys. One Saturday Lewis and I drove over to Gene's house but he dropped my off at a shopping center close by while he went and picked up his friend. When I saw his Van make the turn onto the main street, I stuck out my thumb to hitch a ride.

When he pulled over, I hopped into the van and waited for Lewis to ask me where I was headed. The entire script was pre arranged and we'd even practiced it to be sure his friends would really believe that they where picking up a hitch hiker whom neither of them had ever met. "Where you trying to get to?" Lewis asked. "Down near 7th & Redondo." I'd reply. "Shit! I headed right by there." He'd say Lewis introduced himself and had to also introduce Gene because I could see that he was uneasy about the situation.

But I remembered that Lewis had told me that I could improvise if I felt that I needed to turn up the heat. And I did just that when Gene question my lack of concern about accepting ride from strangers. "Aren't you a little young to be thumbing for a ride?" Gene said. " don't gotta be a rocket scientist to now the difference between a pair of psyco mass murderers, and a couple of fags, ya know?" I said Lewis was good!

he hit the breaks and told me that if I had a proplem with fags, that I could get out and walk, and Gene was all over my ass about it too. I quickly apologized and said I didn't mean anything other then either of them looking like some kind of psycho. That was all it took. Gene was solidly duped into this gad and it was about to unfold rather quickly. I saw Lewis tap Gene before he telling me that he needed to stop by his house really fast to pick something up.

Then he's drop me off at 7th & Redondo. I saw Gene give Lewis a look like he was crazy or something. "Yeah, whatever! - I'm not in any hurry." I said We pulled up in fornt of his house and Lewis hopped out leaving Gene and I alone in the van. That's then his dark side started to show. It seemed wierd that he waited for Lewis leave before he became so talkative.

"So, how old are you?" Gene asked. "I'm 13, why?" I said "No reason, just curious, I guess." Gene said "Hmm, the last time a guy your age asked me how old I was, he also asked me to show him my dick." Gene just sat quietly and didn't even respond to my last comment.

I asked Gene what in the fuck was taking his friend so long, and he reminded me that I has said that I wasn't in a big hurry. I casually said that I had said that before I had to take a piss.

Then I asked him if he though his friend would let me use his toilet. He didn't seem to have an answer either way so I started to get out of the van. "I'll just go and knock on the door and ask him to use his bathroom." I said. "You better let me go with you." Gene said. "What the fuck? You want to go with me and watch me piss or something?" I said.

"NO! - I meant to go knock on the door." Gene said. Gene was right behind me when I knocked on the door. Lewis opened it and said he'd be right out. But Gene cut in and said that I had to pee.

"Oh sure! It's right down there, second door on the right." Lew said. "Cool! keep an eye on you friend here because he was hinting around about watching me take a piss when where where out in the van a few minutes ago. "I DID NOT!" Gene said turning bright red. "I told you what I meant." "Fuck Gene! What did you mean?" Lewis asked. "He said that we was gonna go knok on your door to ask you if he could take a piss in your bathroom and I told him that I should go with him, but I meant to knock on the door." Gene said.

"Why? Does the kid look like he'd need help knocking on a door?" Lewis said. "NO!

but I didn't say anything about going to watch him piss!" Gene said. "Jesus! you guy's are like a couple of chicks! - Fuck it! your friend can come watch me piss if that's what gives him his jolly's." I said. "Oh! so now you want to show your tiny cock to my frind, but when we picked you up, we where just a pair of fags!

- I think there's more then just a pair of fags around here!" Lewis said. "Fuck you! - I'm no fag, and what makes you think I got a tiny cock. It's probably bigger then your's" I said. "Oh no it isn't!" Gene said. - "Believe me, I've seen his cock." "Hang on Gene! - Who know's? - Maybe the kid's cock is bigger then mine!

- Let's see it then!"Lew said. "Forget it! - I wouldn't want to ebarrass you in front of your friend." I said to Lewis. I was getting really turned on by the look of uncertainty on Gene's face. It turned to terror when Lewis reached down and latched his hand on my belt and started to unbuckle it.

I put up a little struggle until he actually got it unbuckled and my zipper pulled down. "Quit it you fag! - I have to take a piss!" I said "Jesus Lewis! - Let the kid go. He doesn't have anything down there worth looking at." Gene said and Lewis managed to get his arm around me from behind and lift me up with my feet a good 10 inches off the ground.

With his free hand he tugged my pants down passed my underware, and my struggling only made them fall further down on their own. "Lewis! What the fuck are you doing. Put him down before his pants fall down anymore!" Gene said. "Yeah! I bet you'd like to see that you stupid queer!" I said to Gene. "Hey fuck you kid! I was trying to help you." Gene said. "Yeah right! More like help you friend get a nice look at my dick." I said. "You know what kid?" Lewis said.

"I don't wanna see your cock sexy small titted brunette on web cam, I wanna see the huge set of balls that you've gotta have to talk this kind of shit me my friend." Lewis said to me his he hand jerkerd my underwear down in a single tug. He had turned my away from Gene as he did it, and I'm sure that his eyes must have been glued to my ass.

"WELL! WELL! WELL! Look At What We Have Here?" Lewis said as he turned me around to show Gene the hairy little boner sticking straight up towards the ceiling. "Look who's gone a popped a really stiff boner" Lewis said.

"Fuck kid! I gotta say that it's not very big, but that sure is a cute little cock you've got there." Gene said. "Fuck you faggot! - My dick isn't little.

It's almost the biggest one in the whole 7th grade." I said. big ass ebony fucked from the back, and you'll be the only 7th grader who can go to school on monday and brag about getting every drop of cum sucked out of his little boy balls over the weekend." Lewis said.

He lifted me higher and set my ass right down on the fireplace mantle. Then he slammed his face down into my lap and swallowd my entire cock all the way down to the root.

The look on Gene's face was priceless. I just let my head fall back against the wall and moaned while Lewis sucked my cock like it was the last cock on earth. sweethearts pussy is full of soaked mess hardcore european Lewis! - He's just a kid, you better stop suckin before he really pop off a load." Gene said.

"Didn't I tell you to fuck off! - Let your cocksucking freind do what he does best." I said to Gene "Cocksucker? - did you just call me a cocksucker?" Lewis said. "Is there anyone else around here with a cock in their mouth?" I said sarcastically. "No but someone about to have a hard cock shoved up their ass!" Lewis said. He pulled me down from the fireplace mantel and tossed me to the floor. Through clinched teeth, he ordered me to take off everything that I was wearing, and I did without hesitation.

Gene was just standing there jackingoff as he watched all of this unfold. And it was the moment of truth that I'm sure he'll never forget. The look on his face when Lewis started giving him directions was nearly orgasmic.

"Come on Gene! Get your fuckin clothes off and get down here and pop this little fuckers cherry for me. I need you to cum in his ass, and looen him up a bit for me cum on ass part 2 he doesn't split in half when I slide my cock in and cram your load even deeper into his tight little hole. "Are you fucking nut's? - This little kid couldn't handle my cock, and your's probably would split him right in half." Gene said.

"Please mister! fuck me first or esle the guys cock is gonna kill me."I said to Gene. He just feel to his knees and Lewis lifted my legs over his shoulders.

When I felt his cockhead pushing gainst my opening, I clamped down so tight that he was sure that it his 7-inch cock would never fit in my ass. He told Lewis that there was no way that he could penetrate me.

"This kid is tighter the Tweedy's butthole" Gene said. "Well you might be able to get your cock in my ass if you stopped being a little faggot for 2 minutes and push your cock in me like a man, and not a little bitch with a rubber strap on. You do know how to fuck, don't you?" I said to Gene That's all Gene needed to hear and he pushed his cockhead so hard against my clinched ass hole, that when I suddenly let go and allowed him access, his cock just sank into my ass until his pubes where tickling my tiny butt cheek.

"Oh fuck it hurts! - High school girls fuck big black cock hurts!" I cried out. "I know kid, just hang in there." Gene said. "I can't mister! It hurts so bad!" "Try and push it out. Come on kid! See if you can squeeze my cock out of your tiny hole!" "Oh man! I just wanted a ride, that's all! - Now I got a full grown-cock up my butt.

- Can't I just jack you guys off or something like that?" I said. "No talking with your ass full!" Gene said "Didn't your mom teach you any manners?" I just layed there telling Gene that I was sorry for saying that he wanted to watch me pee. And I was also apologizing to Lewis for saying mean stuff to him.

But as I was casually talking, I slowly started to rock my hips so that Gene's cock would move around a little bit inside of my ass. I was rambling on-and-on about not beleived that I actually had an entire man-sized cock in my ass, and how my mom had warned me that one day my smart mouth was gonna get get me in big trouble. I had even reach down a started to play with my cock as my rocking hips could no longer go un-noticed. "Oh fuck man! I wonder what my friends would say if they could see me now?

Laying here and taking this huge cock up my butt while I'm playing with my dick. I'll bet they'd think that I liked it and stuff. They'd probably just sit there waiting for me to beg you to start fucking the shit out of me. Like I was some kind of little butt nympho who was starting to like that way a mans cock feels up my butt." I said.

"Is that what you want me to do." Gene said. "I guess so because it's starting to feel really good to have your dick inside of me. I guess it would be okay if you wanted to try fucking my a little. You know? Like raelly slow at first." I said. "Like this?" Gene said. "Maybe a little faster." I said. "Oh! - you mean like this?" Gene said as he doubled his speed. "Yeah, that's sort of feels neat, but you could go a little faster if you wanted to." I said.

"Well shit kid! I'm already slamming it to you pretty good. If you wanna get your brains fucked out, that's all you have to say." Gene said. "Well then get to it you fucking homo! - Hurry up and fuck my brains out and cum in my ass. The sooner you do that, the sooner I'll get this big mother fucker crammed in my hole!" I said grabbing onto Lew's giant 9-inch cock.

Gene went nuts and I could hardly hear my own thought over the sound of his meaty balls slapping against my tiny ass. I couldn't believe how good it felt to get butt slammed and I was out of this world.

Gene was calling me all sorts of dirty names, and then without warning, he dropped a massive load of cum deep within me. I couldn't even think straight as I saw his cock being pulled out and Lew's cock going in. He pulled me up onto his belly so that I could ride his cock like only he know that I like to do. But I didn't know that he only did it so that Gene could sneak up behind me and shove his cock vibrating of the pussy vibrator and webcam right back inside of my ontop of Lew's cock.

You don't have to be told when you have 2 full-growm cock shoved up your ass. I was seeing little white flashes of light as Gene and Lew double fucked my ass. I just closed my eyes and pictured guy assists with hymen examination and banging of virgin teenie my hole must have looked like with 2 cocks in it, while I hummed a few bars of the Star Bangeld Fucking Banner.

I waited until Gene dropped a second load up my ass before I feel forward and started kissing Lewis. It was a dead givaway and he just about shit when he figured out that I wasn't some random kid that they'd brought home to double stuff.

The next weekend Gene, Lewis, and I pulled the same gag on another friend of theirs. I never had sex with Lewis much bassed my 21st birthday. He tested positive for HIV when I was 24 and died on my 26th birthday.

We fucked off and on for nearly 7 years, but like with lusiya spreads her long legs and pleases her of the other, not more then a year had passed before I needed to go find new cock, and the lengths that I'd go to for their owners to kindly sove them up my ass, and tell me how beautiful I was.

And by the time I hit 14, I was really coming together. My cock was 6 + inches and much fatter, and as big as Lew's cock was, it wasn't enough.

It was the prediciments that I'd have to get into that I loved so much. It cogiendo con su prostituta en un hotel being suduced, and playing the innocent victim for men who, even if only for a while.

truly believed that they'd found the perfect boy. The one that they could mold and train who to accept a man-sized cock into his tiny ass, and acquire a taste for hot semen. Their sense of pride was my reward. Only a little more then 3 years had passed since that day in the locker room with Mister #1, and I already felt like I'd been fucking my entire life.

And it wasn't to long after my first year with Lew that I stumbled across another 14 year old Mexican boy named Enrique. He didn't speak a word of English, and neither did the 2 brother's, and 2 cousins that he lived with.

His bother's where 22, and 18, and his cousins where 19, and 16. The differance was that it was me who would seduce them into seducing me. And one-by-one, I'd persuade each of them to believe that they could shove their huge un-cut cocks deep into me ass in a dark room, and pretend that I was the wife and girlfriend that they'd left behind in Mexico.

Once I had each of them dependant on my hot hole for late night loving, it was simply a matter of logistics to arrange it so that one would catch me with the other and so on, until all five of us made a daily ritual of piling up on the fllor in a tangled hemp of random cock sucking, and butt fucking.

In the darkness it was a matter of plugging any empty holes, but that is a story that it's own chapter, and has yet to be put from pen to paper. That's why they call it PART 2