This teen is a real dirty slave

This teen is a real dirty slave
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As I sat on my bed, trying to contain my excitement about the fact I now have the power to control everything around me, I heard a splash from outside. Gazing down from my room I saw my sister Jenny in the pool.

A smile crept across my face. Might as well make this a family affair I guess! I got changed into my swim trunks.

My newly re-sized cock was dangling a bit low out of my shorts, with a simple thought, it began to shrink, only a little, I still loved to see it stretch a hole when I slide it into something. I walked downstairs, pleased to hear the shower still running and my mother humming from the cum bath I just gave her as I made my way outside.

I passed my father in the living room as I went out. "You're going out to Mick's today aren't you dad?" He looked at me puzzled for a second, but then the interface must have kicked in as his expression changed in an instant, "yeah I'm going to head over now actually, you going to be alright with just your mother and sister around, I don't want you getting into a fight again".

I smirked and said "I think we'll get along just fine dad". "Fair enough" he laughed before grabbing his coat and keys and leaving through the front door.

As I made my way out, I saw Jenny swimming in the pool and glorious sunshine. Like my mother, I never thought of Jenny in a sexual way before, I didn't rate her so highly from an objective point of view either, but of course, I could change all that. I walked out and sat on the sun bed watching her. "What are you looking at douche bag?" What a wonderful girl she is, I thought. "get out and stand in front of me sis" I said as she swam to the side and hopped out, water dripping from her body as she stood in front of me in her peach coloured bikini.

Hardly worth having boobs I thought as I looked her up and down, hmmmm but maybe I don't need to have her with huge tits, I have my mother for that now, plus she's younger than me, it would look a bit odd on such a small frame.

Freeze. I thought, as the world again seemed to stop. I began to make the adjustments. I made her nipples a bit perkier as they grew ever so slightly to protrude from her bikini top. And a rounder ass I thought, I'd like to think she'd thank me for that. Hmmmm I've never been a fan of gorgeous tits ebony orgasming pinklipz masturbation webcams 'tom boy' look she had going, so I grew her hair down to her ass, nice long, multi-coloured look with different shades of brown and blonde, slightly wavy too.

A few adjustments to the face as well, got rid of the pimples our family seemed to be plagued with, slightly poutier lips, bigger cheeks and wider eyes, nothing too drastic, I still wanted to remember it was her. Now for the mind. Jenny, you will crave my cock, you have no gag reflex and you will love to swallow my cum.

In public and nikki vee was too cute for words and a real good sport other people you will behave normally, except when there is only you me or mother around, then you will be unable to resist wanting to fuck my brains out!

You will see both myself and mother as sexual objects to be fucked, but you will have a big girl horny webcam show front of computer understanding of the illicit nature of what we are doing and be careful not to mention what we do to others.

I knew of course that I could probably just make incest legal in the world, but somehow that dampened the excitement of what we were doing. "Resume" - I spoke, as the world carried on spinning. Jenny smiled at me and walked over, water dripping off her gorgeous body and onto the floor. "Hey brother, see anything you like?" "I sure do" I replied, grinning as my cock hardened from her new appearance.

I watched as Jenny came over and sat before me. My cocks girth was so immense that her fingertips couldn't even reach the base of her palm. She slid her hand upwards, feeling the outer sheath sliding hotly beneath her fingers.

Jenny felt her heart flutter, feeling the tremendous power of her brothers enormous cock in her pumping hand. She wondered how something could feel so incredibly hard and yet so sinfully soft at the same time. "I'm going to drain your balls brother, I'm going to suck every last drop of your hot, delicious cum, and then I want you to fuck the shit out of me" she grinned, as her mouth disappeared over my shaft. Jenny swirled her tongue all over my cock, licking the shaft up and down while gazing into my eyes like the hot slut she now was.

The head of my new prick was huge, the massive knob almost filling Jennys mouth. She feathered the tip of her tongue into the wet red eye, getting pleasantly rewarded as a cloying wad of pre-cum oozed fourth. "Mmmmm," she mewed as she swallowed, letting the slimy goo slip down her throat. I reached down and placed both hands of her head, pulling her forward inch my glorious inch.

Watching as my sisters mouth engulfed my huge cock, I groaned as her tongue began to lick my cock from the inside, teasing and flicking my cock-end until I filled her mouth completely she continued to use her tongue to stroke me from inside of her mouth. After a few more moments I begin to push my cock ever deeper into her mouth as I had done my mother only this morning.

The feeling of stretching their throats out as my cock expanded their mouths, swallowing my huge meat. So intense. "Mmmmmmm" she moaned, locking eyes with mine as she pistoned her mouth up and down on my throbbing hard cock, back and fourth with no let up, all the while keeping contact with my eyes as she devoured my cock greedily, her hands clutching my ass, pulling me in deeper each time. I'd already gone in past her tonsils, I was throat fucking her now, not entirely sure how she was breathing but I guess my mind had already put in place this ability, didn't want her passing out now.

"Ahhhhh" she gasped as she grinned as she placed her legs either side of mine as she sat on my hard crotch before planting her mouth on mine.

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Fuck she was cold! I thought as the water trickled onto me. But soon my thoughts were of my hot new sister sliding her tongue over mine as our lips fought for space. My cock began to rise, grinding hard against the fabric of my trunks. "Mmmmmm, let's see if we can't help you with that big brother" she said as she lifted up, allowing me to pull my shorts down and akari hoshinuncensored miss lady professor. While she was standing I pulled off her bikini bottoms revealing her trimmed pussy to me for the first time.

My cock was almost touching her pussy lips already as she begin to sink her love hole down onto my long, hard shaft. "Mmmmmmm fuck!" I groaned as I felt my sister's pussy glide down onto my hard cock for the first time, stretching her open the deeper she went.

"Oh god!

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You're so big brother!" she almost screamed as she eased up before pushing down a little further each time. My cock was throbbing, pushing her tummy out a little each time my cock slid inside her. Under normal circumstances I might have exploded right there! My hands explored her back, scratching her and pulling her on to me as she sank to the base of my hard cock. As she rocked back and forth, my cock pushed her belly outwards. I leant back as we linked hands, watching her ride me back and forth to begin with, but as we sped up she began to bounce her plump round ass up and down, harder and harder.

"Oh god brother your cock feels so good inside me, mmmmm I want you to fill me with all your cum, I wanna feel your hot seed coating the insides of my womb when you cum inside my unprotected pussy!" Oh jesus I thought, she's not on the pill! But at that point I didn't care, all I could do was lean forward, pick her up and ram my thick hard cock as deep into her as I could!

Faster and faster we moved, my heavy balls slapping at her ass as we fucked. Luckily she remembered to keep the noise down as we didn't want hot fuck petite couple makin love on webcam two noticing. The fences were high and the neighbours were out anyway, but you can never be too careful. I placed Jenny down on the floor and I drove my hard cock forcefully into her belly.

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It made me so hard to see my cock bulging in her tummy as I rammed my cock home. I held onto her sides as I watched my cock slide in and out. She smiled at me as we fucked, placing her hands on her tummy, feeling my cock inside her as I ploughed her with it. "Mmmmm ohh god, oh god! Ahhhhh brother!

Fuck me! fuck me! fuck me!!!! Ohhh god I want you, do it, fill me with all your hot, sticky sperm!" I continued to ram my thick, hard cock deep into my sisters dripping cunt, the sight of her squirming under me as she tried to deal with the multiple orgasms I was giving her was a sight to behold.

"Ohhhh my god! oh my god!! Oh jesus brother you're so big, I can feel every inch of your cock opening me up, it's amazing!! Oh wow, fuck me! FUCK ME!! ruin my pussy, I don't want to be able to walk for a week!" I grinned as I held my sister by her waist, watching as my cock impaled her, seeing the curves up my cock as it pushed her belly outwards. I lifted her up a little and used my muscles to fuck her in the air while my arms supported her. She was almost a rag doll at this point, my arms, pinning her in place as I forcefully used her like an oversized cock sleeve.

Not one to disappoint, my body complied with her as I began to maci mays tight anal fuck balls deep on top my hot, thick semen into her hot, fertile womb!

Wad after wad of my cum filled her belly as it started to rise like mothers did. Her hands were still on her belly when I began to fill her up, more and more I came just wanting to see how big I could make her! I grunted hard, almost animistic as I felt the cum begin to spurt out the sides of her pussy as my cock made sloshing sounds as I continued to ram my cock into her.

"More! more!" she almost screamed as Cheating slut gets his big cock rough spewed my sister with more and more cum. Her belly rose to that of a heavily pregnant woman, Jenny smiled in wonder as she ran her hands all over her newly formed tummy.

I commanded my cock to stop filling her as I knelt there, admiring the mound that I had created. "Mmmmm you look very pregnant sis!" as I smiled at her. She seductively spoke back, "I hope so brother, I hope so", pushing herself up onto her elbows, I want all your babies my big brother, I want you to breed me!" My cock began to spew again at those words, I had to regain control of my body or she may pop!

I shook my head to bring myself back down to earth. Placing my hands on hers as I caressed her huge belly full of my cum. "I'd like nothing more than to breed you my sis, I will bathe you in my cum every day, right up to the day you give birth" as I leant in to kiss her, my lips locked with hers and we kissed passionately. Our kiss was broken as we both heard a "ahem" coming from the side, as I looked left, there was my mother, stark naked and smiling and all her glorious beauty that I had made her.

Her huge tits defying gravity as they pointed straight at us, her thick, heavy thighs parted slightly and big grin on her face. "And what about me??" she smiled.