Culo colombiano siente la furia del camotil mexicano

Culo colombiano siente la furia del camotil mexicano
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The Auction Debt collection in 2059 was a different affair, if you didn't have the money and or assets to pay of the debt then your daughter and son were taken and sold at auction.

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The sons and daughters were sold at auction, sale was final, the sold were the property of the the buyers, who could do anything to their purchase. Their were so many auctions a week, that we will follow the auction of one girl, a girl call Sarah aged just 13. Sarah was a happy child, she was spoilt rotten, totally posh, private schooled, had the latest gadgets brought for her ect, but that was all to change, her fathers company went bankrupt almost over night, months went by James her dad tried to hid the money worries from his beloved daughter, her mother Jane, had been guuned down in a brutal murder when Sarah had only been 7, so James carried on as a single parent, showering Sarah with everything she wanted.

He was slowly selling up the everything to cover the debts and bills, Sarah was getting worried so one night she plucked up the courage to confront her dad, he imminently confirmed her worst fears, they were poor.

Over the next months the 129 bedroom mansion was sold, the multiply luxury cars went ect. Sarah and her dad were forced to live in a crummy bedsit, even though James had sold everything there was still a large debt owed.

One night when James and Sarah were sitting eating out of a tin there was a loud knock at the door, James with weirness opened the door, there in the door way stood two massive blokes and a weedy old man, James knew what was to come.

The old man spoke "we are here to enforce a supreme court writ, we have been instructed to size goods to the value of the debt or seize human if the goods don't cover the debt" looking round the bedsit and seeing nothing bar James's beautiful young blonde daughter "looks like we'll be seizing her them" he weezed.

James and Sarah just stood there rooted to the spot where they stood, finally Sarah in a small quivering voice said "dad, help me please" tears gently falling down her cheeks, James could do nothing he stood there crying softly, why did he have to have a gambling addiction, it had cost him his wife, his company, his luxury life style and now his daughter. The two big men pushed their way though the door, barging James out of the way with ease, they were soon on Sarah, "daddy" she shrieked.

Her small frame was easily lifted by one of the shrieffs. "daddy" she squeaked. James was shaking, he was powerless "just be good, just do everything your asked to do, don't give anyone reason to harm you' he simple said softly." I will find you, I will get you back" Sarah was taken out of the room, out to the waiting van, she was tossed into the rear of the van causing her to cry out.

Sarah was driven out to one of the auction processing centres.

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She was taken into one of the examination rooms. The two men that had taken her from her dad were there and the old man. The two men ripped the clothes off Sarah, turning her last nice clothes into rags, her nice flowery dress, the frilly bra and knickers all turned to rags on the floor and there she stood naked in a cold room, here 4ft 6t frame, her 32 A books, her little pussy that hadn't yet grown any hair, all on show.

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The old man politely asked Sarah to lie on the near by bed. Sarah with fear in each step, walked over to the bed and lay down, she felt the old man run his hand all over her naked body, she felt his hand on her tiny books, groping then, she felt his hands run down her tummy and between her legs, she felt him insert a finger in her pussy, she was about to protest when she saw the big men cracking their knuckles, so she just lay there fearful, soon the groping was over, she was taken off the bed by one of the big men, take to a cold small cell, she was thrown a sleeping bag to which she go into, slightly enjoying the warmth it gave her, but shaking with fear, her cheeks tear stained.

The next morning an old woman with a kindly face came into her cell, she asked nicely for Sarah to follow her, Sunny leone lesbian oil massage over whelmed by the kindness, followed, she was taken to the shower, then when she'd been dried she was given a simple set of white underwear.

Sarah was then taken to the auction, Sarah could hear all the noises of the auction, it got louder as she grew near, she was shaking with fear now.

She was waiting behind the stage, there was a boy younger than her before her and behind her was a girl younger, the boy went on stage, he went unsold and was shipped to the slaughterhouse, on hearing this Sarah grew even more scared.

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She didn't want to be sold but she didn't want to be unsold and sent for slaughter. It was finally her turn on stage, the auctioneer blared out "¹³ years old, virgin, 4ft6, small tits, tight fresh bald pussy" at first the bids were slow coming in, then a black man placed a low bid, simple saying "pity to waste that to the slaughtermen" then a little old man placed his bid, then there was a flurry of bids on her, the black man that had started the bids, won the auction.

Once the black man had paid his money's, Sarah was given to him, she was taken away from the auction house in the boot of his car, she was taken to a small house out in the middle of no where, there was just one room in this house, in the middle of the room was a double bed. Sarah was roughly dragged out the boot of the car and thrown into the bed, the black man, George, pulled off Sarah's bra and Knickers, revealing her petite fragile frame, George ran his big hands all over her, easily covering her small boobs with his hands, his hands ran down, between her legs, Sarah felt her legs being pushed wide open, a finger being insert into her pussy, she hated this and just wanted to get away, George grunted "fuck she is damn fresh" not bothering about Sarah at mature seduces teen girl xxx stepplaymates brothers obsession, George stripped himself naked, his ripped body excited Sarah, but when she saw the 13 inch monster swinging between Georges legs her excitement grew to fear.

George now naked lay next to Sarah, he ordered her to such his cock, never having done anything sexual before she fearful, nervous and unsure, she got up and positioned herself between Georges legs, his monster cock lying there, with her small hands she wrapped them around the shaft slowly rubbing it up and down, George simple said "think lollypop, know get sucking" slowly the little girls lowered her head,parting her soft lips and started to take the massive cock into her small mouth, she started to such on the massive cock, wrapping her tongue round it, she felt a hand on the head pushing her deeper on to the cock, she started to gag and choke, tears streamed down her cheeks, she struggled like mad, but still the hand held her down, she felt the cock invade her throat causing her to gag violently, finally the hand reliesed her, she drew up for breath, George smiling ordered the little girl to lie on her back, oh shit she thought, she braced herself, she felt her legs being pulled apart, she saw Georges monster cock stiff and hard, ready to invade her, she felt the tip of the cock part her pussy so its true what they say about redheads, she felt it slide into her getting deeper, her pussy was being stretched and it was agony, she felt and George felt his cock hit a barrier, Sarah pleaded with George, she'd suck his cock when ever, she'd do anything, just please leave her pure, please leave her virginity, George wasn't listening, he with drew his cock, Sarah was expecting his to pull out and respect her, then she felt him push his monster cock harder and faster into her, he broke though her hymen with ease, little Sarah writhed in pain, screaming, George just continued to slide deeper into her, causing a trickle of blood to flow from her pussy, Sarah was in immence pain, her pussy was stretched wide, then George slide his cock out and began his assault again this time harder, each time George pulled out he slide his cock back into Sarah a bit harder and a bit faster, causing her body to jolt, her tiny tits to shake ever so slightly, his assault on the little white blonde girls pussy lasted for an hour, Sarah had long since passed out with the pain, he didn't care.

her pussy was ruined now anyway having stretched for so long, George for the last time rammed his cock deep into Sarah, his cock twitched and his black seed was buried deep inside little Sarah.

He dismounted Sarah, hand cuffed her to the bed, got dressed and left. Sarah came to and seeing she was alone tried to make a break from it, the handcuffs bit harshly into her soft skin, all she could do was lie there and wait.

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To be continued. Please use constructive criticism, I have a spelling problem I know deal with it, at least I have the balls to write stories.