Office playgirl willing for shagging pornstar and hardcore

Office playgirl willing for shagging pornstar and hardcore
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"Oh Richard! OH RICHARD! FUCK ME RICHARD! OH GOD MMM FUCK MY TWAT!" My eyes opened wide. Stuck, frozen in midnight slumber to be awakened by what? What else? More fucking. I could hear my mother's body hitting the wall above my bed.

Loud screams and cries escaping her mouth in extasy as my father pounded her eager cunt rythmically. Now, usually I don't mind hearing these noises, or the banging on the wall. Infact, I usually attended to my own swelling clit to this provokitive sounds.

They aroused me, excited me, and made me wonder what it was like to feel a cock inside of my tight pussy. But tonight was different. I started school tomorrow. Highschool, and for the first time. The summer had faded away, the arousal was gone, the internet porn left for "after school activities".And tonight I just wasn't in the mood to hear their animalistic fuck-spree. I rubbed my eyes a little and stumbled out of bed to be greeted with none other than September's brisk night air against my young hot busty babe quinn wilde tastes a big black cock breasts.

My nipples immediatly began to harden as I fumbled around for a t-shirt or something. I found the cocktail dress I had worn to my uncle's house-warming party two nights prior dangling over one of my bed posts.

I grabbed it quickly, throwing it over my nude body. It was a simple dress. Short and velvety. Kind of classy, but not my style. It was black, V-cut around the neck that stopped just below my collar bone, and it had tiny little silver sparklys. I'm sure I had gotten it as a gift at Christmas or something ages ago, but it served it's purpose at my Uncle's celebration. I rushed out of my bedroom door and stomped directly over to my parent's door.

I began banging on door as hard as I could. "Do you HAVE to do this NOW?! For FUCKS sakes, ONE NIGHT! Just ONE fucking NIGHT! Can't I get ONE night of rest without you two pounding eachother RAW?!" I screamed through the door.

It became gorgeous casey calvert recieves a hard anal fuck silent. I could hear my mother giggling and whispering "Hehe, Oh god, she heard us!". "Who couldn't hear us baby?

You made me so hard."He whispered back.

I heard the bed creak and my mother cracked the door and peered out. "We didn't mean to wake you sweety. I'm sorry. And Young Lady! I do NOT want to hear THAT kind of language escaping your lips EVER again! It sounds horrid! You are fourteen years old! And a young woman at that! Do not pollute your tongue with such language!". I stared at her blankly. Wiping sleep from my eyes again as I yawned.

"Oh, honestly, I just had to stop my parents from having sex before a neighbor called the cops. So don't give me the 3rd degree now, okay? Now, would you PLEASE let me sleep." I muttered as I turned back to walk to my room. "Oh Richard.oooh.riccccharrrd." I teased childishly before I reached my bedroom door, opening it and slamming it behind me. I pulled the dress over my head and threw it in the hamper. Feeling the cool air against me again made my nipple stiffen, and I became aroused.

I layed in my bed rubbing my hands freely over my bare body. Feeling my curved young sides, my round soft ass, my small, round tits and perky nipples. I rolled them between my fingers and began to moan softly.

Taking my right hand and sliding it down my stomach slowly, tingling in pleasure. Mmmm. Lusty asian teen kayla shows her skinny body and bangs index and middle finger reach my plump throbbing clit, rubbing it in a circle motion slowly.

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My body began to shutter, and my back arched in pleasant as I played with my tits and virgin pussy. "Mmm Yes, oh God, Oh God" I moan softly, placing a pillow over my head to muffle my moans.

I rubbed my fingers up and down my cunt slowly, letting the wetness drench the lips and clit and slowly begin dripping down my asscrack.

Oh, it felt so good. My body began to shake, I bit down on the pillow hard as I masterbated into an orgasm. Hot creamy cum dripped from my pussy and onto my smooth thighs. Mmmm. I layed there a moment, securing my breathing some before drifting into REM. I raised hours later at 6 a.m. to my alarm clock squaking at me.

I was about to hit the snooze button before I realized I had school today. Shit, I'm exhausted! I somehow managed to pull my lifeless body from my bed and walked over to my closet.

I felt the now cold cum of the self pleasure from hours before gush down my legs. I apparently hadn't slept very long. Looking down at the girlish mature cougar shares cum in ffm threeway blowjob and teen I had made, I decided it'd be better to take a shower before I headed off to school that morning. Grabbing my soft purple robe from my closet and wrapping it around me, I headed down the hall to the linen closet.

I could hear my parents watching the early morning traffic report on the television and my father was yelling about NASDAQ stocks dropping or something, and "sell sell sell". I honestly couldn't care, I'm not into the Corupt world of Corperation.

I found a towel in the closet and brisked away into the bathroom. Closing the door behind me I let my robe fall to the ground, staring at my completely nude body in the mirror.

I was fairly tall for my age. About 5"5", Thin, but with curves. I had what I had heard some girls call a "Coke Bottle Figure". Fairly large chest, small waist, round ass and hips. I stared blankly into the mirror, pushing Auburn locks out of my eyes. Maybe I should dye my hair this year?

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Maybe I'll find a boyfriend? Maybe I'll finally pass mathclass. There was one goal I knew for certain that I wanted to achieve this year: The Loss of my Virginity.

And I didn't want it to be with some pencil-dick 9th grader who will cum seeing my tits before he ever got to my pussy. No, I wanted a man.

A real man with a huge cock. Plump at the head, one that I could make so hard that the blood would stop flowing. But I didn't know where to aqquire such a guy, or how to.

I turned the knob of the shower on and steam started to fill the bathroom quickly. Stepping in I washed myself fast, trying to hurry. But I couldn't help myself. The feeling of the lathered soap between my fingers, rubbing roughly against my cunt almost made me scream in pleasure.

I washed the soap off and imediately shoved my finger into my beckoning cunt. I began to scream and moan louder haley ryder joi and masturbation with dildo pornstars fetish I thrusted it in and out quickly.

Mmmm Yes! Cum sprayed out of my pussy and down the drain. Oh God! It felt so good. I felt the orgasm shoot up my spine. I nearly slipped in the overwheming pleasure. Just then I heard a knock at the door. "Leela! Come on! Let's go! It's 7:17 and you need to be there by 7:25! Let's GO". My father was calling me to go to school. I hopped out of the shower and threw on some clothes.- A black mini-skirt and matching tanktop with white lace trim.

White thigh-highs and high heels. I smiled at myself in the mirror briefly. Yup! I'm ready to achieve my goals this year!