Son playing story games mom fucked his friend

Son playing story games mom fucked his friend
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Rape He Said She Said By Millie Dynamite He Peru melisa porntula rodriguez anal watched her prancing around with her short dress barely covering her ass, and that deeply plunging neckline revealing her big bouncing tits. She moved her long shapely legs energetically on the dance floor inviting me to part them. She was calling all cocks to come to her. It was a tease dance if ever I saw one.

She didn't turn anyone down, but I could tell no one would get lucky. The bitch was just another fucking tease. She danced with the pathetic loser geeks, the big husky athletes, and even the married guys. The girlfriends and wives glared at her as her big tits bounced so invitingly. The single girls envy for her was exhibited on their faces.

It wasn't that they weren't as good looking as her, though they weren't, it was more they didn't have "it." That certain "it" that every little prick tease has. The inherent ability to send a mixed message I'm wild as hell and you have a shot at me; coupled with, I'm so fucking hot you don't have a chance.

My cock twitched in my pants trying to grow it wanted to get wet, no, that isn't quite right. What it wanted was to feel a hot stuck up bitches' pussy being ripped apart to accommodate it.

I decided to have her. I had to destroy her. She teased guys leading them on and then let them down, it looked as if she dashed their hopes new english sexy story hot a tender manner. Didn't matter to me if she was kind or cruel I would destroy the bitch.

I watched her ass gyrate and her body ungulate in a practiced tease designed to drive men wild. All this so she could say the word, "NO." The slut was a destroyer of souls.

She promised tender mercy while she delivered emasculating rejection.

I couldn't wait to hurt this bitch. I would be patient and bid my time then strike her down and give her the fucking she really needed. I figured she was a lesbo I hate fucking lesbians! I waited and watched she was the kind that would wait till near the end of the night. She would tease and then prance out of the bar, the bitches would sigh with relief while the guys would groan with disappointment. Only it wasn't going to go that way tonight.

Not this night because this cunt had a date with nine inches of cunt ripper. I made my move and acted shy, I knew she would like that.

First I bought her a drink and slipped just a little pill in it. After she had drunk a good portion of the cocktail, I stumbled over the words until she said "Let's dance." It was a fast dance which was what I wanted.

That would move the shit through her system quickly. She moved so nicely but not as good as before. Still the cunt could dance like a pro. As the dope took effect she began to stumble every so often. I would rescue her grabbing her saving her from a fall. I knew she could feel the power in my grasp. Then the music changed and it was a slow song.

Instinctively she moved to me as the DJ called out, "Last call and last dance." I moved her guiding her as she hung on to me tightly. Her senses were awash from the shit I gave her. Her body had to be crawling, at that point, with fingers of fire. Especially, her twat. She Said I was having the best time, I wore a low cut extremely short dress. Dancing with every guy on the floor I led them on and let them down.

You know even the married guys came on sloppy creampie for the wonderful alexa nicole brunette and blowjob me. I loved being the center of attention. I could feel all those men's eyes staring at me, consuming me. I could feel the other eyes as well, envious hate filled eyes glaring at me wishing I wasn't there, how sweet. My breast swayed with music as I gracefully moved to the beats.

I wasn't going to give anyone anything but dances. I'm no whore, but I do love being the center of attention both of adoration and that amateur redhead eurobabe gets pounded for a few bucks hatred. There is no finer compliment from a straight woman than loathing. I had quite a bit to drink and perhaps I was slurring my speech a bit.

I think perhaps I wasn't as graceful as I was at the beginning of the night. I probably should have stop drinking. But the guys wouldn't stop coming on to me. They would buy me a drink while they worked up their nerve to ask me to dance. So it went through the night, I would dance a few dances then drink a little. It was a good arrangement. I looked at my watch and decided the night was about over. Most of the guys had already settled on a more average girl, some were now courting the dogs.

Everyone had given up on me for anything other than dance. It was 1:15 and last call would be in 20 minutes or so. Time for a few more dances and then I could leave watching the relief on all the other bitches faces as I walked by them. That was the plan at least. That was teen has surprise for you attempted thieft he came up to me.

I wanted another drink I wasn't quite as gone as I wanted to be. Poor shy bastard sat there stumbling over the words mumbling under his breath afraid of me. It isn't uncommon for guys to lose all confidence in my presence. After what seemed to me an eternity of umm's and aaah's, I asked him if he wanted to buy me a drink. He nodded that he did, I told him the frozen concoction that I wanted.

He jumped almost running to the bar. He returned quickly a big smile on his face, poor bastard I was going to dash his hopes. I took the drink and sipped it like a lady as he mumbled about how pretty I was.

He fumbled around telling me some boring story about himself. Sorry when guys talk it is just, "blab grumble, mumble, mumblety-peg," to me. I was amazed at how such a good looking guy could be so awkward. I figured he must have a thimble prick. As soon as I finished the drink I said, "Lets dance." It was a fast dance I moved about thrusting and gyrating harder than before. Occasionally I would stumble and he would catch me. I must have had more to drink than I realized.

I would break free of his grasp and go back to my animalistic routine. I could see his appreciation in his pants, they were tented out as his apparently big prick strained against the fly. Now I was even more confused at his lack of confidence. I thought well, good he will have to settle for rosy palm tonight.

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For some reason, I was flushed and getting hot. I was literally on fire especially in my crotch. You know that special feeling you get when you need a good tongue deep in your snatch. Abruptly the music changed from a hard driving beat to a slow, soft love song. The dj said something I couldn't quite make out what it was. I fell into him and he wrapped his arms around me. We began to move as one and glided around the dance floor.

His hard cock pressed against my belly. God, it was enormous. I really hate cock and his fuck stick was really beginning to disgust me. I wanted to break away from him and leave, but no matter how much I willed it I couldn't make myself push away. My body felt like ants were crawling over me while my pussy burned with need and grew moist.

I'm essentially a lesbian and I truly hate men, they sicken me. Actually there is only one thing a man is worth to me, it isn't fucking either that's what women are for.

No, they are just fun to toy with. You know lead them on then dump them. It was what I wanted to do with this jerk, but I couldn't make myself break free from him. He guided me around the floor like I was some rag doll. I was getting a little dizzy so I closed my eyes. He Said I moved her further into the shadows at the back of the her first black cock deep up her ass. I danced her through the little curtain that concealed the back room door.

Taking control of her was easy so I moved us through it and the bitch didn't even notice. She leaned against me as I clutched her body moving her deftly around the room until we were at the very back where a dirty old mattress lay on the floor. I forced her down on the ratty stinking mattress and ripped the dress from her body.

She wore no bra, no hosiery or pantyhose, just a little pink thong which I tore from her body with one tremendous yank. I could tell she was trying to move but couldn't. Her body refused to obey her will. Her arms attempted to move but only trembled. She held her legs together. It was probably the only thing she had any control over at this point. She held them clamped tight, but I had the cure for that. I brought my fist down on one of her tits hard and her whole body shook from the blow.

Then putting my hands between her knees I pushed them apart. Whore fought me tried to keep them tight even then. But, the little cunt was no match for my strength. I pulled her legs around my waist as I fished out my cock.

The fucker sprang out ready for use wanting to feel muscles shred. Man, oh, man you should have seen the look of fear in her eyes.

Like a prick would killer her or something. I love that look of fear and loathing. Crawling over her body I could hear her whispering. "Please, don't do this. Please, I'm a lesbian. Please don't rape me." I snarled in her ear, "Fuck you bitch." And shoved it in deep and hard. Little cunt whimpered and cried as I fucked her deep and hard. I tore that cunt up as I abused those big tits, biting squeezing them, no not squeezing the fuckers, I mashed them like they were bread.

I put my mouth on her nipples and clamped down with my teeth. All the while I hammered my cock into her like some dog fucking your leg. Those tender muscles in her pussy tore apart to make room for my cock.

It felt like a tight virgin snatch. She Said I couldn't get my balance so I clutched to him. We kept moving away from the dance floor, I felt some fabric move over beautiful busty blonde squirter fucked in ass back.

We bumped into boxes and opening my eyes I realized we were in near darkness. I think that was when my body began to tremble. I saw there were cases of beer, wine, and other booze all over the place.

My god, we were in the storage room. He scowled down at me, I'm not exaggerating he looked like a demon from hell. I had thought him handsome at first though I have no interest in men. But now, he was ugly and vicious looking. He clutches at my body poking and prodding as he forced me down on some nasty gross mattress at the back of the room.

It stunk of old sweat, beer, puke and other repulsive scents. He tore my dress from my curvy body the material stung my skin as it shredded from me. Clutched at my thong and with several yanks at last ripped them from me. Again the cloth assaulted my skin. He laughed an evil laugh. I tried to move but my arms only twitched. All I could think of was keeping my legs together. He smiled pretty teenie slut swallows his whole wang evil grin.

It was as if a demon had come upon me to destroy me. In the dim red tinted light, his features were harsh as he pinched my breast roughly. He put his hands on my knees and pushed lightly outward. I locked them tight it was the only thing I seemed to have any control over. From nowhere his big paw of a hand smashed into one of my breasts, the pain reverberated through my body. I felt my entire body shudder from the blow. Still I resisted parting my legs but he was so strong.

He just forced me open, exposed my crotch to him. He pushed my legs around his waist as he dug out his nasty pecker. It shot from his pants like some dog after a bone.

I felt cheap and disgusting as the bastard pawed over me climbing on top of me. I was so terrified of his prick. I hadn't had anything but tongue in me for so long. I didn't want that monster inside of me. I begged him to not hurt me pleading over and over that he shouldn't do this. He bent down to me and pushed his nasty tongue in my ear then hissed like some snake in my ear.

"Fuck you cunt." The word burned in my brain as I felt the fat head of his prick tear into me. He took a second moving around a bit then drove into me and his balls began to slap on my ass. He assaulted my breast squashing them like he was playing with balloons trying to bust them.

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He milked on me like I was some cow. All the while he pounded that horrid enormous pecker into me. I felt like I was turning to mincemeat inside. He pounded into me without mercy assaulting my ears with disgusting comments.

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I wanted to die, I just wanted to die and told him so. I hated him and I hated me and just wanted it over. He said The bitch said she wanted to die and I told her I would killer as I wrapped my fingers around her neck. I squeezed both hands around her pretty neck cutting off both blood and air. Her eyes bugged out and her mouth was agape as her tongue rolled around.

All the while I pummeled into her tight tunnel. Her body began convulsing, twitching, shaking uncontrollably in her death throws. Her tongue lulled out of her mouth and her eyes went white as they rolled back in her head.

God, there is nothing like the feeling of a whore dying why you get a nut off inside her.

I kept pounding I knew she was gone still I hammered away in her cunt. Until I felt it build up, she may be gone but I was still going to spew my seed deep inside her. I felt it move from deep in my balls all the way up the shaft then it exploded out inside her.

Pulling out I stood up and pissed all over her. I then wrapped her in a plastic drop cloth putting bricks in with her. I tied it up tight and tossed the dead slut in the back of perky tits babe ava taylor drilled real good pickup truck. I drove the dark streets out of town up into the hills until I came to the deep old pond. It had been a strip mine.

Just an old hole in the ground hundreds of feet deep filled with water. I dumped her in and watched as she slipped under the black water.

I was safe no one had ever recovered any of the bodies from this dark watery grave. Getting in my truck I drove off and went home to get some much-needed sleep. She Said The cold woke me, as something wet slowly covered me. I struggled to breathe and realized I was in something. I was wrapped tightly in nasty cold plastic. I clawed and scratched I felt the wrapping began to tear then my hands were wet. I wiggled and wriggled my head was free.

Opening my eyes, I could see nothing but blackness. I struggled hard pulling free from the plastic tomb and my body began to rise.

Oh my God, my ears hurt from the pressure. I raised my arms above my head and pulled down while kicking my feet furiously. The pressure was tremendous. It was as if the weight of the world pressed on me. The water was so cold, as cold as death it held me tightly.

The water did not want me to be free. I struggled kicking wildly clawing the water with my hands I tried to get to the surface.

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I worried what would happen when I got there. Would my rapist be there? It was so hard I moved as fast as I could. Without warning I broke free on the surface. I sucked in the air vigorously. I thrashed about and heard a motor off in the distance. It was moving away. Treading water I waited listening till it softly faded away in the cold night air. I swam to the shore crawling out on the rocky bank falling face down.

I breathed in the frigid night air thanking God I was still alive. Shame welled up inside of me and I hated me for what he had done to me. I hated him as well. Slowly I tried to get my bearings. I had no idea where I was. I walked for what seemed like hours following the high school girls fuck big black cock dirt road.

At last I came to the paved road looking around. It took time but eventually I figured out which way to walk to go back to town. You could see the lights in the clouds over the city. A little before dawn a woman pulled over and asked if I was okay. I answered I was not. She gave me a ride all the way into town. She tried to convince me to let her take me to the hospital. I turned her down. She argued for a long time but eventually gave up and took me to my apartment.

I called in sick the next day. That night I went back to the bar and claimed my purse from their lost and found. Then I went to the parking lot and found my car. I returned to my home. From that day sunny leone ebony sexy story I was on the lookout for him, his face was burned into my memory.

I kept my eyes open and watched for him. He Said It was weeks since I had raped a cunt. I decided to go back to my favorite bar.

Looking over the field I saw a thin young girl shaking her small ass and tiny tits on the floor. Hot as hell she was big ass ebony fucked from the back, "Look at me you pathetic losers, buy me drinks, dance with me, and let me break your hearts." I decided to fuck her and kill her.

I watched her all night then approached her. I put on my shy act and in no time I had her drink spiked. I heard this voice over my shoulder it was sultry and sexy. I turned and there she was OH SHIT it was her!

God that hurt, my shoulder is on fire. Oh, shit that hurts my fucking knee what the fuck! She Said I had been waiting for this. There he was working his line of shit. Walking over I got near to him then I asked him a question. "Hey, big boy would you like to get a little more from me?" He turned and looked at me.

His eyes grew wide while his mouth gaped open and he spoke. "OH shit," I pulled the trigger and his shoulder nearly exploded. One of his hands grabbed the wound trying to stem the blood flow. I fired again hitting a knee. It gushed blood as he fell hard to the floor. He looked up at me as if to say, "what the fuck did I do to you oh now I remember." Dropping to my knees right infront of him I pulled the trigger once more.

This time his brains spewed out the back of his head. The bullet hit the wall next to the girl and blood splatted over her face. I lowered my face to his and kissed him tenderly. Pressing the gun to my temple I pulled the trigger. Now we would be together in hell. Satan Said I looked at the two new arrivals. The lovely woman and the horrid man. The man was curled up in a fetal ball.

Looking over my list I realized there was a mistake. "Miss, you're in the wrong place. Please follow the blue line and take the green stairs up two flights. Tell the attendant at the golden gates, Lucifer said you're his, not mine." With that, she stood and looked around at women using fiery strap-on peckers in men's asses.

Androgynous Demons raping men and women with flaming pricks. She walked toward the green stairs. "If I stay," turning she looked at me her sweet innocent expression turned to one of hate and rage, "can I fuck him up like they are doing the others?" "Of course," I replied, "perhaps it isn't a mistake after all. For you see, one woman's heaven is another man's hell!" She selected her tool and put it on her ample hips.

Stroking it as she approached him two of my fallen grabbed him and positioned him for her. "Payback's a bitch Motherfucker!" He screamed for centuries as she took her revenge! Then hell really began for him as the other women lined up to have their way.