Lily rader in blackout fucked with sister

Lily rader in blackout fucked with sister
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Second story of 7 days. day to starts off with a wonderful wake up, followed by a steamy shower, romantic walks on the beach, dinner, and all that sappy stuff. i hope you enjoy and please leave some comments Day 2: Early morning I awoke to the most beautiful sight in the world. There she was sleeping next to me looking so peaceful and deep in dream land. I could have stayed there watching her for hours but I had something I had to do.

I slowly made my way out of our bed trying my best not to wake her, when I moved and she stirred I held my breath, thankfully she never woke up. I made my way out of my room and into the place where my other talents are put to good use: the kitchen. For the next 30min or so I prepared the best breakfast I have ever done.

French toast with a sweet twist, scrambled eggs with bacon bits, fresh fruit and a glass of a mixture of juices. I put them all on a tray and garnished it up veronica clark fucked by four men dped it look beautiful.

I then proceeded to place a Lilly across the bottom of the tray because I know it african beauty sucks cock interracially in pov action and gets faciali her favorite flower. I slowly make my way back to our room carefully opening the door and placing the tray next to the bed.

I then carefully lean over her and give her a soft sweet kiss on the lips waking her from her sleep. And then she looked at me with those tired pretty eyes and my heart melted. I said good morning beautiful and kissed her forehead. I asked her how she slept and she told me wonderful. I told her I had a surprise for her and I grabbed the tray of food and set it over her.

It looked like she was about to cry when she saw what I had done for her. She thanked me and kissed me passionately before we started to eat enjoying each other's company. After breakfast I cleared our things back to the kitchen and started to wash the dishes. As I was washing them she came in and wrapped her arms around my waist and held me like she never wanted to let go.

She proceeded to tip toe up and kiss me on the cheek and whispers in my ear "last night was amazing" I tell her I'm glad she enjoyed it and that I would be willing to do it again every night she wanted to. She blushed and kissed me on my cheek again and told me she's going to get ready for the day to come. I finished up the dishes and went back to the bed room to get changed myself. but little did I know I kinky kimberly has her hairy twat slammed a surprise waiting for me.

I opened the door to my room and I found my breath leaving my lungs. because before me was my girl laying in our bed naked with the blanket covering just her legs and hips, holding the Lilly and rubbing it up and down her chest.

I walk over beside her and lean in for a gentle kiss. well it was going to be a gentle kiss. But when I leaned over she grabbed me around the neck and pulled me on top of her and we embraced each other as we kissed passionately. Within minutes she had taken my shirt and sweats off and we lay naked holding each other.

She then rolled me on my back and told me to relax and not do anything, I was skeptical at first but that soon changed as she ran her hands in my hair and started to kiss my neck. Softly just brushing her lips on my skin. She started moving seductively lower kissing me on her way down, she kissed my collar bone, my peck, my nipple, along my abs, and then she followed my treasure trail lower. She started to run her fingers through my curly black pubic hair with one hand while her other hand cupped my balls and squeezed them gently.

She moved her mouth onto the tip of my now throbbing cock kissing it from the tip to the bottom of my shaft. At this point I was in a starry bliss of pleasure and when she moved up and took me in her mouth I thought I was going to come right there.

But thankfully I didn't, she started to work up and down my bestie converted and eaten out by lesbian gf slowly as she cupped my balls, but soon she started to move faster, up and down, up and down. While she was doing this she was looking me in the eyes. or at least trying to since my head started to move back as I let out a load moan letting her know I am about to come.

She understands the cue and starts going faster and faster until finally I tilt my head back and unload my seed deep into her mouth. She keeps going though not letting up for even a moment as she sucks and swallows my entire load.

After she finishes she comes up and kisses me and rests her head and hand on my chest. I kiss her forehead and ask her when she wants to leave. jade nile my hot wife likes it rough replies with "never" and soon we drifted off to sleep.

Day 2: Early Afternoon Around 11 or so in the morning we sunny leone full hot bebas sex up to find each other starring into one another's eyes. I looked at her and with a smile on my face and she said morning darling.

I kissed her forehead and asked her if she was ready get out of bed and start getting ready to leave. Her response was closing her eyes, snuggling into my arms, and pretending to fall asleep. I would have loved to spend the day in bed with her cuddling and not moving. But I had a plan and I intended on following it. So I poked her side, she squirmed and giggled but didn't move, so I did it again, once again same reaction, by now I was getting a little creative.

so I moved up a little and placed my one hand on her shoulder, and in a heartbeat I pushed her so she was on her back and I moved on top of her leaning in kissing her passionately but because I was trying to get her out of bed not keep her in I stopped and got off her and stood up. She looked at me flustered and told me that was just mean.

I told her if she wants to finish that kiss she would have to get out of bed and come and get it. and boy did she ever. As she slowly slid those bare legs out from under the covers I realized I should not have said that. She seductively got out of bed and walked to me naked with a look of passion in her eyes. When she got to me she wrapped one arm around to my back and the other around to my head holding me running her hands in my hair as she kissed me not with a wanting kiss but I kiss of need, in this moment she needed me.

We continued to kiss naked for several minutes when finally she pulled back and asked me if we really had to leave. and me being the sap I am just shook my head. She smiled and dragged me back to bed completely in control, not that I cared. I was happy just being with her.

She laid me on my back and started kissing my neck making me moan in pleasure as I reached down and grabbed her perfectly formed butt gently caressing and massaging it.

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japanese newsreaders ayumu minase squirting live tv She let out a small gasp when I first grabbed her ass but she leaned in and whispered how she liked it.

Then she started to kiss lower starting at my ear working to my neck, chest, stomach and finally teasing me back to my lips. We kisses passionately for a minute before she moved up teasing my chest by running her perfect breasts across them and moving her lips so they are almost touching mine and right as she kisses me she moves her hips lower taking my throbbing hard on deep into her body as we both moaned in unison from the pleasure.

She stayed there for a moment just being one with me and I enjoyed every second of it, and when she leaned in and started to kiss me I felt like time had stood still and all that there was in the universe was me, her, and this moment.

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Soon she starts rocking her hips back and forth making love to me slowly but it's driving me wild as I kiss her and run my hands across her back. Through her hair. But she looks at me with this beautiful evil smirk and I become scared and as she starts to tease me by kissing my ear and coming up on me so only the tip of my dick is in her. Then in a fluid motion she slams herself onto me making me gasp and moan, but she moves up again with me almost slipping out as she whispers in my ear if I want her.

I tell her I need her and half way through my sentence she pushes herself back onto me making me moan and cut off my last word. We start to pick up the pace going faster and faster as she reaches her climax, and then I feel it, she starts to tighten around my cock as she leans back and tilts her head back moaning in ecstasy as her orgasm releases, and in that moment I can't hold on any more and I join her in my own bliss of ecstasy as I come deep in her.

Then she collapses on to my chest as I am still in her our juices leaking down my shaft and onto my bed, I realized that I will need to change my sheets a lot this week, but I don't care. As we lay there in perfect harmony our breathing slow and deep holding each other sweaty and spent. As I lay there I still think she is too good to be true and that this is all a dream.

if it really is a dream then I never want to wake up.but no matter what, I will love her with all my heart and do anything I can to make her happy. Day 2: The Shower After lying in bed for a few moments we finally agreed to get out of bed and start the day.

But considering we were both covered in each other's juices and sweat we thought it would be smart to take a shower first. And like the saying says "why waste water? Shower with a friend." that is exactly what we planned to do. We got up and moved into the bathroom as I got a towel for her and oriental couple undresses and fucks japanese and hardcore towel for me.

Since we were already naked there was no point in taking any clothes off, so we turned on the water and let it warm up after it warmed up we both stepped in and let the warm water wash over us.

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I think at this point that running water was one of the best feelings we had. As I stood there I just watched her and the water falling off of her skin making it shine and look glossy, her hair now wet was draped over her shoulders and down on to those perfect breasts. Well I'm sure you know what happened next, looking at this beauty started to make me hard again and when she looked at me and noticed it all she did was laugh and say "wow ready to go again" I blushed slightly and she came over to stroke me gently as she pressed her wet naked body against mine and kissed me very passionately.

She pulled back and continued to wash herself and I just looked at her like the tease she is as I grabbed the soap and started to wash myself. When I was covered in soap I decided to have a little fun and came up behind her and I put my slippery arms around her waist pulled her close and kissed her neck softly but biting it just to tease her. At this point my erection had grown fully and was now pressing against her lower back and it seemed like I surprised her because as I was kissing her she tilted her head back and started to moan as she reached down and starting rubbing her clit with one hand, and with her other hand she reached up and grabbed my hair and pulled me closer to her as she turned her head to meet my lips with hers.

We kissed for a few minutes with the water from the shower raining over us making the sensation so much better, before she turned around and pulled me close so I could feel her every curve molding along my body as we kissed.

Her nipples now hard were pressing into and teasing my chest as she moved to start kissing my neck, and my chest. Then without saying anything she turned over so her back was facing me and she bent over looking at me and I knew then what she wanted as I positioned the head of my dick into her tight hole, and in a slow motion I drove half of my dick into her, and pulling out just so the tip was still in before I drove the rest of my dick into her.

Then we started to make love in the shower with the water running all over my chest and her back and within minutes she was saying my name and coming all over my shaft, the water quickly washing it off though.

After she came I decided to try something, I pulled out of her, stood her up, turned her around, and picked her up. She got the hint and wrapped her long legs around my waist as I drove back into her now holding her by her ass as I continued to thrust into her. This time with the water running all over her back and over her shoulders onto me and it was within minutes that she started to come again but this time when she reached her climax and I felt her start to come I joined her as I thrust deep into her and started to shoot my seed.

A few minutes later when my dick became flaccid, I pulled out of her and placed her down, we had a little laugh because she almost fell down since her legs were like Jelly, but I monica sweetheart is open to you entirely her up and I helped clean her and she helped clean me.

Shortly after we got out of the shower and dried off, and finally started to get ready to go out. Day 2: The Night life of the City We were both spent from a day of fun and hot sweaty sex, so we agreed to take a little break and get some dinner and have a nice quiet night.

We decided to go out for dinner followed by a nice walk on the beach. Nothing to fancy but the perfect way to welcome her to the city, come good food and the sight of sunset on the west coast. I got dressed in jeans and a casual dress shirt, and she chose something similar, jean shorts and a beautiful summer blouse.

We headed out for a small family restaurant by my house for a nice semi romantic dinner. During the meal we laughed about some of our past stories, we talked about the past twenty four hours and how much we enjoyed it, and we talked about our plans for the future…family, work, you know just the usual dinner conversation, well besides the sex experience. After dinner we shared a chocolate cake like desert, I paid and we left for the beach.

Thankfully for us I happen to life five minutes away from the beach so it wasn't that far of a walk. But we took our time, stopping by the park, we went to the swings and I pushed her as she was on one, and being the klutz that I am I was paying too much attention to her hair waving in the wind to notice her coming back and knocking me to the ground, she jumped off the swing and ran do me as I lay in the sand laughing at my misfortune as she came and kneeled beside me asking if I was okay.

I responded with a soft kiss to her lips, but within seconds that turned into a passionate open mouth kiss as she lay on top of me in the sandy ground of the park swing set. After a minute or so of kissing and when my head stopped hurting, we got up and started out walk towards the beach, as we walked it was like we were little kids swinging our arms up and down and I even twirled her a couple times she looked at me like I was a goof and I responded by kissing her cheek and nose.

We kept walking to the beach hand in hand talking, goofing around, being young and in love as they say. As we got to the beach she looked at me, kissed my cheek, took off her shoes and socks, and started running to the water.

So I did the only thing I could think of. I took mine off to and started to chase after her. So there we ran along the beach me chasing after her running through the sandy beach and shallow water, finally after catching up with her I wrapped my arms around her waist and she returned my gesture by wrapping her arms and hands around mine.

As we held each other we just stood there watching the sunset slowly creep down onto the west coast being at complete peace. That is until she turned around blonde hoe alicia amira enjoys huge cock of mailman pornstars hardcore my arms, looked up at me with eyes as beautiful as the sunset and she came on her tip toes and kissed me.

All I could do at this point was to keep holding her and kissing her like time had just stood still. Finally when time started to tick again we put our shoes back on and walked back to my place, my arm around her waist, her arm around mine.

Eventually we made it home and got changed into our bed wear, and being the hopeless romantic I am I put in the titanic for us to watch.

I have never seen it and it is one of her favorite movies. We snuggled in bed watching it and when the scene came on where he was painting her naked I looked at her and asked her if I could do that, she said sure with a smile on her face, then I said no sorry I am a terrible drawer. So she looked at me and said you don't need a paint brush to capture me naked and she looked at my camera with a seductive look on her face.

All I did was smile and start to get up to grab it, but before I got anywhere she grabbed me and pulled me back to the bed and told me after the movie. So now we are snuggling there watching the rest of the movie and as I am watching it all that's going through my head is: "I can't wait until this movie is over." The move soon finished and I could have sworn I saw a tear in her eye; maybe I was wrong because if there was she hid it well.

But after the movie finished we just lay there holding each other her leaving soft kisses on my chest and me leaving them on her head. It was then she looked up at me and said: "do you want me to get the camera or do you want to get it?" so I got up and retrieved my camera. I asked her how she wanted to do this and all she said was take pictures and ill pose for you.

So that's just what I did. I started taking pictures as she stroked sexy poses, we took some with her biting her lip, playing innocent, semi nude, fully nude, her touching herself and playing with herself, and a lot more teasing photos. I just couldn't believe she was letting me photograph her like this I knew that I would have these photo's forever.

After this little photo shoot she was really turned on, hell we were both really turned on, and she asked me if I wanted to take more photos and I said sure not knowing what was about to happen. Next thing I knew she took the camera and started to kiss me, "click" she took a photo, she moved down kissing my chest "click" moving lower to the bulge in my sweats.

As she pulled them down releasing my cock from its prison and taking it into her mouth "click" I was starting to get really turned on with this as she slowly worked on my cock as she took pictures. Then she moved up and gave me the camera as she positioned herself just behind my cock as I took pictures of me rubbing against her tight slit.

Then she positioned herself so just my tip was in her as I took another photo, and finally she moved onto my cock as I took another picture while moaning, I took this opportunity to take some pictures of her riding my cock moaning in pleasure and before I knew it she was coming and right on cue as she started to so did I.

It may have not lasted as long as the others but it still was amazing and I think she felt the same. After we finished we just sex sixe story sex stories hospital com there embraced as I stroked her back and she stroked my chest. She looked up to me with a smile on her face and said she can't wait to see the photos… in the morning. We stayed there holding each other until we drifted off to sleep.

Waiting for the next day to come.