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Busty blonde milf fucking in thigh high stockings
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**************** The last month had been rough emotionally, but at least with Steph away at college I had plenty of time to myself to think. I'd thought I was in love with Sonja Scott, a distantly related girl who was a year younger than I was, but sexually much more experienced than I was. She'd cured me of my seventeen long years of virginity on the last Fourth of July, but then slept with my cousin, Jason Williams right in front of me while letting Jason's little sister Lilly pretend to be her in bed with me.

That also hot busty babe gets a stiff shaft to be her first time as well, judging from the blood she left on me. The fact Lilly was a virgin until then and was more than a full two years younger than me made me feel a little weird, but after thinking about it, my dad was almost four years older than my mom.

Steph had revealed that she lost her virginity at about that same age, so I guess that was not so unusual. But I was still mad that I was tricked by some scheme cooked up between them and my evil older sister.

I wanted to find some way of getting back at Steph, who had obviously set the whole thing up, and then went and snitched to Dad about the sexual encounter on Thanksgiving night. She'd had at least some sexual encounters at our house, I was sure, but even days of searching her room when I was home alone yielded no evidence or even a clue to any dirt on her. I quietly turned eighteen at the beginning of December without any real party, just a cake from Mom and fifty dollars from Dad, but otherwise it was just another day.

I decided the only other option was to try and steal her mobile phone when she came back home for Christmas. However that was easier said than done as she kept it with her at all times, and even locked her door now when she showered and slept. I didn't get a chance to even touch it before we all packed up in the car for the long drive back to the farmhouse the day before Christmas Eve. I had gotten just a few presents this year, some scented soaps for Mom and a tie clip for Dad, but I'd be damned if I was getting anything for my bitch of a sister.

I got a video game for Jason, and I thought about getting slut stunner kallie spreads legs for a hard pussy pounding like jewelry for Lilly, but I didn't want to send to strong of a message so settled on just a pretty charm bracelet.

It was cute and had a few dangling trinkets of some of our mutual enjoyed hobbies, a guitar, soccer ball, and a book. The rest of our relatives just got a signed family card; our Mom took care of their presents which were usually just some clothes, often things we outgrew for the younger kids. All of that was packed up and we were back in the car for three hours.

I tried to ignore my sister Stephanie, but you cannot sit right next to someone for that long and ignore then completely them.

Steph had her typical punk Goth look going, but I noticed she had a ring on her right ring finger that didn't have a skull or an ankh on it. In fact it was a class ring like they tried to sell at school but this one was clearly a guy's ring, big and silver with a football on it, along with the initials 'KGL'.

Now if there is one thing I know about my sister it's her disgust for football and all jocks in general. Every person in our school heard about the linebacker that went out with her once and was left naked on the side of the road.

So unless it was a stolen trophy, I'd wager she was pretty serious with a football player at college with those initials. I stopped looking before I was caught starring, but I still didn't know how I could use this against her. I was lost in thought the whole rest of the drive, and that did make it seem much shorter than usual. Even more so than Thanksgiving, Christmas for cute shemale riding big dick in bedroom family was the smallest of the holiday events we came out to our grandparents' old farmhouse for.

Most of our more distant relatives all had more local traditions with the winter weather, and most of the closer ones were just here last sex rock n roll of kinky threesome, so my family was about randi wright gets fucked by interracial cock most distant that came out normally.

The Williams' were already there this time, as well as the four or five other local aunts and uncles. Only a few kids would be here, so it'd be much quieter than most of our other family gatherings. Jake met me at the door putting back on his coat, "Granada's got the snowmobile fixed up and says the field is deep enough, follow me!" Honestly the last thing I wanted after riding in a car for three hours was to go riding a Skidoo in the cold winter air for another hour, but Jake was already going and seemed excited, so I joined him.

We got it started up and I jumped on behind him and hung on for dear life as he blasted the throttle and we zoomed across the fresh snow on the open field. We're only about a mile away when he stopped us though. "What's wrong?" I asked. "We need to talk," Jason said seriously. "We could have done that at the house where it's warm," I complained. "Not without Lilly overhearing," he explained. "So tell me for real, are you still interested in my sister, or what?" I shrugged, "I don't know Jay.

I've always thought she was cool, but." "Look, the only reason I let you fuck her last month was 'cause Sonja said she'd fuck me. Even then it was just that she was already sucking my cock, so really my little head doing all the thinking," my cousin explained. "But I think she's really in love with you man." "I." I wasn't really expecting that so stopped and thought for a moment.

Lilly was much like her brother, a little wild and adventurous and a lot of fun and smart. She wasn't sexy hot, but still cute and I figured I could do worse.

"I'm not going to lie to you. I'm not in love with her, but I'd like you're permission to date her and go from there." Jason smacked me on the shoulder, "As long as you don't take advantage of her. 'Cause I'll kick your ass if you do." I laughed, but he continued, "No, I mean it.

You don't think I can take you?" Jason was a little shorter than me so we got to play fighting that turned into snowball throwing for the next fifteen minutes. Tired and laughing we got back on the snowmobile and this time I got to drive and make Jason hang on behind me. When we got back I saw Lilly smile at me as we were taking our boots off.

Her elfin face framed with her narrow rimmed oval glasses and her brown hair was now shoulder length. Through most of our childhood tender homemade shower scene julia and oliva always had more of a Bobby cut, but the longer hair made her look older than the fifteen she was, as well as more feminine than I ever remember her. She was wearing a fuzzy Christmas sweater with Rudolph on it, with much larger bulges in the front than I remembered her having.

Jason saw her too and said he'd talk to me later. "Have a good time?" she asked shyly as if she were hiding behind her glasses as she mostly looked at my feet. "Yea," I answered, then tried to think of what to say next and caught myself looking at the way her breasts pushed out as they rounded her sweater.

Here we'd already had sex, and known each other for a decade, but now we were acting like we were introverted strangers. After a moment of frustration I just said, "I like you Lilly." She looked me in the eye and calmly said, "I like you too Mike." Only then did I really look her in the eyes as well.

It looked like she was waiting for more from me so I figured I might as well go all in. "So. wanna be my girlfriend?" I'd never really had one before, so it sounded stupid and weird to just ask her. Luckily Lilly blushed as she softly grinned, "Yea." With her response I found myself quite happy. Maybe I did love her, or maybe I was just full of myself. To acknowledge our new status I took her hand and walked her into the living room.

No one said anything, but some of the adults, specificity her patents gave us a second look as we came in together. I thought her mom smiled at us, but her dad was in a conversation and didn't give a hint about his thoughts. I sat down with her next to me as we watched TV, still holding hands. The rest of that evening was like a dream. Lilly talking, laughing, eating, snuggling up to me.

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She was my first real girlfriend. The more the day went, the more I reckoned I too was in love. After the rest of the family was all retiring for the night Uncle Luke, her father walked up to us, sitting giggling about something as we were holding each other as close as we could in public. "Time for bed Lil'," She got up and I began to follow, "Mike I'd like to talk to you for a minute." I sat back down and tried to give a reassuring look to Lilly who looked back little worried.

He was not a small man, but he was a lawyer, so there were always things being whispered behind his back. Once she was gone he continued, still standing looking down at me, "Mike, I already talked to your father, so I mom get son see xnxx about what you and Lilly have started doing. She's a smart and attractive girl, and since two are second cousins you are not quite incestuous.

Also since you were both underage then, I have no legal recourse against you." He paused to let his words sink in, but I could tell that he hadn't gotten to his real point yet. "Now that's not the case anymore. See Mike, now that you're eighteen, you're an adult. And as such, should you continue to have carnal relations with my daughter, who is still an underage minor in my care, why I'd actually be required by law to report you to the authorities as a rapist." I gulped nervously as he smiled, "Glad to have this little talk." Then, satisfied that I was sufficiently threatened, he turned and left saying, "Goodnight," over his shoulder.

I left for bed in deep thought. Sure I'd only had sex twice, but was I ready to give it up for a little more than two years? Lilly's birthday was sometime in February, I'm not really sure which day since I've never been there to celebrate it. When I got to the room I normally share with Jason I didn't turn on the light, seeing his form already huddled up in the single bed.

I shucked off most of my clothes except for my boxers and undershirt, and started getting into the cot when Jason rolled over and let me know that it wasn't Jason. "You sure you don't want to get in this bed?" Lilly said teasingly while wearing only what appeared to be a red nighty in the pale moonlight coming in through the window.

It didn't look very substantial and now I wished I had turned on the light so I could appreciate it better. The only other time we had sex she was turned away from me in the dark the whole time. And of course I'd thought she was Sonja, so I really wanted to get more familiar with her more petite frame.

I wanted to just jump right in bed with her, but I had to tell her about the risk we were taking. "Your dad threatened to have me arrested for rape now that I'm eighteen." "You know he's all bluster, don't you?" she sighed. "He threatened to call the cops if Jason came home after midnight, but he still stays out until one all the time." "And just where is Jason?" I asked now thinking of everything that could go wrong. "He's sleeping in the kids room since there is plenty of empty beds," Lilly explained.

"He said it's our Christmas gift." "But if you're in here, then my sister is all alone and she'll know and rat us out," I insisted, wanting to believe it was okay to ignore my fears, but still sure this was just another trap somehow. "She won't turn us in," she said smugly.

"How can you be sure," I asked suspiciously. "If she did she'd miss out on sexting with her boyfriend." "Really?" I asked shocked. "In fact it was Stephanie who kicked me out in the first place," Lilly giggled. "She warned me that if her door opens tonight that someone will die. In fact she said it as an insult, but even recommended I try getting in your bed." "Yea she lesbo married couple april oneil and georgina jones are also secret agents had been a crass bitch," I nodded thinking that sounded just like her.

"Besides, Dad just gave you the speech so he won't expect anything until at least tomorrow night," Lilly finished with pulling the covers back even further so I could see her long thin naked legs in the dim moonlight. "So get in here and help keep me warm." She said it playfully, but I treated it like an order and jumped right in the bed next to the sexy young girl.

We were both giggling and eager as outdoor fucking of hawt beauty hardcore blowjob turned to face each other and resumed kissing, this time without the inhibitions of having our family watching.

One of my hands went to her side, feeling the silky smooth material against her skin, and then it traveled down her body to the small rounding of her hips. There it came to the end of the nighty, and my palm cupped her warm naked bottom.

Lilly smiled into out French kiss as she ran her hands over my chest and up under my tee shirt. She was leaning back a bit, so could use both hands, while I was supporting myself with one arm slightly above her.

We actually went only that far for quite some time, just massaging and kissing until one of my fingers grabbing her rear poked at her tight puckered butt hole. Lilly broke our kiss then saying, "Ew, don't touch me there. That's gross." Being playful I joked back, "Then where should I touch you?" Lilly didn't waste time as she took my arm and guided it down her front and spread her legs.

"I want you to touch me here." The only other experience touching a woman's pussy was half a year ago, and that was licking it, so I went slow and started out just gently rubbing as my hand explored her secret valley.

I felt her short tangle of pubic hair on her round mound as I went down, then her fresh crease as I went down. I only went softly over her lips at first, going up and down and side to side, getting the feel of her soft flesh on my fingers as Lilly went back to kissing me.

I could feel her heat emanating between the tight fold in her groin, so after a few minutes I spread my fingers while pressing down and her pussy lips parted open wetly. I could feel just inside, her wrinkly insides boiling hot and steamy wet. Lilly gasped and turned her head, but held me tighter, silently urging me on. I continued exploring, using only my porn knowledge as my guide as I poked to where her clitoris should be. I fingered her insides a few times, but she shuddered when I touched a bump just above her crevasse so I guessed that was it.

On closer inspection it seemed to have a fleshy hood and when I pushed it up, her little pearl was semi-hard like a nipple, and she gasped and quaked as I squeezed and fondled it.

I thought I was doing a good job, but then Lilly said, "Please stop. Your fingernails keep nicking me." Embarrassed I apologized, but she said reassuringly, "It felt good, just a little sharp sometimes." "Then maybe I need to use something little blunter," I teased as I pulled the blanket off of us and moved to the end of the bed.

I parted her legs and put my face into her crotch. I think she was just expecting me to fuck her, so when I got my head between her thighs she snapped them closed, pushing me back. "You don't wanna do that, it's gross." I rubbed her legs soothingly, "I should return the favor. You did it for me in Thanksgiving." "Yea, but you don't get all messy unless you cum," she explained. "True," I said as I gently eased open her legs again. "But getting messy is half the fun," I said as saucily as I could as I lowered my mouth to her bush.

I started with an open mouthed kiss to the top of her slit, and then ran my tongue up and down her folds before I pushed in and tried to fuck her with my tongue.

She seemed to enjoy that, but when I went back up to lick her clit again I realized that was the key spot for her. Not so much flicking our sucking it, but she started moaning like crazy when I wagged it back and forth when pressing down just above it. After only a minute of that she was whimpering like she was crying, but I knew it wasn't from pain this time. She'd been silent, but for stifled moans up until now, but started whispering, "Ohmygod," quickly as a single word over and over for about ten seconds until she clenched with a groan, shaking as her orgasm spasmed through her body, then she took a deep breath and came back down.

I was turned on as all hell and threaded my hard cock though the slot in the front of my boxers and kneelt up as I got in position between those splayed thighs. Lilly didn't speak anymore, just opened up to me and let me take her as I pushed my penis one boy twhot girl chod inside her nice wet vagina. Her well lubricated insides stretched open to let me in, yet were like a tight velvet glove that didn't want to let me go.

It was amazing and wonderful. I went slowly at first to make sure I wasn't going to hurt her, but she just breathed heavy under me and seemed to be enjoying it as well. I sped up my thrusting and I want to say I lasted a long time, but I was ready to pop after only a few minutes. "I'm about to cum," I grunted as a warning. "Okay," was all Lilly moaned back.

That wasn't really clear for me, as I wasn't sure if I should try to pull out or not. I wasn't sure she was on the pill yet, and I was hairy teen threesome vintage and amateur white college teens first time assslave yoga to ask, but then she pulled on my ass and I started cuming.

Reflexively I pushed in hard as my baby batter spayed out into her womb, painting her insides white, and my world flared brightly for a moment as I mimicked her earlier convulsions.

As I finished I leaned down and kissed her. She kissed me back for only a second before she pushed me up, "Bleck! You taste like my pussy!" I laughed, thinking about her taste. "Tastes great to me." She just wiped her lips on the back of her hand under me as the last few squirts of my semen continued to pleasantly leak into her.

I gave one last squeeze, then rolled off of her, and up against the wall while she scooched over to give me room to lie down. It was a narrow fit, with us pressed up against each other in the small single sized bed, but I fell right asleep with Lilly in my arms. I awoke only a few hours later with a wicked tingling pain in my arm from her head laying on it putting it to sleep. I tried to endure it since I didn't want to wake her, but eventually the pain was just too much.

Luckily she just shifted without waking and after ten minutes the painful pins and needles sensation lessened enough for me to get feeling back in it.

Once I had I decided to cop a feel. I cautiously placed my hand on her breast over her nighty. I cupped it gently, and then closed my hand, feeling the silky material mold around her soft fresh. She was much smaller than Sonja, but I wasn't disappointed in that department. After just a few minutes I wanted more.

I released her breast and dropped it down to her leg and slid it up her side to caress her soft feminine skin directly. I kneaded and fondled her tit and enjoyed it when her originally soft nipple grew hard and poked out as I toyed with it. "Having fun?" Lilly asked me playfully. "Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you," I apologized. Lilly rolled flat in her back to look at me, "That's okay, but I'm awake now, and we might not get much time alone again.

So." She bit her lip looking devious. I grinned back at her, "You wanna go another round?" "If you're up for it?" she whispered as she moved to kiss my ear near where I was propping my head up from the bed.

"I think I can be convinced," I joked and rolled on top of her, kissing her ear and neck back. We then made a game out of making out without kissing on the lips, filled with intimately touching each other as we got more and more turned on. Honestly I was ready to fuck about three seconds after she woke up, but I always heard girls take longer to get warmed up, and I actually enjoyed playing with her almost as much as the sex.

Soon though, my manhood was throbbing eagerly in both her hands while in return I sucked on the closer of her hard teats and diddled her wet erect clit with one hand. It was early morning now, with the sun not yet risen, but the lighting sky was starting to dimly light the room. I was just beginning to be able to see when I clambered between her thighs once more and pushed inside her to sate our mutual lust once more.

This time I wasn't as rushed and after I bottomed out, filling her completely, I rocked gently, trying to make her feel as amazing as she made me feel. She still turned her head when I tried to kiss her, so instead I again pushed up her nighty and sucked on her pert nipples some more. Lilly moaned and clutched my back, then asked with a pant whispered, "Are you close?" I had lost myself just having fun playing with her, so I wasn't really, but mostly because I just hadn't been thrusting so much as grinding, but I wasn't going to let her think she was a bad lay.

"Yea," I whispered back. "I wanna cum with you this time," she gasped. That sounded good to me so I tried to make her wish come true and grabbed her hips and started banging myself booby stepmom and slim teen nasty some her hard and fast.

The bed was rocking, her tight clulaly biker bitch fucking on a motorcycle cunt made a sound like I was mixing a can of paint as I pistoned in and out, and she gasped and whimpered as she clung to my back and shoulders as I tried to accelerate my climax to catch up with her.

"Oh my God, you are so big," she gasped. "I'm cuming!" She clutched tighter and held her breath as her cunt locked tight around my cock. I had to stop for just a moment to move again, but that was enough to get me there just a few moments after her. I grunted as my insides twisted, "Me too!" as my balls ignited and shot a fresh load of sperm up into her uterus as my engorged cockhead kissed her cervix.

This orgasm seemed more intense for both of us, and she even kissed me again as I injected her with what felt like a liter of semen. My body just kept contracting pushing out more and more, seemingly unendingly.

This time I collapsed right on top of her, still impaling her, and didn't want to ever leave. Eventually gravity and my shrinking manhood won out though as my penis wiggled out like earthworm from a rain gutter. We were both coated in sweat and sex as I lay between her breasts. I'm not sure why I said it, but I whispered to her, "I wish it had been you I had my first time with instead if Sonja." I meant it, but it just seemed wrong after I closed my mouth.

Lilly didn't say anything, but just held me as I crashed back to sleep. When I woke again Lilly was already gone, but we spent the rest of our waking hours that weekend together as a happy new couple, even though we didn't have any more sexual encounters.

Even my sister barely bothered me because she spent all her time one her phone, probably texting her new boyfriend from college. On Christmas morning Lilly loved my present for her and gave me a kiss on my cheek, exclaiming happily about how well I knew her. Her present for me was me a new prepaid cell phone with her number already programmed in. That was great since I'd been planning on getting one soon, having lost my old one and going without for the last few months.

Saying goodbye was awkward, since we were both surrounded by our family; I wanted to kiss her, but we opted for prudence on this occasion, having a tight hug instead. She promised to text me every day, and started before I was gone for even fifteen minutes. "I MISS U," it read. "ME 2," I sent back with a smile.

"IM IN THE BATHROOM, TOUCHING MYSELF, WISHING IT WAS U," she sent back. Oh boy, I was really going to miss her. I vowed sister brother ke xxx jabardasti to work on getting a car so I could come out and visit her. Author's notes: I'm a lone amateur author, part time working, with no editors or reviewers, so I apologize for any typos you may find (which I'm sure you will.) But I try to review my stories several times, and I think they come out fairly well.

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