Warm cock juice collection for sexy asian

Warm cock juice collection for sexy asian
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Part 1 - My love of cock begins! College was wild! During freshman year, I started fucking this guy named Randy for pot and other recreational drugs to "enhance" my college experience! He was a great a fuck, and introduced me to his friends (also great fucks) and took me to various parties. Everyone I met in college was so fun, liberal, open-minded, and easygoing. The parties I attended often turned into orgies or were intended to be orgies or had other sexual themes or activities going on.

Sometimes there'd just be one horny couple fucking around in the corner while everyone else danced and partied without paying attention. My own introduction to multiple sex partners began when Randy and I were fucking on the couch one day -- I was on his lap, bouncing up and down on his cock as I faced away from him, my pert B cup tits jiggling with the cock pounding. Sunlight from the window behind us was illuminating my creamy skin, red hair, and small pink nipples.

We'd been fucking all day like the horny teens that we were! Suddenly, as I was riding Randy's cock wildly, his roommate walked in to us fucking on the couch. Theo, Randy's roommate, immediately broke into a wide smile. Randy didn't skip a beat as he continued to thrust his meat hard into my hole.

My eyes met Theo's as Randy's cock was pumping away in my twat, my mouth dropping open. A moan involuntarily escaped my lips. As Randy continued to fuck my pussy, not caring about Theo being present, Theo walked over to the couch and knelt down on the floor in between my legs. Theo started licking my clit and kissing my swollen pubic mound-- swollen with cock as Randy filled up my entire cunt-- Theo staring up at me as his tongue lashed out at my stuffed pussy.

Randy was inside me up to his balls, groaning underneath me as he struggled to get as much of his meat inside my hole as possible.

My little red pubic patch began shimmering with Theo's saliva as he licked all over my clit and kissed my near-bald pubic mound. Theo's tongue flicked the hard nub that my clit had become, so engorged from his lascivious oral attentions. Randy's meat was so stiff inside me, his hands on my breasts, lightly tweaking my nipples, and I knew I was on the brink of an orgasm as Theo licked at my stuffed hole.

Randy went still, his cock buried in my teen cunt. I moaned loudly as Theo eagerly licked my clitty -- damn, he was good at eating pussy! An orgasm was building inside me, and I think the guys knew it, too. Theo gently squeezed my clit in his fingers and licked at it fast, and my moans turned to screams that I was cumming, and hard! My pussy was convulsing around Randy's cock with my orgasm, and he groaned and shouted that he was about to cum.

I felt his cock pulse inside me, then spurts of cum erupt inside my womb as I gasped for breath. Then after Randy and I were done cumming, Theo fucked me for the first time. I loved it, he was great! It was twice the cock, twice the orgasms. Up till that point, I'd just been fucking Randy here and there, no strings attached, since the beginning of freshman year. I'd never fucked two guys in the same sitting until Randy and Theo -- and I thoroughly enjoyed them both!

I began coming over more often to enjoy both their cocks, Randy and Theo taking turns fucking me all night long. They both made me cum so hard, it made me want more and more and more!

After a few months of the roommates taking turns fucking me and taking me to some sexy parties where I'd participated in some blow-bangs and threesomes, I had become very sexually adventurous. I soon grew to particularly love group sex, especially fucking a few guys a night. I'd tried anal a few times, and while it wasn't terrible, I felt it'd be better if my pussy was also being stimulated at the same time as my ass. The thought of a double penetration was hot to me, and I brought it up to Randy and Theo one night.

They were excited by the suggestion, to my sheer delight. I longed to feel the ultimate fullness of meat in my teen cunt! The night of my double-fuck started off with all of us taking some cheap vodka shots to relax, and we smoked a joint as we began going down on each other. I loved having two tongues eating out my juicy gash and four hands on my breasts.

One boy on each side, sucking on my little pink nipples. A finger here and there poking around my asshole and slit. Slapping my ass and spreading my asscheeks apart. Kissing my thighs and up and down my legs and feet. One of them sucking on my toes while the other sucked my cunt. I did my best to stroke both of their cocks simultaneously while they played with my whole body, making me squirm below them. All of their teasing was making me eager to fuck, my pussy throbbing with arousal.

They'd take turns sticking their cocks in my face so I could jerk and suck them fast and hard. I rubbed balls while my pussy was eaten out, my cunt juices now dripping out of my hole and down my asscrack. We were all nearly breathless with pleasure. I stared up at the guys; both their pricks were so engorged that their cockheads were angry reddish purple colors.

Randy pushed me down on the futon, holding my legs wide open, and fucked my cunt hard and fast like a machine. It was hot with Theo watching! Soon Randy was depositing a load of his cum up inside me, making my hole even juicier. After Randy pulled out, Theo pushed me onto my belly and fucked my ass, rubbing his spit covered prick and inserting it into my asshole, making me cry out as his hard 8" meat delved abruptly into my dark hole.

He went still to allow my ass to adjust to his prick. I was breathing hard, still not really too experienced with anal sex. My tits were smashed into the futon mattress as he took me from behind. His long pole was reaching into my guts, making me whimper beneath him. He held my asscheeks apart to get even more of his prick inside me. A few moments later he was thrusting into australia ki blue film dikhaiye hard and deep, building to a steady pace as I moaned into the mattress.

I breathed easier when I felt his cock throb inside me a few minutes later as young floozy gets her pussy caressed japanese hardcore gasped over my body, filling me with what felt like a huge load of sperm in my ass.

"I saved up a big load for you, Bev!" Theo laughed, reading my mind. "I haven't fucked or rubbed one out in like 3 days!" We all laughed. My ass and pussy were full of the guys' cum, my holes leaking onto their drab futon couch.

It only took a few minutes for each of them to get hard again, these freshmen were eager to fuck both my holes simultaneously! Veins were again bulging out of their rigid shafts. Randy got on his back on the futon, and I climbed on top of him and began riding his cock. His prick easily went in and out of my wet cunt. My tits bounced up and down as we fucked a few minutes, my ass slapping against his thighs with each thrust.

I grinded my cunt hard on his cock and we both groaned. Then Theo stepped up behind me. I suddenly felt him put his thick mushroom shaped cockhead at the entrance of my ass! I was about to be double-stuffed! My asshole parted for Theo's thick meat as Randy went still in my pussy to allow Theo to get his dick inside me. Randy held me close to his chest. Theo's cock went into my asshole easier than the last time since my asshole was lubricated with cum this time.

Randy's prick was hard as steel, stuffed as far into my hole as possible, reaching into my cervix. I moaned loudly as Theo shoved a few more inches of his prick inside my asshole. He kissed my back as his cock began to invade my insides. The prick filling my ass was constricting my pussyhole, making Randy's dick feel even harder and deeper in my cunthole.

My cunt and ass were stretched pleasurably and painfully stretched. We were all moaning together in no time. Theo pushed harder and I groaned louder, suddenly feeling his balls against my ass.

He was completely inside my shithole! Both men were deep inside my holes! They stayed still a moment, both cocks stuffing my holes beyond capacity. I held my breath, feeling completely bloated with cocks. It was incredible! Randy and I began passionately French kissing as the pricks remained still inside me.

I moaned in his mouth, my petite body pressed hard between the guys. Then Theo began moving in and out of my ass. I groaned as his meat stretched my asshole walls.

Randy stayed still as Theo pulled his prick nearly all the way out of my ass, then slammed back into me. He then began thrusting steadily in first time sex blood enter porin sex fairy tales rectum.

After Theo got going, Randy started thrusting up into my pussy. They began sawing in and out of my holes, making me moan so loud that the people in the neighboring dorm rooms were cheering and yelling through the walls, "Fuck her! Fuck her!" Those dorm room walls were thin enough to hear sneezes! I paid no attention to the neighbors as my holes were simultaneously stuffed fuller than ever.

My face was contorted with pleasurable pain as I was smashed between the guys. They were young and athletic, both fucking me with a steady pace and cocks of steel. It felt like my entire abdomen was swollen with the meat that was inside me - what an amazing experience!

I had never felt so full. As the guys fucked my holes with their stiff pricks, She loves anal when shes drunk felt an gorgeous blonde takes care of a dick building up inside me. Theo was gently pulling my hair from behind and occasionally smacking my ass.

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He reached underneath of me, grabbing my tits, tweaking my nipples, making me moan louder. I screamed out that I was cumming, and I heard kids in the neighboring rooms cheering. My body was sweaty from the intense group sex. As my orgasm surged through my whole body, I knew I was becoming addicted to cock meat. I loved the feeling of my holes being so stuffed-- I even wished I could take a third cock in me, up my pussy preferably, for a triple penetration!

Theo pulled off of me and pulled me off Randy's cock, and then I got on top of Theo, facing away from him. I sat on Theo's prick, his dick sinking into my ass all the way up to his balls. My legs spread open wide as Theo pulled me close to him, holding me down with his dick motionless and secured in my ass. My ass was impaled on Theo's cock, my legs open, inviting some cock into my cunt.

Randy stepped up between my spread legs and placed his cock at the entrance to my wet pussyhole. Theo stayed still below me. Randy's prick meat parted my engorged cuntlips, and I shivered with pleasure as a few inches of his cock began entering my tight hole. I watched as Randy pushed more and more of his cock into my hole. My abdomen was swelling as his meat filled me up. I put my hand on my belly, and it felt hard and swollen, full of cock.

Randy began thrusting powerfully in and out of my pussy, crushing me beneath him. We kissed passionately as Theo started thrusting his prick into my bowels. I moaned in Randy's mouth, feeling Theo's cockhead stimulating the nerves in my asshole as he pushed in and out of me.

Meanwhile my cunt was swallowing Randy's meat, my pussy so aroused I could feel every vein in Randy's cock as he pumped in and out of me. The guys fucked me hard, developing an athletically rhythmic pace inside my holes.

I screamed beneath them, my body yui kasugano tight schoolgirl fucked by the teacher with sweat, my red hair matted with sweat.

The entire room was filled with the squelching sounds of their cocks slamming into my wet holes. Randy was squeezing my tits hard as he pounded away at my pussy.

Theo groaned beneath me, growling through clenched teeth that he was gonna cum soon. Randy slammed into me even harder as Theo grunted. Theo's cock was soon pulsing in my asshole as he yelled that he was cumming. His prick erupted sperm into my rectum, dribbling out around his cock and down my asscrack.

He stayed still in my ass as Randy continued fucking my pussy hard, trying to spurt his own load deep inside me. I moaned, feeling so full of cocks, another orgasm about to explode throughout my body. As Randy slowed his thrusts to a deep, hard penetration, his pubic mound grinding against my cunt, I let out a long wail as I came hard. My body was pressed tight against the men, my legs spread wide, toes curling with my orgasm. Randy groaned and went still inside my pussy, his cock pulsating inside me.

Spurts of cum shot up into my womb, coating my hole with his sperm. We were all breathless. My orgasm was subsiding as Randy stayed still inside my cunt for a few moments after depositing his seed in my pussy. He then pulled his cock out of my oozing cunthole, his thick dick making a sucking sound as it was pulled from my wet pussy. After he pulled out of my dripping cunt, he helped me off of Theo's cock. I licked my lips at the sight of their cum coated meat, knowing then that I was hooked on cocks with no going back!

Part 2 - My 19th birthday "party"! For my 19th birthday, near the beginning of my sophomore year at college, my fuck buddy Asian chick gets pawned with big dick decided to throw a party for me. He told me in advance that it wasn't going to be a traditional birthday party, and requested I dress as sexily as possible.

So I put on a black satin corset that exposed my breasts, laced up the front, my breasts heaving out of it. It contrasted greatly with my pale skin. My pussy was shaved bald, my belly hairy amateur young french student hard sodomized in a garage, my nipples hard. I checked myself out in the mirror -- I looked hot! Then I slipped on a black garter belt with straps, and I put on black fishnet thigh highs that were trimmed with lace at the top, and affixed them to my garter belt.

I decided to wear no panties. I put on a short, sleeveless, slinky black dress that barely covered my ass, exposing the thigh highs and the straps attaching my stockings to my garter belt. Then I got out the highest black heels I had to complete the outfit.

My red hair hung loose in waves around my shoulders. I could see my hard nipples through the thin fabric of my dress. Perfect! In the evening, Randy picked me up and took me to a rental house a short drive away near the beach. He arranged to rent the house for the night, and had already set it up with champagne, candles, cake, and chocolate covered strawberries for me. There were Happy Birthday banners all around with balloons. On the huge TV in the living room, he had a gang bang porno playing.

It was hot! It featured a sexy, huge titted red head. Randy complimented me on my outfit, and we made-out for a few minutes before he bent me over in the kitchen to fuck me hard and fast while both of us watched the porno.

He knew I loved gang bang flicks! We were standing as he fucked me, and he pulled my dress up and off, exposing my garter belt and corset. He pandam 7 wirabuana yg baru with approval as he slammed his prick into my cunt from behind, my tits bouncing hard against my chest. The sounds of his nuts slapping against my ass filling the room.

I moaned as he fucked me with a manic pace, my tits jiggling with his thrusts. Quickly he was shooting his load inside me. His cum was oozing out of my pussy and down my thighs soon after he pulled his meat out of me. I stood up straight and he smiled at me, then I watched as he stomped on the floor, knocking three times with his heel. It was a signal. The door leading up to the kitchen from the basement suddenly opened, and suddenly a small parade of naked men, hard pricks in hands, began filing upstairs shouting "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEV!" and "We heard you were hungry for some meat!" and "We're gonna fill your cunt up with our gifts!" and "We're your birthday gifts, Beverly!" bdsm extreme anal first time bandits of bondage My mouth dropped open -- there were so many men that the kitchen couldn't hold them all, they were overflowing into the living room.

I recognized a few of them from school -- I think one of them was a professor at my college! Their eyes were all on my dripping pussy and hard nipples and the porno playing on the gigantic TV. I looked over at Randy, who grinned broadly at me. "For your 19th birthday, Bev, you will now be gangbanged by 19 guys!" Randy exclaimed.

I was still in shock when a couple of the guys walked over to me and picked me up, holding me so that my legs were spread wide. "Aw, Randy, you already took a turn at her, didn't ya?" one of the guys said. "Of course! It's okay, you don't have to count it toward the gang bang!" Randy said. "Just lick her cunt out to clean the cum out and she'll be good as new!" The guys chuckled, and then began diving in to clean my cunt with their tongues.

Hands were all over me; I was moaning in no time. Fingers probed the insides of my wet slit and caressed my bald cunt. I could feel my pussy wetting with all the attention. A big black guy dove his tongue deep into my pussyhole, making me cry out as he lapped me up. My pussy lips were thick with arousal.

He hummed against my wet gash, making me writhe as I was suspended in the air, held up by a few guys I didn't know. My legs were blonde babe gets naked and rubs that pussy wide open. Fingers were prying at my asshole, too. Cocks were slapped against my lips. My nipples were being pulled and tweaked and caressed and rubbed, almost a sensory overload, I was so aroused.

Randy stood back as the crowd had its way with me, pulling my body every which way, devouring me. I moaned with pleasure as the hands touched me all over. A finger was in my ass up to the knuckle, wiggling around in me as the black guy continued lathering my cunt with his saliva.

He cleaned the cum from my pussyhole and nibbled on my clit. Some others licked the cum from my thighs. Hands were rubbing all over my fishnet covered legs. Someone was rubbing a hard prick against my stocking covered foot as I was suspended in the air. Meanwhile I moaned as the men made me hardcore sex with mel teen girl presented by tamed teens swallow and cumshot with pleasure, pushing each other out of the way to eat me out.

There seemed to be a sea of men in the house, waiting to fill me up. Some guys carried me to the big bedroom and laid me down on the bed. A crowd of men stood around jerking their cocks to the sight of me. The men continued to eat my cunt. Randy had told each guy beforehand to eat me out first before fucking me, that they weren't allowed to fuck me before eating my pussy. It did seem they were all getting a turn at licking and sucking and lapping up my cunt.

At some points there were two tongues on my pussy, my whole cunt covered with spit. I wanted a cock inside me to make me cum! Finally, after 20 minutes of oral attentions from more than a dozen men, I had cum 3 times and was in desperate need of a prick in my cunt. I spread my legs open wide and yelled, "Fuck me, dammit!" The guys all laughed and cheered, pricks in hand, some leaking pre-cum.

What a hot scene, with all those jerking cocks! "Okay guys, here's how it works -- we're gonna start out with what I'll call a "tip-drill." Each guy is gonna line up, hopefully civilly, and take a turn fucking Beverly for no more than 2 minutes, then pull out so the next guy can get in her.

After you get your dick inside her, take this pen and draw your number somewhere on her body. Okay? I'll be timing you this first go around so you don't fuck for more than 2 minutes.

Just fuck her pussy for now. Her ass will come later. After all 19 of you get a go at her, then it'll be a free for all. Got it?" The guys nodded and grunted their understanding. "Oh also, just so ya'll know," Randy went on, "she loves cream-pies!" The guys cheered hearing this. For the next half hour, the men proceeded to step punish rebel teen xxx reviled her concerning a bunch of transfers he didnt make to the bed and take turns fucking me, writing their number on my body in a place of their choice.

Some numbers were written large, some small. There were numbers on my ass, my belly, my arms, my back, my legs, my tits, etc. I was still wearing my fishnets, garter belt, and corset as the men fucked me one by one, their hands roving my body's every curve and nook and cranny.

Some men fucked me doggystyle, some fucked me with my legs pushed high over my head so that I was folded up with their balls slapping my ass hard, and some guys had me ride them. I was fucked hard and fast by some and slow and deep by others. Randy called out to each guy if he was getting close to the 2 minute mark. For the most part the guys were good about taking their turns.

I felt I couldn't get enough meat, and there was plenty to go around! There were so many cocks -- ranging in size from 6" to what looked like 11" or so, uncut and cut, curved and straight as an arrow, some with big hanging balls, some with tight, hard balls.

I was delirious with all the dick in the room! The 19th guy finally wrote his number over my pussy mound after he stuffed his meat into my hole hard, all the way to his nuts. Randy called out after 2 minutes was up.

Guy #19 pulled out after fucking me hard missionary style. Instantly, the men were all over me! They had stood around watching each other take brief, organized turns fucking my teen cunt, and were now ready for wild fucking. Two pricks appeared over my face, and a cock was promptly shoved into my gaping cunt. I moaned loud as pairs of hands fondled my tits while I was getting fucked. The man fucking my cunt was pounding away at me hard, his balls slapping against my wet cunt.

After a few minutes, he yelled that he was cumming, and unloaded his sperm inside my pussy. He quickly withdrew his dripping cock and another guy was instantly on top of me. I was folded up like a pretzel, this next guy fucking me hard, shoving as much meat into my hole as he could. His balls were large and swinging at my ass with his every thrust. I was breathing hard as the stranger penetrated my teen cunt, his pubic mound grinding hard against my own.

He pulled out of me without cumming and the next guy, a short Latin looking guy, took his place immediately. The Latin guy fucked my pussy hard and fast and spurted his cum in my womb within a few minutes.

Cum was starting to ooze from my cunt as he withdrew his meat from my wet hole. I felt the cum trickling into my asscrack and into my asshole.

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After the Latin guy stepped away, the next guy, a big black dude, dipped his thick meat into my pussy a little bit, then pulled it out and rubbed it against my asshole. He teased my puckered hole with the thick head of his prick.

Then he took his cock away from my asshole and started rubbing it on my pussy and all over my slit, slapping his prick against my clit. He teased me with his meat! I moaned, wishing he'd shove his cock in me soon! More cum trickled out of my pussy as the black guy finally jammed his cockhead into my asshole. My ass began swallowing his meat, and I could even feel the veins in his cock against my raw anal walls.

I was trying to suck two cocks at the time, so my cries were muffled as the black prick delved deeper into my shithole. The black guy rubbed my cum filled cunt as he fucked my ass, making me moan. His fingers were slipping into my pussy, strumming my clit. He reached his fingers up into my twat, getting them covered with cum, then pulled them out and rubbed my clit hard and squeezed my pussy lips, making me moan louder.

I felt the black guy cumming in my ass a few minutes later after he pounded me hard from behind. His cum flooded my anal cavity, coating my asshole, sperm dripping off his cock when he pulled it out of my shitter with an obscene sucking sound. He slapped my ass and stepped away. The next guy fucked my ass, too, cum spilling out from both my holes at this point.

He grunted as he pounded into my rectum. Then, after a few minutes of fucking my butt, he pulled his prick out and put it into my wet pussy. He fucked my pussy hard for a few minutes and then switched back to my ass. For several minutes, he switched between fucking my ass and pussy.

Both my holes were making loud squelching sounds around the meat. He eventually decided to sperm up in my asshole. Meanwhile six pricks surrounded my face. I assfucked taboo babe gets pounded in closeup and sucked and rubbed as many men as I could.

Next, a hairy older guy fucked bdsm extreme anal first time bandits of bondage missionary style in the cunt as the cum oozed from my asshole, forming a puddle underneath of me on the bed. The guy on top of me fucked me hard, sometimes squeezing my throat with his hands. Other men continued tweaking and pulling my nipples and grabbing my breasts. The hairy older guy took his hand and covered it in the puddle of cum that had formed under my ass, and then rubbed my clit with his cum soaked fingers while he fucked my cunt slow and deep.

I was moaning, an orgasm building up inside me. It was going to be an intense one, I could tell. Unfortunately, before I could cum, the hairy guy came inside me, his prick throbbing and then spurting sperm into my womb.

He pulled his cum covered meat from my hole moments after depositing his seed. Another guy instantly stepped up and had me get on top of him. I rode his prick for a few minutes, my perky tits bouncing up and down with the thrusts. Then I felt another guy step up behind me, raising his prick to my asshole. I was about to get double-penetrated! Randy had a joint rolled up and stepped over to let me take a hit as a cock began entering my ass.

I took a few puffs and as I moaned with the prick stretching my ass, a small cloud of smoke was released from my mouth to rise up around some hard dicks. My heart pounded as my insides became completely filled with dick meat, stretching the walls of my cunt and anus. The men fucking my holes began rhythmically fucking me, each reaching deep inside me. I moaned, my climax was finally on the way. The guy fucking my ass was slapping my asscheeks as he forced his meat deep into my shithole and back out again.

I moaned louder and louder as my orgasm neared. It was building up from the tips of my toes and surging through my legs and loins. I screamed as my climax sent shockwaves through my body. My toes were curled as I was held close to the guy beneath me.

It felt like an intense pressure on my insides as the meat was pulled in and out of me. I loved the feeling of being stuffed! My breathing was ragged from my orgasm, my breasts heaving into the mouth of the guy below me. Then I felt the guy in my ass cum, his prick twitching with his release.

Jets of cum were spewing into my already saturated shithole. He pulled out of me, his dick making milf women would like to get pressed in public pt on hdmilfcamcom loud popping sound, and another guy was inside my ass in no time, pounding me like crazy! The sounds of my squelching pussy filled the room. Cum oozed out of my shithole as the current assfucker thrust into my bowels like a jackhammer.

He was spurting cum into my guts within minutes. As he was grunting and cumming, the guy in my cunt was shouting that he was cumming, too. I felt two cocks simultaneously pulsing inside my holes, both pricks throbbing as they spurted their cum inside me. My womb and my guts were flooded with sperm. It dripped from both of my holes onto a puddle on the bed. The guys pulled out of me, and someone else grabbed me and sat me on his prick from behind, his cock going into my ass with ease.

He held me against him and I spread my legs wide as another guy stepped between my legs, hard dick in hand. I moaned as he filled my pussy with his meat while the guy in my ass stayed motionless. Soon they were pumping into me steadily, both men grunting as they pounded me hard.

My holes were overflowing; cum was getting everywhere. Teen in cute jeans skirt raunchy hard core sex brunette blowjob guy fucking my cunt was soon sperming in my cunthole, adding to the baby-juice filling me up already. He pulled his cock almost completely out of my pussy when he started cumming, his cock juice soon dripping out of my pussy and down on to the balls of the guy fucking my ass.

Men were occasionally sperming in my mouth or on my face. Someone else stepped in front of me, cock in hand, inserting the meat into my used cunt. He pounded me as hard and fast as he could, pulling out a few minutes later to shoot his sperm all over my bald pussy mound. My cunt and belly were glistening with cum. The guy in my ass shot his load in my bowels minutes later. Both my holes were gaping and overflowing with sperm. I looked around, and all the men still had hard dicks, ready to fuck!

Was it more men than I could handle? No way, I decided! They let me take a quick bathroom break to clean up a little and also get something to drink, as I was parched with all the dicks I'd been sucking and all the intense sex! When I walked back into the room, all the cocks were still hard. Someone pushed me down on the bed instantly, and again a cock was shoved hard into my ass, making me cry out. The anal pounding went on for a good 10 minutes, with several dicks in my face for sucking.

Then I was pulled to my feet, and a muscular guy held me up against him, sticking his cock up into my pussy as he stood holding me in the air. He bounced me up and down on his meat for a while until someone stepped up behind us and began shoving a long cock into my asshole.

There were soon cocks in both my holes again as I was suspended in the air. The men bounced me up and down on their hard rods athletically.

The feeling of the cocks simultaneously jamming in and out of my holes was about to take me over the edge again. My toes curled as another orgasm was rippling through my body. Someone was even rubbing their cock on my foot as it dangled in the air-- cocks were all over me! I was moaning loudly as the men made me cum, and both of them were grunting, too. In a brianna love doesnt just want to get her ass fucked minutes they were both groaning and on the brink of orgasms themselves.

The one in my ass came first, sperming deep into my bowels. Then the guy in my cunt came soon after, but he pulled out and made me suck the cum out of his cock.

I took his meat deep into my throat and felt his cum unloading deep into my gullet. His cock pulsed along my tongue. The fucking went on for hours. My pussy was so engorged, it was a bright pink color, my pussy meat fat and swollen. Randy mercifully brought me a joint to smoke at some point while I was getting fucked hard for my birthday. I was getting tired, but was determined to take all these fuckers!

It seemed the men kept coming and cumming. There was instantly another prick shoved into my holes, they were never empty. I was mostly being double-penetrated, as there were so many men to fuck me. Still I was swallowing sperm and getting spermed on, too. Near the end, my holes inundated with petite blonde elsa jean stuffs her pussy with toy and stretched to the max, I asked for a triple penetration.

Randy happily stepped up to oblige. There was a guy beneath me, fucking my cunt while I rode on top of him, and a guy behind me fucking my ass. Randy stepped up, hard meat in hand, and shoved his cock inside me. I don't even think he knew which hole he was in, I was so full of cock. His prick sunk into my asshole, joining the other cock in my ass. I was beyond stuffed! Three pricks inside me, all pounding me in unison. I screamed with the pleasurably painful constriction of my cunt and ass around all the meat.

The men were all groaning loudly and grunting like animals. Another orgasm was about to explode through my body once again. I screamed that I was cumming, and my orgasm started jolting through my limbs, my heart pounding fast. The guys were about to cum, too. The guy in my pussy came first, his sperm erupting up into my womb to join dozens of other loads of semen.

Randy pulled out of my ass to cum on my face. The other guy who'd been fucking my ass unloaded his cum into my bowels. Cum was oozing out all over my ass, all over my legs, all over the bed. Most of the guys had left the room by that point -- it seemed my 19 man birthday gang bang was coming to an end! Someone else pulled me on top of him, facing away, and began stabbing his prick up at my cum soaked asshole. I weakly bounced up and down on the cock in my ass, tired from all the sex.

I was thinking the gang bang was nearing an end, but then someone else walked into the room -- it was a girl! She looked familiar, I think I'd met her or seen her at a party I'd previously been to. I saw she was naked except for black boots and a strap-on harness around her waist.

She was tall and blond with mouthful sized tits, and in her hand she was holding the giant dildo that belonged in the harness. My eyebrows raised with the sight of the giant dildo. The guy in my ass slowed to a stop when he saw the chick walk into the room. She smiled at me, securing the dildo into the strap-on harness around her waist.

It was red, at least 10" long and thick as my wrist, and was hard rubber with veins bulging throughout it, complete with a gigantic mushroom head.

Her eyes were on mine as I watched her take the dildo in her hand and raise it against my cum soaked pussy. Thank goodness for all the loads of cum in my cunt!

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And so that was my first gang bang! First but definitely not the last! Luckily the house Randy rented had a hot tub, so I could relax naked outside in it on the deck after my gang fuck, letting the hot water soothe my tired body and sore holes.

I had a damn happy 19th birthday!