Mom son fuck hot xstorys fevretlist

Mom son fuck hot xstorys fevretlist
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Mom divorced dad when I was fairly young, and we did not see any more of him. I was lonely for male companionship throughout my childhood. When I came into my teen years Mom started a new job and became best of friends with Frieda a black woman. Mom and I are white. Frieda soon introduced Mom to her brother, and they hit it off well. Soon they were seeing a lot of each other.

I liked him a lot and he began staying with me when Mom had to work late. His name was James. James was a big husky guy and together we did a lot of things, like playing basketball, swimming and tossing a baseball around. Swimming I liked best, because we went to the local pool, and I got to see James naked as he changed into his swimsuit.

His big cock and balls hanging down between his thick muscular black thighs. It really turned me on, causing strange sensations in my groin.

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He always stroked it a few times before tucking it into his swimsuit, kind of like showing it off. James taught me how to swim and seemed to touch me a lot during these sessions, but I did not mind for it felt good.

James and Mom after about a year got married. We lived in a small house and their bedroom was next to mind. At night I could hear them making love. I heard Mom remind him to use a rubber each night as he prepared to enter her.

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I heard her moan and groan as they went at it. The bed springs bouncing as he fucked her. My cock would rise up and get hard and I would jack off to their sounds of fucking.

I imagined James and I playing around together as he fucked Mom, and I masturbated.

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Even with Mom reminding James to use a rubber, he must have gotten it in one night or more with out one, because Mom became pregnant When she was about 8 months along she began complaining about how uncomfortable it was to have perfect blonde girl plays with her slit with James because it hurt finally one night they had a big fight about sex.

James stormed out of the bedroom and slept on the couch. He slept several nights on the couch, each time preceded by him begging Mom to let him fuck her and she refusing, telling him his cock was too big and was hurting her too much to have it in her.

He tried to get her to suck it but she wasn’t putting that nasty black thing in her cute asian saver landed for hj bj af caribbean japanese. After James had slept on the couch for several nights, I awoke in the middle of the night, with James standing at my bedside with his big black cock sticking out.

He called out to me asking me to help him out. His cock was sooo hard that he couldn’t get it down. He needed some help relieving himself of his load of cum in his balls. James said: “Hey white boy, help me out here. I can’t get this thing to go down and it really hurt." I awoke with a start and stared at the massive cock sticking out in front of me. I answered him: “What do you want me to do?”. James answered: “I saw how you looked at my cock at the swimming pool, and I felt your ass twitch when I brushed against you with my cock.

It's all yours boy." James continued, “Do what you want with it, but make me cum. I have this load of cum in my nuts I need to get off. Pleeese.” He begged. I sat up sleepily in the bed and swung my legs out over the side of the bed. I than reached out and took the passion hd natural d pool fuck blonde black rod in hand and slowly began to stroke it.

It was so long and thick. I gripped it more firmly in my hand and stroked it harder as he moaned and groaned. He begged me to kiss it and I put my lips to the head of his cock and tasted his precum. In the mean time my cock rose up hard and firm oozing out precum between my legs. I lingered with my mouth half open, tasting him, he suddenly grabbed my head and shoved his cock into my mouth.

I gagged on it as it shoved its way down my throat. Than just as I couldn’t take any more of his big black cock, he pulled it back out. James stood there, in front of me flexing his knees, and shoving his cock in and out of my mouth. James fucked me in the mouth deep and fast and I felt his big black balls bouncing off my chin as he shoved his cock down my throat. Than, I felt his cock grow bigger in my mouth and felt his cum rising up, with one last thrust he shoved his cock deep into my mouth and shot his load of back man’s cum down my throat.

He let out a loud cry of relief as I gulped his load of cum down. Jame’s cock soften and he pulled out of my mouth, he whispered his appreciation and kissed me. After James left, I masturbated to the remembrances of him fucking me in the mouth. The next night, James again came to my bed and crawled into the bed bedside me. He murmured in my ear, how much he wanted me and how good I felt. I was naked in the bed and his cock pressed into the crack of my ass.

It rubbed against my asshole. He begged me to let him fuck me. He kissed me tenderly on the neck and back, and rubbed my tits. My nipples got big and hard and tender. His cock was wet with precum and he put it to my ass hole and pushed and the head of it popped my asshole open and I felt a flash of pain. I muffled my cries in my pillow as he pushed his cock further into my ass.

He was gentle but it still hurt, but than after he had it buried balls deep in my ass, I could feel his hairy balls against my ass, the pain subsided. He began to slowly fuck my young tender ass. His big black cock went in and out of my ass hole each time till just the head of it was still in me. My own cock was quite hard and James reach down and began to slowly stroke it as he fucked his way in and out of my ass. It was kinda rough going my ass was so tight around his big black cock gripping it tightly as he fucked me.

I felt his cock, swell up and fill with cum and it became even harder for him to push it into my ass than with one mighty thrust he shoved it all the way and shot his load of black man’s cum deep into my lilly white ass.

Filling me up and I felt it leaking out and down my leg.

At that time I shot my load of cum into his hand as he stroked my cock. We laid there thus engaged till his big cock soften and withdrew from my ass and I turned over, buried my face in his massive chest and fell asleep. Thereafter, James came to my bed nightly seeking his relief of cum built up in his balls. I grew to look forward to his cock in me, either in my mouth or in my ass.

This continued till after Mom delivered the baby. Than James went back to her bed and to fucking her. Our relationship though continued, because Mom was not as amorous as she was before the baby came and there were many nights that he was free to come to my bed.