Brunette on her knees sucking two dudes dicks at glory hole gloryhole hardcore

Brunette on her knees sucking two dudes dicks at glory hole gloryhole hardcore
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As I was getting off my plane in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities to visit on business, I made plans for a town car to pick me up and bring me to my hotel not far from where my company's corporate office is I made a call to one of the best escort businesses in town.

Always traveling and busy with so many things I've never had time for a real relationship or anything so when I traveled to cities I had no friends or family in I used escort girls to fill the void and make the trip easier for me. The escort company knew me well, already having visited the corporate office here at the end of every quarter they knew what I liked and always sent the same girl out.

For some reason mine was no longer with the company for whatever reason and they said they have a new one they'd like to send to me, Jaclyn was her name, and if I didn't like her this transaction would be on the house.

I agreed to the terms and gave them my hotel info. The day went on I visited corporate perform my bit in the meeting showing off my branch had the best numbers for the third quarter in a row really pushing to be moved up to a higher position. Meeting went on and all I could think of was this new girl to not only me but the company. Apparently she fit the mold of what I prefer as I am a picky customer. Average height, white skin, blonde hair, nice big round ass, slender body.

Meeting rounded off I made my way to the usual dinner and cocktails with a few other branch owners, hearing stories of how they use there secretaries as desk whores and thoughts of how to jump promotions.

I paid little attention to the conversation and small talk. I stepped outside of the restaurant on a cold dark rainy San Fran evening heading to my hotel. I check in with the front desk and leave a key for my escort girl to meet me in my room. I headed up to the top floor in the executive suite and decided to change out of porn casting sex bangbros movie lc damp cold suit and take a hot relaxing shower.

I planned ov huge titted milf enjoys stroking cocks big boobs bigboobs a nice dinner with conversation then of course the pleasure of her in my bed to complete the business transaction. I stepped out of the shower into the main living area of my suite to hear a knock at the door, only having a towel around my waist I opened the door slightly to see this stunning blonde women standing there in heels and a long trench like coat.

I let her in she introduced herself as Jaclyn and told me, in a slightly embarrassed tone, that she was new to the company and that I am actually one if her first clients. I could sense a slight hesitation in her voice but she kept it hidden well with a smile and eye contact.

I poured us both a small glass of wine from the wet bar fridge, told her to relax and get comfortable. She sat on my couch and asked about the towel. I forgot that I was standing there the whole time still a little wet from the shower with just a towel on, I handed her the glass and excused myself while I retrieved some gym shorts and a tee shirt from my room. I returned to her in the living area sipping the wine I had given her, she asked what I would like to do this evening, I replied with a dinner and we can come back here and relax and just talk.

She asked a few questions where I am from, what I do, and what is my intention of my visit to the city today. She looked uncomfortable in the baggy coat sitting on the couch I told her to get comfortable and take off the jacket relax a while. She did as such and the night began, she stood up in her tall black heels took a few steps forward and turned her head to look at me and dropped her long coat as it fell to the floor as did my mouth.

Seeing this hottie in a black sheer lace thong and bra with a matching garter belt and leggings holding in her soft nice breast and large firm ass all complementing her cool white skin. She then chuckled to me, is this comfortable enough for you ?

She turned around and slowly took a few steps towards me and said "dinner can wait, I am all yours for the night Mr.

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Saenz, what would you like from my first ?" I had no reply just staring and admiring this amazing fit body ready for the taking, as I stared in silence she moved the sheer bra coverings to the side letting her breasts come out, then smiled and said softly "guess ill take my meal first," and slowly dropped to her knees sliding her hands up and down my legs rubbing her face right in my crotch, before working my gym shorts off stroking my now hard dick in her hands looking up to me and asks "is this what you wanted sir" acting the part out of an expensive whore for the night.

She then wrapped her lips around my cock as I threw my head back with a gasp. She sucked me off, slowly bobbing her head up and down stopping every few seconds to swirl her tongue around my head before taking me all in her mouth again. I was just in a state if euphoria having this hot young chick sucking me off in my hotel room almost as good as my usual call girl I meet up with.

Out of no where she speed up the pace, now just going to town on my dick stroking me with her hand while keep up with her lips sealed around me as fast as she could go up and down my dick, taking her other hand to softly massage my balls. She finally came up for air and looked me in the eyes again and asked with a look of sinful bliss, "how am I doing sir?" Before I could even reply she placed her finger over my lips and smiled, then slowly kissing my chest and stomach back down towards her work area taking her hands and jacking me off while using her mouth to lick and kiss my balls.

Wasn't sure how much longer I was going to last seeing how she was going crazy on me with just her mouth. I had to take control of this now before I lost my nut so early in the night. I stood up grabbed her by the arm and lay on the floor telling her it's my turn to eat, she grinned in satisfaction and swung her leg over my head and sitting on my face.

I could smell her wetness as she came over me, I could feel my mouth salivating for the treat to come. Eva karera trying on lots of shoes licked her smooth pussy up and down before sucking on her clit and flicking my tongue, she moaned softly then leaned down to get another helping of cock in her mouth.

We were both working to please the other, she constantly had an amazing suction on my cock and not forgetting my balls at all.

I decided to to one up her and take my finger and lightly massage her anus, I could see her legs twitch a little then a moan with my cock still in her mouth able to let out "oh fuck, that feels so good" she then sped up her pace sucking and jerking me off.

A few seconds passed I knew it was time to give her a load she worked for, I forced her head down my shaft as I blew a strong load straight into her mouth. She continued to suck me off making sure she got every last bit of cum from my balls. She swung her legs over my head again removing her pussy from my face, resting her head on my thigh still licking my balls slowly looking at me asking what my little whore should do next.

I knew I got my first wind done and it was now time to show this new whore the ropes of getting fucked by men for money. I stood up and command her to get on all fours and have her ass up in the air, i positioned myself behind her slowly jerking myself off and told her "hope you like getting fucked hard and deep cause I'm going to abuse your tight little pussy." I slapped her ass before plunging my dick deep inside her, giving a moment of pause letting her accommodate my cock in her before I grabbed her hair as she let a sigh of excitement I then started pumping her.

Took her no time before she started moaning to screaming "fuck me sir, oh shit fuck me hard," I continued my pace slamming her till my balls hit pussy before coming out and slamming her again. As I continues to pump her as hard as I could and continued to slap her ass repeatedly.

I quickened my pace as did her pants and moans of begging to be fucked she came hard on my dick, legs were twitching back was arched as she let out a loud "fuck" and her body collapsed on the floor from the shock of her orgasim.

I removed myself from her slapped her ass and told her to get up, the night is still young. As she catched her breathe she picked up her body from the floor and followed me to the couch.

I sat down as she tried to mount me I gave her a slight push off of me and commanded her to continue sucking me off. She slid down to her knees slowly and began jerking me off and licking my balls.

She continued this for while before taking me back in her mouth with a steady pace of bobbing her head up and down as I kept my hand on the back of her head guiding her. She looked up at me to ask "how do you want me next sir," just after one fuck her makeup was starting to run, her hair become frizzy from the sweating and pulling.

I the told her to mount me and grind on my dick till she got super hot teen loves this cock brunette big dick. She jumped up with excitement and no hesitation at another go at cumming on my dick.

As she got on and started riding me I sucked on her titts while still showing my love for that fine big white ass with my hand. She was moaning in no time, then out of no where she took both of my hands and warped busty blonde gets fucking machine in ass around her throat.

This had to have been the hottest thing I've ever seen a girl do while fucking me. I then applied light pressure she began to lose control all the sudden. As I said to her, gripper her throat, "yea bitch you like getting choked while riding my dick" she replied only with moans. I slapped her across the face and demanded an answer from her. "Fuck sir yes i like it when you choke me, slap me again sir, you cock feels so good in me." For being her first client I knew this bitch was a freak just by the way she has been fucking my dick so far.

Her pussy gripping my cock as she rode and grinded hard on me moaning and losing her mind, it was only a short period of time before she lost it again and came on my dick gripping my chest as she came. She was breathing hard after the force of my dick left her trembling.

She looked to me and smiled "wow I've never been fucked this good before, the score is two to one, ill help you out to even the score" with out any encouragement she dropped to her knees once again and showing off her oral skills on my dick until I was at a point of no return, she started jerking me off vigorously begging me to let her taste my warm salty cum, "oh please sir, please Mr. Saenz, I want you to cum on my face and in my mouth, please cum all over me" it was a matter if seconds before I blew my second load all over her as she grabbed my cock to stuff sexy awesome babe is willing for a wild fuck homemade hardcore her mouth to get all the gooey goodness of me.

After she swallowed my full load she again slowly jerked me off and lightly licked and kissed my balls, asking me once more "how would you like your whore next sir" I smiled and brushed her hair, "I need a drink, and think we both need to come down from our sexual high before we go again" she excused her self to the restroom to clean up and put a robe on and joined me at the table for a drink.

She sat across from me in a white robe untied so I could gawk at her breast as I pleased. We engaged in talks about what exactly I do in my office, and of her life outside of work.

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All the while I was replying to a few texts and emails. My old branch, manager, Tim, had told me he is here at corporate also wanted to meet up and tie a few off at a local brewery we visit from time to time. I got an idea in my head to see if this little whore could take on two of us at the same time. Shot him a quick message and surprisingly he was down for the action.

Also being single and a constant traveler like myself, we both had a lot of sexual aggression pent upside and always just unloaded on these whore sluts when we were on the road. I looked to her as she smiled wondering if I was ready for round two, and replied with a grin, "I have a friend coming over I'd like you too meet." She was left without words and a look of slight fear of being dominated by two men at the same time.

She put on a show and agreed, like she had a choice, finished her glass of wine and moved back over to the couch as I did the same. A few minutes passed by and a knock at the door came, I could see her surprise in her eyes and told her "its time to go back to work." With a small hesitation she asked, "what should I do," with a smiled I replied to her, "shed the robe and get on your knees". She did as such and grabbed my half limp cock and started stroking me. I yelled out to the door "come in" as the door opened I saw Tim in his suite he walked in with a smile as I welcomed him to girls with big tits please a horny guy party.

He stared in awe at the sexy young slut on her knees, sucking me off.

She made eye contact with him while keeping my cock in her mouth, she looked so damn hot right there. Still having her black garter belt on and high sheer stockings. He put his hand on my shoulder laughingly telling me, "Damn Chris you beat her up pretty good already, hope she is ready for a long night!" As he noticed her body still sweating and running makeup from the fucking I put her through. I laughed as I took my hand on the back of her head and forced her pace to quicken on my cock.

Tim quickly shed his suite throwing it to the floor walking up, jerking his cock, to her left and slapping the side of her head with his limp cock and nearly shouting "Hey bitch hope you can take two," she turned to him looking at his half limp cock is shock seeing his size already, and knowing how large I was from the prior fucking. As the two of us stood there cocks out, Tim a good 6 inch average thickness and myself standing with a 7 inches with an above average girth she barley could wrap her hands around.

She took a deep breath, now stroking both of us, looked up at me and Tim with a smile hiding her panic of two cocks saying, "wow two nice dicks to fuck me, this should be interesting!" She then started flicking her tongue on Tim dick as it grew in her hand, while her right hand was now massaging my balls.

Tim grabbed her hair and forced her head down on his cock till her nose was touching his stomach and she let out a slight gag. He groaned loudly throwing his head back and fourth before looking down at her, "now lick my balls as my cock is buried in your throat whore," she tried the best she could to comfort his demands. He released her head as she gasped for air, she then turned over duties and showed my rock hardon some attention while still stroking Tim off as he lowered himself to slap and probe her large firm white ass, she grunted as she felt his finger enter her while she kept amazing suction on my cock stroking me viciously as if trying to make me cum.

I threw her head off of me and turned her back to Tim as she sucked him he guided her head with both hands gripping her hair. He face fucked while commanding her "yea suck my fucking dick you whore, damn I'm gonna fuck you so hard." He pulled her off and grabbed her by the throat to stand up, throwing her over the table, "now bend over bitch!" He shouted.

Tim looked at me and smiled, "ill fuck her first," he positioned himself behind her slapped her ass hard as he could, rubbing his cock on her lips moistening. He grabbed her by the hair kissing her neck, whispering in her ear, "hope you are up for a long night" before throwing her back now and inserting his cock into her tight swollen pussy.

He pumped her teen cums for you watch part on flirtsexlovecom a good pace while holding her hips forcing her back back on him. I walked over to the front of the large table taking a seat in front of her face spreading my legs propping my torso up with my elbows. She knew what I wanted, she looked up at me while getting pumped hard from behind, "I want your cock in me Mr.

Saenz," she took my dick in her hand, before she could put me in she was interrupted by Tim pulling her up by the hair, "that's master" he shouted, "you are to address us as your masters, you got that bitch!" He released and she took me back in her hand, "i want your dick in my mouth master," she replied to me. I smiled and nodded my head as she went to work. Having her suck me and jerk me off with both hands I fell back in a euphoria state of mind letting my back hit the table she continued to work me.

Coming up for air every so often screaming, "yes master, oh fuck me." Tim did not let up his pace pumping her sweet little pussy. All I could hear was her grunts and slurps and the sound of Tim's body hitting her ass. After awhile Tim removed himself from her backside and tagged me in, he took my spot on the table with his legs up he took her head showing her tongue to his balls as she massaged the head of his dick with her hands.

I started slowing fucking her from behind marveling in the site of her sucking on Tim's balls, I then glanced down to watch her ass bounce on me as I fucked her, It was a great sight to see. Tim then bucked his hips up and forced her head lower demanding that she continue licking. By now she was licking a mix if his gouch and his asshole while still having one hand pumping his cock.

He thrusted his head back once more as she replied "I do what master tells me to do." He barked back, "yes that's a good whore do as I tell you to and lick my asshole." This went on for several minutes until Tim glanced at me and removed himself from the table.

I grabbed her by the arm and lowered her to the floor. We both stood side by side cocks pointing cock sucking skills of brazilian floozy hardcore blowjob her while we jerked ourselves off. She sat there on her knees one hand playing with her pussy and the other touching and grazing her wonderful white breasts.

"Open your mouth slut," she did not hesitate. "Yes I want to eat my masters jizz please shoot it all over me'," as she begged to the both of us. I raised my leg up on the nearest chair to me and told her I needed some treatment, she scooted over towards me without any direction she massaged my balls and shoved her tongue straight into my ass, I about lost my mind it felt so good I felt my balls churning I pushed her away kimberly b old fart young tart immediately started to shoot thick streams of cum onto her face.

She then turned to Tim massaging his balls managing to swallow whatever part of my nut made it into her mouth. He grabbed her head and forced his cock into her mouth as he started to cum, shouting "fuck whore keep swallowing me" shooting his white mess straight down her throat. Tim and myself stood there, over this young whore covered in cum as she looked up both of us, reaching for our cocks taking them in hand and slowly stroking us. She then asked "what would my masters like of me now," i replied, "why don't you go clean up and meet us back here." She got up and left for the restroom, both me and Tim walked over to the table managing to find out pants and put them on.

I cracked open two beers and handed one to Tim. We sat there drinking and thinking back on this incredible whore fucking us. A few minutes passed and she came back cleaned up and back in her sunny leone bf xx bf sheer bra and matching thong.

Tim slapped her on the ass and told her to dance for us. She sat on Tim's lap and started grinding on him wrapping her arms around his head then running her hands up and down his legs as she stared at me for approval.

As she was giving him a proper lap dance I reached over to the wet bar to grab a bottle of Patron, popped the bottle open and swigged a shot down. He then told her to get lay on the table and remove her thong, she did in a seductive manner slowly climbing up on to the table with her ass in the air before laying on her back. He threw her legs up and spread them apart and began eating her out. In seconds she was moaning and pulling her own hair, I managed to pour a double shot in her mouth, she came close to orgasiming before Tim stopped pulled his face out and said, "Chris, she looks hungry" before he could finish his sentence she blurted "yes master i want to suck your cock again, please feed me your cock." I stood up dropped my shorts as she lowered her neck so her head hung off the table she pulled my cock into her mouth and I took charge by slowly fucking her moist hole.

I then ordered her to open her mouth wide with my dick in her mouth and water falled another shot onto my cock dripping it into her mouth. Not taking my eyes off Tim just eating her pussy as if he has never been fed.

As she moaned with my dick stuffing her mouth I could hear her cumming on Tim's mouth as he fucked her with his tongue. Myself full hard now tagged Tim out and moved this whore back onto the couch, Tim tapped me on the shoulder and asked me "do you mind, I wanna feel this bitch ride me." I smiled and stepped aside as Tim sat on the couch stroking his dick, looking at her he grabs her by the throat pushes his forehead against hers "you wanna ride your master dick," lightly slapping her across the face she managed to get out "mhmmm" he slapped her again "I wanna hear it," as his grip on her tightened.

She let out a a small cry, "yes master I want to ride your cock and cum on your dick." He smiled and released her, as she sat on his cock and began to ride, I positioned myself standing on the couch to her right propping my leg up again. With her eyes closed still riding Tim she extended her hand out to accept my dick and jerked me off before taking me into her mouth.

Tim slapping her ass some more while sucking on her perfect pink nipples coming up from time to time, "you like that dick huh whore, yea keep riding me, fuck your pussy is so tight." Her body shot straight up as she came again on his dick. I looked at Tim and smilied as I motioned my eyes to her ass, he grinned and nodded his head. I got up from the couch to quickly retrieve a tube of lube from my bag quickly got my cock nice and slippery and came back to the room where she was still bouncing up and down on him.

I placed my hand on her shoulder and told her to hold on. She paused and in a quick panic looked behind her, before she could get a word out i slid my glistening clock into her ass. She screamed in agony as I behind the scenes of jeans wetting ineedpee balls deep into her ass as Tim took a pause. A few moments later I stared slowly pumping her.

Her moans and screams grew as Tim also started stuffing her, the two of us simultaneously stuffing both her holes. "Gah fuck I love my masters fucking all my hole, son of a bitch you feel good in me!" She managed to get out, our pace quickens on her as to try to rip her apart while fucking her tight holes. I made sure to give her everything getting my money worth on this whore.

After minutes of abusing both her fuck holes, I tagged Tim in, I pulled her off and spun her around. As I did such Tim laughed holding his cock in hand, "hope you didn't fuck her ass to hard I want to get in that tight hole." She smiled as she guided him into her ass, he slid easily. She sat there bouncing as she got her ass fucked.

Myself standing there just watching in amazement as we abused this guy assists with hymen physical and fucking of virgin chick for our pleasure and entertainment for the night.

Tim now breathing hard as her tight hole clinched his cock. He said to me, "Chris turn around and bend over I wanna humiliate her more," I smiled and did as such. Her stopped her and pulled her close whispered in her ear "I want you to jack him off and toss his salad." I went along with it as she leaned forward reached between my legs grabbing my cock and began to stroke it while licking the bottom of my balls before making her way to accomplish her orders she was given.

I myself have never had a girl do that to me, and I realized how much I've been missing out on. The stimulation of a her doing that was to great for me I was not ready to shoot another load yet. I took a step forward and turned around pushing her back on to Tim's chest I lifted her legs up and slammed my cock back into her dripping pussy.

We both began fucking her holes again as she lost her mind again screaming,"master can i please cum, I want to cum so bad on your cocks, oh fuck." I knew I was close to coming again removed my throbbing cock from her hole and sat next to Tim. She looked at me for orders, I said "on your knees now and make us come at the same time, or you'll find both our cocks stuff your ass." She knelt between us stroking both our dicks moving back and fourth sucking on us licking out balls.

Tim nudges me with his elbow, we both stood up as she continued to still pump our dicks. Nearly at the same time we shot out loads on her face again. Just staring at her covered with cum again. All three of our body's tired, wet, and swollen but it was worth the fucking we have her. Without command she removed herself and went to clean up. She finally learned the routine, as she left Tim found his clothes and thanked me for a great time.

Shook my hand and said, "next time ill host the party." I laughed and showed him to the door, I sat on the couch trying to recap this amazing fuck while catching my breath.

I leaned my head back onto the headrest and closed my eyes. Moments later I feel her tongue slowly licking my balls, fuck all I wanted to do was just take this whore home and abuse her on a daily basis.