Irresistable succubus lures you in with a blowjob and handjob

Irresistable succubus lures you in with a blowjob and handjob
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My girlfriend's sister was staying with us since her husband was deployed for a couple of months. She was cute 5'4" and carrying a few extra pounds after having two kids. Still nice B-cups though, I love small breasts. I was working swing shift and came early and as I walked from the parking lot to the apartment I surprised her and her brother in law as they were hugging and making out. He stammered something nonsensical and left, she looked at me with this scared look afraid I was going to tell on her.

I didn't say anything and walked into the apartment as she followed me in. I checked on my girlfriend and she was asleep in bed. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat down in my favorite comfy chair and proceeded to fire up some pot.

She sat on the couch looking at the floor, I could see she was scared cute brunette babe have sex with a taxi driver as payment trying to think. I have an open relationship with my girlfriend and have no objection to what she had been doing and could have let her know I was not going to cause any problems. But she was always so snotty to me and my girlfriend about our open relationship.

I was enjoying see her squirm. She finally looked up at me with pleading eyes and said it was so hard being without her husband and doing without sex. She had mentioned being lonely to her brother in law and he had asked if she wanted him to comfort her. She then looked me in the eyes and said I hope you understand.

I said I do. She then said all I had to do was ask. I took a drink of beer and a toke of pot and stared at her. She then dropped to her knees and scooted in front of me and said she would do anything to keep me from saying anything.

I took another drink of beer and another toke of pot and continued to stare at her. I was really enjoying her squirming. She then reached up and touched my cock, and looked at me with that mousy pleading look she had. I realized I was really enjoying this as my cock started to grow under her hand even though she was not moving it.

I took another drink of beer and another toke of pot and just stared at her. As she felt my cock grow she started to breath faster and lick her lips. She then unidid my pants and started pulling them off. I lifted my ass to help but other than that I sat their drinking my beer.

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After she had my pants off she grabbed my cock and started to lick the underside. As soon as a little drip of precum came out she moaned and then swallowed my cock. She had a firm grip on the base of my cock and was pulling it to point at her as she sucked on it. I love it when women grab on my cock and move it around like that.

She started with a quick pace and I was really enjoying asian huge tits big tits and mature girlfriend's prudish sister slurping on my cock. I pulled my shirt off and she managed to get her pants off without taking my cock out of her mouth and only stopped for couple of seconds to get her top off.

She was sucking on my cock like it was the best thing she ever tasted. I could only handle this for a couple more minutes then I was squirting a big load in her mouth. She started to pull off and I grabbed her head and held it on my cock as I said swallow it. I let go of her head so I could smoke and drink some more but told her to keep sucking.

A moment later I realized she was rubbing herself pretty good and was moaning on my cock. I pushed her back on the floor and entered her in one fast plunge.

She gasped and wrapped her arms and legs around me like I was a life preserver and she was drowning. I didn't even give her a moment to adjust to my cock being in her and just started pounding in and out of that pussy as fast as I could.

She was moaning and groaning immediately and was thrusting her hips up at me just as fast and just as hard as I was thrusting. We were kissing and it was a hard mash your faces together and rub lips kind of kissing as she was would mumble 'oh god, fuck me', 'oh god I have never been fucked this good'. She would start to squeal she was cumming and I covered her mouth with mine as she would scream thru her orgasm. After her third orgasm she was crying and moaning and said she teen slut fucks teacher for better grades knew sex was this good.

After her fourth orgasm she was just panting and whimpering and crying. I finally came and squirted a load in her. (She had a hysterectomy two years ago) She said her husband had never fucked her this well and she never had more than one orgasm a night if she had one at all. I pulled out of her and flipped around into a 69, I shoved my cock in her mouth and started to lick her and she started moaning again, I was still hard from fucking her pussy and she was sucking like a pro.

We explicit and wild club gratifying striptease and hardcore at this for a few minutes when she said this was so hot because her brother in law came in her also and I was eating both of our cum from her pussy. She was cumming again pretty hard this time. I then flipped around so I was between her thighs again. She said she was still a little sore, I said that's okay and proceeded to slide into her ass. She was trying to struggle but I was holding her and was kissing her so she could not talk.

This time I paused to let her butt adjust to my cock being there. As she seemed to squirm less I pulled out slowly and she whimpered in my mouth. I then pushed in slowly all the way til I bottomed out and she groaned. I started a slow steady rhythm and we were both panting and grunting into each others mouth. I kept this up for a few minutes and then she started to thrust her hips at me so I started to speed up and built to a good speed.

She started spasming in an orgasm and that set me off as well. I kept thrusting as I squirted deep in her ass.

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We held each other for a minute before I pulled out still hard. I sat on my chair and tried to catch my breath and drink the last of the beer. She crawled over and started to suck my cock again as she was rubbing her pussy with one hand and pinching her nipples with the other, she was using her mouth to control my cock.

She sucked the top and most of the shaft clean and then licked the base clean. She looked me in the eye and said if I keep her secret she would service my cock whenever I wanted.

Even after her husband came home.