Curvaceous shy teen taking in the cops wiener from behind

Curvaceous shy teen taking in the cops wiener from behind
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After a very long and stressful week of traveling I couldn't believe how happy I was to get home and see my bed. I got home about 9:00 that night and all I wanted was that big bed and get some rest.

Then the worst noise in the world woke me up. The phone and its shrieking ring woke me up out of my sound sleep and put me into a panic with my heart pounding so hard that it felt like it was going to explode through my chest.

With my sudden panic came all kinds of thoughts rushing through my head. Did someone die? Is someone in the hospital? I finally got to the phone as the answering machine began to play my message. I shut off the answering machine in time and said, "Hello." "Danny?

Danny is that you?" The question came with a lot of sobbing and tears after she asked the question. I was silent for a few seconds as I yawned and I was attempting to get my wits about me while trying to figure out whom the hell it was.

"Yeah who's this?" "Danny!!! It's me FAITH!!!! Please don't hang up I'm in a lot of trouble!!! I've been arrested and I need you to come down and get me out of jail I need you to bail Vicky and me out of here. I'm scared Vicky and me got into a fight at one of the clubs and we're at central lockup. Please come and get ME!!!!! I'm petrified I can't stay here anymore PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE COME GET mmmmeee." There was a real bad pregnant pause as I thought about the last couple of weeks that we spent together.

When my thoughts finally cleared out of the haze I was in I shook my head and remembered that Faith was on the other end of the phone. She was still sobbing and crying and I instinctively said, "Yes, hang in there Blonde supermodel swallows cum at casting audition brunette and massage be there as soon as I can." I couldn't believe jessi palmer bangs with the horny bouncer I just said but I realized I still loved her.

I wasn't ('IN') love with her but after all the time we had spent together my feelings overcame my reservations of seeing her once again. As I hung the phone up all kinds of thoughts ran through my head. For those of you who haven't followed my series, (Escapades of a horny man 8.) Faith left me after I returned home from the hospital after suffering from a coma.

I was hit in the back of the head by a baseball bat by a jealous boyfriend who walked in as I was dumping a load onto her face along with her mother of all people.

We had a great open relationship once. Faith and I took part in a lot of threesomes and foursomes during our relationship. So, it surprised me that she left with her girlfriend April and moved in with my best friend in Los Angeles.

After which I put everything behind me and moved forward and hadn't heard from her until now. After calling the police station I got the figure it was going to take to get both girls out of jail, then I headed towards the ATM. On the way to the police station I debated with myself as to whether or not I wanted to actually see Faith again.

It cost me $500 to get them both out of the slammer. After the money left my hand I finally came to my decision. Seeing Faith would just bring up all those painful feelings in me; I went ahead and paid the money and left the police station. Before leaving though I gave the desk Sergeant a note telling Faith that she didn't have to pay me back and good luck.

I left and when I got home it was right back to bed.

Pornpros latina teen sunbathes and gets pounded as I was falling asleep I heard my doorbell ring. As my eyes opened up in disbelief once again I thought, "Now who the fuck would be ringing my bell at 4:30 in the fucking morning?" I decided not to answer the bell and hopefully whoever it was would just go away, of course they didn't go away as the doorbell was being pushed over and over and over again.

Pissed off at who was doing this I got up and threw on my bathrobe started making my was downstairs when I heard, "Baby open up it's me please open up." I said, "Who is it?" "Faith come on Danny open up I have nowhere to go I have no money, please open up and let me in." I opened the door and there was the woman who I thought I was going to marry all disheveled and mascara all over her face.

Standing next to her was her girlfriend Vicky who didn't look any better. "What do you want? Look you don't owe me anything I left a note with the Sergeant." "I have no money and nowhere to go." Standing there in disbelief that this fucking nightmare was never going to end unless I let her in. "Okay if you want you guys can come in take a shower and I'll run you down to the train station at 7:30 and you can catch a train home." Vicky stepped forward and held out her hand and I shook it and she said, "Hi, I'm Vicky thanks for getting us out jail.

In the fight we lost everything, our purses were stolen and of course all our money and ID's, are gone. Danny we have nowhere else to go.

Can we please just stay for a couple of hours and crash on the couch? Please you won't even know we're here. We'll be just as quiet as church mice." Reluctantly I stepped back from the door knowing that I would never be able to get rid of them now.

I said, "Come on in." With my head slumped between my shoulders from sleep deprivation, I showed them to the guest bedroom and shower. I got them everything they needed and went back to my bedroom. As my head once again hit my nice fluffy pillow I said, "Goodnight ladies, get some sleep.

I'll take you guys to the train station later tonight. Get some rest and don't worry about the tickets I'll get that too." They both were standing there as my door opened and looked at me and at the same time said, "Thanks Danny." As the girls were taking their respective showers they were still drunk and of course being drunk they just wouldn't shut the fuck up.

They told me the whole sordid details as what happened to them. When Vicky finally got out of the shower I looked at both of them and said, "Ladies I'm too tired to stay up and talk about this.

I need to get some sleep." I finally got my head on the pillow and I was out like a light. A couple hours slender gina has her bald twat rammed european cumshot I rolled over and next to me was Faith. I never felt her slip into my bed with me. Faith pushed me off of her and onto my back she then moved to me and gave me a kiss on the lips. When I opened my eyes there was Faith's beautiful face looking down on me.

My hands ran down her body unconsciously and as always Faith was naked. She liked sleeping in the nude and she said, "Thanks, Danny I appreciate you coming and getting me out of jail. Our old bed is a lot more comfortable than sleeping on that metal bed in the jail cell. I'm going to make it up to you, right now." She leaned back exposing he breasts to me. She grabbed both of them and moved her nipples up to her mouth and then licked them.

Smiling at me she put a finger in her mouth that traveled down between her breasts over her tight belly all the way down to her beautiful pussy then inexplicably it disappeared inside of her.

She worked her finger inside of her and those gentle seductive moans that turned me on so long ago slowly crept back up in the bedroom once more. Faith slipped her finger out of her cunt and moved it over to my mouth and rubbed her pussy juice over my lips. Now, I have to admit the aroma of her pussy spunk always got me hot and hard.

Very quickly her special smell made my cock pop up just like Pavlov's dog that every time I got a whiff of her cunt hole I was ready to pummel her pussy, it was only natural.

Then there was a part of me that was still unsure of opening up that can of worms with Faith again. So, cautiously I leaned over to her ear and not wanting to hurt her feelings said, "You know what? You don't have to do this. You don't owe me anything.

You don't have to put yourself out like this baby. I will always try to be there for you. Look, why don't you get dressed and I'll get you and your girlfriend out of here. Vicky and you can get back to LA and you can keep on living your life without me and I continue to live mine without you. Listen you don't owe me anything." "That hurts Danny " " Well, not as much as you abandoning me after I got out of the hospital and I asked you to marry me. Plus while I was in my coma you had been fucking my best friend.

You tried to break up April your best friend and Rob my best friend, even though you knew that they were engaged. You know what? Now that I think about it there was always something I wanted to say to you that day when you walked out on me. FUCK YOU Now I want you out of my bed, out of my house and out of my fucking life." Tears welled up in Faith's eyes and her body actually started to shake a bit. After a minute or so of total silence between us Faith moved over to me and hugged me and she whispered in my ear and said, "I've missed you so much.

I miss being with you, traveling with you but most of all I miss fucking and making love to you. I'm only human and I made a grave mistake by leaving you.

What we had was great. The way we both were willing to share our love together chubby hottie rides on a stiff pole big tits and cumshot our sex lives with so many other people.

I want to get back to that. Rob never understood me and I made a bad mistake. Look I know you will never forget beautiful blonde bombshell britney young makes passionate love way you felt the day I abandoned you but remember you fucked my mortal enemy. I could care less about John's daughter Monica but fucking her mom Cindy that was the straw that broke the camel's back." Realizing that I did fuck the one woman that she hated the most in the entire world was probably a bad thing.

Although when you have the chance to fuck a hot daughter and a young step MILF at the same time you're little head takes over all the thinking and leads you down a path that most men would never go down. Even though it was one the best nights that I had sexually I just realized how much I betrayed my woman.

I put my hands to Faith's shoulders and with as much emotion of remorse I could muster I looked at her right in the eye and said, "I never begged for forgiveness from you. I never groveled at your feet like a man should have after fucking not one but two women at the same time. Then to make matters worse you were right I should have know better german emo teen picked up for sex to fuck Cindy.

Even though she was always after me, she was the complete undoing of a successful business and a great relationship with one of the most special woman on the face of the earth. I am truly sorry that I broke your heart and hurt you to your soul. Please forgive me!! I am a total shit head and if I could go back I would never do it again. I am so sorry, Faith Please forgive me." Faith was now crying and sobbing and she hugged me again as our legs intertwined and I grabbed her and pulled her close to me and she said, "I forgive you and I am sorry." We both lay there holding each other and we fell asleep.

Waking several hours later Faith and I finally lay in bed and worked out our differences that we had and as the true remarkable woman that she was rested her hand on the side of my face and made a grand gesture. "If you want we can bring Vicky in and we can have a three way. She wants to thank you too plus she thinks you're hot as sally dangelo getting fucked by horny boy. Let us pay you back.

Don't be angry its not who you are. I know that the feelings you have for me are strong, just like I still love you and still have feelings for you. Plus Vicky doesn't believe the stories I told her about you and me. I think we should show her how well we fuck together plus both of us fucking a third person together. What do you say?" Faith always had a way of talking to me. Then I thought about it, guilt free sex and a threesome!!

So I asked her, "I get to fuck both of you? Does she take it in the ass? I want everything." "Yes, just like old times, no problem, we'll both do what ever you want." "Okay." Faith slipped out of bed and I watched her fine ass walk out of my room and I heard her in the spare bedroom say, "C'mon Vicky get in here with me and help me fuck my mans brains out." Vicky and Faith came into the room hand-and-hand.

They stopped at the doorway just standing there naked and then moved over to the sides of the bed and sat down and Vicky said, "I want to pay you back and Faith says that you're good at fucking two women at a time. So, do you want just want to fuck me, or the both of us together? I'll do it however you want." "Together, definitely together, I want to cum on both of you at the same time.

What do you think about that?" "No problem." Vicky laid down next to me on one side and Faith on the other effectively making me the center of their fuck sandwich and I said, "So do you really like taking it up the ass? Faith rolled over to Vicky and smacked her ass. "She's got a great ass, Danny she's a dirty one too. Move your head over here Danny and get a better look at her pussy. Tell him Vicky; are you a dirty girl? Are you a dirty little girl that likes to get fucked up your dirty little ass?" I said, "So, do like licking ass?

Sucking it? Vicky said, "I like anything with ass I'll do anything, it doesn't matter if I'm sucking it or fucking it as long as there is a cock up my ass at some point." I said, "I want to watch you do a little dance for me Vicky." "What a good idea.

Move over to the chair hot legal age teenager gets body fondled well let me do a dance for you." I moved over to the chair and sat down and Vicky got up and moved over to me. "You want me to bend over and show you all my holes? Today you're going to get to put your tongue up my tight little asshole.

You like it don't you? Come on you hd fantasyhd hitchhiker cameron dee gets creampie on car with my holes." She put one leg up on the chair and pushed her tits in my face so I could suck on her nipples.

As I was sucking on her nipples she pulled her ass cheeks apart. I wrapped my hand around the back of her ass and spanked her real hard. "Yeah, Danny you like to spank ass?

I've been a bad girl I'm jailbait baby. You just bailed this ass out of jail so you could fuck it instead of a couple of women teaming up against me and raping me in jail. I much prefer cock." Looking up at my jailbait I said, "You got a great little ass." She pushed her tits back in my face and I got to suck each one of them again, as I wiggled my middle finger around her ass cheeks and then I slowly slipped my finger up her asshole.

"Danny you are one dirty pervert. You going to stick your cock up my ass later?

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Because if your cock feels half as good as your finger then man this is going to be one hell of a morning." Without any provocation Vicky began spanking her ass cheeks making them both a high glow of pink.

Looking down at me with a come on fuck me face Vicky said, "Is this how you like it, you gonna pound my ass?" She pulled back and grabbed her breasts and looked at me, "Do you want to put your cock in between these?" I looked over at Faith she had a big smile on her face with her legs spread apart for me to watch and her tongue was licking her nipples and two fingers moving in and out of her cunt.

Vicky spun around in front of me and bent over. I stood up and spread her ass and asshole apart and Vicky said, "Spit right in that ass baby lube it up." Her fingers went to work on her sweet thin lip pussy as my tongue went into her asshole. She had it nice and clean for me and I could tell she wanted me to satisfy her with my tongue as she fingered her wet little slit.

After a minute or so of eating her ass Faith got a little jealous and said, "Why don't you two bring the party over here?" Vicky was really excited as she ran over to the bed and got down on all fours on the bed first. She looked like a pussycat in heat. Looking down at my ex-girls beautiful holes I said, "Faith get on top of Vicky's back make a double-decker ass for me." Faith got up on Vicky's back and I began spitting on their assholes.

Vicky said, "That's it spit on our holes." I started delving into both of their assholes vigorously. Faith said, "Oh God I've missed your tongue in my ass honey, fuckin' eat my fuck holes baby, damn just like old times." I was seeing double and this is the kind of double as a guy you want to see.

First it was Faith's asshole and pussy and then Vicky's asshole and pussy. I then got into it by starting all the way at the bottom of Vicky's clit then her pussy then her asshole then Faith's clit pussy and finally her asshole. This was a nice little buffet of ass I just wished my tongue was longer so I could savor as much of their fuck holes as I could. After a couple of minutes of eating ass Faith finally said, "Come on Danny I want to feel your cock inside of hidden camera at real massage parlour again." I lay down on my back and Faith straddled me as I watched her cunt swallow my big fat cock.

Vicky didn't want to feel left out her head went immediately to the back of Faith's ass and began licking the shaft of my cock as it slid back out of Faith's sweet and succulent pussy. Vicky licked what she saw the best she could and said, "Oh yeah bang your fuckin' balls on her ass.

Danny fuck her this is so awesome I love watching the two of you fuck do it just like that Danny." Vicky spread Faith's ass cheeks apart making it easier for me to go deeper and deeper inside of Faith's pussy. "Come on Faith show me how you rode his big fat cock so long ago, oh God yeah teach me how to fuck his cock. I wanna know how to ride that big hot cock and cum all over it.

I want to squirt my love lube all over you Danny." Faith said, "Oh God I missed fucking you Danny, I forgot how good it felt to ride your cock. Are you watching Vicky, he likes it when you squeeze your cunt nice and tight around his shaft. When you get to the very tip top of his cock and it feels like its ready to slip out you slam your fuck hole nice and hard all the way down to bottom of his shaft and then grind your fuck hole as best you can and let him fill up every inch of your cunt hole." Vicky reached down and grabbed my shaft "Danny I want to taste Faith's pussy on your cock.

Can I pull it out and suck your cock? Please Come on let me taste it." My cock came right out and right back into Vicky's mouth. Faith leaned down and kissed me. "Whoa I love it. I really forgot how good we fucked together. I can smell our assess on your mouth and taste our pussies on your tongue.

Damn I forgot how nasty you get Danny. Come on Vicky put it back inside my pussy." Vicky who was engrossed on deep throating my cock let it slip out of her mouth. With her soft hand she maneuvered my cock back inside of Faith. Vicky moved her ass over to my face and sat down on my face.

With my nose buried on her clit my tongue delved as deep as I could into her pink slit. I began to eat her cunt as Faith was sliding up and down on my cock.

Faith spun around on my cock and was fucking me cowboy and Vicky pushed her forward. Then Vicky spread Faith's asshole open and began tongue fucking her asshole. Everybody was getting what he or she wanted. Vicky pulled my cock out again. "Give me your pussy juice, I've got to suck her juice off of your succulent cock." My cock popped out its nice wet juicy little hole into a vacuum of Vicky's mouth. Faith looked down at me. "I want you to fuck me more, more, more. Vicky released my cock from her vacuumous mouth and slipped it back into my ex's baby making hole again.

Faith's eyes rolled back into the top of her head shivered a little and said, "Ohhh that's it that's the guy I remember God I love that it takes you so long to cum baby. Fuck me." After watching the two of us reunite pussy and cock for a while Vicky was fingering her pussy and I guess couldn't take anymore when she said, "COME ON GUYS, it's my turn to get some cock." She was acting like a kid who was waiting to get her hands on a play station controller to play the video game.

Vickye rolled over on all fours and smacked her ass. I looked up a Faith and said, "Its only fair to share the joystick with your friend." So I rolled to the side and let my cock slide out of Faith's cunt nice and slow. When my cock was finally out there was so much of her cunt spunk on my cock it was dripping from my head.

Faith realizing that she made a mess moved over to the head of my cock and said, "Hold still baby let me clean you up a little before you get inside of her." After Faith was done Vicky was looking very impatient as my cock dangled there in the air instead of pumping one of her fuck holes nice and deep.

I came up behind Vicky to fuck her but first went down on her pussy to lube her up then just like old times Faith helped and went right for her asshole. We both were licking and eating her holes like they were filled with chocolate pudding. Faith looked down at me and had a finger in Vicky's asshole.

She smiled at me and said, "Look at this tiny asshole you're gonna get to fuck damn that is one tiny little hole." Faith kept fingering Vicky's asshole and Vicky looked back at me and said, "I want you to spit on my asshole first and get it all lubed up I want to feel your big fat cock inside my ass." I moved behind her with hard dick in hand. Faith looked up at me smiled and said, "Just like old times baby come on demolish her asshole." Then she helped me slip my cock inside of her asshole.

Faith looked up at me and kissed me and said, "I missed you so much but I have to admit I always thought it was so hot watching your cock go in another girls fuck hole baby and this isn't any different." My cock slipped out of Vicky's asshole once again and Faith helped me slip it back in and Faith hot latina monica asis gets pussy rammed, "God baby that looks so damn good the way your fat cock stretches out her asshole." Vicky was ready for my cock to slip back in to her asshole this time.

Faith spread her ass apart and the one thing you could see is that this girl loves to take it up the ass. I had no problem instantaneously going balls deep. Although I have to admit she loves it up the ass. My cock was rocking up and down her ass shaft and then Vicky looked back at me with tears streaming down her face and said, "That's a big fucking dick oh yeah, oh yeah right there oh yeah fuck my hole baby yeah just like that, oh yeah bang those fucking balls against my pussy oh yeah right there you like that tight little asshole?

Oh yeah fuck my tight little asshole come on bring it wreck brunette babe pussy licking blowjob handjob big cock asshole.

Faith looked at me and couldn't help it and she giggled and kissed me very passionately and said, "Yeah it looks so good in her asshole come on Danny fuck her fuck her good." I noticed that the chemistry Faith and I had when we were swingers was right back in her alice sucks ryans cock after sniffing her panties smalltits pornstars. I could see that she was trying to lure me back with her eyes; she has very hypnotic eyes.

That was all broken when Vicky slapped her ass and looked back at me and said, "Come on bang my fucking asshole guy assists with hymen physical and fucking of virgin chick it come on wreck me." Faith whispered in my ear and said, "I want to taste her asshole.

Let me see how good you've actually fucked her butt hole, let's see how wet it really is." I pulled my cock out and Faith opened her mouth and swallowed my cock and sucked me like a Hoover vacuum cleaner. Vicky looked back at both of us and said, "Yeah clean my ass juice off of his cock, clean my ass juice off." Faith kept moving up and down on me and then gently grabbed my hard rock cock and Vicky looked at Faith and said, "Yeah stick it right back in my ass oh fuck right there.

Faith you were right he's great at fuckin ass." Faith wrapped her arms around my waist and French kissed me and I became overwhelmed with the taste of both of their assholes. She looked down watching my cock destroy her girlfriend's asshole and she whispered once again in my ear. "Danny you are so fucking hot I love watching you fuck my girlfriends." I kissed Faith and pulled her close to me just like old times and whispered back in her ear and said, "Just wait baby I am going wreck your ass too just like old times." Faith I guess couldn't wait to get the play station joystick back as she pushed me out of Vicky's ass and then pushed her down out of the way.

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Faith fell down on the bed and spread her legs and then her pussy apart for me. Vicky recovered from being pushed out of the way. She didn't seem all that upset as she laid her head down on Faith's belly watching my cock drill Faith's pussy then she said, "I like watching her pussy get reamed. Come on baby fuck her dirty little pussy." I was pulling all the way out and slammed my cock as far as I could inside of Faith.

My goal was to go from the tip of my head to balls deep each time and Vicky smiled as she watched my precision and was dumbfounded, as my cock never missed its target. Faith pulled Vicky's hair and pulled her back to her mouth and they French kissed each other for a little bit then Vicky said, "His cock looks so fucking hot in your pussy baby." Vicky then reached down and put her middle finger inside Faiths pussy and said, "Come on baby take my finger and let's get all your holes read for his big fat cock you like that?

(She looked up at me) I want to feel your fat cock pounding her asshole with my fingers in her wet cunt." Faith pulled Vicky up to her face and kissed and said, "Yeah do it just like that sweetheart." When I saw the two of them kiss, I slipped my cock in her pussy. The more they made out with each other made my cock swell and swell inside of Faith's pussy and I said, "You two are dirty nasty whores." Vicky looked back at me, "Yeah we're jail whores, and we'll do anything to get out of jail." Faith looked up at me and said, "Come on I'm ready to cum you ready to finally wreck my ass?

Pull out and let me suck the pussy juice off your cock and lube you up for me." Faith sat up and she sucked my cock and swallowed it balls deep. I pulled Vicky's hair and said, "Come on both of you suck my cock and clean it." The girls did as they were told. They licked my cock like a lollipop and both took turns deep throating me back and forth. Faith kneeled up on the bed and said, "Come on it's my fucking turn I want to cum with your cock in my ass.

I want to mom and dughter boy friend fuck com what it was like to cum with your rock hard cock up my ass baby." Faith laid back and spread her legs. Looking down at her familiar holes, that were once mine, made me feel right at home.

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When I got back into Faith's asshole it was like I was at home once again and I pushed my cock inside of her and I went balls deep. I fell in love with Faith's asshole all over again. Her asshole was the one main reason I loved her so much. All those years ago, it was so small and tight. Now, it still looked like no one had been inside of her asshole for a long time. This became one of the biggest turns on for me.

Looking down at her I said, "Sweaty I forgot how tight your little ass was baby." Vicky began rubbing Faith's clit and Faith joined in. My cock was in heaven it was back in familiar territory again and it was so tight and hot inside of her, I could feel my jizz bubbling up inside of my balls. Vicky moved her head down to Faiths clit and her tongue came out and was licking my shaft as it slid back out of Faith's asshole.

Vicky wrapped her arms around Horny milf prostitution sting takes crank off the streets ass and pulled it up closer to her face and got down and dirty as she licked Faith's clit and my shaft.

Vicky then put two fingers inside Faith's pussy again and I pulled out of Faith's asshole and shoved my cock into Vicky's mouth. Faith smiled at me and said, "Come on baby suck my juice off of his cock. Now put those fingers inside my pussy get those fingers nice and deep." Vicky got a couple of fingers back into Faith's pussy and a finger inside of her asshole and said, "Suck my mans cock suck my ass off of his cock whore." Then Vicky released my cock from her mouth and put me right back in Faith's asshole.

After a minute or so fucking Faith's asshole I was close to losing my load. I could feel the pressure of my cum start to flow up in my shaft and I said, "I'm going to cum whores." Faith moved back and my cock slipped out of her asshole and then both got to their knees on the bed and opened their mouths and Faith said, "Cum in our mouths baby." I became an equal distributor of cum as I shot even loads of cum into each one of their mouths.

Vicky looked up at me with her tongue, mouth and face covered in my cum and said, "Whoooo yeah baby, that was fucking awesome. Faith didn't lie you are one of the nastiest fucking perverts I've ever met." I said, "Fuckin shut up and swap my fuckin' baby juice with Faith. I want to see full board tongue action. I want to see spaghetti streams of my cum flowing from your cum hungry jailbait mouths." They both swapped cum between them for about ten minutes or so and then swallowed the thousands of my little swimmers.

When they finished I helped them to their feet and arm and arm went into my bathroom and got the Jacuzzi tub filling up with water. For the next hour or so we took turns cleaning each other and we continued to fuck each other in our own special ways.

A few hours later as promised I drove the girls to the train station and sent them on their way. It was nice to see and fuck Faith again but I doubt very much that I was ready to take a bdsm extreme anal first time bandits of bondage on the lifestyle that Faith would drag me back down again.

Vicky was a pleasant surprise but I think that these two are lesbians who just need a big fat dick every now and then to drill and expand their tight holes.

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