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New 2019 xnxn xxx story
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My phone started ringing " hello ? " " hey, Tim where are you " Kathie asked " I'm on my way home I just got off of work, why ? " " theirs some girl at the front door asking for you " " who is she ? " " I dunno she just said she was an old friend " " I'll be home in a few minutes let her into the house " " okay " It had been a long hard day at the shop, I'm covered in grease and dirt and on top of that I had to shell out 125 bucks to replace the alternator, and battery on my car.

It was a pretty unexpected expense but I had a decent amount of money saved up so it was chump change. Any way I'm Tim I'm 6,3 and 210lbs 19 and white with black hair and brown eyes I graduated high school a few months ago with my beautiful girlfriend Jenna, fortunately for her she got accepted to a big state school 3 states away unfortunately I decided to end it the day before she left.

She didn't want to go so I made her, It very much left me in a depressed rut for the past few weeks. I pulled onto my street and there was a tan Camry in my drive way. I pulled up to the curb shut the car off and walked inside. I saw Kathie, Lindsey, and Sabrina, my 3 sisters talking to a brown haired girl sitting away from me. " hey " I said The brown haired girl turned her head towards me and I instantly knew that face I'd of recognized that face if Six sex stories 69 storys ghei was blind.

I was instantly filled with a flood of emotions I had seemingly lost when my ex Jenn and I separated due to a once in a life time offer of a higher education.

" Tess ? " Tess short for Tessa was the girl I lost my virginity too in our freshmen year of high school, her senior boyfriend used her as a trophy because she really was one. Her Cuban-Italian decent she was absolutely gorgeous 5 foot flat, and 105 pounds then, and probably 5,4 and 120 now. Anyway she had a very shapely but soft face with brown hair and eyes, and she had a smile that broke many hearts. We had the same math class and that's how her and I met and which eventually led to us fucking.

We were talking in our math class but mostly her about how her relationship wasn't going to last much longer, I listened and responded just comforting her eventually the class ended and I left behind her, she went one way and I went the other. I made a left out of the building took a few steps and felt my hand get grabbed from behind and get pulled on, I turned around and it was Tessa she jumped up cause I was a few inches taller (5,4 then) I caught her and she kissed and thanked me for listening.

Over the next 2 weeks we became sort of a couple, when ever we bumped into each other and she wasn't with anyone she would pull me to some secluded corner of the school and we would make out, but I knew she was still with him but as they say shit happens.

When we were in class we got more emotionally invested into each others lives and realized we were very alike which sucked because again she was still with him. Fast forward a few weeks were in the middle of the first set of retakes for the seniors state required tests. I'm deathly sick I can't hear, I can't breathe, my face hurts, and I'm coughing up more phlegm than a Jewish person, I'm just sick as a dog I'm sitting there. .The teacher is trying to get me to cfnm cunts get some nasty action in their european fetish something but I'm barely coherent and she's just nagging me, so I'm just like let me call my mom so she can pick me up and go home.

the teachers pissed off but she wouldn't just let me go to the office, some reason or another even in the 9th grade you had to have a hall way escort and of course the teacher calls Tessa to be my escort, we walk right out of the room down the tiny hallway she stops in front of me and turns around.

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At this point I don't even care that that goddess of a girl is peering at me with a smile, I'm sick and I just wanna hibernate. I tell her I just wanna go, I step one way she blocks me I step to the other she blocks me again.

I'm not up to play this game so I just grabbed her ass unconsciously. Stepmom india summer in hot threesome with teen bella licking and lesbian picked her up and moved her aside and walked out of the door. Its a wet cold mid November day its about 30 degrees at 11:30 in the morning she's wearing a Grey thermal, with a black shirt over that, and a black jacket with the fur around the collar she also had a Grey beanie on and was wearing thermal leggings with a tight pair of jeans over them and winter boots she looked amazing to say the least.

But she's not happy with me and its apparent as she starts walking ahead of me, I start replaying it in my head and I knew I fucked up " Tessa, stop " " can I just walk you up there and go back " she said " I'm sorry I'm so sick " " I just wanted someone to care about me " she said with hurt in her voice " I do Tessa, but I'm sick as a dog, and I don't know what we are you're still with him.

" i said " I'm not trying to get the shit beat out of me by half of the varsity football team because I'm messing around with the star players girl " I got out between coughs and wheezes. She stopped " I don't know when Timmy, but I'm gonna leave him. He treats me nice but that's only skin deep. I think I think I'm falling in love with you " That hit me like a brick " Tess " I said brushing a loch of hair from her face " I can't say I love you, I wish I could, I really do, but when I say it I mean it from my gut not my head.

Please understand " I started coughing " I've never met someone who is so alike me and I've never met someone who I've cared for so much, but I cannot say its love " " can you just come with me ?

" she asked " to where " I croaked " do you trust me " " yeah " " just follow me then " she grabbed my hand and led me out to the softball team locker house, which isn't nearly as bad as the football teams.

We walked inside with her behind me and she locked the dead bolt on the door, she grabbed my hand and led me to a back room amazing teen beauties trying to fuck with strapon pantyhose lesbians for what I guessed was the gymnastics team with padding on the floor. We turned face to face all the sudden he leg wrapped behind mine and she pushed me back causing me to fall and get the wind knocked out of me upon landing. She fell on top of busty ebony babe deeply pounded in bed and gave me a kiss until I pushed her away for a desperate gasp of air.

" I love you " she said with the little girl voice staring into my eyes I took another gasp of air " I love you too Tessa " The stupid in me screamed idiot, the idiot in me screamed moron, and the moron in me screamed at me to take it back and do damage control, but I couldn't, nor would i and somewhere in my 15 year old self i knew it was true. we ended up having sex before I actually l went and called home.

I missed the rest of the week because turns out I had the flu. i came back the next week things resumed as usual she hadn't dumped him and then she disappeared from the school a week later and now she's back. " hey Timmy " she said innocently she was the only person I didn't mind calling me Timmy " holy shit " I said in disbelief, She got up and walked to me " its been awhile " I said still unbelieving " yeah " she smiled " you've gotten taller since we've last seen each other " " yeah, 11 inches " I watched as the 3 sisters of mine went up stairs " do you have time to talk " she asked " yeah " The little goddess of a girl I remembered had only gotten hotter since she left years ago, she had gotten a few inches taller, she had completely developed, and she had legs as Valentine McGee from Tremors would put it " go all the way up " the floral top and a black dress that started at her waist and ended mid thigh accented them perfectly " do you mind if I go wash up really quick " I asked " no, go ahead, but can we go somewhere else to talk " " yeah " I knew that she didn't want anybody else to eavesdrop I sat her down by the bathroom as I took a quick shower and threw on a pair of gym shorts and a black tee and we were gone.

I led her to my car she slid into the seat an I closed the door and walked around it and climbed in myself and started it " I like this " she said with a grin " yeah it gets me where I need to go " Finally the awkwardness between us lifted as we were able to laugh but that led to another space of awkward silence " I'm sorry " she said " for what " " for not giving you a solid answer on what we were 4 years ago " " forget it, its in the past " I said " I don't want to forget it though " " why ?, better yet what happened, you just disappeared one day ?

" " what happened ?, dad got a job offer a few hours north I knew I was leaving but I decided not to tell anyone not even you or him, it was easier but it has been eating me up ever since.

Why ?, because there were 2 guys I cared about but you held a special place in my heart that he never did " " I kind of understand, but you were very much my first, I never really thought I cared who would be my first but I did and it sorta sucked because I didn't know how to react to it and when I did you were gone " " I'm sorry again, I was a confused teenager " " haha, its fine " " cool, how was the rest of high school for you by the way, I didn't mess anything up did I ?

" " no it was fine just about 2 months after you left I grew 11 inches to where I am now " " yeah I wasn't expecting the short kid to grow almost a complete foot since the last time I saw him " ' well I mean I wasn't expecting to see you so developed. I-I mean you're even more beautiful than when you left " nervousness stunning big ass teen karlee grey gets fucked pornstars hardcore my voice " you never were good with words " Tess laughed " at least I tried " " hahaha yup " It got quiet for a few moments " how long are you in town for ?

" I asked " however long I wanna be I do have a little bit of money that should last me until I can get myself situated, I came back to really see if their was anything to comeback for " " and so far ? " " I'm not disappointed that's for sure " giving me a pleased smile We kept cruising and talking until the sun had started to set and we had already been driving around for awhile " hey do ya mind if we start heading back, I've been up since 3:30 this morning and I'm starting to get a little tired " " yeah sure " " do you mind coming back to the hotel with me, just to catch up some more bdsm cum and flora bondage massage poor tiny jade jantzen she just wanted to have a fun yeah sure " I said without taking a moment to think about it " okay cool " About 15 minutes later we were pulling up to my house " I'll follow you ?

" " yeah okay " she answered, getting out of the car she pulled out and I followed her to the hotel we pulled In and parked " can you help me with my bags " " don't you need to check in first ? " I asked " uh no, I already did earlier but I never brought them up " " okay yeah sure " I grabbed 3 duffel bags and she grabbed a rolling suit case and a laptop bag and followed her into the hotel and took the elevator a few floors up and she was literally at the end of the hall.

It was a single room with a bathroom and a balcony. I put the bags on the bed. " you feel like eating in or out " I asked as my stomach growled " I'm really tired, I don't mind going to eat out sexxy story full sex grill 17 I'd rather not " " you want some fast food, take out, or a pizza or something " " is mamas little pizzeria still around " " yup " " do they still have those garlic knots " " yup, you want that " " yeah, do you think you can get me a salad the pizza and some garlic knots, I'll pay " " yeah sure don't worry about it I got it " I said " you sure " " absolutely, no problem " " thanks " " alright, you do what you have too and I'll be back with some food in a little bit " I told her as I started walking out " OK " she said walking into the bath room I closed the door behind me and ran down the hall and clicked my shoes together, two kids stepped out of a room and I was in mid stride and stopped as their parents exited, they looked at me like I was an idiot " its a good day " I said walking past the family I decided against taking the elevator and trotted down 4 floors worth of stairs and out to my car about 45 minutes later I was pulling into the dark parking lot with a salad, pizza, and garlic, knots.

I got out, grabbed the food, and locked my car, and made my way back to her room and knocked on the door " " coming " I heard her yell A few moments later the door opened with Tess wrapped in a towel " sorry I was still in the shower " " god you take a long shower " I said walking in behind her " It relaxes my muscles " " oh I believe you, working at the shop I'm sore all the time.

A hot shower is the best thing in the world " " right, oh you can put that on the bed I guess, why is there no table " " cause hotels don't expect you to eat in ever " " hahaha, thanks for picking it up though I'm starving " she said walking into the bathroom " oh yeah, again no problem " " is it still as good as it was before i left " she said from the bathroom " I think better is the word to describe it " " how so ?

" " more cheese, less sauce, fresher non per-packaged toppings, and a little less sweeter sauce, so you get more of an all around taste " " I dunno I never disliked their sauce though " " me neither but sometimes they would put just a little too much and it over powered the taste of the toppings " " yeah " I pulled the pizza box out opened it and sat her salad and the garlic knots on the open top, I grabbed a piece and took a few bites.

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She walked out of the bathroom in a T shirt and a pair of boy shorts. " ooh smells so good " " tastes as good as it looks " I chewed out " don't you know any manners " " yup but I'm hungry " " so. all rules disregarded " " until I'm not hungry anymore, then I will resume being a proper gentleman once more " " hahaha okay " she grabbed her salad and took a fork full of greenie leaves it gave me the chills I hate salads " what " she asked noticing my chills " Ed skinny blonde teen stretched by big dick sharing pussy with my stepmom hate salads " " so it causes you to physically shake " " you ever run your finger nails on a chalk board " " don't even describe it " she cringed " I understand, but why ?

" " dunno, its just a trigger " " so you can't eat salads at all " " I can eat fruit cuckold compilation mia lelani jenna ivory juelz ventura ash hollywood " I said with an optimistic tone She busted out laughing, I played back what I said and how I said it and immediately busted out laughing " I am not a fruit I promise " I said in between chuckles " I know remember " " yeah, good times " She sweetly smiled at me, and returned to eating her salad.

She turned on the television and started scrolling through the guide " ooh due date comes on in a little bit " " due date ? " I asked quizzically I'd never seen it before " its so funny, you'll love it " We sat there for a few more minutes and finished eating what we could and put the pizza box on the night stand I kicked off my shoes and slid them under the bed " you mind if I use the bathroom " I asked she looked at me as if I were an idiot " yeah i do, guests pee off of the balcony, no Tim go to the bathroom " " you know I would of done it too " " if it wasn't for those meddling kids ?

Haha " " you got it " I closed the door and let the main vein flow freely " TIM COME ON ITS ABOUT TO START ! " she hollered " TRY'N TO PEE ! " " HURRY UP ! " I finished up and washed my hands " hurry, hurry, hurry, shut the light off " she said " alright " I plopped onto the bed right next to Tess as the movie was starting " this is weird " she whispered " why ?

" " because I feel like if this was 5 years ago we would be doing the same thing we are now, if I knew what I wanted then " " yeah, except we would be pubescent teens at the movies with other couples and no privacy " " that's true, that stuff was so annoying, I hated doing that going to watch a movie with people whom i didn't like and he loved doing it all the time " she said " never did it " I admitted " I was asked to tag along but most of the time I was single, and being a 3rd or 5th wheel wasn't my style and it got real awkward real quick " " yeah " We focused on the movie once more, every few moments one of us would make a subtle move making us closer and closer.

She had started to lean on my arm so I lifted it up and her body slid ten girl fuking firse time place, I wrapped my arm around her waist and rested my hand on her stomach.

the feeling of her body touching mine to say the least a big weight off of my shoulders, I didn't even know their was a weight on my shoulders guess it was my body saying " hey she's it were comfortable ". She snuggled her head onto my chest and wrapped her arm around my midsection. I guess I was even more tired than I thought cause I fell asleep a few short moments later. I woke up do a muffled ringing of some-sort. " Timmy what is that " I awoke to Tessa asking me " I dunno " I said groggily " I'll go check " I went to flick the bed side light on and nothing happened.

I pulled the phone from my pocket and turned on the flash light app. I found the door and twisted the handle as soon as the door opened to the loud ring of a fire alarm " come on Tess we gotta go " I said " okay " without hesitation She found my hand in the darkness and followed behind me, I tiptoed down the corridor with her in tow. The speaker on the fire alarm kept buzzing and flashing it was pretty eerie.

we hit the stairs and descended them step by step. I saw a beam of light followed by a group fully suited firefighters " c'mon there's a fire, you gotta get out of here " one said " okay " We followed one down the last flight of stairs and he pointed us to the exit, to which we went out there were a bunch of families standing around.

I walked up to a hotel employee " hey where's the fire ? " I asked " one of the air conditioners shorted out and caught fire on the roof " " when are we gonna be able go back in ? " " I have no clue have to wait for an electrician " " damn, alright " I walked back over to Tess " its gonna be awhile " I told her " okay " she yawned We stood around for a little bit without any word " fuck it let's go to my place " " your parents will be okay with that ?

" " I'm 21, what are they gonna do your hotel's on fire and its " I looked down at my phone " 1:30 in the morning " " bring me back in the morning ? " she asked " of course " " alright " she said in a yawn " I'm so tired " We started walking too my car " I'm sorry " I said pulling her closer " its not your fault, thanks for giving me a place to sleep though I'm so tired " " yeah " I led her to my car and still being a perfect gentleman and opened her door.

We were almost to my house. " holy shit " I exclaimed " what " Tess asked " that's my mom " nodding towards the SUV that pulled out in front of us " oh, is everything gonna be okay " " yeah " " okay then right " she grabbed my hand " yeah " She smiled at me as I followed my mom, mom pulled up into the drive way and I pulled up to the curb " hey honey " mom said " hey mom " Tessa climbed naughty teen cleo hooks stepmum for sex of the passenger side of the car and moms facial expression changed.

we walked up the drive way to mom. " mom this is Tessa, Tessa this is mom " " hello " Tess said offering her hand " hi " mom shook her hand " what's up " looking at me " her hotel caught on fire and she needed a place to stay " " alright " I walked in front of both women and unlocked the door, I stepped to the side and they walked past me " thanks Mrs Langston " " no problem, Tessa is it ?

" " yeah " " well I'm gonna go to sleep gotta pick up your dad in the morning " " alright mom good night " " night Mrs Langston " " goodnight guys " " so this is the house " I said " I know, I was here earlier " " oh yeah, by the way how did you know where I live " " I remembered your name, and Google is a very friendly place " she once again yawned " where's your room ?

" " right this way " I led her through the dining room then the kitchen to my room. I opened my door. " your room is stairs " she said " go up the stairs " We climbed the steps up into my room " quite the place " she said " yeah its nice it actually was a storage room before we moved in " " nice " She plopped onto my bed " sleep sounds awesome " I dropped next to her on the bed " I agree " She turned away from me and shut off the light, I laid back after a few minutes I flopped one way, after a few more minutes I flopped the other.

It went on for a few minutes as I couldn't fund a comfortable way to fall asleep. " Timmy, something wrong " " sorry, cant get comfortable " She flipped over and wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled herself closer to me, our faces were inches apart.

" better ? " she asked " absolutely " In a the dim light I could see her smile, I brought my hand up and just barely caressed her cheek and looked into her eyes then kissed her, i immediately regretted it. " sorry " I was moving too fast too soon, It had been 5 years since seeing her before today. She seemed the same if not smarter, sweeter, and stronger mentally, but was I myself ready ? It had been just under a month since me and my latest ex broke up even though that was on even terms.

She looked into my eyes and we kissed again, everything I just worried about went away I just didn't care about it. " were you expecting this today " she asked giving me another kiss " no today was a I wanna go home, clean myself, feed myself, and go to sleep, kinda day " She laughed sexily and we went back to kissing.

We let our hands roam each others bodies it was nice to feel her familiar but more developed frame beneath my fingers, she ran her hands through my hair and over my torso tracing my mildly developed abs with her fingers She pulled from our kiss " I never thought the pudgy boy who caught my heart so long ago would change so much but so little " " still the same guy just not the same body " Everything started to settle down we both knew that we wanted and that was to take it slow we were no longer hormonal teens that were always starved for sex even though that was still a very prominent thing in our adult lives.

She scooted closer to me and snuggled her head into my chest and shoulder she made sure to intertwine our legs before she got completely comfortable, we must of looked like a pretzel. " night Timmy " " night Tessa " I kissed her cheek I could hear her breaths become deeper as she fell asleep, I soon followed suit. I woke up to a set of beautiful brown eyes which came closer as she kissed me. she pulled away but i pulled her back into a kiss as I wrapped her in my arms as it felt so good to do so, she tried to pull back a few more times before I reluctantly gave up.

She smiled at me " your in a good mood " " its not everyday I get to wake up to a beautiful girl " I pulled her to me and we started kissing some more it was defiantly puppy love shit but it was glorious puppy love shit. I rolled her onto her back as our lips were firmly pressed together, again she pulled back this time to catch her breath.

I looked over at my clock and it was 12:40. " fuck " I jumped off of the bed and started getting dressed " what's up ? " " I had to be at work 10 minutes ago " I slid my grimy work shirt on " you know how to drive stick " " yeah, why " " cause I can't drop you off and I won't leave you here so you get to use my car today " " alright " I slid my work shoes on " let's go " I jumped down every 2 steps till I hit the ground Tess was right behind me. I opened my door and all 3 of my sisters were at the kitchen table on their own individual laptops, their heads turned towards me then behind me to Tessa, she was still in her T shirt and boy shorts.

I half heatedly jogged through the kitchen and dining room to the front door. I opened it for Tess as she walked through I did the same with the passenger door to my car, still gotta be a perfect gentleman. I started the car put it in 1st and pulled away from the curb with a little tire chirp.

" sorry Tess " " its okay, just means I get to pick you up innnnnnnnn ? " " 5 hours " I replied " okay, do you mind going apartment shopping with me after ? " " ummmm " I was sort of confused " its not for us Tim I'm not that crazy, I've decided to move back into town because it feels like home and that hotel is gonna eat through my money " " oh okay, sorry I was a little presumptuous on the whole apartment thing, but yeah I don't mind " " awesome " My car idled loudly at a stop light " what is this by the way " tapping on the dash " this is a 2005 Pontiac GTO with a mild cam, a full intake, headers, and a straight pipe exhaust this is my baby " by all that mi guessing its fast " " very " i replied " by the way the clutch is a little heavy " that's fine " I pulled up in front of the shop and got out she did the same I held the door open as she walked around " I'll see you in a couple hours Timmy " " alright Tessa " she got in the car and shut the door " hey " she whispered " yeah " leaning towards the window " I missed you " she smiled " I missed you too " I leaned into the window and we kissed for a few moments " see hardcore orgy with hot babe sucking and fucking dick in a little bit " she said as she bit her bottom lip " yeah " I smiled She rolled the window up before she pulled out of the parking lot, I walked into the managers office " sorry for being late Lee " Lee was my boss a 25 year old who ran the shop I worked at " its all good Tim " he paused " who's the girl ?

" he inquired " old friend " I said punching in " Tim don't lie to me man " " man I would but I dunno what to call her yet " " okay dude " I walked out of the office and went to work, 5 hours and 5 Tranny's later I was hot, smelly, covered in grease, and ready to take a shower.

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I clocked out and walked out front of the business and sat down " where's your car Tim ? " my coworker and friend Jose asked as he walked up " I couldn't drop a girl off this morning so I let her take it till I got off of work " " oh " he smiled " here she comes now " I heard my car rumbling towards the shop, she pulled up and the car was gleaming clean.

Tessa got out. She was wearing a pair of blue jean shorts and a black cotton button up " hey baby " she said walking towards me " she's a keeper " Jose hollered as he pulled out of the parking lot " hey " I picked her up and gave her one hell of a kiss " do you like " she said looking back at the car then to me " I love it, she's beautiful " I said giving her another peck " and you are too " she punched me in the arm then wrapped it around her Truth is since high school let out I hadn't been really able to keep my car clean because of work but even then Tessa made the car look its best since I got it, she handed me the keys.

Big load of dick bangs a blonde babe helped her into the car then my self, i re adjusted the seat and mirrors and noticed she had done the interior too. " you're awesome " I stammered pulling out of the parking lot " thanks " she was beaming " alright let me go home and take a quick shower and we do what ever you have to " " sounds like a plan " " how was everything at the hotel " I asked " good I guess some of the main wiring from one of the AC units shorted out and caught some brush from the tree on fire nothing big, how was work ?

" " dirty but good " " I can see " she grabbed my hand " why'd you do that " " cause " " my hand is dirty " " I'll just wash it, no biggie " " whatever hahaha " I was 4 or 5 blocks from my street and tired of doing 30 or so miles an hour I shifted into second simultaneously put my foot to the floor the engine screamed from its low grumble.

" there's 50. 60. 70. and 80 " I backed off the throttle and gently got onto the breaks then turned onto my street. " well that was fun " Tess said with a grin, We got out and walked in " Tim, stop racing down the street your gonna have the cops called on us " my sister Sabrina yelled from up stairs " shut up Sabrina " I hollered back, I waked over to my room and went up stairs " do you mind hanging out here while I take my shower ?

" " no not at all, can I use the computer ? " " yeah use the Facebook tab it the only version of the internet that doesn't crash " " too much porn ? " she asked with a devious smile " no that's a 1500 dollar computer with the best virus protection money can get, but I can't figure out why internet explorer.

and Firefox keeps crashing and I ain't got time to fix it " " go take a shower " she laughed as the home sunny leone 3xx sex stories 2019 booted up I went down the stairs and into the bathroom right outside of my door, I peeled off my gross work short then my sweat stained under shirt I worked off the rest of my clothes and washed myself clean after I made sure every crevice was clear of grease before I pulled on my clothes, Again I was wearing a tee and gym shorts.

" ready to go " I asked slender bombshell has her tight beaver pounded my dirty clothes in my hamper " yeah " " alright, you ravina xxx story full sex stories bp " throwing her the car keys which she caught " you know which ones you wanna go look at " She smiled and walked ahead of me, we got into my car, she started it and stepped on it a little building the RPM's to a solid 3500 to give the car a nice loud hum, she let them drop and engaged the clutch for 1st and gently pulled off of the curb.

" the first one is in mid town, mind if I take the free way " " not at all " I lived 5 minutes from the freeway and its actually a lot quicker than the regular roads " how do you like the car ? " " I love it, its so fast I don't notice it " " yeah it does that hahaha " We were now on the on ramp " give her the beans " I suggested She decisively shifted into 3rd and put about 3/4 throttle in it to about 70 miles an hour, then she put it into 4th and took it tho a buck ten then let it coast I saw her left leg sorta bouncing.

" Shaky leg syndrome " I asked " huh, oh. yeah " she smiled " you'll come to appreciate it, and who taught you stick ? " " me " she replied " first car was a stick " and it looked so good I taught myself so I could have an awesome car I busted out laughing " not a bad reason " The car was quiet for a little while until I decided to ask another question " this money you have ?

Is it gonna be enough for you to really get a decent apartment ? Or what ? " " is this your way to see how much money I really have ? " she asked " no, I'm not ! its not !, fuck!. No its not I could care less personally I have just under 15k in the bank so I'm not really struggling " She pulled off of the mid town exit " Timmy don't get so flustered next time!.

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My parents were getting ready to move cross country for their retirement and I didn't want to go, so when they sold the house and gave me 30 grand and any furniture i wanted so I could get settled in somewhere " " well. nice ! " I laughed " don't be so uptight Tim " she grabbed my hand at a stop light " remember who I am, no secrets this time " The light turned green and she let my hand go and turned onto the street.

A few minutes later and we were pulling up in front of a pretty amazing looking apartment complex. I followed Tessa into the front office and she explained how she had called earlier and explained the whole 9 to a receptionist who quickly had a manager talking to Tess.

The manager was a guy in his late 20s was one of those guys who was a little too sure of themselves and way too cocky for his own good.

I was sitting in a corner trying to read the new car and driver, but this guy just would just not stop hitting on Tessa and he was clearly oblivious to me. " so are you new in town " he asked " yes and no, I used to live here and moved away a few years ago and I am now moving back " she replied " oh cool, well if you do decide to come stay here I'd be more than happy to help you with any thing " She tried to be polite " I don't think I will have I've got him " she nodded to me " babe " she called I popped out of my chair placing the magazine down " yeah " " Duncan (the manager) this is my boyfriend Tim " " hi " he said holding out his hand " hey " I said shaking his hand Tessa was looking at the options available " can we go look at the 2 bed room 2 bath one ?

" she asked " yeah, sure ! " Duncan replied We were led to the top floor of a 2 story complex she held my hand the whole time. Duncan showed us the apartment and I could tell Tessa was falling in love with it.

" what do ya think ? " Duncan asked " what do you think Tim ? " " why are you asking me ? its your choice. " I said Duncan's phone started going off " give me one second " he said walking into one of the rooms " I want your opinion Timmy " she was looking around so I took the chance too walk up behind her and wrap my hands around her waist and rest my head on top of hers " do you like it ?

" I asked " I think so. " she smiled " then I like it " Duncan came back and we went back to the office where Tessa filled out the paper work and directly paid for the year long lease. We walked out and she had a huge smile on her face. The rest of the night went pretty well we went out to dinner my treat we went to her hotel and fell asleep. We did something for the next 2 days until it was the weekend I woke up alone in bed it was early the sun wasn't even up yet and got up and went to the bathroom I went and laid down again I heard the door open and close and keys hit the nightstand " Tim wake up its moving day and I need a truck and then gotta get the rest of my stuff outta storage " " I'm awake, wait why didn't I wonder why you weren't in bed or the bathroom " " I dunno " she giggled " but seriously Tim I gotta find someone who rents trucks too 18 year old's " " don't worry I got it " I wiped my eyes " how ?

" " my uncle owns a tree trimming business " I grabbed my phone and called uncle Steve " good morning Tim " " morning " I said blandly " uncle Steve " " what's up man ? " he asked " Can I borrow one of the Dually's and an enclosed goose neck I'll return it with a full tank " " how long ?

" he asked " how long cute raintree fingering herself on live webcam I repeated to Tessa " all weekend " she asked " all weekend " I said " yeah sure come pick it up " " alright I'll be there in a wee bit " " a wee bit, okay nephew " he laughed I hung up " where is the stuff we gotta get " " about 6 hours north " " 6 hours !

" I exclaimed " damn that's Virginia " " yeah let's get going "she said eagerly " I gotta get clothes " " just bought you some, black tees cargo shorts and gym shorts oh and undies too " " you're way too okay with buying me underwear " " shut up " I slipped my shoes on and we were off " morning Tessa " I'd forgotten to say it earlier " morning Tim " she gave me a kiss on the cheek We rode the elevator down and got into my car and like a zombie started driving.

My uncle lived just out of the city so he could house his medium fleet of tree/lawn care trucks for his business on his own property. " I need a shower " I yawned She laughed " what " " never mind " I groaned About 20 minutes later I was driving down my uncles gravel driveway and parking my car we got out and my aunt and uncle greeted us " Tim " they said in unison I grabbed Tessa's hand and pulled her to my side " Uncle Steve, Aunt Karen hey guys " I said giving them each hugs " who is this " aunt Karen immediately asked noticing Tess " this is my girlfriend Tessa, Tess this is my Aunt Karen and Uncle Steve " I said introducing everyone " Where are the two brats " referring to my cousins " their asleep " " mind if I borrow them tomorrow ?

" " sure, why ? " " same reason I'm borrowing the truck she just got an apartment down here and her parents left her a bunch of stuff in a storage facility 6 hours north when they moved " " oh okay " aunt Karen said " I got the truck and trailer setup 'round here " Uncle Steve said, we walked around the back of their house and mechanic shop " treat her nice she's new actually she's new and she's mine " 'she' was a 2014 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD quad cab " the 38 foot gooseneck is on there, the 32 snapped an axle yesterday " he said " alright you take these " handing him the Keys to the GTO " and I'll take those " grabbing the truck keys " and I'll have her back by tomorrow night " Me and Tessa climbed into the truck and I started adjusting the seat mirrors story xxx manusia vs kuda my liking " hope you have a good time " uncle Steve laughed I started the truck and waived my uncle over " you can put a supercharger on the GTO if you want " I laughed as I put the truck into drive.

I started around the shop and down the driveway and finally I slowly pulled onto the 2 lane highway touching the grass on the farthest side to avoid hitting uncle Steve's mail box. The truck slowly made its way to 45 miles an hour.

Four turns and 20 minutes later I was finally entering the Freeway heading north. Following her phones GPS 3 quiet hours later (she fell asleep) my stomach and the gas tank needed some filling I exited the highway and pulled into the pilot gas station and into a diesel pump. I swiped my debt card through entered my pin and started pumping " hey baby " Tessa yawned, she wasn't wearing anything to look at, but I always loved the hot girl wearing the sweat shirt pullover hoodie with short blue jean shorts look.

" have a good nap " I said pulling her in for a hug and giving her a kiss on the forehead " yeah " she laid her head on my chest and kinky dude gets to fuck a skinny girl her eyes " I'm hungry " " me too, we'll get something in a minute " I rubbed her back gingerly A few minutes later the tank was full and we climbed into the cab of the truck and pulled from the filler.

Tessa pulled the arm rest up and scooted next to me, I stopped at the exit of the gas station.

" burgers or taco's ? " I asked " taco's " I pulled out to the right making sure hawt swap beauteous student hardcore and massage to hit the curb about an 8th of mile down was the taco bell but I had to go a quarter mile down to make a U-turn because I couldn't pull into the parking lot.

I pulled off of the road and Tessa took my order and got out. A few minutes later she returned with 3 bags of food and a full drink holder. I put it in drive and pulled onto the road. It was about 2 in the afternoon when we pulled up she fed me the gate code I punched it in and we pulled through luckily there were 2 gates cause there was no way to turn around.

Tessa opened 2 storage lockers one full of furniture and one full of appliances and electronics " as we pull stuff out what you don't want put under free on Craig's list first come first serve " I said " okay " I opened the cavernous trailer and we naughty teen enjoying a huge hard cock inside her pussy to work she had a a dark colored L shaped couch that came in 2 pieces we slid one in sideways and the second half was flipped on top of it we slid 2 arm chairs matching the couch and put them in, we pulled out a massive oak desk and she was adamant to keep so we put that heavy ass thing in.

We had cleared most of the furniture out she's took her old king size bed a few dressers a table and a couple other things which took up 2 thirds of the trailer its not that they were bulky just we were not packing I just wanted to fill the trailer to be pretty balanced. We hit the second less filled locker and pulled out the 5 42 inch TV's they left, we also took all the small appliances we posted one locker with all the stuff from both in it under free and meet the white truck with the trailer out front for the key and code.

Within a. Few minutes a truck pulled up and the owner got out also Tess did too she handed the owner the key and a piece of paper with the number lock for the gate and the locker number and we headed back out I pulled back onto the high way I looked at the clock in the truck " holy shit. Its already 6 ? " " yeah why ? " she asked " just thought we plowed through that " " considering it was only you and me we did ! " " that's true but its only a 6 hour drive and it took us damn near 8 but we had to stop and we are in a big ass truck " " solving your own problems " she laughed " I guess " I smiled " we have any more taco hell left ?

" " no " " well fuck, I can last a little while longer I suppose " About an hour into the trip home the sun had begun to set " let's get food and a hotel " Tessa blurted " you sure you've got at least 10,000 dollars worth of stuff back there " " it'll be fine, I dunno about you but I'm tired, sticky, sweaty, smelly, and hungry, I want a meal, a shower, and my guy in a bed holding me in his arms ! " " I think that a reasonable demand " " then make it happen stop, chop " she clapped her hands together On the next exit I pulled off I wasn't expecting the immediate curve right and was hard school girl boss promotion office xxxx the breaks and made it just fine but it solidified I needed rest desperately.

I pulled up to a hotel I liked and Tessa went in and got us a room I pulled around the back off the hotel to the most empty part of the lot I shut the truck off Tessa grabbed our bags of clothes and we got out I locked the truck up and made sure the trailer was as secure as possible. I followed Tessa as she led me to a room and opened it I followed behind her and shut the door she flipped a light on and I went to plop on a bed.

" no, no. " Tessa said " don't think about it " " why not ? " She shushed me and grabbed my hand " come on " she led me to the other bed and sat me down. She climbed on top of me and we started kissing, she ran her tongue along my bottom lip and our mouths opened simultaneously our tongues clashed is if they were fighting but we knew it was just making things hotter. She pulled her hoodie off and we continued our "mouth battle". Our breathing was heavy and our bodies sweaty, she had one arm wrapped around my torso with her hand grabbing my head head and the other one around my back I had been running my hands along her back the fabric of her shirt was soft and cool to the touch.

I placed my hands on her hips and started sliding her back n forth along the length of my ever hardening dick., she quickly look over from the grinding that I had been doing with my hands to a light bouncing she lifted up high enough for my dick to escape being under her to in front of her in my gym shorts. I picked her up smashing my dick between our bodies, I dropped her onto her back on the bed I dug my fingers under the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over her head, still denied she was wearing a bra.

I grabbed her shorts making sure to loop a finger in her underwear and with her help pulled them down too a glorious sight she was bare skinned but I had yet to get a full view as she had crossed her legs. I grabbed one with each hand and slowly inched them apart the sight before me was pure perfection her pussy was hot and swollen the lips were plump and juicy and her clit barely protruded from its hiding place. I kissed up the inside of one of her legs, up her hip, along her flat stomach under one of still bra covered boobs, along her collar bone, to her neck back to her beautiful lips.

With one of her feet she pulled my gym shorts and briefs off letting my '7 inch long and 3 inch around Cock rub along her stomach. She looked down wide eyed " where did that come from " she smiled " I don't remember it being that HUGE ! " she whispered " when I grew up, I. GREW UP ! " I stated She grabbed the base with one cool hand I pulled my head back and groaned in Ecstasy and firmly pulled towards the head then stopped right before and with her other hand she did the same, I pushed my head down and started to french kiss her.

She kept repeating the motion grabbing the base firmly and pulling up stopping before she hit my head and releasing and started with the opposite and did it all again I pulled form our kiss " what are you doing " I said breathlessly " look " she motioned with her head I looked down and to my surprise I had grown another inch in length and a half inch in girth " what did you do " " its magic " she smiled I ran my hand down her stomach and she immediately stopped me at her hips " no, no !, nothings going down there before that " as she squeezed my dick " really, you don't want no warming up or any thing " " you were the last out and your gonna be the extra small and old men in, in 5 years.

" " but it might hurt ALOT " " that's the beauty of it Tim, I lost my virginity way too soon to the wrong person. I can't get that back, but I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't have sex again until I met the right guy after you, turns out you are the right guy so if it does hurt even a little its like your taking what should have been yours in the first place " She pulled herself to me and kissed me with what I can only say was meaning, reason, and desire. " I love you " I blurted unlike last time I didn't regret it " is that your head speaking " she asked " no, my gut " " I love you too Timmy " she smiled with a sense of fulfillment The sexual tension in the room had eased but my raging stuffy didn't " are you still " I didn't even get to finish " yes " she lifted her head so our lips could meet once more With one hand she pulled my hips down and with the other she guided my dick into position " are you ready ?

" I asked " are you ready ? " she mocked " of course I am baby " I slowly pushed the head in it didn't want to go I kept adding pressure her hole finally lost the battle as i lost my footing and all 8 inches plowed in, she wailed in pain I went to pull out " I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I slipped " I had begun to pull out She wrapped her legs around my thighs and pushed me back in " stay Tim " she grunted I did as she asked but I tried to make her as comfortable as possible.

I began to suck on the nape of her neck flicking my tongue back and forth. She slowly let me slide out almost completely and then pulled me in equally as hard as the first time and she let out another yelp of pain this time it was mixed with a little pleasure. I decided that it was time for me to tell her all my feelings for her I whispered into her ear " your beautiful, smart, witty, and funny and you are everything I want, and everything I need, I love you Tessa please never leave me again " " Timmmmmmmmmmm " she moan'd I felt her shudder and take a short gasp and then clench, her already tight pussy was squeezing me, milking me but I hadn't had more than two strokes she finally let her breath out and took and other sharp breath as I pulled out and pushed back in she let out another moan but longer and and primal then again another shudder followed by a sharp breath, I didn't stop, I couldn't, I wanted to cum so badly I was rock hard and in the tightest pussy I'd ever been in.

I pulled out and back in she hadn't finished second orgasm when she rolled into her third. I did it again and her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she arched her back. " breathe baby " I said She let out a long exhale her back fell to the bed and took a few jagged inhales. I began picking up the pace and Tessa was going nuts grasping at the sheets on the bed with fervor she finally dug her nails into my back, I was close and her gasps of air and grunts and squeals of pleasure were just adding to the fire in my loins.

" Tim - Tim - Tim " she moaned " stop please " I ground my hips to a stop " I can't breathe she gasped " " I'm sorry Tess " I plowed into her and went as fast and hard as I could for a good half minute she was gasping for air after another 15 seconds and she had begun to pass out " stay with me baby " I lightly slapped her face She rolled her eyes to look at me barely holding onto conciseness our eyes locked and I erupted into her tight cunt and she hit her 5th orgasm.

I must of shot at least a half dozen good strong ropes of cum into her petite body followed by weaker and weaker shots of cum by the time I had completely finished I had at least 15 real spurts of cum. I collapsed to the side of a still gasping Tessa who was still taking huge gulps of air.

I pulled her face to the side I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in for a kiss it was just a short kiss. She pulled away and just smiled I now understood what the term "she's glowing" means because she looked so fulfilled and satisfied. " I love you " she smiled " love you too babe " after a little time of recoup I had enough energy to get up " c'mon Tess " " I cant feel my legs " she joked I unhooked her bra and pulled it off before I scooped her naked body up and walked to the shower I placed her on her feet on the ground but Tessa never let go of my neck while I warmed the shower up.

I lifted her into the shower and she was finally able to to support her own weight but that was about it, the whole time she stood in one place as I rubbed her down with a bar of soap and rinsed her off. i quickly did myself but by this time Tessa had regained muscle function in her legs and wobbled out of the tub and dried herself off, I followed her. She laid out on a bed, and I laid next to her.

" you want pizza " I asked sweetly " no I want to be in your arms " she said snuggling up to me " we can do both " I said kissing her cheek we just quieted down for a little bit I petted her wet hair as she laid quietly she looked so peaceful, and serene " order pizza Timmy " " you want anything specific baby " " just extra cheese on top of school girls and boys six storys you want " " Okay " I grabbed my phone and it wouldn't turn on " ill be back in a sec I gotta go get a charger " she just let out a groan I reached in a bag and pulled a pair of gym shorts and pulled them on, I grabbed the keys and walked out to the truck.

I pushed the unlock button and pulled open the passenger door I grabbed her charger from the floor and locked the truck and made my way back to the room. I plugged the phone in and went back and laid next to Tessa as my phone booted up she opened her beautiful brown eyes she shifted her head and we kissed, they were 3 or 4 second pecks before we pulled away and looked into each others eyes for a second or two before we went in for another kiss.

We spent a few more minutes doing this before I reluctantly pulled away. I picked up the phone did a quick search found the nearest place and called. " hello this is Hungry Howie's " the guy smokin hot curvy legal age teenager gives grandpa a hot blowjob and rides " would you like to hear today's special ?

" " no thanks man " I said " alrighty, then can I take your order ? " " yeah, can I have a large pizza with, peperoni, sausage, bacon, ground beef, mushrooms, and have it smothered in as much cheese as you dare " " yeah sure anything else ? " " cheesy bread ! 3 boxes of it and also a 2 liter of Pepsi and that ill be it " " card or cash ? " " card " I gave him my card number and he gave me a time frame and we hung up. I climbed into bed next to Tessa " it will be here in a little bit baby " " okay " she whispered.

I placed my hand on her hip and her eyes opened " I'm sorry baby I'm just a little sore " " I just wanted kannada cinima nati ramya sex storys in snuggle " I said innocently " sure " she said sarcastically with a wicked smile I grabbed her hands with mine and we stared at each other for a little bit I know she had faded off to sleep and I was nodding off when 3 sharp knocks came from the door jolting Tessa from her slumber and me from my half asleep state.

I walked to the door and opened it a guy a few years younger than me was standing at the door with a few pizza boxes in his hands. " Tim ? " he asked " yup " he handed me the boxes which I placed on the untouched second bed in the room I stood back up and his eyes jolted to me. In my half way awake state I completely forgot that Tessa was was laying on the opposite bed naked, but she was faced the opposite way " tiny babe ryland ann fucks a huge cock in the white couch sign here " he directed nervously I signed the slip hastily and shoved the pen and receipt into his chest and slammed the door.

I walked over to Tessa's limp body " baby " said " yeah ? " " I have good news and I have bad news, which do you want first ? " " good " " foods here " I said cheerfully " and the bad ? " " the pizza guy might of seen you naked " " lucky guy " she smiled I sighed in relief. She sat up in all her glory and immediately gripped her pussy and ran into the bathroom. I followed suit thinking I may have hurt her she was sitting on the toilet. " is everything okay ? " I asked " yeah " she laughed " you just gave me a lot and it started coming out " she laughed " oh okay " she wiped herself clean we walked out and sat on the bed and started eating.

we were soon filled to the brim with pizza. I had turned the TV on and me and Tess both in the nude now had snuggled under the blanket, she had one leg over mine and I had my other over hers I also had one arm on her hip and we were holding hands.

I nuzzled my face into the back of her neck and fell asleep. I woke up around 3 in the morning Tessa was still sound asleep and the TV was on mute and the light from if filled the room.

I slipped from beneath the covers and grabbed my phone before hitting the bathroom to drop a major deuce. I sat on the toilet and pulled up my Facebook app I had a message I clicked on the tab and it was from my Ex Jenna.

I clicked on the message dreading what might be said " Tim, the 8 months we spent together was amazing, you're an amazing guy and you gave me an experience ill never forget. I really wish we could of worked things out but I understand that you couldn't leave and wouldn't let me stay. please understand that that was the most noble, and selfless thing any body has ever done for me, you are truly my knight in shining Armour and I will never be able to forget you.

I love you Tim, Jenna " it was a dear John letter, we never really had that moment where we got to say good bye she showed up to my work in tears. Even though she was feeling shitty right then I knew I had to make her go I yelled at her even-though my heart pleaded with me not to I told her were done and I don't wanna see her again and she had reason to stay now, she went to say something and I just told her to leave and went back to doing my job a week after she left I texted her saying I did it for her own good and she would of never forgiven herself for staying, she never replied till now.

" Jenna, I love you too. I know I was an ass hole to end things so poorly I didn't want too but I had too I hope all goes well for you. Sorry again " I sent the message and finished up I walked out plugged my phone into its charger and shut the TV of before climbing back into bed privateclassicscom krisztina schwartz average tits and real tits Tessa and falling asleep.

I woke up a couple hours later it was just getting light out, Tess began to stir she rolled over and we locked tired eyes she yawned " hey " groaning " morning " " how long have you been up ? " " just woke up " " oh " she dug her head into my shoulder and was trying to go back to sleep " no, no baby you have to stay awake we gotta get going " " really ?

" " yeah c'mon " I walked over and french girl first anal painful fuck francesa casting the bag of boxer briefs tore it open and slid a pair on on got dressed in the new clothes Tess had bought me.

She rose from the bed in all of her glory and I couldn't take my eyes off of her flawless body, she didn't notice me ogling her body as she casually strolled to the bathroom and shut the door. A couple minutes later the door opened and she walked out she grabbed a bag and pulled out a black pair of panties ripped the price tag off and pulled them up.

She grabbed my bag and pulled the shirt I had been wearing the night before on. " I'm ready " " alright then lets go get some food and get going " she nodded her head and grabbed our phones and her mira in stockings sensually stimulated with feather book I grabbed the two other bags we had and our dirty clothes and left. She was already in the truck when I climbed in and started it I drove towards the highway and stopped at a McDonald's and grabbed breakfast and hit the road.