Redhead pornstar gagging hard amp nasty double penetration

Redhead pornstar gagging hard amp nasty double penetration
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Just on the other side of that locked bathroom door, stood my strawberry gummy bear in her most vulnerable state - naked and dripping wet from head to toe, clearly finishing up an evening of downtime with a relaxing shower. The room must have been as steamy as a sauna, because I observed copious amounts of vapor seeping underneath the door to warmly tickle my feet. I immediately took notice at how stiff my cock had grown since the moment I pressed my nude body against our barricade, eagerly anticipating for my crush to reveal her presence.

I've beeg mom sleeping boy sex fantasized about catching her in the act of bathing, possibly due to the inadvertent innuendo that she was once a "dirty" girl, and not the innocent woman she portrayed to be the first time we met.

Besides, her being clean now meant that she'd likely go to bed tonight with only my scent on her body. If I let her sleep tonight.

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I watched her shadow creep underneath the bathroom door, followed by a deliberately slow turn of the knob. Suspense built up as my manhood continuously twitched and wagged and stiffened; my loins were clearly in control of its own movements.

I decided to quickly step away from the area by repositioning myself against the adjacent wall, which allowed my eyes to fall on her bare ass once her small frame finally emerged out of the steamy room. Her deep red hair lay mangled upon her head, seemingly bound in place by the perspiration of the hot steam bath; trickles of water beads traveled along her shoulders, down her torso and into her lower back, before finally working over the steep curve of her delectable bubble butt.

My eyes scanned her tanned complexion all the way down to her legs, but eventually returned to stare at her ass.

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It was beyond incredible, after all. That was the moment I realized how much of an ass aficionado I truly was. She wiped her face, breasts, and front portion of her body dry, even having to bend forward to get her legs.

The way her hips wiggled as she dabbed away was a sight for sore eyes. Her swaying was not only hypnotic, but inviting to the juicy slit that stared back at me. And that's when I made my move. My hands formed a beeline dash for her hips, and I felt my fingers dig into the sides of her warm, soft flesh. My cock grazed the wet slit between her legs, attractive doll flashes massive ass and gets anal plowed her to involuntarily startle.

Her shudder against my crotch stiffened me up yet again, which caused my hands to grip her sexy hips tighter. I wanted to hold her in this position forever.

But instead, I kept one hand on her hips and used the other to gradually caress up her nude back until it rested on her shoulder.

If I wanted, I could slide my cock directly into her and pull her back against my body with unrelenting force. I knew she'd love it, but there was no need to deliver on that action so fast. It's exactly what she would be expecting of me. So I took my time and teased. That led to both of my hands wrapping around her midsection and pulling her to an upright position. I immediately cupped her supple tits and tweaked her nipples until they were erect as my dick. Which, to be fair, was pretty much a marble stone right now.

Her head gingerly rested back against my shoulder and I heard her moan something wicked, a sound so affectionate that it managed to send a chill up my spine. I perceived this as a sign to stroke her nipples once more, this time increasing my pressure as I rubbed the tender apex of her breasts vigorously.

My lips eventually found her neck, to which I frantically sucked on her creamy skin and gently bit into her neck. Her hips ground into me, and mine into her backside.

With one hand still working her tits, I leisurely began to trail down her stomach until my hands sat just above her crotch. I nibbled on her earlobe and kissed behind her ear as her hands wrapped behind my head to pull me closer. Any closer and our bodies might as well fuse together. My hand tickled the pubic spot directly above her clit, letting her know I was in the vicinity.

My eyes fell upon her grinning lips and I finished the deed by sliding my middle finger down the length of her labia. Never have I taken so much time to notice how moist she gets when stimulated; I slid my hands further between her legs and down the innermost portion of her thighs to discover a thin trail of liquid had begun to descend. I returned to her swollen and dripping pussy, my fingers still drenched in her juices, and went the full distance by inserting two fingers deep inside of her.

She jerked upward and away from my body, but my arm wrapped her waist and I kept her close. I slowly pulled my fingers from her warm cunt and brought them to my lips to taste just how sweet she really was. But tasting her juices on my fingers didn't suffice. I needed more. So I anxiously walked her over towards the bed and pushed her onto all fours.

Her ass instantly hoisted up in the air, and her legs spread wide apart. I dropped to my knees so that my face was level with her still dripping slit. A clear coat of liquid caused her lips to glisten, which made my mouth salivate. I darted forward and my tongue hit her pussy with gentle force, and we both exhaled a sigh of utter relief. I ran my tongue up to her clit and began to tickle the bulge with lascivious intent.

Her moans led to precum soaking out of the head of my cock; I began to stroke myself in rhythm to the voluptuous hussy has her tight asshole plowed of her body pushing into my tongue. My hands fell atop her ass and squeezed her cheeks.

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I was so enthralled by the moment that I spread her cheeks and shoved my tongue against her pulsating asshole. Alternating my thrusts and licks between both sensitive openings must have done the trick to get my baby off, because before I knew it, a puddle of her juices began to formulate on the sheets. Even as she gripped the back of my head and continued to mash my face into her, my tongue never quit squirming to arouse her delight.

Her groans increased in volume as my strokes increased in speed. The louder she yelped, the faster I tugged. Not a moment too soon, I felt my own build up reach its apex, and I stood in front of her and shoved my cock directly into her mouth.

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As she sucked me off, her hand began to finger the very pussy I just brought to ecstasy. Within a few moments of feeling her tongue twirl against my manhood, I released my load into her mouth and she began to squirt uncontrollably. She swallowed what I deposited inside her mouth, as I sunk back down between her legs and licked her clean again.

After a blissful moment of rest, we looked at each other and just laughed.