Come and make me a full fledged woman

Come and make me a full fledged woman
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FAMILY VACATION 3 Cam, Mayala and I were ready to go to the festival. Mayala had put her small top back on and had wrapped her skirt over her ass and bare pussy. Cam had indian hot horny babe veri hardcore sex with her hubby to wear her mesh bikini top along with a mini skirt with no panties.

I had on some board shorts and no shirt. Mayala lead the way pointing out the various different activities and food stands. "Camilla, Rick, let me introduce you to mister Jim" Mayala said as she lead us over to a man surrounded by a group of men and women. As we got closer we saw our parents were in the group talking to the man Mayala called mister Jim. Dad noticed us just then and waved us in. "Jim, I want you to meet my son and daughter.

This is Rick, and this is Camilla" Dad said as we made our way up to them. Jim stuck his hand out and I took it and shook hands with him. Then Cam stepped up and Jim's eyes grew wide as he took in the barely dressed young woman. "Damn Jack! Seems like you have two really hot women living in your house" he said as he put his arm around Cam's waist and squeezed her tight. "You have a hot sexy wife and a hot sexy daughter! And it looks like she is taking the island motto to heart, just like vegas, what happens on the island stays on the island." "Dad, what's Jim talking about this "island motto"?

I asked, "Does he mean what I think he means?" "Jim has an understanding with all his employees that have been invited and allowed to come to the island. We all had to agree to it before we came here. Anything that happens here on the island is to be kept to ourselves with no repercussions once we get back home" dad explained. "There are a few rules to go with that agreement, the number one most important being that no means no.

If someone is uncomfortable with something and says no or they don't want to do it then that's it. Nobody will be coerced into anything they don't want to do. So remember that this week and you will be fine and have lots of fun." As we turned back to where Jim and Cam were we saw that he also had an arm around mom and they were having their picture taken. Just as the guy with the camera was about to shoot the picture, Cam and mom both lifted their tops off their tits and flashed for the picture!

Jim loved it and reached up and grabbed a tit in each hand as he smiled for the camera. After that, dad and I wanted in on the fun so dad stood next to Cam and I stood next to mom, they still had their tops above their tits, and as the photographer was about to take the picture dad and I both bent down and took a nipple in our mouths as mom and Cam laughed.

(that pic is now displayed in mom and dads bedroom at home) I then asked the photographer to take a picture of me, Cam and Mayala together. So we hot oriental receives threesome japanese and hardcore Mayala to come stand with us. Cam whispered something in Mayalas' ear as we were waiting to get the picture taken. Cam new 2019 xnxn xxx story had her top off her tits and helped Mayala slide hers up over her tits.

I had Cam on my right and Mayala on my left, as the photographer was about to take the picture Cam and Mayala pulled my shorts down freeing my dick and at the same time lifted their skirts. So, there I was, naked, my dick swinging, my shorts around my ankles, and two hot babes on six sex stories 69 storys ghei side of me showing their tits and pussies for the camera. (three copies of that pic were made and are displayed in each of our bedrooms at home) Mayala said she had to go back to her duties but would see us later that evening.

Cam and I told mom and dad we were going to go look around the festival some more. We walked around taking in the sites until we happened upon a crowd of people gathered in front of a tall platform. It turned out to be a bungee jump platform and a few people were lining up to do a jump.

"Oh Rick! I want to try, come with me and jump with me, please!" Cam said while tugging on my arm. "What? Are you nuts? I'm not doing any jump off a 150 foot tall platform with a rubber band around my feet!" I said. "Oh come on bro, don't be a chicken! It'll be fun!" she said, still tugging on my arm. So I followed her to stand in line and wait our turn. Cam was jittery and hopping back and forth the hole time we were in the line. I was nervous too but tried to hold it in. We finally got to the steep stairs leading up to the top of the platform.

Cam went ahead of me and I finally found one good thing about this, I got to look up her skirt at her pussy as we climbed the stairs. Of course the four guys behind me got a pretty good view also. We reached the top and Cam wanted me to go first. "Wait a minute, this was your idea, I didn't want to do this!

Why should I go first?" "Please bro, I want you to be down there waiting for me when I do my jump." So I let the guy strap my legs around the ankles with the bungee harness. I looked down at all the people and how far down it looked and almost backed out. Then the guy asked if I was ready and I told him I was. So I leaned forward and dropped off the platform going head first toward the ground.

I thought I'd never stop falling and then suddenly I felt a sharp tug on my legs and slowed as the bungee stretched, then I was catapulted back up toward the platform, then slowed and started to drop back down again. Finally the bouncing came to a stop and I was lowered down to the ground and and released from the harness. I was a little wobbly and had a hard time standing for a couple of seconds. Someone said that the next jumper was about to go and it was a girl.

I turned and looked up shielding my eyes to the sun and could see Cam standing at the edge of the platform. She leaned out and then she was hurtling toward the ground with the bungee around her ankles. The only thing was that somehow her skirt had come off as she left the platform, I saw it fluttering toward the ground.

So there was Cam bouncing on the end of the rubber cord with her ass and pussy bared to everyone. Finally they let her down and took the harness off. She didn't have as much trouble standing as I did. As a matter of fact she jumped up into my arms and wrapped her legs around my backexcited about making her jump.

She didn't seem at all concerned about the show she was giving everyone standing there. It felt like she was rubbing herself off on my dick through my shorts. Someone handed me her skirt that they had went and picked up from where it had fallen.

I let Cam down and gave her the skirt and she wrapped it back around her waste and snapped the snaps back closed. redhead nerd teen masturbates hairy pussy on webcam Rick, that was the most exciting thing I ever did! Lets do it again!" "No way, the line's too long now and besides, once was enough for me.

And now tell me how your skirt happened to come off when you jumped?" "I don't know, I didn't even know it had come off until they lowered me down after the jump. Probably the guy working the top of the platform thought it would be funny. I guess it sort of was. I hope somebody got video of it!" Just then a guy standing near us said he had it and he also knew dad and told us he would e-mail the video to dad.

I think he thought he was going to get us in trouble but we knew better so we just thanked him. "Come on bro, lets go find something else fun to do!" So we wandered through the festival some more. As we walked we started seeing more and more people with their bodies painted.

Mostly women whom were topless other than the paint covering their tits and some their whole upper body. Then we saw an older couple who were both completely naked other than the body paint.

Some of the bodies that were painted were pretty clever using different colors and patterns. Another naked painted guy we came across almost had us in stitches, he had and elephant head painted on his lower stomach and his dick was painted as the trunk! We finally came upon the tent where all the painted people were coming from. "Rick, I want to get myself painted" Cam said, again tugging on my arm to follow her. "You go ahead, I'm going to go get us something to eat and I will wait for you here on this bench." "Oh, you're no fun.

Okay, just be that way, I'll be back in a little while" she said as she turned to go into the tent. I went and got us some hot dogs and chips and cokes and set on the bench to wait for Cam to come out. I just sat there eating and checking out all the painted people as they came out of the tent. Some were pretty hot, some were older and fat or wrinkled a few were naked other than the paint.

You could see their tits and pussies through the paint if you tried. I had been sitting there for quite a while and was wondering how much longer it would be before Cam would be out.

I had already eaten the food I had for her because it was just getting cold. I sat there for another half hour watching the people coming out of the tent when this really hot looking chick came out.

She was one of the ones who was fully naked except for the paint. She was painted up like a big cat, like a cheetah or leopard or something. She had a piece on her face to make it look like the snout on the face of a cat, she had ears sticking out of her hair on top of her head. Then to make her look like she really was a female cat there were extra teats applied to body under her own real ones. She even had a tail hanging from her behind.

She was walking straight towards me and I was enjoying looking at her. She stopped a few feet in front of me and spread her arms out and did a slow turn. "Well bro, what do you think?

Pretty hot, huh?" she asked. "Oh shit, is that you Cam?" "Yeah bro, pretty cool, don't you think?" "No, not cool, it's DAMNED HOT!!! You do realize that you are naked standing out here" "Yeah, that's the hottest part about it, I'm naked but still covered, just with paint!" (see pic here: ) "I had some food for you but you took so long in there that I went ahead and ate it." "Don't worry about that bro. Come on, you have to come back in with me so you can get painted too." "No, I don't think so, looks like it would itch or something." "No Rick, it feels cool against your skin, it's latex paint.

It will come off in the shower later. Besides, you have to get painted. There is a contest for the best painted couple, the prize is a weeks stay here on the island at Christmas. I want to win that for us so we can come back and have Christmas with Mayala." I looked Cam over again from head to toe, she really was hot and it would be great to be able to come back for a week during winter break from school.

So, in the tent we went to get me painted up. Cam took me by the hand and took me over to where a hot looking babe was applying paint to the tits of a woman. "Cheryl, this is my brother Rick.

We want you to paint him up to match me, we want to win the contest tonight!" "Hi Rick. We can get you in the chair next. It will take me about 15 minutes to finish with Jean here and then we can start on you. Do you have pubic hair?" she asked me. "Why do you need to know that?" I asked a little apprehensively. "Well, it is much easier to do a whole body painting if you don't have pubic hair, looks a lot more even." "I do have hair there." "Well, there are scissors, clippers, razors and shave cream on the table.

Why don't you and Camilla shave it off while I finish up." "Come on bro, drop the shorts and sit over here and let me do the shaving." "I guess, kind of strange for me though. We better win after all this." "We will, I just know it. We will be the hottest couple in the contest. No other couple as young or with as good of a body is entering." I started to unbutton my shorts when Cam took over and then pulled them down and I stepped out of them.

I felt a little strange standing there naked in front of Cheryl and the lady she was painting. I sat down and Cam picked up the clippers and turned them on and went to work.

Cam had me lean back and lift my legs so she could get under my balls and around my asshole, soon my pubes were down to stubble. Then she took the shave cream and sprayed a big glob in her hand and started to smear it all around my dick and over my balls. She had me lean back and shaved around my asshole and balls first, pulling my ball sack tight and carefully scraping the hair away.

Then she took hold of my dick and shaved all around it and the all the hair above. Then she took a wet towel and wiped all the excess off. I looked down and I was as clean and hairless as a little boy. "That is so hot Rick! I really like the shaved look, and it makes your dick look bigger" Cam said as she stroked my dick making it grow. Cheryl looked over at us, "Rick, are you ready or should I give you guys some time so Camilla can finish what she is doing?" Cam looked at her with a little grin, "No, he's ready for you now." I stood up and stepped over into Cheryl's booth.

First thing she did was cover me with a coat of white and then started to fill in with the color. When she got up to my face she picked out another face piece like Cam had on and glued it to my face and then blended the color of it into the paint on my face to it looked like it was really part of my face.

She then fitted the ears to the top of my head. There were also covers for my real ears that she put on and then painted them to match. It took almost three hours to finish but when she handed me a mirror to check out her work I was amazed. Cam was beside herself with excitement, "Oh bro, you look so hot! You look just like a male cat except with a much bigger dick!" "Wait a minute" Cheryl said, "We almost forgot the tail." She turned me around and used some glue to attach the tail to my back just above the crack of my ravishing jenna rides on a stiff member. "There's a full length mirror over by the exit, you two go stand together and check yourselves out," Cam took my hand and we walked over to the mirror.

"Damn bro, we look so good! This is so hot and sexy, I want you to stroke me and make me purr!" We stood there for a while just looking at our reflection. It was hot and it was making me hard. I wanted to do more than just stroke Cam and make her purr. I wanted to bend her over and fuck her and try and make some kittens!

We walked out of the tent, hand in hand, and every head turned and stared. We were out in public, basically naked but for the paint. I started to feel a little self conscious and my dick started to wilt but Cam was excited.

She held her head high and thrust her chest out and I'm sure her pussy was wet. "Cam, what's the deal with the contest, when and where is it?" "Cheryl said it starts at 7 tonight over on the stage where the band is playing. She told me we should be there a little before then alice walks around the city in latex they can get organized." "I don't have a watch so we will have to find out how long we have until 7." About that time we saw mom and dad walking towards us.

They were looking at us and talking to each other and smiling. "Look Cam, there's mom and dad. They are looking at us but I don't think they recognize us. Lets go ask them what time it is and see if they will know who we are then." We walked toward them and kept watching to see if they recognized us as we got closer.

It looked like they still had no clue. "Hi, could you tell us what time it is?" I asked dad without even trying to disguise my voice. Without missing a beat, dad looked at his watch and said, "It's about 6:30." "Okay, thanks. We have to be over at the stage for the contest before 7. You and this beautiful lady should come over to see all the painted people, it'll be a real eye opener for you." I said trying to hold back a laugh. "Yeah, sounds good, we'll have mom and bata full xxx storys go and check it out" dad said as they turned and started to walk on.

Then I heard mom say to dad, "Damn, those two sure were hot. Naked in public together like that. You could see her pussy and of course that pussy nipples girl loves to cum hard masturbate and homemade guys dick hanging there.

Makes me hot to think about it!" Cam and I just started laughing so hard I thought our face pieces were going to come off. We then headed toward the stage where the band was still playing so we could get signed up for the contest. Near the back of the stage there was a group of other body painted people gathering.

A lot of ooh's and aah's went around as we walked up. We signed in and checked out some of the competition while we waited for the contest to start.

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Most of the entrants were much older than us and only one other couple was completely naked like we were. They looked to be in there 50's but had pretty decent bodies. The man was the guy who had the elephant painted on him with his dick as the trunk. His wife was painted like a mermaid, she had real big tits, probably double D's. Pretty soon the band finished their last set and walked off stage then Jim himself took the mike and announced the contest was about to begin. People came right up to the edge of the stage and there were three guys with video cameras all set to record the event.

Jim started to call names and couples started walking out on the stage. People were cheering and clapping. Cam and I were to be the last couple out with the other totally naked couple just ahead of us. I guess they were saving the best for last. When the couple ahead of us walked out the crowd let out a huge roar, they really liked them. Cam and I were holding hands waiting our turn, she was shaking like a leaf.

I put my arms around her and leaned into her ear, "Cam, you are the most beautiful pussy cat on this island. When we go out on that stage we are going to turn the place upside down.

They are going to love us!" Then we heard Jim out on stage, "This next couple are a brother and sister team from our corporate home deep in the heart of Texas. Please send up a big cheer for Camilla and Rick!" We strutted out on stage and the crowd went wild!

Screaming and clapping and all the people up next to the stage were pounding on it making even more noise.

And right there in the middle of the big cock guys gangbanging huge tits milf in front of the stage were our mom and dad. Mom had a sort of glazed over surprised look on her face but dad was making as much or more noise cheering and banging on the stage as anyone else there. Jim walked up beside Cam and I and brought the other naked couple up with him, "Folks, folks, calm down just a little. Sara and Tom, our elephant and mermaid, and Camilla and Rick, our big cats seem to be the crowd favorites so we are going to have a little run-off to choose the winner of our contest.

What I'm going to have them do is one couple at a time will move right up to the front of the stage and move around to let everyone have a good look. Then we will judge by the amount of applause and cheers for each couple as to which will be the ultimate winner.

Sara and Tom, please step up milf having fun outside by the pool you will go first." The couple stepped up to the edge of the stage and started to move around and the people started cheering and clapping and banging on the stage.

It was pretty loud but they weren't finished yet. Sara started jiggling her tits all around and showing her pussy to the crowd. Tom watched his wife intently and suddenly his dick started to grow and soon it had stretched out to what looked like a foot long.

The crowd was really going wild, we could feel the stage shaking pornstar video russian vixen lola taylor seduces and gets anal destroyed by a healthy hard dick un our feet. "Rick, what are we going to do, they're going to win!" Cam screamed in my ear. "Sis, listen to me. When it's our turn just follow my lead." Jim started to try and settle the crowd back down, "Folks, people, please settle back down.

Our final couple, the brother and sister pair, Camilla and Rick!" I took Cams' hand and we moved up to the front of the stage. I wrapped my arms around her and started feeling up her four tits, two real ones and two added ones. The crowd lit up again and started cheering and clapping and banging.

We still needed more though so I reached down and started sliding my fingers up and down Cams' pussy.

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The crowd got louder and louder. Then Hot jade amber dripping wet pussy takes a bigcock spread her pussy lips apart so the crowd got a look at her pink insides. The crowd was going nuts! Then I started to push down on Cams' shoulders. She got the idea and dropped down to her knees as I sank down behind her. Then I pushed on her shoulders again pushing her down on all fours, her tits hung down swinging around as she moved.

I leaned down to Cams' ear and said, "Get ready to wail like a cat in heat, you'll know when." Then I started moving around her on my knees like a male cat moving in to take the female cat. Then I got in behind Cam and pounced on her back and grabbed hold like a male cat on his female cat and started humping against Cam. Not actually fucking her but my dick was banging hard against her pussy.

At that moment Cam started wailing like the old alley cat getting fucked by her mate. The crowd came unglued, it was almost pandemonium. Louder than any previous noise from the crowd. We had WON!!! And right there in front of us were mom and dad looking very proud of their winning children. It took Jim a long time before he could talk over the crowd noise. We stood on either side of him waving to the crowd. Sara and Tom both came over and congratulated us and hugged us.

Sara pressed her big tits into my chest and squeezed my dick, Tom hugged Cam much the same way but pushed his big dick down and rubbed it between her legs and dragged it across her pussy. Jim was finally able to talk and congratulated us and told us he was looking forward to our coming back for our week at the island that we had just won.

Cam and I finally made our way back to our bungalow. We went inside and our parents were waiting in our side for us. Cam ran over to our dad and jumped on him and wrapped her legs around him and screamed, "Daddy we WON!!! We WON!!!" Hugging him and bouncing up and down as dads hands held her under Cams bare ass. I went over to mom and hugged her, she hugged me back and reached down with one hand and fondled my dick molly jane creampie from son little and the other hand went to my ass.

This surprised me a little but I went with the flow and reached down under moms t-shirt and grabbed what I found to be her bare ass and pulled her to me. We broke xxxx hard sex mom ha and dad set Cam down on the chair. "Your mom and I were so proud of you for winning. The two of you were the hottest thing we've seen in a long time" dad said with a big grin on his face.

"And you two fooled us earlier when you stopped us and asked for the time," mom said shaking a finger at us like we were bad. Cam and I laughed all over again about that. I started to remove my face piece and Cam took hers off as well and we removed our tails and ears.

"So, how does the paint come off, just wash off with soap?" dad asked. "Yeah daddy, want to help me wash it off? Takes a little scrubbing to get it all off" Cam said with a little girl smile. Yeah mom, you can help me wash my paint off" I said as I took her hand and started toward the bathroom, "The shower is big enough for all of us." Dad and Cam were right behind mom and I as we went into the bathroom.

I opened the shower door and reached in and turned the water on. As I turned, mom was taking her shirt off over her head, she was naked underneath. Cam was on her knees in front of dad pulling his shorts down, his dick popping out and almost poked her in the eye.

We all went into the shower and mom took a washcloth and the soap and started to lather it up, dad followed suit. They then both started to wash the paint from our bodies. Mom was gently scrubbing the paint from my face, at the same time I was fondling her tits and squeezing the nipples through my wet fingers.

Once she had all the paint off my face mom leaned in and kissed me and our tongues twisted against each other. My hand slipped down moms body to her pussy and I rubbed her clit all around. Mom then dropped down on her knees and took hold of my dick and started to wash the paint off.

Once my dick was clean mom took it into her mouth and started one hell of a blowjob. At the same time dad was on his knees with his head buried in Cams' pussy with his tongue swirling around her clit and she was moaning just like mom does. Cam then slumped down and lay on the floor of the shower and pulled dad on top of her. Dad kissed his way up her body until his dick was poised at the entrance to her pussy. He then leant down and kissed her hard as he slipped his dick into his daughter's pussy eliciting a kiss muffled groan from deep in Cams' throat.

Mom then let my dick slip from her mouth and lay on the floor next to her daughter and pulled me down on top of her. I took moms' tits in my hands and needed them and sucked the nipples as I slipped my dick into her pussy, a loud groan echoing off the wall of the shower. We all stayed in the shower fucking and sucking until the all hot water was gone. (watch for chapter 4)