Pissing karati girls in bathroom

Pissing karati girls in bathroom
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I had just gotten out of the shower and I was drying myself off when the doorbell rang. I ignored it and continued to dry my body. It rang again. I thought that this might be something important so I tied my towel tightly around my waist and went downstairs. I opened the door and three stood an attractive woman. She was about 5'2", medium build, long brunette hair and rather well-endowed.

"Hello, sir. My name is Amber and I'm with Fidelity Windows. How are you today?" I was kind of pissed. She rang the bell twice and made me come down in my towel all for a door-to-door salesperson. "I'm kind of pissed, thank you. Please don't come here again." I was closing the door when I looked at her face. She looked like her dog had just died. I realized that I may have been a wee bit too harsh and stopped closing the door. "I'm sorry, Amber was it? I didn't mean to be so cruel.

Would you like to tell me what you're selling." "That's okay, Mister. I know you don't want my windows. I won't bother you anymore." "You're not bothering me, Amber.

Would you like a glass of water?" "Thank you, sir. That would be great. It's pretty ho out here today." Amber came into my house and I told her to sit in the living room and I would come back with her water. "Ooh. You have air conditioning. This is so nice to have a break from the heat." I returned with the water, handed it to her and sat down in an arm-chair across from Amber.

She tipped up the glass and drained it into her mouth. I can't even describe how incredibly hot it looked. I had visions of a sun-tan lotion commercial I had seen before. The only thing missing was the stray bit of water running down molly jane creampie from son neck and disappearing into her cleavage (which was rather abundant).

She finished the water, put down the glass, looked over at me and smiled. I came back to reality and was going to ask Amber a question when she began to giggle. "Is something funny?" I asked. "Um. Ah.

I'm sorry, sir. I don't mean to laugh, but. Are you happy to see me?" I followed her gaze and realized that I had a VERY noticeable tent in my towel. I felt very uncomfortable. Amber LOOKED about 16. 'Am I going to jail?' I thought. I looked back at Amber who was still smiling. "When you were drinking your water you looked very sexy. I noticed your rather prominent breasts. I'm sorry. I shouldn't be thinking this way." "There's nothing wrong with it, sir. You've got a nice, big dick.

I'd like to see more." "I can't, Amber. You're too young." "I'm 18. I lost my virginity a year ago. I want to see your dick." This was good news.

She's 18. I can live with myself. She WANTS to see my dick. I stood up and slowly unwrapped my towel. When I let it drop to the ground Amber giggled. "I like your dick, sir.

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It's way bigger than Bobby's. What's your name, sir?" "You can just keep calling sir. Come over here and look closely at my dick, but DON'T touch it." Amber crawled over to me and knelt in front of me.

She looked at my dick. She was so close that I could feel her warm breath on my rod. She just sat there staring at my cock.

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I found this VERY erotic. "Stand up." She did. "Remove your pants." She did. She was wearing a pink thong. "Remove your socks." She did. Now Amber stood before me in her t-shirt and thong.

I looked closely at her breasts. I couldn't see any bra lines, but she HAD to be wearing a bra. There's no way that breasts THAT big could stand THAT high on their own. "Remove your t-shirt, but leave your bra on." "Uh, sir. I don't wear a bra. I never have." I was dumbfounded. I found the perfect tits. This explained why I could see every contour of her breasts and hard nipples. I stood and admired her globes.

"I'm impressed, Amber. Might I ask how you keep them so firm?" "I don't know, sir. I don't do anything special. They've always been like this. Maybe it has something to do with all the golf I pay. Maybe the swinging helps." "How often do you golf?" "Everyday, sir. I'm a scratch golfer. I'm going to the University of Hawaii on a golf scholarship next year." "Impressive.

Now remove your shirt." She did. I was again amazed at just HOW perfect they were. They were EASILY DD's and they stood out like perfect cones with dark red perfect, hard nipples exactly in the middle. "Are your nipples sensitive?" "Yes, sir. When Bobby plays with them I can have an orgasm from just that." "Play with your nipples, Amber. Show me what you like to have done to them." She began to rub her nipples and aureoles in circles.

Please rape me episode 2 anime she began to pinch each one. "Do you like my boobies, sir? She moaned. "They're magnificent. Do you play with yourself much?" "Everyday, sir. When I get bored and I'm alone, I play with my nipples. Sometimes even when I'm not alone." Then she started big titted milf babe titty fucks for cum from lucky guy pull each nipple. She pulled harder.

She moaned louder. "Tell me about the last time before this that you did it with someone." "It was about 15 minutes ago, sir. With your neighbor." "Do you do this at every house you go to?" "No.sir.

You're the first person who I have showed my breasts to, other than Bobby. A few weeks ago I was pinching my nipples and I didn't know my customer was back in the room.

Uuuuunnnh. Just thinking about it makes me quiver. He bought my windows. I sell a lot of windows when I play with my nipples for the men." Finally she started twisting her nipples. Her hips began to bounce up and down on the chair. But she never touched her pussy. She just kept doing unbelievable things to her nipples. "Oh, sir! This feels incredible. Would you please suck my nipples for me?" "You're doing fine, Amber. Just keep it up." "I love this, sir. Can I cum?" I was a bit shocked.

Did she just ASK if she could cum? "Pardon me, Amber?" "I want to cum, sir. I NEED to cum. May I?" I felt a surge of adrenaline course through me. THIS girl was mine! "Go ahead and have an orgasm, Amber, but NO touching your pussy." "If you say so, sir." She started to squeeze her nipples harder than I thought a person could. "Oh, YES! YES! I love this sooo much. I'm going to cum, sir.

Are you ready? Where do you want me to cum?" I didn't know what she meant by where. "There's fine.

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Cum for me." "Uuugh! YES! I'm cumming, sir! Watch me! Oh yeah! Ooooooh!" As she was cumming liquid began dripping from her thong and I don't mean just a bit. There was liquid running down the front of my leather chair and puddling on the floor Again I was dumbfounded. 'Did she just squirt?' I asked myself. "You made a mess on my floor, Amber." She looked at me with a glassy look in her eyes.

She lookedlike she was a million miles away. Finally she spoke. "Yes, sir." she said in a raspy voice. "I squirt when I cum." "How long have you done that?" "Ever since I first started masturbating when I was eight.

My Mom used to think I was peeing and she asked me what happened. I told her that it came out when I rubbed my kitty. She said that she did the same thing." "Take off your thong and lie on the ground." She did. "Now I want to see you squirt again. Can you squirt twice in the same day?" "I think the most number of times I've done it in one day is 11. THAT was a good day, sir." "Holy shit. You masturbated 11 times in one day?" "It wasn't all masturbating, sir. Sometimes Bobby was licking my kitty." "It's called a clit, Amber.

Now play with your nipples again and make yourself squirt on my floor." Amber played with her nipples the same as before and within 10 minutes she let loose a stream of liquid that shot out at least 5 feet; maybe more. I was speechless. "Did I do well, sir?

Do you want me to do it again? Do you want me to shoot it in your mouth?" Did I want her to shoot it in my mouth? Holy shit!! This chick is hot AND dirty. "Fuck yes, Amber. I want you to shoot my with your cum." "K. If you get between my legs you can watch it close up sir. I knelt between Ambers' legs with my face about 6-12" from her pussy. She smelled like sex. She started playing with her nipples again. She had not even touched her clit once and here she was working on her third orgasm in a half hour's time.

As before you pinched, pulled, twisted and squeezed you nipples with vigor. "Sir? Would you blow on my clit? I really like that." I pursed my lips and blew air onto her throbbing clit. Her clit was so hard I could see it move. I don't know if she was flexing muscles or if it was her heartbeat. Whatever it was I loved it. "Are you ready sir?

Open up! I'm getting really close. Her it cums. Yes, sir! I'm cumming. Take my cum. Sir!" The first shot hit my forehead and some got in my eye. It stung, but NO FUCKING WAY was I going to shut my eyes and miss this. I moved my head and the stream shot into my waiting mouth. It tasted very sweet.

I loved it. When she had recovered Amber looked at me. "Did you like that sir? Do you want me to do it again?" "No Amber. I want to fuck you and make you squirt all over me." "Yes, sir.

Fuck me. Fuck me now." I slid my HARD amateur redhead eurobabe gets pounded for a few bucks into her overly wet pussy and began to fuck this perfect young woman. As I fucked her she continued to play with her nipples. Within 3 minutes of me starting to fuck her she came and soaked me with her pussy juice. This was the most incredible fuck I had ever had.

I was able to hold back for 15 minutes before excitement overcame me. She had cum 3 more times and I shot my load inside her WET pussy. "I want to fuck you all day, sir. Can we?" "I need some time to recover, Amber.

But while you're waiting I'll lick your pussy." Amber let out an excited squeal. "Oh yes, sir, eat me please." I laid down between her legs and went to town on her well used pussy. I lost track of the number of times she came that day but I'm sure she set a personal best. I know I did. It was June and we met regularly until she had to go to school.

When she left she told be that she would be back home for Christmas and she'd come see me then. Months went by and I didn't hear anything from Amber. I sent her e-mails but there was no reply.

Then on the night of December 16th my doorbell rang. I opened the door and there stood Amber. I was very glad to see her and invited her in. I could see as she passed by me that she had gained a bit of weight. I asked her if she would like something to drink. "Yes, sir. But it can't have alcohol in it.

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I'm 5 months pregnant." I stopped dead in my tracks. I turned around a looked at Amber. "Congratulations, sir. You're going to be a Dad."