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Big tit blonde fucked hd the last pikahoe
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The Beginning of the ****biography Cannot believe I am sitting here, approaching my sixtieth birthday, and trying to put together a story about my life.

Of course a couple of people, my second and third kendra secrets gets a big black cock of all things, who just happen to be daughter and mother, are goading me on. I was just going to jump in at the point in which I had met my future second wife, Kim, but then thought the better of it and decided to fill in how I got there.

So… Grew up as a middle child with an older sister, just a year and half older, and a younger sister that was five years younger than I. That meant my older sister and I were pretty close. She was very extroverted, popular, and by the time she was in High School she was a leader of every student organization there was. From captain of the cheerleaders to class president, she was the queen.

She was also quite a looker. So naturally my inclination was to adore her. She took advantage of this in that I became her guinea pig. By the time she was fifteen, and I was thirteen, we had a few sexual episodes prompted by her curiosity…of course, I was too.

Not that I had actually had intercourse with her, except in my mind. But we had evolved to stripping naked in front of each other and masturbating. Once she even let me fondle her boob while I jerked off in front of her. All this stopped once she got involved with the boys at school. And truth be told, I think she fucked all of them. But this led to me losing my virginity just before my fifteenth birthday.

Out parents had taken our little sister on a trip to visit relatives in another state and left my older sister in charge over the weekend. This allowed my sister to throw a blowout party for all her friends.

She must have had thirty people there, sucking beer, and wine, drugs, and who knows what, this was the late sixties and anything went. Except for little brother hanging around.

She exiled me to my bedroom! All those hot teenybopper cheerleader friends of her's…damn, I wanted to watch, but to no avail. I went to my bedroom, climbed in bed, and proceeded to play with myself, closing my eyes and fantasizing I was fucking one of my sister's friends.

I was so involved, did not notice that Mary, one of my sister's co-cheerleaders, had snuck into my room and patricia diamond th birthday with interracial anal big black cock and hardcore sex now standing next to my bed watching me pull my wang.

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She coughed. I froze and opened my eyes. She placed her finger on my mouth to shush me and whispered, "never let a hard cock go to waste, and you better not say anything to anyone" as she climbed real college sex on campus from college rules vid the bed, pulling up mom sara jay gets fucked by three big black cocks skirt, and then straddled me.

Mary guided my cock between her legs, rubbing the head against her warm, moist entrance and then plunged my dick deep into her seventeen-year-old cunt.

An older woman, in my mind! I do not think it took more than five humps and I was squirting cum into that cunt. It all happened so fast that it did not seem real. Mary was rubbing her crotch while she rode me and before my dick had squirted its last volley, Mary gave out an "Argh" and rolled her head back.

Seconds later she dismounted and headed out the door, with only a warning, "you tell anyone that I fucked your nerdy ass and I will kill you".

And that folks is how I lost my virginity. Guess I should have felt fortunate as I was quite nerdy, pretty small of stature at the time and lacked any confidence whatsoever. It took until my senior year of high school before my body grew enough to participate in sports, even though I was very coordinated.

I had finally made the football (American) team, and even though still on the small side at barely 5'8" and 140 lbs, I had managed to make All-Conference. Unfortunately I was still pretty timid, but fortunately this was seen as a virtue by one of the cheerleaders. That is when I met Lynn, who eventually became my first wife.

Lynn was a year behind me, but where I was pretty much intimidated by others, Lynn was just the opposite. She was somewhat reserved, but did not take anything from anyone, and not afraid to speak her mind. Our relationship grew and I believe her character rubbed off on me as I became more confident over time. Even though we petted heavily, even getting to third base quite often, we never actually consummated our relationship until the beginning of my sophomore year in college.

We had gone to a party, got into our amorous mode, found a secluded room. Laying on a couch we escalated the petting to the point I had my hand in her panties alternately slipping my fingers into her wet pussy and rubbing her hard clit, our mouths locked together, out tongues trying to reach each other's tonsils.

Lynn slid her hand down my stomach and started to push he fingers beneath my belt, I was now used to her fondling my dick and expecting that she would once again bring me to ejaculation with her hand. Then she stopped, brought her hand out, and started to undo my belt.

I did not want to let on that this was increasing my anticipation, so I continued my manipulations within her panties. She freed my pants and pushed them down, shoving them with one of her feet until they fell off. Lynn's hand now grasped my scrotum, fondling, squeezing, exploring without the encumbrance of any restrictions. Moving her hand to my cock, Lynn encircled it with her fingers, while stroking up and down. She lifted her hips and I felt her panties start to move down her thighs.

We broke our embrace momentarily. "It is time", she said, "You're the one" As she rolled her hips beneath me. Lynn's legs parted, she still had one hand on my cock and pulled it up to her pussy, rubbing the head of it at her entrance. I re-engaged our embrace as the head of my dick spread the lips of her cunt, slowly penetrating into her womanhood. Lynn's body rose against mine, impaling herself with my member.

The wet warmth of her vagina walls against my cock was exquisite. Could not remember the sensation those many years ago when I lost my virginity to Mary. We rocked in unison, my dick reaching far into her womb with each stroke. Lynn started to oscillate her hips while meeting my thrusts, my mind trying to separate each sensation. We both relished the moment, making it last.

We were consummating our relationship. I actually broke off our deep kiss and looked into her eyes, "I love you Lynn", I confessed. "I know", she responded, and started to drive her hips faster, harder.

I could feel the urgency build within my groin, my drives starting to be more forceful. Could not hold back anymore and attempted to pull out before it was too late, but Lynn did the opposite, she locked her legs around me and pulled me tight. My balls pulsed, my busty blonde sucks on a massive shaft big tits blowjob spitting out a long string of my sperm deep into her womb.

Then again, another one, helped with my uncontrollable thrusting. Two, three more times, more sperm, filling her cunt. "I love you too," she said, as our bodies stayed locked together. Thankfully, we got lucky and avoided pregnancy. Over the next couple of years we expanded our sexual proclivities between us, but still the frequency of incidents ebbed and flowed with time constraints of busy lives.

Physically, by the time I was finishing my Junior year in college, I had grown to just under 6'2" and by working out five days a week with heavy weights, had filled out to 210 lbs with a 30" waist, but had a 49" chest.

Definitely buff. Lynn, always a looker, was also extremely athletic but stood only 5'2-3" and was lucky to weigh 105 candy katarina eye i know that girl. She had a very small waist, could not have been 21" or so, and was also not overly large on top with only "B" size tits.

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Fortunately she did have very responsive nipples that stood out, causing guys to notice them and away hot lesbian pussy licking with two blondes what they were attached to.

We were almost the perfect collegiate couple. I was still a little reserved, but getting more confident as time went by and Lynn was still a little forward, but getting more aware as time went by. We seemed to have a great group of friends, some of which we both brought to the equation, others that we had brought separately from our adolescent days. One of the friends she brought, was a guy named Dan. Not a bad guy, but at first I was a little jealous. He was pretty good looking and had matured physically a lot earlier than I.

He was shaving daily in high school where I did not know what a razor was until I had left high school. The other thing was, he had dated Lynn for a couple of years before she and I started.

Apparently, she had caught him fooling around with another girl and broke their relationship off. But they remained friends for some reason. After high school, Dan had moved away and we heard through the grape vine that he had a whirlwind romance and had gotten married. This came 6th grade girls having sex our attention just a month or so before Lynn and I consummated our love for each other.

It just so happened that within a few months after Lynn and I announcing our wedding plans, to take place just before I would start my senior year in college, Dan came back to the area. We were at one of our friends for a yard party and Dan showed up. I had not seen him since high school and he had not changed much, but I had. He walked right up to Lynn with a big smile; she jumped up and gave him a hug, welcoming him back. There was a ting of jealousy that ran through me cause the hug lingered a bit longer than it should have.

Dan, took her hands and checked her out head to two, "Damn Lynn, you are still hot". Lynn's nipples immediately protruded from her light cotton tank top. "What's this crap you are getting married to that dweeb Rob?" he asked, starring at her nipples.

This broke her gaze on him for as second and she looked at me with an "oops" in her eyes. " Uh, uhm, yes," she stuttered, looking at me, " Rob, isn't it nice to see Dan again?" "Yea, I guess", I answered extending my hand. "Rob, is that you?" Dan looked confused as he took my hand. "Yes, it is" as I looked down on him. I was now a good four inches taller. "Holy shit, have you changed, can't call you a dweeb anymore. Heck, I was going to try and save Lynn from you," as he winked at Lynn, "guess that is out of the question now".

But he gave Lynn a questioning look. She blushed slightly, " Yep, you are too late," as she grabbed my hand, but something did not feel right. Dan moved off, but Lynn followed him with her eyes.

Out of the corner of mine, I saw Lynn's best friend Sandy staring at us, then looking at Dan. She mouthed to me "let's talk" and shook her head in the direction of the house. I excused myself and headed for the house. Sandy grabbed my arm as I went inside, "are you ok?" "Yea, why?" I asked dumfounded.

"Because of Dan. Lynn has always carried a torch for him." She looked at me for some sort of negative reaction. "We are way beyond that, don't you think?" I responded.

"Ok…if you are alright with that, just keep your eyes open." She cautioned. The next eleven months passed without incidents and as Lynn and I approached our coming nuptials we each took a portion of the planning and scheduling that kept us apart more often.

So when she did not show up a couple of weeks before the wedding, at a meeting with the band we had contracted, I did not think much of it. In fact, over the next few days we did not even talk, I just thought that she was too busy. She finally showed up at my apartment the Sunday morning before our wedding which was next Saturday.

She let herself in and came into the bedroom, sitting next to me. She rubbed my chest as I woke up.

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I could see she was troubled, the look of consternation on her face. "What's wrong honey?" as my hand caressed the side of her cheek and moved down into the V of her sweater. She stopped my hand, and then squeezed it through her sweater, allowing me to continue. She did not have a bra on, something she rarely ever did. Of course this turned me on. Lynn looked as though she was going to cry, "I have something to tell you".

She said seriously. "What?" I said in my best sympathetic tone. "I am afraid after I tell you that you will not want to marry me," she whimpered. "Honey, I love you, there is nothing you can tell me that can change the fact we are getting married next week," that was said with all my heart.

"I have been with Dan since Wednesday, I am sorry", she blurted out and began crying. My hand was still on her left tit, I inadvertently squeezed it and her nipple responded in the palm of my hand. " I went to Dan to just make sure, but did not expect for us to end up doing what we did", she said apologetically.

My mind was racing, but my hand still on Lynn's left tit. "I knew within a day, that Dan was not the guy, but felt so guilty and unworthy of you, I stuck around". She said with her fingers lightly scratching my chest. " I let him take liberties, that I never chloe gets a free hot sex after massage from sexy alix lynx have, but this morning I woke up and knew I had to at least be honest with you.

I don't deserve you and I understand if you send me away". She said while biting her lower lip. My emotions were all over the place, but in my heart of hearts I loved this woman. I pulled her head down to mine and went to kiss her. She pushed back slightly, hesitating and then yielded to my pull.

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Her lips were soft, probably from her crying, they felt so good against mine. I parted her lips with my tongue; she resisted momentarily, and then allowed my tongue in. She had a different taste, a hint of salt…probably from all the emotion she had poured out. Lynn now was responding to my embrace with force of her own, like she was trying to give me her all through her mouth.

I raised her sweater over her arms; she broke momentarily and tossed it to the floor. In the breaking light of dawn, there was a haze in the room making her look like a ghost, the silhouette of her breasts against the back ground of the light gray filtering in accentuated her extended nipples. She rose up and undid her pants, wiggling out of them, her panties nowhere to be found, in the oblique light it appeared that she only had a shadow of pubic hair on her crotch.

She slid over my body, crushing her breasts against mine, our mouths again locked together. Rolling her over, I moved down her body, trying to exude my love through the worship of her body by kissing all, her neck, her breasts, her stomach, and moving towards her womanhood. I felt her hands on the side of my head almost as if they were resisting any more movement. In our five years together, I had never tasted the sweet nectar of Lynn's pussy; she never let me go there.

Always telling me that it was not necessary. I held her hands apart, and kissed the top of her mound. Indeed, the thick bush that had been there last week was trimmed to a barely discernable bristle.

I kept going, reaching the apex of where the two sides of her cunt came together. Kissing it and touching it with my tongue caused an involuntary jump from Lynn's pelvic region. "No, no I don't think you should…" she exhaled, "its…its." My tongue darted out, probing her inner lips.

"Oh…Oh no, you don't understand," she protested verbally, but her legs opened and her hips rose. My tongue found the entrance to her inner sanctum, plunging into the opening. Her pussy gushed…the liquid, creamy, warm, and salty, with small bits within the consistency. Remember this is the first time I had ever performed orally on a woman, it was new to me and it heightened my sexual arousal.

But Lynn was responding too, her hips were bucking to her internal rhythm, the same as when we had made love before she would climax. I was bound and determined to get her there. Between her labored breaths, I heard her say, "bring me your cock, I want to suck your cock". Without losing my place at the dinner table of her cunt, I spun around. Lynn grabbed my excited guy kisses girls homemade and hardcore before my leg even made it over her head.

Pulling my cock into her mouth.

Her head started bobbing up and down, bringing my entire shaft into it, the head of my cock hitting against the back of her throat. I had never had a blowjob and had only visualized in my fantasies of Lynn taking my cock in her mouth.

It as driving me insane, I dove at her cunt with a fury. Lynn's movements accelerated, whether from my attention with my mouth to her cunt or from my cock in her mouth, I do not know. She started writhing, her ass jumping off the bed slamming her wet crotch into my face, liquid pouring from her pussy. I could not hold back, feeling the pressure build, like a golf ball coming out of a garden hose, my wad was coming.

But Lynn came at that instant, wrapping her legs around the back of my head driving her hips up, her pussy flooding me with cum. My cock responded, I attempted to pull out of Lynn's mouth, but she clamped her arms shy woman let me work with her delicious ass my hips. I came. Lynn held on, actually feeling her throat's swallowing action, I came again. Then again, and again. Slowing we unwound, turning to hold her against me, she nuzzled into my neck.

Raising her chin, I kissed her. She pulled back slightly, but I pursued, kissing her passionately. I knew then what the salty taste was, it was much more pronounced…it was cum. I wanted to be revolted, but I truly loved this woman. Looking her in the eyes, "I love you Lynn, you are the one". Tears welled in her eyes, " I love you too, I will never question my love for you again". Lynn fell asleep as the sun now lit up the room.

I gazed down at her body, her breasts standing up from her chest, the concave effect of her stomach, the rise of her pubic mound. She was gorgeous. But also I noticed the hickeys on her neck, the bite marks on her tits, the bruising on her inner thighs, and what was obviously dried cum streaking over most of her torso.

My god, what kind of liberties did he take with her?