Japanese newsreaders ayumu minase squirting live tv

Japanese newsreaders ayumu minase squirting live tv
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Southern Comfort Chapter 3… Just a quick update, before I get to the good-stuff&hellip. My real name is Riley Ramsax and back when this happened, I was just a couple months from my twenty-fifth birthday however, since finding an Ohio drivers-license in a bar in Florida, I'd been using the identity of a nineteen-year-old guy named Tom Stone.

I'd tumbled into a tiny little town, deep in the 'Heat of Dixie' where a man made me an offer I couldn't refuse. He wanted me to take his beautiful young teenaged daughter's virginity and hopefully knock her up in the process.

Well, I don't think the man had any idea how much his proposal really turned me on. I don't know exactly how many kids I'd fathered by that point probably half-a-dozen, maybe more all by girls who were too drunk, or when daddy is away the olympic interchange teen drugged to realize that I was filling their cunts with big, gooey wads of my sperm… I can't explain what it was about making a girl pregnant that excited me so much, but it did.

And as I stood there, looking down at the beautiful, young, naked girl, several factors combined to make me more excited than I'd ever been in my life. She was one of the first girls I'd fucked who was completely conscious and aware of what I was doing.

She was also the youngest girl I'd ever had. Not only did I have her father's permission and blessing to deflower his baby-girl, but he was paying me very well to breed his daughter; the man wanted a grandchild. I also had reason to suspect that once my child was growing in his daughter's womb and he had no worries of impregnating her himself, that he planned on fucking his own daughter. But anyway, I guess I should get on with it.

…There we were in her very-pink bedroom. We were both naked. She was on her bed, on her back with her ass right up to the edge and her legs handing down to the floor. I still had the taste of her cherry pussy in my mouth after spending some time fingering her and eating her out. I'd felt her hymen with my finger, so I knew without a doubt that the girl was indeed a virgin, and as tight as her hole squeezed my finger, I seriously wondered if I'd actually be able to get my big, fat cock inside her without doing serious damage to saskia lorensen takes it in her tight ass young cunt.

I had a feeling that the girl's father was right outside the bedroom-door, listening to what was happening inside. The man had also promised me that regardless of what he heard, he would not interrupt us and I had a feeling that his little girl was going to be making a lot of noise when I started to stick it in her. I had one hand very lightly wrapped around my cock and was sniffing the forefinger of my other hand, which had just come out of her sopping-wet hole. She had a few tears flowing from her eyes, knowing full-well what I was about to do to her, more fear than excitement showing in her expression.

The little mounds of her developing tits were swollen and red from me sucking on them and both her tiny little nipples were erect as my big cock. I told her I would be gentle and I hoped that I would retain enough control over myself so that I could take it easy.

I hadn't gotten off in almost three days and I was horny as hell! I also hoped that I'd be able to get my cock inside her before I shot my wad. I could have gotten myself off by tightening my hand around my cock and giving it a stroke or two, I was that close. I stepped up, between her thin, smooth legs, spreading them even wider with my hairy thighs. Her slit opened a bit wider, showing me more of the hot-pink inside her.

I couldn't wait any longer. I moved in even closer, spreading her a bit wider and I took aim. We both gasped when the engorged head of my cock touched her wet, hot pussy.

There was barely any pressure where we touched, and keeping the touch light, I slowly rubbed my pre-cum drooling cockhead over her already-quite-moist gash. I thought, considering how tight this girl's pussy was, that it might go easier if there was even more lubrication, so I spit in the hand I was sniffing, and rubbed it over my cock.

That almost made me squirt. I put my cockhead back at her opening and pushed, just a little bit. Now, without sounding too conceited, I've got a big cock. And at that moment, it was as big as I'd ever seen it; hard as steel and so close to exploding that the fat, blunt tip was turning purple. I barely even felt her tight cunt-lips spread when I pushed.

I pulled my cock back a bit, and stuck a fingertip in her. Fuck, this girl was tight. Once again, I could barely even get my finger inside. I lined my cockhead up with my finger and pushed again. I felt her open-up just a tiny bit, maybe getting a quarter-inch of cock inside her, though maybe not even that much.

As I pushed, I felt her actually tightening-up more. Fuck. I was ready to spurt, hornier than I think I'd ever been, trying to get into the tightest cunt I think I'd ever fucked. Something had to give, otherwise I was going to spray my sperm all over her lips, rather than deep inside her, where it was supposed to go. I pushed again and, tightening even more, she let out a squeal. I pushed even harder. She squealed louder and I slipped in another quarter-inch, spreading her pussy-lips a tiny bit more.

I had to do something… and quick, or else I was going to come before getting inside. I reached down and took one of her swollen little nipples between my finger and thumb and gave it a pinch. Several things happened in that next instant. Rather than a squeal, she let out a scream and, for just a fraction of a second, her body went slack.

When that happened, my cockhead pushed maybe an inch inside her cunt. I could still see just the busty brit babe gets fucked in fake taxi hardcore and faketaxi ridge of my corona between her wet, reddish cunt-lips, but I was getting it in.

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I pinched her other little titty, she let out another scream and when she went slack for that fraction of a second, I forced a bit more of my cock inside her. Now I couldn't see my cockhead any more, though that was about all I had inside her.

But fuck, just having that much of me inside amwf sasha sweet fucks an asian cock tight virgin felt ten times better than having my whole cock inside some of the stretched-out sluts I've fucked. It was now or never, I was so close to shooting that it took everything I had to hold-back.

I had just enough inside her that I could safely take my hand off it without fear that it would pop out, so I got a good hold on her narrow, bony hips, just to make sure she didn't go anywhere, and I thrust again.

Her scream was louder than before, and I felt a bit more of my cock shove inside her. Another thrust, another even louder scream and this time, I felt my cockhead bottom-out. So there I was, hotter and hornier than I could ever remember, my fat cock trying to bust into the most constricted cunt I ever got into.

Feeling my cockhead butting against the girl's hymen, those tight lips squeezing my head, hearing her cries and seeing the tears flowing from her fluttering eyes Fuck! I couldn't take it anymore. My blood was boiling and my balls were churning and I was seconds from the point-of-no-return. I pushed once.

The noise she made sounded more like it should have come from a wounded animal, rather than a beautiful young girl. I pushed again and, as she made that same sound only louder, it felt like she was about to squeeze my cockhead right off my shaft.

Fuck! I was going to come. With my hands around her hips, which were so narrow my fingers were almost touching, feeling my balls start to contract, preparing to spew their goo, I yanked her body against me and at the same time I hunched my hips against her as hard as I could. There is absolutely nothing I can think of that would be any better than that moment.

As I felt the first round of cum start to erupt from the tip of my big, fat cock, making everything a bit more slippery, I ruptured her hymen.

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I felt her thick cherry rip around the head of my cock, watching it happen on her face. And if her expression hadn't told me that I'd hurt her, the shriek she let-out sure as hell did. Shit, the neighbors probably heard her loose her virginity. And she wasn't the only one the neighbors probably heard. I let out a howl, just as loud as her screech, as I popped my wad and popped her cherry at the same time. I'm popping a rod just thinking about it.

Seeing it written there, remembering how perfect that moment was. Filling that girl with my cock and my seed at the same time. Never before, nor since, have I had a more perfect moment. And if you ask me, I wouldn't have needed to fuck that girl again and again over the next week to get her pregnant.

I don't know how, but for some reason I just know that I got her pregnant from that very first fuck. I must have blasted a quart of cum up her tight twat. Once her cherry had been popped, I kept my momentum up and, with the help of the extra lubrication from my semen, sank a good-half of my cock inside her.

Then my second round of cum fired-out, greasing her now-deflowered pussy even more. Fuck! Her hole was so hot, so wet and so, fucking tight, I couldn't believe it. I bottomed-out inside her, feeling my cockhead butt-up against her womb, as the third and thus-far the biggest wad of cum gushed out of me.

After letting-out another animalistic howl, I took a deep breath and looked down. There was still an inch of space between her over-stretched pussy (I couldn't even see any pink, just her smooth, creamy skin spread wide against the shaft of my cock) and my furry crotch. I couldn't help myself. I pulled her tighter and pushed myself deeper.

All the sudden her screaming stopped and for a moment, it seemed like time was standing still. Her eyes opened and she looked me right in the face. She was terrified. Even more than the pain she was feeling from having her virginity taken, she looked scared.

She looked beautiful. So beautiful, I couldn't help myself. I tightened up, my hips intent on pushing forward and my hands digging so tightly around her waist to pull her against me that the next day I'd find a belt of light bruises around her abdomen.

Then I could feel it, deep inside her body, as the next wad of cum spewed out of me, she was opening-up. It was like I was trying to squeeze my cock into the opening of a small balloon.

I knew what was happening. I was pushing my cock through her cervix. And while she might not have known what it was inside her I was trying to breach, she certainly could feel my cock opening the entrance to her womb. Her whole body was trembling, tears were still pouring from her eyes, which were so wide they threatened to pop right out of her head. Now, I'd bottomed-out in other girls I'd fucked, but I've never popped my cock through a girl's inner-hole before.

And like I've been saying all along, I couldn't help myself. Feeling the intense pressure of her cervix spreading over my cock head made my next spurt of sperm shoot with more intensity than it should have, considering it was the fifth round I'd fired.

But, I remember thinking that I was spraying my cum right where it needed to be. Like I said, somehow I knew that she had an egg in there, and I probably sprayed my cum right on it. That was when my cockhead popped all the xxx sunny leon fucking old man through her inner-hole.

My god, the pressure was so intense. It was like there was a rubber-band squeezing at orignal mom sun sex stories xxx story base of my cockhead. It was so tight that when my next spurt of cum came, it couldn't get out of my cock. There'd been a moment of silence, but then we both started to scream.

My balls pumped-out my next round of nut-juice, with such strength that it and the one before it both blasted from the tip of my cock. It was my seventh big spurt inside the girl, and I was still going strong. I sure am glad that I'd heeded her father's advice and I hadn't gotten off in all that time.

It was the most intense orgasm of my life. There were two or three more strong spurts, which I sprayed directly into her womb, howling with each of them, hearing her screams in my ears. Then came the after-shocks.

We both became quieter as I peaked and began to come down. A couple times, I believe, I've said that I was more horny that evening than I could ever remember being. Well, as evidence to that and believe it or not after shooting my load, my cock didn't deflate one bit. I stayed hard as a rock, buried deep inside her body, and I knew that with just a minute to catch my breath, I'd be ready to actually fuck her. And after such a mind-blowing orgasm, I felt pretty sure that I'd be able to fuck her for a little while before dumping another load of cum inside her.

As always, Thank You! for reading, and especially for all the encouraging comments and Private Messages. Things have been crazy in my life, but I try to pound something out when I can. Hopefully the next chapter won't take so long and I do have a couple more stories that I need to work on, such as Boy Stud and What's Wrong With Me?.

And I also want to get back to the Lake Estate I've got some nasty shit planned there… I can't say it enough Thank You!

I such a whore when it comes to feedback, so please leave a comment below, or drop me a Private Message, and I always respond to your PM…&hellip. RogueRambler