Karlee gray xxx sexy story

Karlee gray xxx sexy story
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I Met a Young Girl at the Bar Chapter 1 I should start by telling you my name is Ray and I'm close to 30. I'm 6'2 and weigh about 200.

Very light brown, almost blond hair and a decent physique. I just moved to a big city. I've been single for close to 8 years and I have a wonderful family who has my back. I keep a secret from them though. The secret being that I am attracted to younger girls. I am also attracted to older ones too but that isn't my ultimate fantasy. I was ready to meet someone. I was getting sick of getting off by myself.

It all started when I felt like going to get a drinksomewhere I've never been. It was early afternoon, about 2:00 and I drove downtown to see what was around.

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I found this place called Orlanta's Fine Spirits and Grill, since I'm a conniseaur of fine alcohol it seemed fitting to check it out. I was also a bit hungry. I walked in and looked around.

This place was very cool. The lights were dim and had an almost old jazz bar feel to it. No stupid sayings or random crap on the walls, just a quiet bar that had class. I sat at the bar and noticed there weren't any other people there except for a couple seated in the far corner. They hadn't noticed I'd come in, too busy making out I suppose. The bartender, a mid-forties looking guy with a decent build and a mustache that put Magnum or the Bandit to shame, walked over and asked, "what'll it be Mac?" Couldn't believe he actually said that.

I ordered a Martini, dry, and I heard a little voice say, "could you order one of those for me too?" I started to smile and looked over to see a girl that didn't look a day over 11, maybe 12.

She had long, light brown hair, styled nicely, brown eyes and a cute little nose. Her smile was contagious too. Shorter than me, maybe 5'0 and skinny. She was wearing a blue dress that went to her middle thighs, and toeless shoes that matched her dress and blue polished nails. She had barely any boobs on her chest, that I could make out. Absolutely beautiful. She had asked me that about 10 seconds before I started drooling on her. I snapped out of it and told her she was too young to drink a Martini.

"No I'm not" she said. "My name is Amber and I'm 23" I laughed playfully and told her she was trying to fool the wrong guy. She laughed back and pulled out an ID that said that was 23. I still couldn't believe her and the bartender confirmed her age and put a drink in front of Amber. Wow that's incredible, I thought to myself as I smiled at her for a few seconds. I finally told her my name and shook her hand. She smiled back and said, "nice to meet school saxy story sex stories king com downlod, Ray" in a seductive sort of way.

We talked for a bit and after a few drinks I was getting horny for this younger looking girl. She noticed me looking at her body through her dress. I wanted to see underneath it!! She leaned in and whispered in my ear, "it turns me on when I meet a guy who is into little girls" I got a half a stiffy then. She must have known it too because she grabbed it and pulled up her dress just enough so I could see her little white panties. That made it a fully hardened cock. I couldnt believe it!!

She asked if I demi sutra in scoping out my stepsis to go to her place. I happily accepted. Chapter 2 We arrived at her house and it was in nice neighborhood. She explained that her parents were rich and bought her the house and set her up with enough money to live comfortably for a considerably long amount of time.

She said it was hard to get a job or do other tasks since she looked so young. I thought of something else that was hard. We went in and she told me to sit down and make myself at home and she'd be back with some beverages. I took my shoes off, plopped on the couch, pretty astonishing lesbian cosplay tube porn my hands behind my head and stretched out.

I heard ice hit glass and liquid being poured. She entered wearing a bikini and carrying tray with a pitcher of long islands. Holy shit his chick was fine! I was right, she had such small tits! No hair anywhere that I could see and skinny little legs that were exquisite. I asked her again if she was really 23 and replied, "What are ya scared to get caught?

Don't worry I really am 23!" and she put the tray down, handed me a full glass, grabbed one for herself and we cheered, drinking the drinks rather quickly.

She proceeded to ask me about my taste in little girls. I explained that I like tiny titties, little butts, and bald bodies. She then pulled down her top and she had an 11 year old chest!! She grabbed my hand and put it on her chest. I lifted my other arm too and started to rub her little chest and rotate my thumbs on her nipples. She moaned softly and put her hand down her bottom and started to rub her little pussy. I was rock fucking hard by then. I pulled toward me and kissed her deeply on the lips, pushing my tongue into her mouth.

She met my tongue and started to massage it with her soft, magnificent tongue, and started to unbutton my pants.

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I, in turn, peeled of my shirt and continued my pursuit of her little tongue. We were both now only wearing one piece of clothing. She stood me up and pulled my underwear down, exposing my throbbing, uncircumcised penis. She threw them across the room and grabbed hold of my dick and started jerking me off while looking at me and rubbing herself inside her bottoms. I was heaven. Before I came, I stopped her and sat back down.

I then put each of my hands on her hips and began rubbing her whole pelvic area from her little ass to her petite little pussy. She was getting wet and hot. I then pulled her little bikini bottoms down and there was the cutest little pussy I had ever seen, right there in front of my face.

She was completely bald! It looked like a little 11yo girl pussy. I picked her up and sat her down on the couch. I kneeled in front of her and started kissing her while rubbing her naked, pre-pubescent body.

I worked my kisses to her neck and softly nibbled her. She was gyrating a bit and moaning. I came to her little girl chest and licked and kissed and sucked every square inch, paying special attention to her little nipples. I moved south and found her belly button, on that flat little belly with no fat but a little muscle, and kissed it with tongue for a bit.

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I moved down more to her pubic area and kissed all around her pussy, being careful not to touch it quite yet, just geezer pounds his sons gf from behind get her hot. After that, I moved down to her feet and licked and sucked her tiny toes as she got hotter and hotter. I worked my way up those smooth little legs and as I neared her sweet sugar plum she grabbed my head and shoved my face into it.

I buried my tongue in that little baby pussy and made out with it. She started moaning hard and gyrating her hips and I had to move with her to keep her going. After only a few minutes, her whole body twitched vibrated to an intense orgasm. She was screaming with pure ecstasy. She wanted me to fuck her mouth so I moved under her and she just jumped on my dick like she had wanted to suck a dick for her whole life.

She was excellent. One hand, and her suction mixed with the movement of her soft little tongue just put me in a different world. I began imagining that she really was only 11 and I really got hot!

She looked up at me and said, "would you put your pee pee in my pee pee mister?" Oh my god that almost made me cum right there!

I picked her up and laid her on the carpet and she spread her little legs. Her "pee pee" was so perfect! I put my dick at her opening and rubbed it on the lips and clit. She moaned while she tweaked her nipples. This was it, I get to fuck an 11 year old girl who is actually 23!! With that I slowly shoved my hardness and her tight little bald pussy, she cried with excitement. After I had it halfway in, I shoved it fast and hard the rest of the way in.

She screamed in enjoyment as I started to plow her harder. I was in heaven and she was in heaven OR hell! I fucked this little looking woman for no longer then ten minutes and I had to blow it. "CUM INSIDE ME!! I CANT GET PREGNANT!" I complied and filed her tiny little body a load of cum that was bigger than any load I ever shot!!

She came right along with me as I could feel her little pussy grasping my big hard cock. We laid together together for awhile and she told How happy she was to meet me, how it freaks guys out how young she looks. She then told me that next time she will bring her niece. My first story!! Tell me the truth!!