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Chapter 4 Waking up in a steel,casket-like holding machine was not a way mark Saint would have like to start his day.He couldn't even move properly.Only thing that kept himhim alive in there was the breathing holes that allowed some oxygen to flow through into the casket cell.He really hated his life right about now. 'We know your awake,creature.' Mark froze at the voice.It seemed to be coming from a small speaker on top of him.Squinting at it he made out the tiny symbol of a black and white chessboard and had to struggle from cursing his fate even more with loud profanity.Great.Just great.He was the prisoner of Amanda waller and her group,Checkmate.

'Let hawt and private sex games hardcore and reality make one thing clear,creature.We have nothing much against you.But your appearance has given us new hope.You see,the energy that you possess is,in other words,clean.Pure.And it also seems,limitless.With that energy,we can provide stable clean energy output to the whole world for free.And all it will cost is your freedom.I hope you don't mind?' ??????This woman need a hobby.Don't mind?Fuck that.He was getting the hell outta here.But how?He couldn't exactly move in this thing and(ashamed as he was to admit it)he had no friends in this world to help him out of this mess he found himself in.Sigh.Why couldn't someone just dropped him in the twilight universe with these powers?.Killing vampires like the Volturi would be so much more fun.

He shut his eyes and began to surge with energy.The only way out was to blast his way out and to do that he'd have to unleash his true divine form.His image started to be surrounded with golden,divine light and the casket began to shake as his powers were unshackled from his control. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Outside the chamber.

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Amanda waller watched as the technicians began to wire the casket cell to absorb the angel's energy.If they could actually take his energy,who knows what else they could do.Cure disease.End starvation.Who knows?Forget Superman.As impressive as the Kryptonian's abilities were,his were but an effect of the yellow sun.Here.Here was a truly divine creature.Who knows what they could learn from it.The possibilities were endless.A smile grew on her face at her thoughts.And quickly disappeared as the steel casket began to shake uncontrollably.Something was wrong.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Outside the jeck plus jill big cock. Starfire,Miss Martian and the Flash stood outside the building with a beaten Deathstroke in tow,bound in steel pipes courtesy of flash.After reporting to the league,it was decided that miss Martian and flash would take point,hunt down Deathstroke and rescue the angel before bringing him back to the league Watchtower.Finding Deathstroke and taking him down was easy for the three.After reading his mind,miss Martian had found Checkmate's base.All they had to do now was rescue the angel.Well,at least it was the plan.The plan before seeing various scientists,staff,staff oldies and Amanda waller herself running out of the building as if Satan on a motorcycle was after them.Or at least something just as worse.The divine nuclear like explosion must have been it.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@ Reports later confirmed that the explosion could have been estimated at the power of 500 Hiroshimas.Strangely though,except for the building where it originated,somewhere in downtown Gotham city,no other building or residence was destroyed.No one was even hurt in the blast.(Though many Demons met a burning end that day.)All that was left was a crater.A really,really huge crater. Flashback- What happened.

Flash stood up shakily on his two feet and checked to see both Starfire and Miss Martian knocked out.He had barely gotten out of the blast radius himself.It had taken all his speed just to get the three of them out of there in one piece. He turned only to be met with a gun to his masked face.

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'Well,well,well.If it isn't the flash.' Amanda waller was feeling smug.Her superiors may feel disappointed by the loss of the angel,but the flash,Starfire and the Martian lady would make up for it quite nicely as consolation test subjects.And they didn't even need to be alive.She cooked the trigger and was about to fire on the worn out flash only to be puzzled at the look on his face.He wasn't looking at her but.BEHIND HER.

Too late did she turn only to be unable to dodge the blast of pure energy that slammed into her, sending her flying back into uncouncioness on the ground.Flash's mind was meanwhile trying to make sense of what he was seeing.The light was too petite katie st ives gets fucked by bbcy bbc for him to make out the figure,but he could see the six eight pairs of wings spread out on his back and the hood covering his face.The bright light seemed to give the flash new strength and as it covered him,Starfire and miss Martian,he could feel his slight wounds healing and his cares and fears drift away.He had no doubt that if the angel had taken off his hood,he would be vaporised but right now.It felt wonderful.

Starfire had also be woken up by the bright light and was looking at the being in front of them in shock.All her life as a princess and hero of Earth she had never seen something so.beautiful.Her green eyes tried to peer past the light and hood to sexy whore jureka del mar gets boned and jizzed on the beings face but couldn't,even with her keen eyesight almost on par with superman's.The light began to fade and finally vanish as a pillar of light shot into the sky and the angel telephoned away.Starfire had been going to stop him,feeling something like sadness in her heart as he disappeared.She wondered at the feeling.

'I've never even met him.So why do I feel this way?'she questioned herself internally.She just couldn't place it. Suddenly she looked up as a tinkling noise seemed to move slowly through the air as a pure white feather floated gently on the wind to land softly on her waiting hand.She smiled.It seemed the angel had left her a keepsake.She would cherish it.Until they met again.And she would find him.He polish girl zuza from poznan bet on it.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 2 WEEKS LATER. If mark had known the ramifications of his 'little' explosion on that night,he would have thought twice before doing it.Apart from Raising the dead,whole and healthy and not zombiefied,back to life,Curing diseases and injuries and destroying demons in an 14,000 mile radius,he had also given rise to the soldiers of the order he would soon found.Anybody under the age of thirty even remotely caught in the pulse of light of the explosion began to gain abilities.Not superpowers,at least not all of them.Increased speed,strength and agility.Higher intelligence.Enhanced senses and even a little clairvoyance.Other even found that they could fight without ever having trained to fight or use weapons and tools they never knew how to use in the first place.

Most of the affected stopped going to work or school.Insted spending days at home on the Internet and phones,finding,talking and meeting up with others who were like them.Boys and girls,Men and women met in parks,cafes and even restaurants with each other for discussion on their new abilities.Half were teenagers,most were adults in the age bracket of twenty two going up.The oldest affected was 34 years old.

One thing they all agreed on was this.Inside each of them was a similar longing.To find their maker.The one who had given them these abilities.It was the longing akin of a child to its parent and it grew with each day.One day though,all of them,all 3000 of them,felt the call.As if someone was pulling at the other end of a rope,they felt the call.And as one,at exactly 7:00pm, they left their homes and started following the call.Only the feeling and their hearts guiding them.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Mark opened his silver coloured eyes and stared at the moon.He had called and they had answered.The first of many.Not only In Gotham,but around the world.Soon they would begin and the order would rise.Angel or not,worthy or not.He had found himself in this world and he would not see it fall to darkness,no matter the source.

'Retreat and you will age.Hesitate and you will die.' The time for hesitation was over. ( Apokolips-Throne room.) Darkseid had sensed the power surge from earth.He doubted if any being in the whole universe hadn't felt it.All eyes would be on earth now.But that power.Whoever or whatever it was would be his.It was time he paid the primitive planet a visit. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ ( Justice Lords universe.) Diana also known as Wonder woman looked at her fellow justice Lords as they felt the explosion of energy,so powerful that it had spread even to their universe.They knew this power though yet.They hadn't felt it years.No since her husband.not since he had died.She turned to Lord batman to see him already setting up the dimensions transporter.It would take some time but they would soon investigate.

(Crime syndicate universe.) The energy had hit superwoman like a tidal wave.She knew that power.Its owner had left them a long time ago.Had left her a long time ago.A smile formed on her face.Seemed the crime syndicate were going on a trip to another universe. TO BE CONTINUED.

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P.S:Just to clarify once more.This takes in the New 52.For any info on how the characters except Angel/Mark Saint, who is a OC ,look Google the character and add NEW 52 at the end.

Sorry for the short chapter and slow addition of chapters but a guy has to give his work some plot and thinking.The plot heats up with more enemies and likely allies coming for mark as well as his beginning of his order.Sex will be in the new chapters, I promise.Also new versions of the DESTINY IN A WORLD OF HEROES story will begin to come such as putting mark in other worlds like Naruto,Bleach or Harry Potter.

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See ya.Hopefully soon.