Curvy latina slut takes doggystyle fuck hardcore and bigboobs

Curvy latina slut takes doggystyle fuck hardcore and bigboobs
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Thank you to "HornyPilot" for checking some of the grammar mistakes! An 18 years old Dora steps out from The Foggy Forest, where she just helped her old friend fixing his car, again. She look down at her clothes, luckily the oil didn't ruin her clothes.

She is wearing her signature purple Tshirt. Braless. It's a bit too tight as it hugs her hourglass body so perfectly. Her 38C breasts seem busty with her petite figure.

With her cute nipples poking out. Her short shorts barely covers french arab girl anal art imitating life skins of her thighs, and just perfectly cover her thick plump ass. Leaving her curvy legs for view. Pantiless. Her socks are barely reaching her knees, as she wear the white Velcro shoes. She look up at the bright sky and she can see a few clouds drifted by the slow wind.

She reach for The Map inside her Backpack and open the scroll like map. The map is empty. "So Map, where to go next?" She asked. And slowly a trail of ink starts to appear on the map. Drawing itself. Her home appeared first, then dots of trail leading to the Foggy Forest, where she just got out from. And the trail leads to another checkpoint. The Perverted Bridge. "Perverted Bridge it is then! Wait for me Boots!

Don't eat all the cake!" She said, smiling gleefully as she roll the map back and shove it into her backpack. She walk gleefully as she grins. Its Boots birthday. He already went to his favorite restaurant where they will celebrate it there. Excited as always. Dora stops at the fork of the trail. She look at her left, the trail leads to and old bridge, which then lead to another trail into a cave.

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The middle trail leads to a weird bridge. Two statues of a moaning naked girls are guarding the bridge, where the pillars are carved as hard veiny cocks.

The last trail is a rock bridge leading to an abandoned castle. "Hmm… I wonder which one is the Perverted Bridge…" She joked herself before she walks towards the middle bridge.

She look at the stone statues. The girls have a perfect body. Then she paused at her steps. To see a hooded figure standing at the middle of the entrance of the bridge. "Hola! My name is Dora. And I wish to use this bridge." She said politely as she bow a bit. "Of course my dear Dora." The rough voice replied. "But there are payments needed to be made." Dora nods. Understanding. As in this realm, if the person built it, then he have the right to ask for tolls.

"Sure thing. How much do you need?" She ask, as she prepare herself to count the money in her backpack. "3… Orgasm…" The rough voice replied. Her eyes widens a bit hearing that. She has heard about people taking orgasm as payments. But this is her first time encounter one. She give it a thought for a while. I can't go to the Boot's birthday party if I don't use this bridge.

At least not in time. "Deal. 3 orgasms then…" She agrees. The hooded figure slides his robe aside, to expose his 7 inch half harded veiny cock. Dora blushed. This is not her first time seeing a cock but never this huge. And it's not even fully hard! She kneels in front of the Hooded Man. The guardian of the gate. Her fingers slowly reach for his cock and start to stroke it back and forth. Feeling his cock growing in his hand. "Ahh Yess Dora… I always love a teen's hand…" He moans.

Dora looks up as she grins. Dora always love being praised. She tightens her grip just a bit and start stroking a bit faster. Her breasts jiggles with her alice walks around the city in latex shirt. Then she slowly slides his growing cock into her mouth. She sucking it hard, feeling how it throbs and grow inside her mouth. Her tongue swirls around his cock as she starts to move her head back and forth. Bobbing on his cock.

"Fuck… Yes… That's it Dora… Look at me as you suck my cock." He groans as he cups Dora's chin and push it up a bit so their eyes meet. Dora can't see his face from where she is, as the man's face is hidden under the shadow of his hood.

But the man can see her petite cute face stuffed with his cock just fine. Dora fasten her pace as she start to suck his cock sloppily. Wet slurping noises as she moans on his throbbing cock. He then grabs Dora's head, holding her in place as he start to pound her mouth.

Fucking her petite mouth so fast and hard making Dora's head flinch back everytime his head hits Dora's throat. "Agghh Ummphh!!" Dora's saliva drools down on her chin as she keep looking up. Her eyes teared a bit from the pleasure and the pain of being shoved into her throat. But adventurous Dora keep taking his cock knowing she can't give up just by a mere blowjob. The hooded man grab his head harder as he pounds deeper.

"Fuckk!" He groans as he shove his cock as deep as he can into Dora's throat and shot load after load of his thick creamy semen into her throat. Dora swallows as much as she can as some of it flooded her mouth and drools on her lips.

She keep swallowing and sucking every drop of his cum before she pulls his cock out and start licking his shaft.

Cleaning him up. "That is one!" Thick black cock way up hillary scotts ass dick said gleefully, counting the payment.

His cock is still hard for the next. The hooded man pulls Dora up and and kiss her lips. His tongue invades her mouth, kissing her lustfully as his hand grope her busty breast over that tight Tshirt. His other hand slides to her ass and squeeze that thick plump ass almost desperately. "Ummphh!" Dora moans into the kisses.

As she keeps stroking his cock. Letting the perverted hooded man feeling her teen luscious body up. He breaks the kiss and pulls her purple shirt up. He squeeze both of her breasts lustfully before he leans in and sucks her nipple. As he keep groping and squeezing the other. Dora leans on the railing of the bridge as she look down at the Perverted Hooded Man. Her body arched as she let the man devour her young teen body.

"Ahhh… You are really a perverted man… Ummphhh" She moans naughtily.

Love her breasts being groped and squeezed like that. The hooded man's tongue swirls around Dora's nipple and suck it hard. Before he pulls his head back and suck the other hand. Dora's body arched on the railing as she bite her lips.

"Ummphh!" She moans. Exceptional skinny sweetie gets her pink hole and little ass hole poked perverted man then pulls his head back, turn Dora's body around and bend her over. The backpack still on her back.

He spank that thick lustful ass. PAP! Making it jiggles with her short shorts. "Ahhh!!" Dora moans. She bites her lower lip as she look over her shoulder. The perverted man does not wait too long before he pulls her shorts down on her knees and spank that naked ass again. "Ahhh!!" Dora moans more. The perverted man squeeze her ass before he put his cock between her thick ass.

Squeezing both of her ass cheeks on his cock and start fucking her ass cheeks roughly. "Ahh Ahh Ahh… Do you like my ass, Perverted Guardian?" She asked naughtily. "Ohh Fuck Yes! I love your thick ass, Dora!" He groans as he grab her ass cheeks, spank them and keep grinding his thick fat veiny cock between her ass cheeks.

Dora's body flinched back and forth being rammed like that. She bites her lower lips as she bend some more, exposing more of her teen ass for him. Dora grab the railing tight as she bite her lips. "Ummphh Ummphh Ummphh!" She moans as she can feel his balls hitting her ass his cock sliding back and forth between her thick ass cheeks.

He quickins her pace, wanting to make a mess on her ass. Her cock throbs harder as her cum filled balls slams her ass again and again. Her body arched. "Ohh Yes Doraaa!! Fuckkk!!" He groans as he pulls back and start stroking his cock furiously.

Dora looks aback over her shoulder to see the perverted hooded man pumping his cock and with his groans, his cock explodes with another wave or orgasm, shooting rope after rope of his thick hot cum, spurting it all over Slim babe knows what a guy wants perfect ass. He keep pumping his cock, unloading more and more of his thick cum all over Dora's perfect teen ass.

"Ummph… That is two…" Dora naughtily counts.

The perverted hooded man smiles under the shadow of his hood. Dora can see his teeth smiling. Feeling her ass now covered with his thick cum. He put the head of his cock on her already wet drooling pussy lips. Dora's body flinched a bit at the touch. She bite her lips as she look over her shoulder. "I'll go inch after inch. I want to hear you count it." He leans in and lick her ears.

"I know you love counting…" He tease. Dora blushes as she nods. And with that, the Perverted Hooded Man pushes the tip of his cock, an inch deep. "Ahhh!! O… One!!" Dora moans. "Good…" He whisper hot blonde in stockings uses a toy her ear.

Then he pushes an inch more. "T… Two ahhh!!" Dora moans, feeling his tight pussy being filled inch after inch. He groans as he pushes more. "Ahh Ahh Thick! I mean! Three!!" Dora moans as she counts. Measuring his cock. And yes, his cock is so thick that it spreads Dora's pussy in a way she never had before. He groans as he push a bit more than an inch making Dora's back arched. "Ahhh!!" "What is 3+3, Dora…?" The perverted man groans. "Ummphh!

Ahh. S. Six!" Dora replies as her pussy squeeze his thick throbbing cock. The man smiles as he push more, an inch more. "Ahhh S… Seven!!!" She moans as her legs are getting weak from the tease.

The man pushes an inch more. "E… Eighttt!!! Ahhh its filling me up!!" She moans. She thought that his cock already buried deep in her, but apparently, she is wrong as the man pushes an inch more.

Hitting the entrance of her fertile young womb. Her eyes widens. "N. Nine??" She asked in disbelief. Dora know his cock is huge but she didn't realize it's that huge! "Wrong!!" The man groans as he shove the rest of his cock into her pussy balls deep. Pushing her womb making Dora moans loud. "Ahhhh T… Tennn!! Tennn!!! Your cock is Tenn inches long!!" Dora moans desperately as he grab her backpack. His other hand spank her ass. "That's a good girl…" He tease.

He grab her ass and start pulling back his cock, only to enter her again. "Ahh Ummph!!" Dora moans as her tight teen pussy squeeze his massive cock, as the Perverted Hooded Man fasten his pace. His cock slams deep into her pussy from behind as he grab Dora's backpack tight.

Holding her as he fuck her rough and deep. "Ahh Ahhh you are filling me upp!! Your 10 inch cock is… Is filling me upp!!" She moans as her ass jiggles with the man's rough motion.

"You are right Dora! Ahhh Fuck you are tight!!" He moans as he leans fasten his pace. Dora holds the railing tight as she bent more for him. Feeling his cock pounds into her deep in every fuck. Her breasts jiggles fast and rough with their motion. As Dora moans and pants from the pleasure. Then the Hooded Perverted Man withdraws his cock and turn Dora around, wraps his arms around her and lifts her onto the railing before rips off the shorts of her legs and then spread her legs wide open for him.

He kisses Dora lustfully, his tongue swirls around hers as Dora wrap her hands around his neck. Then Dora accidently pulls his hood down, revealing who it is. Dora's eyes widens. "SWIPER???" Swiper The Old Fox. A Thief. He grins. His half greyed hair tied on his back like a short ponytail. And he have that signature purple thief mask on covering his eyes, his identity. Dora wants to push him away, knowing that she have been tricked.

But Swiper holds her body tight and shove his mira in stockings sensually stimulated with feather into her wet cunt. "Ahhh!!" "Ohh Dora don't fight this. You loved it don't you? Plus you already agreed to pay…" He smiles as he kisses her perversely.

"N… Nooo! Ummphh!!" Dora moans but he is right. She loves the fucking. She loves his 10 inch cock. And she already agreed to pay. She blushes as she feels his tongue slides into her mouth, and she start to suck it willingly. The Swiper's cock starts to pound her again, fucking her rough like he always wanted to. His hand grab Dora's young teen ass as his cock pumps in and out of her wet squeezing pussy.

His other hand squeeze Dora's breast as she moans in kisses. "Ummphh!! Ummphh!!" Swiper groans. His 10 inch cock slams deeper and harder into Dora's wet pussy. Dora spread her legs wider for him as he shove his cock again and again, slamming deep into her womb.

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Swiper break the lustful kiss and lick her neck. Dora's hands wrapped tight around his neck as she moans into Swiper's ear. Making him lust for her more.

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"Ohh Dora I'm going to cum in you. And we will have such a strong schoolgirl anastasia knight sucks and rides santas cock clever Swiper baby!" He groans as his cock pumps in and out faster and harder. Making wet sloppy squishy noises as he fuck her openly at the bridge.

Dora's eyes widens hearing that. "We… We can't!! I. I won't!!" Dora moans as Swiper lifts her up and lays her down on the bridge's cold floor. Swiper pushes her legs up as he start to fuck her really rough, fast and deep.

"Ohh My Dora girl… Ahh Ahh I don't think you have the choice." He groans and grins, Dora's breasts jiggles with his fuck. The pleasure of his thick fat cock is too much for Dora. Pushing her to the edge. "Ahh Ahh Ummphh Ohh Fuck Swiper your cock feels so good!!" She groans as she look at him in the eyes. Swiper groans, turned on by her words as he pushes her legs up higher as he pump his cock faster into her.

Dora's hands on the bridge's floor as she moans with every fuck Swiper made to her. "Fuckk DORA I'M CUMMINGG!!" The Swiper groans and shove his cock as deep as he can, pushing the entrance of her womb and explodes in her. Loads after loads flooding in her womb. "AHHH SWIPERR!!!" Dora moans as her body arched, her tight teen pussy explodes in such an orgasm as her pussy squeeze his cock tight, bursting with her own orgasmic juice all over his cumming cock.

Dora's pussy squeeze tight, milking every drop of his cum into her young fertile womb. "Ahh… And… That is three… Three orgasm…" Dora said weakly. Her face flushed. Being fucked and creampied by her own archnemesis. The Swiper groans as and smile hearing that as he keep cumming. Making sure every drop of her seeds ending up in her womb.

"Ohh Dora… We are so going to have such a swiper baby… Ahhh… " He groans. He pulls his cock out and see her pussy pooled with his cum.

He smiles as he moves to her face and brushes his cum coated cock on her lips. Dora look at him naughtily as she licks his cock. And Swiper pushes his cock into her mouth. She sucks it hard, cleaning him up. Satisfied, Swiper take off the rest of the robe and put on his normal thief clothes back.

"I'll see you again, Dora. And I'll swipe our baby from you." He grins before he leaves. Dora pushes herself up and put on her shorts. She pulls her shirt down, covering her breasts as she can still feel the cum on her ass is starting to dry.

And Swiper's fresh cum pooled in her pussy. She readjust her backpack. "Do you need it now, Dora?" The Backpack said to her telepathically. She nods. And with that, the backpack launched a box of Plan B geezer pounds his sons gf from behind and landed on her palm. Dora smiles naughtily as she whispers.

"Swiper, No Swiping…" Epilogue As Dora walks heading to the Boot's Birthday party, she hear a noise behind a tree. Curiously, she check it out. Her eyes widens to see a naked man tied. His 5 inch dick hanging loose. Dora bites her lower lips. Feeling horny still. And since she already taken the plan B pills… "I guess this is the real guardian of the Perverted Bridge, we should help him.

Do we have some time to do the. Payment, Backpack?" She asks Backpack naughtily. "15 minutes." The Backpack replied. "That will do." She smiles naughtily. THE END

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