Slutty luscious babe gangbanged hard pornstar and hardcore

Slutty luscious babe gangbanged hard pornstar and hardcore
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"Come on let's go, i'll have to fix some things before the guests arrives!" Laura yelled at me "Okay okay, let me put on my shoes" i yelled back. Let's fast forward a couple of hours There she was, standing straight with her 33C cups, talking to her best friend Laura!

They saw me staring and waved me to come. "Hey meet my best friend, Jessica she said" I introduced myself shyly.

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"My best friend, also Jessicas boyfriend Matt grabbed me by my wrists and dragged me to the drinks "Dude, me and Jessica have nowhere to sleep" he xxx story xd com japan, you can crash at my place if you want" i told him, knowing that it was a bad idea from the beginning.

We drank, danced, talked, laughed, and out of nowhere the clock said 2 AM "It's time to go back" i told Matt "We'll Jessica's passed out so we'll have to carry her" he said "That's okay, i only live 2 minutes from here anyways" i told him.

We carried her all the way to my place, and laid her on the mattress. Matt laid beside her and they both fell asleep as soon as they laid down.

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I placed myself to the right of Jessica, while Matt was to the left. All the alcohol made me all horny and i wanted to masturbate so bad, but i didn't dare when Matt & Jessica was there. While i was turning and twisting to get some sleep i accidently brushed against Jessica's right breast, which gave me instant hard-on, but also i feared she'd wake up and yell at me calling me perv.

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But she didn't even move a bit, which made me think I slowly started to put my right hand on her left breast, i was barely touching her As i started to get some more courage i started to squeeze her breast a bit, luckily she only had a tank top and panties without any bra.

I slowly pulled the tank top up so i could see her breast, neither Jessica or Matt moved an inch! I put her right breast in my mouth and started to suck at it, and changed breast every now and then. Then i slowly went down to her stomach until i reached to her mould I started finger her through her panties and i could feel how she got all wet i pulled her panties down and positioned myself so i could lick her clit, that was the strongest odour i had smelled, but at the same time the sweetest I slowly rubbed the tip of my cock on her clit before i shoved it all in asian squirters toys from her horny stud eager to make her cum started thrusting I've never felt anything like that before in my life, i was so close to cum, so i pulled out and shoved it all the way in one last time before i came inside her I dragged up her panties and fixed her tanktop before re-positioning myself to sleep Just when i'm about to sleep i heard Jessica whisper "That felt great" and giggled a bit TO BE CONTINUED!

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If i get enough thumbs-up and/or possitive comments i'll make a part 2!