Conquering a gigantic ding dong hardcore cumshot

Conquering a gigantic ding dong hardcore cumshot
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I always wanted to fuck your ass you were in two minds about the trust fearing I would tear your crack you played my words with some slack And than you said at a time lets try in a rhyme lub me well and finger it in gently first, till I tell it's fine Not long you found a pleasure a new found life to treasure you mentioned it's like a treat stick in your cock with a beat At first you guided it along to the hole to make it belong rounding up my swollen head to start an begging me to push it in hard "Oh!

that hurt" you screamed aloud "carry on pumping while I shout". Gradually it just glided in You silently enjoyed it it seemed "More" "please more" you cried I thrust it in with all my might "Fill your Cum" in my ass I obliged with a mighty trust.

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Spurt after spurt I released in you not a drop did you want to miss. I tried to make it clean and dry inevitable it still leaked some wry You then used your mouth to taste my cock out of your spout "Lovely" you lighted up a smile "we'll do it again in a while"