Sharing a tough ramrod hardcore and blowjob

Sharing a tough ramrod hardcore and blowjob
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After me and David started to become friendly we were inseparable. We were friends for about 2 months now. He still didn't know I was bi and I wasn't sure if he was gay, bi or straight either.

But other than that we were the best of friends. The majority of our classes in a school day were spent together and we even cut class together. During these times we really got to know each other well. Other than me knowing he was polish and that he liked to play handball, I got to know about his past and some other things I never knew he liked. For instance David liked to smoke weed and drink, he's allergic to cats, is a virgin, and what interested me most, was the story about his cousin.

One day we were hanging out in the handball courts by ourselves and we were talking. We were talking about sex and hot young creampied by two black guys tube porn told me about a time his cousin, a boy cousin, made him do some things with him. Well, David was about 11 and he was still living in Poland when it all happened. His cousin one day said that if David would suck his dick he'd suck Davids, and they did it.

But to make sure David did it, his cousin would beat him.

They did this more than once. His cousin made David stand in front of him naked, and jerk off, while his cousin watched. David's cousin also made David fuck him in his ass.

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Although David never got fucked he did the fucking. When he told me that story I was shocked and a little turned on. He was so ashamed of what he did that when he was finished telling me, I saw the embarrassment and shame in his eyes. His cheeks were red with embarrassment. I knew he felt bad about it so I wanted to comfort him.

"Dude, what your cousin did was wrong and I'd never do that to you or anyone. If I see him today David, I'll fuck him up just for you and make him apologize for what he did to you." I said and i put my arm around him for support.

"If you ever want to talk about something I'm here for you, man" "Thanks Kyle, I appreciate that a lot. It's just, I'm ashamed of what I did mostly because when I did it I.I.uhhh I can't say it. It's to embarrassing for me. plus it's hard to xxnx hard xxnx fuking cring David said and I rubbed his back for more support.

"Dude you can tell me, I promise I'll take this conversation with me to my grave. So c'mon spill it, you might as well finish what you started to say. I'm all ears." I said and I looked right into his eyes and my look basically said how I felt.

And the way I felt was caring for him and he looked back at me at continued what he was going to say. "Okay, when me and my cousin were doing those things, I liked it, a lot. I liked doing it with him at the time.

That's why I'm ashamed of it. Kyle, I never told anyone about this before, and it actually feels good to tell someone. You know, I'm happy I told you because I trust you."David said. He looked right into alena croft mommy always says yes eyes and the connection that I felt was so powerful, I thought I was going to pass out.

I knew he felt it also, there was no way he couldn't feel it. He put his hand to his chest, which backed me up on him feeling it I liked him and I was looking into his eyes, with my arm around him. He just told me he had a gay experience and I wanted to kiss him. "I.I.dam" was all I could say.

On an impulse I leaned in and kissed him on his lips, he didn't pull away or stop me, because he was kissing me back. He put his hands on my cheeks and I put my hands over his. We kissed for about 5 minutes.

When we finally pulled away, he looked at me and he smiled. "You know I've been kissed before, but never like that. You know this means I know your sexuality now Kyle. So is it bi or gay? But before you answer know I don't care what it is, just as long as you know that I want you to kiss me like that again.

Ever since what my cousin did, I've been confused about what I was. You're the first boy I've been attracted to and the connection I feel when you look at me is so strong it makes my heart melt." David said to me and he out his arm around me. "Well since you asked me, I'm officially bisexual.

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I also want you to know that ever since I laid my eyes on you, I wanted to be with you forever. I also don't care who knows about this because as long as I have you in my life I'm happy." I told him in return and kissed his cheek. "I've never had a boyfriend before you know and I'd like you to me my first one. David will you go out with me?" "Yea I'll be your boyfriend, Kyle. Who should we tell, and do you want to tell anyone?" he said. I wasn't sure if I wanted people to know about me and David just yet.

I told him that I wanted things to flow smoothly and not speed things up. He completely agreed with me and said whatever I wanted, he wanted. He just wanted to make me happy.

"Kyle you, know when we first met, and when you first looked in my eyes is when I first felt the connection between us. I had a feeling something big was going to between us one day. Looks like today is that day." He said with a little laughter at the end. I laughed with him and he rested his head on my shoulder. We sat there for about a hour more talking and shifting positions a little. I rode with him home and walked him to his building.

We kissed good-bye. I watched him walk into his apartment building and he looked back at me when he was at the door. "Call me later, Kyle" nicolette shea longest porn story said and walked upstairs. The entire train ride home he was on my mind, the whole day was all I could think about.

I couldn't wait to see him in school tomorrow.