Spicy peach gets jizz load on her face swallowing all the sperm

Spicy peach gets jizz load on her face swallowing all the sperm
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This is a 100 % true story of my first gay experience.I had been living in Canada for just over a year when it happened. I had been travelling around the country for the previous 6 months and had gotten a little out of shape just from being on the road and partying a bit too much.

I had always kept myself looking pretty good from years of playing football and rugby. I'm 6ft about 185lb with an athletic build; dark hair and blue eyes. I grew up in England and had a normal enough childhood; dated some girls; played sports; just an average kind of guy.

I watched a lot of porn growing up and as the years went by I would grow tired of watching the same old girl on girl or milf pornos. I never considerd myself gay at any stage but after awhile i did start watching some gay porn; mostly just out of curiousity in the beginning but i found i got really turned on by it; especially by twinks with young hairless bodies.

when i would wank off to it the orgasm seemed more intense for me; it felt kind of dirty and wrong but really exciting. I joined a gym in vancouver and was working out 5 or 6 times a week and getting back into good shape; my muscles were looking defined again and my six pack was starting to show again. the cool thing about this gym is it was right beside teacher cece stone squirts all over student squirting pornstars local high school so when i would go in at about 4.30 the treadmills and crosstrainers would be full of prime; tight high school pussy.

i used to just sit on the bicycle behing the treadmills and stare at their young sweey asses jiggling as they ran. after a while it would get too much for me and i would have to go into the toilets and wank off. On this one particular day i was up to my usual routine of sitting on the bike behing these four luscious 16 year olds enjoying the view when i turned my head and noticed this young; probably 17 year old half asian looking guy staring over at me.

i knew he had busted me checking the girls out but i didnt really care so i just gave him a wink and a cheeky smile thinking he was probably looking at them too. what i then realised was that a had been sporting a pretty solid erection all the time this was going on. it wasnt xxx movies of gonzunder 16 girls erect but was definitely noticeable in my small gym shorts. i felt embarassed then because i had smiled and winked at this guy while he was looking at my chubby cock.i got of the bike and covered myself with my sweat towel so nobody else would see and quickly moved to another machine.

for the rest of my workout i tried to avoid making eye contact with the guy but i could feel he was looking over at me all the time. i finished my workout and was heading for the changing rooms but as i entered the door i l turned around and saw the guy sitting on a bench staring at me.

our gaze met and held for an uncomfortable amount of time and honestly i dont know why i did this but i smiled at him in a cheeky provocative way and rubbed my cock outside my shorts.in the changing room i was taken aback by my actions; didnt know why i had did that but just kind of laughed it off to myself.

i took my bag from my locker and was taking my towel out for my shower when i heard someone else enter the locker room.

without turning around i knew it was going to be him and again i smiled to myself. he went to his locker and took out his phone and sat on the bech opposite me.

i was getting a nervous; excited feeling at this point as i knew he was just pretending to be on his phone while stealing glances up at me.trying not to pay him too much attention; i started undressing for my shower.

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i removed my singlet and checked myself out in the mirror. i was looking pretty good after my workout. after taking off my trainers and socks; i bet over pulling down my gym shorts; sticking my ass out only a matter of inches from his bench. i could'nt believe how daring i was being and how much enjoyment i was getting from this.

i could feel my cock twitching and stiffening in my tight briefs. i pulled my briefs down in a similar fashion and bared my naked ass to him. at man assists with hymen examination and poking of virgin kitten stage he was'nt bothering so much with the pretext of looking at his phone but rather wide eyed open mouth staring at me.

i turned to face him but rather than let him see my now hardening cock i pulled my towel over it to cover it. i stood like this for a moment; right in front of him; towel barely covering my cock smiled and then walked into the showers. there were 8 showers in this changing room; 4 on either side; individual cubicles partitioned by frosted glass. i turned the water on and stuck my head underneath all the while turning over the thoughts of what i had just done in my head.

i could'nt believe it; i never thought i'd act like that. i'm straight after all; or at least i thought i was; but i could'nt deny i took pleasure have that young hot high school boy watch me. i was in the second to last cubicle on the left showering when suddenly i heard the water come on in the last cubicle. i couldnt tell for certain but i was pretty sure it was my young friend. through the frosted glass i could see what resembled his short; thin; light brown skinned body.i tried not to stare but through the blurry glass i could definitely make out that the guy had his hand on his cock.

it didnt look like he was washing either; as i could see his hand moving in shork jerking motions. i could'nt help but to stare through the frosted glass and bring my hand to my own now fully erect 8incher. next thing i know a brown foot was coming under the partition in the my cubicle as a signal of intent.

i hesitated momentarily; but then slid my foot under his partition in response. my young friend took this for the green light that he was waiting for a nd turned off his shower. i honestly had never been so nervous or excited in my life because i knew he was coming for my cubicle. i turned my back to wall as he entered because i was too shy to meet his eyes. suddenly i felt a hand reaching around my body touching my chest and making its way south. the second his hand touched my throbbing cock it sent electricity running through my body and i thought i was gonna shoot off instantly.

luckily he released it and slid both his hands onto my thighs and circled them back to my wet ass checks.he spread my checks gently as i put my hands on the wall for support all the while the warm shower water was running down our naked bodies. i then felt one of the most pleasureable experiences of my life as he started tongueing my virgin asshole. no girl i had ever been with had ever done anything like this.

he lick from the back of my balls to the hole and darted his tongue in and out; in and out. i could feel him turning my hips with his hands; wanting me to turn around and who was i to refuse my new friend after he had been so good to me. i spun around and caught him on the jaw with my rigid member; he had moved close and wasnt expecting it to be so big. but i think it came as a welcome suprise because he just smiled and went about devouring my cock like it was his first meal in months.i had gotten plenty of blowjobs before this but none came close to the pleasure he was giving me.

he exceptional skinny sweetie gets her pink hole and little ass hole poked toook every inch into his mouth as he worked my balls with one hand and was massaging my anus with a finger from his other hand. it didnt take long for him to work me up to orgasm with the speed and dedication he was sucking with.

i could feel it building and building and knew it had to blow soon; and boy did it! i spewed jet after jet of hot spunk down the back of this boys throat; he swallowed the first few but then it starting seeping for the sides of his mouth down onto his chin.

he rolled his tongue around his lips and down onto his chin to not waste a drop; when he had swallowed it all he smiled up at me and got back to his feet. this was the first eye contact we had made the whole time as he leaned into me; our cocks brushing up against one another.

he looked at me then smiling looked down at his cock then back at me. it did'nt lovely lilith growing boobs with milk a genius to realise he wanted me to return the favour. without hesitation i dropped to my knees and surveyed the task at hand. he had a nice cock; probably 6inches; pretty good for an asian.

i gingerly brushed my lips against his mushroomy head and was suprised that it tasted quite nice; a little salty from the precum that was already evident.

growing in confidence i took his whole head in my mouth; massaging my the underside with my tongue. at first i was working his shaft with my hand and mouth but then i decide to just use my mouth and moved my hand between his legs and worked my ring finger into his tight anus.

really gave a new meaning to the term ring finger!i started sucking really fast because i wanted him to come quickly as i was nervous we would be caught; but it was my one girl many boys one by one fuck long story time sucking a dick and i clearly wasnt as good at it as he was was.

i looked up and him to see if he was close by his expresion and i could tell he was so i sucked even faster and harder. but suprisingly he pulled his cock away and whispered to me please fuck me; then turned to the wall. as i got back to my feet he stretched out in front of me; and what was in front of me was a tight little butthole eagerly anticipating a cock.

i was nt sure what to do as i didnt have a condom; anybody could have walked in; i was naked in a shower with another guy for gods sake.

everything in my head was screaming at me to get out of there! but as i looked down i saw my cock was back to fully erect wagging its head proudly in the air as if to say i make the decisions around here.

i quickly realised i was powerless to the whims of my cock and brought my purple head up against my little asain boys tight brown hole. i was nt sure how tight it was gonna be so i poured a little shower gel over my cock and his crack to lube it up; massaging it up and down with my cock head.

the asian boy just kept whispering fuck me; fuck me. i drove my cock into his tight anus hard from the start and he let out a whimper; i told him to be quiet in case someone heard.

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he nodded his head and closed his eyes indicating he would be a good boy. i ran my hands up and down his back as i ploughed in and out of him as hard and fast as i could.

i could tell i was hurting him but i knew he was loving it at the same time. his ass was so tight around my cock it felt incredible; i knew i was gonna blow for the second time if i kept up this speed.

but hell; we had been in here a while at this stage; it was only a matter of time before some else came in so i went full steam ahead. i told im gonna cum; where do u want it? he said he was about to cum too as he was furiously tugging his own cock; and to shoot into his ass; he wanted to feel it warm inside him.at that i lost all control and shot streams of warm gooey semen into this boys beautiful ass as he simultaneosly spilled his seed onto the shower room floor.

i pulled my cock out and watched as my seed dripped from his now red raw anus and was pretty happy with my work. i grabbed my towel and left the shower without a oriental hairy wet crack squirts squirting and japanese to my lover. he followed me out a minute later; walking a little awkwardly.

we both got dressed and left without saying a word to each other; just a casual smile as i exited.i didnt see the guy again; but the experience opened up a new world to me. and as i was in a new country with nobody i knew around to judge me i got into some pretty interesting situations. let me know if u want more stories; also all criticism is welcomed as this is my first time writing down my experiences. i have a lot of gay stories and some true stories about trannies aswell