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Characters and Settings I've used here belong to Disney, I own a crazy lustful imagination. Kim Possible: In alexis texas rides big penis gracefully Curse of the Demon's Hand "Shego, have you found the artifact I need to conquer the world?" Drakken asks. Shego smiles a nasty little smile before answering "Of course I did, though I don't know what you would want a dried up old mummified arm for." Drakken sneers, "You don't need to know, with this I'll bring Middleton to its knees." He said as he grabs the mummified arm from Shego.

"Now all I have to do is place the arm in the center of the altar and read the ancient runes carved on it." "Yeah…right this will turn out good, just like all your other plans." Shego said under her breath, as Drakken began the ritual. In the middle of the ritual Shego gets knocked forward by Kim distracting Drakken. "Mind if I crash the party?" Kim asks as she runs towards the altar to grab the stolen artifact Ron running just a few steps behind her.

"Oh no you don't!" Shego screams while firing her green ray at Kim. However Kim's superb athletic ability allowed her to dodge Shego's attack Ron however took the full force of the blast on his right arm incinerating it. Blood gushed out of the wound soaking the altar and the mummified arm just as Drakken finished the incantation.

"Ron!" Kim screams as she rushes to her friends' aid. "Ron look at me it'll be alright" "Arghhhh…" Ron screams in agony as he tries to stop the flow of blood from his wound, dark eldritch lights began to emanate from the mummified arm as tendrils spread out over the altar "There's nothing you can do now Kim Possible," Drakken screams manically "Now feel the power that is mine to command, and tremble at the might of the Demon Hand!" Drakken raises his arm, and nothing happens.


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I should have unparalleled power!" "Dr. Drakken, look…" Shego exclaims pointing at the supine form of Ron Stoppable. The Demon Arm, a black scaled arm whose fingers ended in talons was attached to Ron's body replacing his missing arm. Ron began to rise, his eyes burned red with unholy flames, his voice deep and resonating "Dragons of darkness consume mine enemies" Ron shouts as he points to the evil pair. Dark energies are released from his hand and hurtle towards the evil pair, Shego was able to grab Drakken by the collar and jump to safety an instant before the dragons destroyed the area they were standing on.

Such was the power of the assault that the whole base began to crumble and fall in on itself.

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"Ron we have to get out of here," Kim said, "The whole place is about to go!" as she grabs Ron's left arm The crime fighting pair rushes out of the collapsing hideout into the night. The following day at Middleton HS… "Wade what can you tell me about this Demon Arm?" she asks her friend.

"Well according to some rare lore that I've uncovered if the ritual is done correctly it's supposed to give it's wielder enough power to destroy the world, however there is a bright side to this," "And what will that be?" asks Kim "There's a prophesy that if it fuses with a man with mystical blood who has a kind heart then it will forever be bound to that man and his kindness will temper the demon's will and thus allow it to become a force for good." "Anything else?" Wade ponders for a moment, "Well if we can believe the legends Ron will develop Strength, Speed and other abilities like…" Wade trails off "Like what wade?" Kim asks "His demonic blood will make him irresistible to women." "You've got to be kidding tara lynn foxx sex movies, were talking about Ron here" Kim is distracted as a commotion occurs as Ron is walking towards her.

She notices that practically all the girls in the school are staring at Ron with dreamy eyes, and Bonnie of all people clings to his right arm, the Demon Arm, while one of her hands is apparently rubbing Ron's ass. "Ok, not so far a leap" Kim says as wade is forgotten as she falls under Ron's stare. "Kim, follow me.

The rest of you leave." Ron says as he grabs Kim by the waist and leads her out of School. His voice full of confidence, which has never been there before. Ron takes Kim to her house and leads her to her room.

Once inside he grabs Kim by her hair and proceeds to kiss her passionately. (What am I doing?) Kim thought to herself (This is Ron my best friend,) her thoughts trail off as thoughts of pleasing Ron became more urgent. Ron grabs her tight fitting T-shirt by the collar with his left hand and rips it from her young tight body.

"Noooo," Kim moans as she tries to cover her perky tits that Ron exposed. Removing the taters of her T-shirt, Ron uses it to bind Kim's hands behind her back. He then pushed Kim onto the bed and with his Demon Hand he began to trace a rune that glows with power on Kim's chest, just above her heart.

As the rune is completed, it flashes brightly and Kim suddenly felt herself get wet between her long legs. Naked from the waist up Kim shivers with unholy desire as Ron's demonic magic takes effect. He trails his lips down her neck, to her tits and proceeds to lick suck and bite her nipples which has grown hard at the stimulation she experienced. Kim moans in desire and surrender as Ron runs his demon hand up her impossibly long legs to her dripping panty clad pussy under her mini-skirt.

"Ron, stop, please you mustn't do this" Kim pleads with her tormentor.

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"Shut up Kim, I can smell your desire" Ron says as he pinches Kim's nipples cruelly with his free hand. He is rewarded by a sudden gush of pussy juice as Kim orgasms' from his rough treatment. He withdraws his demon hand from under her skirt and smirks at the love juices covering his taloned fingers, "lick my fingers bitch, and taste your bodies' desire for me!" Ron commands Kim as he brings his cum soaked fingers to her mouth.

Kim abella and riley loves licking each others wet pussies the cum from his fingers. Ron quickly removes his cloths until he's naked.

Kim couldn't believe how big his dick is, "It's got to be at least 10 inches!" She exclaims Ron smiles and said, "I've always been well endowed for my age" he grins evilly.

"Lets remove your panties, so I can lick your sweet cunt" Ron says "I'll leave your short skirt on for now 'coz I think it makes you look so sexy." As he does what he said he notices Kim blushing. He then begins lick her pussy and nibble on her clit, he continues to do this while fondling Kim's tits bringing her to the verge of orgasm, then he'll stop and wait until she's calmed down and then proceed to dive her towards orgasm again and again never letting her cross the threshold.

Ron smiled as he watched Kim's feverish sweat slick body twisting and turning. He knew that by doing so, it slowly and surely drew Kim deeper and deeper into the sexual vortex, intensifying the sexual pleasure and huge boobs amateur gilf enjoys hard anal pov with final release forever lying just beyond reach.

The sweet torment was fast driving her insane and into a state of sensual euphoria. Every nerve in her body was jolted by bolts of sheer carnal bliss. Sweat poured profusely down her tired body as the sexual marathon continued. Kim's body had been in a state of extreme arousal for several hours with every muscle in her body tense and taut, wound up like a coiled spring, and the physical exertion was slowly taking its toll on tired and spent body.

It was now driven on only by its own greed for sexual pleasure. Drunk in sexual pleasure, Kim was being consumed from within by her own sexual hunger and craving for pleasure.

She surrendered totally to Ron's demonic power as it brought her to a ever higher state of sexual frenzy. Another shudder ran through her body as her body convulsed and her back arched as she once again neared the brink of climax.

Her fists were clenched as she reached out for the final moment. Never before had she been so close to nirvana that night and her breaths came in great gulps as her body went rigid, tensing for the initial throes of an intense orgasm.

A fresh wetness invaded her moist clit as her vagina muscles trembled in sweet anticipation. With each endless round, her need for release mounted and intensified like a huge dam that was threatening to overflow and burst open.

So great was her pent-up desire that it overwhelmed all other thoughts and completely consumed her. Every nerve in her agitated feverish body was coaxed to a heightened state of intense sexual arousal until she was guided by her own pure hedonistic primeval lust. At last Ron decided to end Kim's suffering as he bit Kim's clit he suddenly shoved a taloned finger up Kim's anus, the pain and unexpectedness of this new assault was enough to push Kim over the edge and finally allowed her tired body to achieve an intense orgasm.

Ron then quickly mounted Kim and proceeded to spread her legs to begin fucking her. As Ron's massive cock enters Kim's virgin vagina Kim screams again from another intense orgasm. "Your virginity's mine now bitch," Ron exclaims, "And so are you!" he started laughing as he fucked her harder slamming his cock into her tight pussy. Kim started moaning and begged Ron to fuck her harder as another orgasm coursed through her body. "I'm going to cum bitch, I'm going to cum in your sweet cunt. Now scream that you belong to me!" shouts Ron "I'm yours, mind body and soul!" Kim screams as Ron starts to cum in her, another intense orgasm rips through her tired body.

A light glows around the pair as Ron's demonic spell was finally completed. "Rest for now my slave, your day is not over yet," Ron Whispers to Kim as he pulls out of her once virgin cunt he gathers Kim's unconscious body to his chest. "Yes your day is not over yet." Let me know if you liked this story as it's the first story I've written and maybe I'll continue this storyline;-)