Stunning black babe rides a white cock

Stunning black babe rides a white cock
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Jill was lying on the living room floor on her side with her back facing everyone.

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She was recovering from what she just went through. She was leaking cum out of her battered and abused pussy. "Yo Boss, you wanna smoke out?" Freddie reached into his pocket and pulled out a big fat blunt.

He is my main hook-up for my marijuana supply. I'd have to say that my marijuana operation is pretty big. We usually bring in about 25 pounds of high grade Cali buds every week and supply the whole Valley.

I also have a good loan sharking business going and I supply some of the best looking whores around. Little did they now know, but Jill and Mandy were going to be my newest recruits. Freddie lit up the fat blunt and took a deep drag. He then walked over to Jill and put it to her lips.

"Here you go Mami, take redxxxwap brother sister sex storys hot drag of this, it'll make you feel real good." She was hesitant. Jill had never tried drugs of any kind. He placed the tip at her lips.

She closed her lips and inhaled. She immediately started coughing and choking, but after a few minutes it passed and she just sat there buzzing from the high.

I looked at her sitting there naked with her perfect tits sticking straight out at me, her pussy lips were glistening as the cum steadily poured out of her into a puddle on the carpet under her, she had dried cum on her face and in her hair.

I smiled as I admired my handiwork. We just turned this upscale housewife into a common whore, sucking and fucking us with abandon, but the best was yet to come.

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"Yo, you guys hungry?" I didn't wait for a response. "Get our new whore into the kitchen to cook us something. We have a long day ahead of us." We all started laughing. Jill jumped as she felt the sting of Tyrese's hand smack across her bare ass. "Lets go bitch, you heard what the man said!" Defeated, Jill got to her feet and stumbled aimlessly into the kitchen with Tyrese following closely. I watched her perfect ass walk away from me, her twin globes of her ass cheeks sliding up and down as she walked.

As soon as Jill disappeaed into the kitchen I turned my attention back to Mandy.

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Her brother was sitting next to her on the couch. His erection showing thru his underwear. "Mandy!" I snapped at her bringing her to full attention. She snapped her head, looking at me. "I want you to take your big brothers cock into your mouth and suck it like you sucked mine." She just looked at me in amazement. Cleaning lady finds a pair of used panties brother looked to be about a year older than her.

He had been watching his mother's ass sway as she walked away, into the kitchen, but now his gaze quickly shifted to his 13 y/o sister. "Do it now!" He gasped as she slowly bent over his lap, opened his pants, and reached in to grab his erect cock. She was torn by her emotions. She looked into her older brothers eyes as she opened her mouth and took his young hard cock into her mouth. His cock twitched in her warm mouth.

He looked down at her pretty blue eyes which were looking back up at him. He had always thought of himself as her protector, but now his carnal urges took over him as he thrust his hips up. Seeing his sister and mother fucked like common whores pushed him past his sense of morals and his animal instincts took over. His hands were duct taped together, but he circled them behind her neck and forced her face down into his lap.

He pushed his cockhead up against the back of Amanda's throat as he jambed himself up into her. "Mmmmmph" Her eyes watered as he slid past her young tonsils and held himself there as his cockhead convulsed in her airway.

He pulled out and she gasped in quick breaths before he jambed his full length of his cock back against her throat again. Mandy was on her hands and knees on the couch with her baby fat ass cheeks hovering in the air, her still damp hair draped over her shoulders, her perky titties standing straight out. She was resisting sucking on her brothers cock.

She was shaking her head back and forth and trying to raise her head up. I raised my hand up high in the air and brought it down hard as I smacked one her chubby ass cheeks.

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The smack was loud as the pain traveled up her spine and registered in her brain. She ripped her head up and let out a scream. "Owwww, don't hit me! Please! I'll be good." I circled french arab girl anal art imitating life index finger around her asshole.

Her spinchter muscle tightened up and her asshole clamped shut. My fingernail scraped against it. " If you don't start sucking his cock I'm gonna shove my cock so far up your tight little asshole, its gonna come outta your mouth." "No please not my butt!" She had a look of desperation as she lowered her head back to his lap and took his cock into her mouth.

She closed her eyes tightly as if to block this all out, then tightened her lips around his shaft and started sliding her lips up and down. She must have been ebony interracial deep throat in fake taxi her mom earlier because she started bobbing her head like a pro!

Her brother was breathing heavy through his nostrils and had his eyes locked on the top of his sisters head as she worked his cock. When he started looking like he was about to blow his load in her mouth, I grabbed a handful of Mandy's hair and yanked her back off of his cock.

"No please! Not the butt! I'll be good! She screamed, not know what she had done wrong. "Yes, I know you'll be good. Now be a good little girl and ride your brother like a good little cowgirl." She didn't think or hesitate. All she knew was that she didn't want a hard cock shoved up her tight little virgin asshole.

She quickly jumped up and straddled her brother. She reached down and parted her puffy pussy lips and placed his cockhead at her entrance. Then the realization of what she was about to do hit her like a brick. She was about to mount her brother, her own flesh and blood.

Her strong gymnast legs were straining as she tried to hold herself up. She had that look of desperation on her face as she felt my hands on her shoulders. Her legs weren't strong enough to resist my strength, her body's weight, and gravity as her body came crashing down onto her brothers lap.

"Noooooo." Mandy shreiked. "Not Bobby! Not my brotherrrr." She held still, but he was bucking wildly as he felt her warm pussy wrap around his hard cock and slide all the way down to the hilt. He was already about to cum from the blowjob he was just getting from her seconds earlier, but now he couldn't resist anymore as he felt her tight warm pussy clamping down on his hard cock. He felt his balls tightening up and his cock started to pulsate.

His first orgasm inside a real pussy was going to be with his baby sister! Amanda felt it too! Her powder blue eyes were wide with panic and starting to well up with tears.

"No Bobby, don't come inside me! I'll get pregnant! Pleasssse!" She tried to move but couldn't get up. She was impaled on his spear. She was being mated with her brother and could do nothing to stop it. Bobby ignored her pleas as he exploded inside her with a force that he had never experienced before. Mandy opened her mouth wide gasping as she felt the first explosion inside her belly, but no words were coming out.

It seemed to go on forever as his balls pumped load after load of thick white fertile sperm into his siblings womb. "Nooooo." She moaned defeated as she felt his cock twitching inside her.

As she got up off of him she could feel his deflating cock sliding out and leaving a trail of sticky cum down her inner thigh. She curled up in a ball on the couch. She stared off into space as she felt the thick cum leaking out of her pussy.