Son not big sex mom

Son not big sex mom
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Susan's Surprise ©This is fiction; any resemblance to real people or places is coincidental. **************************************************************** Sunday afternoon Susan fumed as she lay on the lounge lay by the pool.

She had dumped her boy friend.

Not that she really cared for him in the first place. The suggestion he made to her on their date two weeks ago was gross. So she demanded he take her home. The fact she had given him her virginity last summer really pissed her off. When he dropped her off, she told him it was over. Then the dirty bastard had started dating that red headed whore Beth. She hoped he and his stupid cousin got the clap.

Vera Susan's mother came out the back door in a snit as usual. She had been that way for the last few days. "How many times have I told you not to sun bathe naked damn it?" Vera said. "But Mom." Susan countered. "I have my shorts on." "Shorts!" Vera snorted. "That bikini bottom wouldn't qualify as shorts at a nudist camp!" She sputtered. "At least put the top back on, before we have the neighbors calling the cops." "Yes Mom." She said grudgingly, picking up the top laying on the lawn.

As her mother left, Susan noticed the skirt her mother was wearing was shorter than usual. Susan was sure her father was fucking around, was her mother doing the same? Then it might be the shock of being dog fucked last month. Susan thought that had been the hottest thing she had ever seen.

It had been disgusting and hot at the same time. The thought of it sent a thrill through her pussy. "Stop that!" Susan laughed gripping her crouch.

Then she remembered she had to feed the dastardly criminals. Jack and Jake were in their kennel barking. She went into ebony sex slave lizzie bell went out for a simple walk she took a wrong turn and is now house to get their food. Four eyes avidly watch her ass sway as she walked to the house. "Damn! That is one hot bitch." Frank said. "You have that right bro." His twin brother Matt said. "Three of the hottest broads in the neighborhood live next door.

"Shit! It makes my dick hard just thinking about it." "Thinking isn't getting our dicks wet brother mine." Frank said. "One of us has to ask her out. If we play it right we can double team her." Matt thought about that then said. "I don't think she'll go for that." Why not? Doesn't she like blacks? "He asked. "That's a stupid question. Her best friend is our sister dummy." Frank said. Matt grinned sheepishly. "Point well made Bro." He nodded.

"I still think it could work" "Not a chance Matt. Mary told me she dumped Gary because he wanted her to do a double with his cousin." Frank chuckled.

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"Gary never had any class." "Gary fucked her?" Matt asked. "I think so. Anyway I know she's not a virgin, she admitted that to Mary." The boys looked at one another and smiled. * * raw swinger casting desperate amateurs compilation hard sex money first time naughty mom wife cash r * Susan was nervous about feeding the dogs.

When she fed them she made sure, she wore tight jeans with a snug belt. No doggy surprises for her. Jane watched her sister as she went into the kennel to feed the dogs. Jane was sure her sister somehow knew about what happened to her and her mother. It was the way Susan looked at her. Jane thought she wanted one of the dogs to lick her again, but she was unsure on how to do it with out being fucked.

To complicate things her mother told her to stay away from the dogs. It was a dilemma she hadn't solved yet. By the end of the next week, the dogs were allowed to wander in the fenced back yard again. They still slept in their kennel at night. Being retrievers and natural water dogs Jack and Jake enjoyed dips in the pool. With her mothers tacit approval Jane was able to wear her bikini under a large mans 'T' shirt at a pool birthday party for Matt and Frank the twins' next door. * * * It was after eleven pm when Jane padded barefoot across the patio to the dogs kennel.

All she wore was the 'T' shirt she wore at the party. He mother after too many cocktails snored in her bed. Susan was a dark sheet covered lump in her room. After the painful surprise that day, after some thought Jane realized she liked what happened. Now she had to put her plan in action. She was going to have Jack, not Jake lick and fuck her. She giggled at the thought. It was so delightfully naughty she just had to do it.

When she looked in the kennel, Jack was sleeping in his favorite spot. Jake was missing. "Something is odd." She thought. Then she saw a flash of light from what her dad called the 'Girls Room.' It was a medium sized detached apartment.

Set in the back of the spacious back yard. Susan and her girl friends often used it for gatherings. Jane had, had a birthday party with her friends there. It was the place she planed to 'seduce' Jack. She knew her way around the back your in the dark.

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As it was, the outdoor lights helped. Silently she crept over to the apartment and peeked in an open window and under a partially drawn shade.

The missing dog problem was solved. Susan was sitting in the middle of couch naked, with her legs open displaying her shaved pussy. Jake was lustily licking her sister's cunt.

"Oh, fuck!" Susan crooned. "You do that better than that asshole Gary." Susan rubbed her tits, pinching the hard nipples as well.

She lifted her legs and opened them wide giving the dog better access to her private parts. Jake returned the favor by slurping her ass hole as well. "Yes!' Susan hissed enthusiastically. "Lick my ass too!" She said fingering her swollen clit. A sheen of perspiration covered her slim young body as she urged her furry lover on. Jake's red veined thick cock was part way out of its sheath Jane noted. It would be only a matter of time before he buried his bone in her apparently willing sister.

Susan got off the couch and went down on hard tile floor on her hands and knees. Jake got more excited then. He licked her ass and pussy then, panting walked around the girl wagging his tail, licking her face and body. "Stupid dog. Don't lick my face, lick my pussy idiot!" Susan said. The excited dog mounted her arm briefly, and then humped a thigh for a few seconds.

Then he walked around her again licking her all over. His dick was fully extended now, and leaking cum. Susan started getting cross. Why didn't the dog at least try to fuck her? She turned her ass and presented it to his face. That was all the excited dog needed. He gripped her waist with powerful forelegs and started jabbing at her pussy.

Susan's legs were too close together. Jake kept bumping into her thighs or under her belly leaving trails of his slime on her quivering thighs. Shortly the girl realized what the problem was.

She spread her old fat man american girl jennys social worker is visiting her today a wide. That was a mistake. She'd lowered her ass to much. His next try slid up her back. Then he got it right, but it was the wrong hole. "Ahhhheeee! Shrieked, the startled girl as Jake's cock stretched her sphincter.

"Take it out!" she shouted in vain. Jake didn't care the bitch was his. Now to drive it deeper until his knot was in too. "Eee! Eee! Oh, it hurts! Oh! You stupid dog!" Susan cried and groaned as he continued to jam his cock deeper and deeper in her ass. "Oh fuck!

Take it out" Very shortly his knot was battering against her sore sphincter forcing it wider with each brutal thrust. "Oh, God! Help meee!" She sobbed, "Please somebody help me!" Jake was already shooting his cum in the bitch.

He held her tighter as she struggled. He was almost there, as he slammed harder against her ass. "Oooooeeeee!" Susan screamed when his expanding knot slipped in her asshole followed by another inch or so of hard dog cock. Then to her dismay, Susan could feel the 'thing' in her start to get bigger.

The she felt the rush of hot dog cum filling her up. Susan dropped her face to her crossed arms on the floor and sobbed a steady stream of tears as Jake fucked her. That thing in her ass was getting even bigger by the second. When he stopped, Susan tried to get away from Jake. All she did was pull Jake along on the slick hard floor.

"Oh, ho, ho!" She teen elena koshka bangs with sugar daddy in exchange of her allowance in pain and terror. When she realized Jake was stuck in her ass. "What if somebody sees me like this!" Susan thought with horror. "I'll never live it down," Unable to pull out Jake now stood ass to ass with her waiting for his knot to go down. "Having fun?" Jane asked leaning against the wall just inside the door. "If you're wondering, you forgot to lock the door." She said.

Susan blushed over most of her sweat covered body, closed her eyes and sobbed bitterly. "It takes about five minutes." Jane said sitting down crossing her legs, exposing her fuzzy pussy.

"What takes five minutes?" Susan asked sniffing wiping skinny teen gina gerson gets dp for christmas tears from her eyes. "It takes about that long for his knot to go down." Jane said, "Don't you know anything?" Susan gave her sister a hard look. The snippy little bitch had her dead to rights, though she hated to admit it. "Are you going to rat me out to Mom?" Then she had a revelation. "You were going to fuck Jake weren't you?" Jane shook her head.

"No I'm not going to tell.and I was planning to fuck Jack." She blushed a little. "Then when Jake was missing I knew something was up.

It turned out it he was up your ass." She said with a malicious smile. Jake pulled out of Susan's ass with a pop. His cum ran out of her sore ass in a steady stream for a few seconds then changed to a small rivulets oozing down her thighs. Jane dashed to the kitchenette, and then returned with a roll of paper towels and some cleaner. "Good thing this is not a rug." Jane remarked handing Susan some towels. "You can clean your ass. I'll do the floor." She gave her sister a look.

"All you have to do is help me with Jack. Not tonight. We can work out how later." She smiled. "I won't tell if you agree." Continued?………&hellip.